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Maximize your savings with a high rate savings account - Claim this offer

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Maximize your savings with a high rate savings account - Claim this offer

HSBC High Rate Savings Account Overview

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The (Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation) HSBC High Rate Savings Account is an appealing option for Canadians seeking a flexible and rewarding savings solution. Whether your financial goals are short-term or long-term, this account is designed to make your savings work harder.

With the HSBC High Rate Savings Account, you benefit from tiered interest rates and zero monthly fees. Moreover, this account provides the convenience of three complimentary monthly e-Transfers and debit transactions.

This account can be easily managed through HSBC’s mobile app, offering tools for budgeting and savings goals. In addition, HSBC provides alternative savings accounts for tax-free savings, youth, and different currencies.

Let’s delve into the unique features, pros, cons, fees, and special offers associated with this account.

HSBC High Rate Savings Account features

The HSBC High Rate Savings Account comes with the following key features:

  • Competitive tiered interest rate calculated daily and paid monthly.
  • No minimum balance is required.
  • Free fund transfers between your HSBC accounts.

Pros of the HSBC High Rate Savings Account

Interest on Every Dollar Saved

HSBC ensures that every dollar saved earns interest. The account has a two-tiered interest structure, where you earn 1.15% on your first $24,999.99 and then 1.65% on everything above that.

Flexible Transaction Options

The HSBC High Rate Savings Account provides flexibility in accessing your money, with three free Interac e-Transfers and monthly debit transactions. Plus, you can perform free fund transfers between HSBC Bank Canada accounts under the same client name whenever you want.

Low Initial Deposit

Opening this savings account requires a $1 initial deposit, which should be made from new money, i.e., not another HSBC account.

Convenient Mobile Functionality

With the HSBC mobile app, you can deposit checks into your account and transfer money between accounts at your convenience. This functionality simplifies banking and saves valuable time.

Financial Tools

HSBC offers “Our Money Management Tools” to account holders. These tools aid with budgeting, setting savings goals, and fostering a more informed and proactive approach to personal finance.

HSBC High Rate Savings Account - comparewise

Cons of the HSBC High Rate Savings Account

Lower Starting Interest Rate

While the tiered interest rates can increase to 1.65%, the starting rate of 1.15% is relatively low, especially for balances under $25,000. If your savings are on the lower end, other savings accounts in the market might offer higher starting rates.

High Threshold for Top Interest Rate

Attaining the top interest rate of 1.65% requires a balance of at least $25,000, which may be a difficult threshold to meet for some savers. Furthermore, some might argue that investing may provide better returns with such an amount.

Fee for Additional Transactions

While the account offers three free monthly transactions, additional transactions come with a hefty fee of $5 each. This aspect may be considered a drawback for individuals who require more frequent access to their savings.

HSBC High Rate Savings Account fees

One notable advantage of the HSBC High Rate Savings Account is the absence of a monthly maintenance fee. This offers account holders a significant benefit.

However, customers should be aware of a $5 fee for each transaction beyond the three free ones allowed each month. This fee includes ATM withdrawals and debits, so planning your transactions carefully is crucial to avoid these charges.

HSBC High Rate Savings Account special offers

Unfortunately, HSBC is not offering any cash bonuses or other specials related to this account at this time. However, it’s always a good idea to keep an eye on the HSBC website, as the bank has been known to occasionally run specials.

Other HSBC savings accounts

HSBC offers a variety of savings accounts tailored to different customer needs:

  • Tax-Free Savings Account: This account allows you to grow your savings tax-free, with the ability to withdraw funds anytime without penalties. As of 2022, the annual contribution limit is $6,000, in addition to any unused contributions or withdrawals from previous years.
  • Youth Savings Account: Tailored for young savers, this account presents a range of advantageous features. It ensures daily interest accumulation on every dollar saved, permits unlimited withdrawals and debits, and imposes no transaction fees. The account also offers complimentary Interac e-Transfers, the convenience of mobile cheque deposits, and free withdrawals at HSBC Canada or the Exchange Network ATMs.
  • Renminbi Savings Account: A dedicated account for saving in Renminbi, this account features no minimum balance and no monthly fees. All transfers must be electronic, and no interest is paid.
  • U.S. Dollar High Rate Savings Account: With this account, you can enjoy competitive interest rates on your USD savings without any minimum balance requirements or monthly fees. Interest is earned on amounts up to USD $1 million.
  • British Pound High Rate Savings Account: With this account, customers can earn competitive interest on GBP savings without worrying about a minimum balance or monthly fees. Interest is paid on amounts up to GBP £1 million.
  • Euro High Rate Savings Account: For individuals who prefer to save in Euros, this account presents an exceptional choice. It includes a high interest rate, the absence of minimum balance requirements, and zero monthly fees.
  • Hong Kong Dollar Regular Savings Account: An account dedicated to Hong Kong Dollars, offering no minimum balance, no monthly fees, and competitive interest rates.

How to open the HSBC High Rate Savings Account

Opening an HSBC High Rate Savings Account is straightforward. Follow these steps to apply:

  1. Initiate your application online by accessing the HSBC website.
  2. Complete the identity verification process swiftly using HSBC EasyID. Ensure you have a valid Passport, Driver’s Licence, or Provincial government Issued I.D. readily available.
  3. If you are an existing HSBC customer, access HSBC Online Banking, select “Open New Account,” and adhere to the provided instructions. In case you have not yet registered for Personal Internet Banking, you can easily register during the process.

HSBC High Rate Savings Account conclusion

Remember, the HSBC High Rate Savings Account is an excellent choice for those seeking a savings account that rewards them for saving more while providing flexibility and convenience.

However, it’s essential to consider the starting interest rate and fees for additional transactions when deciding if this is the correct account for you.

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FAQs about the HSBC High Rate Savings Account

Can I open an HSBC High Rate Savings Account if I live outside Canada?

Yes. You can open an account, but specific terms and conditions may apply. Check with HSBC for your particular region's details.

What happens if I exceed the limit of 3 free Interac e-Transfers and debit transactions per month?

Additional fees may apply after exceeding the free transaction limit. Contact HSBC for specific fee details.

How secure is the HSBC mobile app for managing my High Rate Savings Account?

The HSBC mobile app uses secure technology, including encryption and biometric recognition, to protect your account and personal data.

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Monday to Friday 9:00 am to 7:00 pm EST, 6:00 am to 4:00 pm PST
885 West Georgia Street Vancouver BC V6C 3E9 Canada
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