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11 Best Conference Call Services (May, 2024)

Finding the best conference call service can be daunting. However, more than 70% of employees believe that access to the right conference call tools enhances productivity. Therefore, understanding what features and functions best meet your organization’s needs will guide your search.

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Last Updated: May 23, 2024

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  • No extra hardware needed
  • Cloud-based for security
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  • Excellent omnichannel support
  • Video conference recording
  • IVR helps solve customers' issues
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  • Well established brand
  • Call recording and live subtitles
  • Available on several platforms
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  • Cost-effective service
  • Excellent user interface
  • Local & international numbers
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  • Access rich insights in real-time
  • Flexible cloud-based system
  • Industry-leading analytics
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GoTo Meeting

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  • Quick, secure access
  • Crystal-clear audio
  • Simplified administration
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  • Events with up to 10,000 viewers
  • Automated webinars
  • Breakout rooms
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  • Transcripts of conference calls
  • Outstanding audio and video quality
  • VoIP phone system
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  • Translation and transcription of calls
  • Rich messaging and secure file sharing
  • Whiteboard feature
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Google Meet

Satisfaction Rating
  • Attendance tracking
  • Screen sharing feature
  • Displays live captions
Pros & Cons
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11 Best Conference Call Services (May, 2024)

Conference call services make it easier for people to work together. The best conference call services are affordable, provide call recording features, and can connect to many people at once.

Your business depends on the conference call services you use. The top conference call services can assist you in achieving your objectives through phone conferencing.

In this article, we’ll look into the best phone conference call service, the benefits, and what to look out for when choosing the most suitable one for your business.

What Is The Best Conference Call Service?

The following is a list of the best conference call services offering incredible features and benefits.

1.  AirCall

The AirCall conference call service is also referred to as a voice-over-internet protocol or VoIP. It integrates call centre functions with phone features. You can use a mobile phone or laptop to access AirCall.

AirCall abilities go beyond its use as a conference call service because it also integrates other apps. This helps to boost your productivity when using it. The conference call service was founded in 2014 and is used in over 80 countries.

It has branches in Berlin, Sydney, New York, and Paris. Over 40,000 people use this call service, and around 5,000 firms. AirCall is one of the best conference call services you will come across, with over 700 people on their payroll.

AirCall Features

The AirCall pricing comprises three plans which are the essential, professional, and custom plans. For every user, the pricing starts at $30 a month. The call service plan is incredible since the custom plan can be altered to meet your demands.

For each plan, adding new phone numbers will cost $6 a month. They have an extra free local line, though. Integrations are open to you, starting with the essential plan.

Essential Plan

  • Users will pay a monthly fee of $40.
  • Users will pay $30 per month annually.
  • There is a maximum of 3 team members and a minimum of 3 users.
  • You can record data for a year.

Professional Plan

  • Users will pay a monthly fee of $70.
  • Users will pay $50 per month annually.
  • There is an unlimited number of teams and a minimum of 3 users.

Custom Plan

  • Firms requiring call services that can meet their demands should choose this package.
  • You can ask for a quote for pricing monthly.
  • Limitless maximum team sizes are available.
  • Unlimited data may be recorded.

2.  Nextiva

When you don’t want to take chances and experience poor video and audio quality from other services, Nextiva is the best conference call service for you. They give you an option of conference call tools at an affordable rate.

You may communicate unlimitedly in 720p or 1080p-quality video for less than $30 per month. It’s preferable because you get a complete business telephone system with voicemail, call routing, a mobile app, and more.

Nextiva has a very reliable and dependable network that will provide you with a stable connection. Especially if you make calls for teamwork or customer presentations.

Nextiva Pricing and Features

The professional plan has a 40-person maximum, and the other two plans provide for unlimited participants. However, the professional plans make provision for an unlimited number of participants on a video call.

If you have any number of participants on either conferencing form, you must upgrade to Enterprise. To maintain service quality, ensure that your network can handle hundreds of people at once, as this can lead to quality issues if your network cannot handle it.

On Nextiva’s website, you can do a free speed test to replicate the speed of your network.

best conference calling service comparewise

3.  Skype

Skype is a well-known service for video conference calls. Single users and business owners have used it for a long time to carry out meetings and in-person conferences. You can use it to call business associates both locally and internationally.

Also, you can get a phone number from any country and still use it to connect with people. For HD video conferencing, Skype enables you to share files, share screens and record calls. It works amazingly well for in-person conferences, but adding more people to the call lowered its quality.

Skype Features and Pricing

To use the Skype conference call service is free, but you will need to upgrade if you want to add your phone number or receive calls. The upgrade fees vary according to your region.

4. Phone.com

Phone.com is the ideal conference call service for firms that want conference calls but don’t want most of the resources put into modern device designs. You will get what conference call services give, but for the right company.

Phone.com is a cost-effective option that gives you everything you need. The Basic plan at Phone.com has a monthly beginning price of $10.39 per subscriber. It comes with 1,000 text messages and up to 300 minutes. Also, fewer than 10 people can join your video conferences.

Phone.com Features and Pricing

You don’t need to worry about limitations if you subscribe to the plus user plan, which begins at $19.99 per month for each user. There will be no restrictions on minutes and text messages, and you can add up to 20 people on video conference calls.

In addition, only video calls have limitations. Many companies and organizations choose video conferencing because more home employees are partaking. Phone.com is attractive if all you need is voice conference calls all the time.

You will get free conference calls for every plan comprising 500 people. Audio conferencing does not count against your given monthly call time.

5.  RingCentral

RingCentral is a well-known conference call service that has always supported the development of small enterprises. There’s no doubt that business calls are easy to make these days, thanks to conference calling services and their low-cost, high-efficiency services.

Firms can use RingCentral to hold meetings and many other things instead of subscribing to many other services. They provide limitless voice conferencing and free video conferencing for up to 100 people.

All of this requires a basic internet connection. You can start a call from the RingCentral app on your device or desktop to the RingCentral service app on another phone or computer.

RingCentral Pricing and Features

The free plan holds its price well with other options on the list. For each meeting, you get 40 minutes of calls and can invite up to 100 people. This is an incredible way to start-up.

You can upgrade to one of their many premium plans, which begins at only $19.99/month. And you can add more extensive meeting changes to your plan.

This conference call service gives almost every call, teamwork, and mobile feature a firm could want in a phone system. There is no tool to set up because everything is hosted in the cloud, and they handle all supervision and upgrades.

RingCentral also offers a vital conference call service. You may save money by combining RingCentral Meetings with a VoIP business phone service.

best conference calling service comparewise

6.  GoToMeeting

GoToMeeting is ideal for simple, high-quality conference calls for small firms. There is no difference between working from your home or in an office. You can arrange a video conference room with the video and audio equipment you want for your firm. This conference call size is the best for large or small groups.

The aspect that makes it the best conference call service, among others, is the meeting transcription. It turns video and audio recordings into a transcript, which takes only minutes to confirm who called and what call you missed. GoToMeeting does not provide a free basic plan compared to other premium conference call services available on the internet.

GoToMeeting Features and Pricing

The professional and business plan can take up to 250 people for each conference call. The enterprise plan can take over 2,000 users. You may record conference calls with GoToMeeting, and the conference call transcriptions are done automatically.

GoToMeeting’s performance cannot be compared to other conference call services. Many conference call services have poor audio and video quality. And its subscribers boast about their conference call’s audio, video and connection quality.

This is a terrific choice if you want to improve your conference call space and oversee a large group of employees.

GoToMeeting has three plans:

  • Professional — $12 per month
  • Business — $16 per month
  • Enterprise — Custom pricing

7.  JustCall

Firms can get in touch with their customers through the help of JustCall. It enables adequate communication among employees. You can have access to the service using the online or desktop app.

JustCall is simple for employees to use for cutting expenses while keeping a skilled impression. Several firms have online services which bring people from all around the globe. Most times, people don’t just become subscribers of JustCall through chats only.

JustCall Pricing and Features

JustCall offers three incredible plans. They also have various features and fees. A JustCall plan will cost more than the more features you can access. People select the more expensive plans because of the many services it gives, but not all features are essential to your firm. The following are plans offered by JustCall:

Standard Pricing Plan

This plan is the cheapest in this service. The cost per subscriber starts at $25 per month or $275 yearly. Your firm can have a maximum of 50 members on this plan. You will need a premium or enterprise plan if your firm has over 50 employees. The rise in the maximum of subscribers will get you added advantage.

Premium Pricing Plan

This is the next plan after the standard plan for features and cost. When the premium plan subscribers grew more than the number of subscribers allowed on the standard plan, many JustCall premium subscribers joined. Every subscriber’s monthly fee starts at $50. You will get your money’s worth here even though it costs more than the standard plan. Your employees will receive preference support from JustCall as a benefit.

Enterprise Pricing Plan

This is the most expensive plan in JustCall. It has more features than the standard and premium plans. It is mainly for large firms with many employees, which gives a hefty job to customer service, sales representatives, etc.

8.  ClickMeeting

ClickMeeting is unique compared to other conference call services. It is a webinar service that gives you a fantastic way of making conference calls.

It is beneficial to you if you constantly host a web program. You’ll have a lead-generating device and a means of communication, and you can work with your team. Also, their team service is terrific for groups in different places.

Click Meeting Pricing

ClickMeeting does not give a free trial to check it out. Also, pricing is sent annually and starts at $26 each month.

9.  Zoom

Zoom is a conference call service many people love because it accommodates large group meetings. It is simple to use, affordable and trustworthy. Zoom has grown and now gives excellent choices for conference calls.

This conference call service has an enormous choice of paid and free plans to suit both firms and people.

Zoom Features

Zoom is the best audio conference call service for business organizations. You can make one call with over 200 members, which is more significant than any other service. It gives you equipment for records, domains, and transcripts of conference calls. 

Also, you will get the best audio and video quality. Zoom provides one of the best audio and video quality with less latency. Their premium plan is very pleasing. Opt for Zoom service anytime.

10. Webex

Webex is a good choice for firms looking for the best conference call service. It is a Cisco service that was created using new technology. The security standards are top-notch, and the audio and video quality is incredible.

Many conference call services ask for extra fees for HIPAA compliance. Still, with the basic subscription, Webex gives it as normal. The Webex basic plan contains group chat and is set up for over 50 participants with no fees. You should know that this basic plan only calls you a time of 40 minutes. It is easy to send files, call, and conduct votes using Webex.

Webex Features

Webex’s premium plan includes recording abilities, whiteboarding, and executive abilities for large firms. Because of its access regulations, you can interact with participants and workers with many other apps.

Another extraordinary feature is the Webex help. This help uses artificial intelligence (AI) to record call schedules. It also translates and gives transcripts and captions during conference calls.

Webex is the best conference calling service for international participants who speak different languages. It also helps in keeping a detailed record of meetings.

11. Google Meet

Google Meet is a video conferencing platform owned by Alphabet Inc., Google’s parent company. It allows users to host high-quality video conferences with up to 500 participants at once. It was initially released in Hangouts Meet for G Suite customers. But it later became available to all users as Google Meet.

Features of Google Meet

Google Meet offers some great features for hosting virtual meetings and conferences. A few key features include:

  • Attendance tracking: Google Meet allows leaders to track the number of attendees in a meeting in real time.
  • Screen Sharing: Participants can share their screen and present documents during phone or video calls without needing extra software.
  • Live Captions: Users can display live captions at the bottom of their video call if they need help understanding what’s being said.

Pricing of Google Meet

There are two tiers of pricing when it comes to using Google Meet: free and paid plans. The free plan allows up to 100 participants, while paid plans range from $6-$18 per user per month.

Since Google Meet is part of the Google Suite, you can access other Google Products like Calendar, Gmail, Docs, Sheets, and more. You also get additional features such as recording capabilities and integrated cloud storage service from Google.

best conference calling service comparewise

Benefits of Using a Conference Call Service

The best conference call services offer the following benefits of using the call service:

  • Easy to use. The easiest way to communicate with many people is through conference call services. While every individual must be present at the face-to-face meeting, participants in the conference call must be in front of their devices. Conference call services can make the scheduling and setup for the smooth process of your meeting easy. The data a participant needs to participate in the conference call will be sent to their email.
  • It connects to other apps. Many call services have been integrated with Google calendar and other calendaring apps. Your call can quickly be scheduled from your Google calendar. After it has been planned, it automatically adds the time for your meeting to your google calendar. It is a reminder for participants to arrive early.
  • Enhanced communication. Conference calls enhance communication in your firm when you use them properly. It provides many people (workers and customers) with a fast way to complete tasks and answer questions, ensuring everyone is on track. Also, a conference call can take large amounts of data.

Characteristics of the Best Conference Call Services

Be sure to check that the conference call service you choose has the features your firm requires. These are the key characteristics to search for.:

Call Controls

some services let the host handle the call via their phone through a call screen, where the host can lock it, start a call recording, share their screen, see who else is on the call, end the call, and mute the call. You can also use the service from their internet portal.

Call Recordings

Most recording services let you record every meeting you have by phone or any other device. They also make them available, storing them in the cloud for those who couldn’t attend.

Caller Limits

If you plan to have a large meeting, you should use an operator-assisted service. But if you expect a smaller meeting, you should go for a contactless system.

Mobile Conference Call App

Mobile app is available for call conferencing services on iOS and Android smartphones. These include ones developed by and for conference service providers, allowing mobile devices to easily organize and host conference calls.

Secure Calls

There are several methods for keeping your company’s information secure. Examples of these are passwords, encrypted data, and control rights to grant or deny meeting participant’s access.

International Access

Be assured that you will make international access available to the conference call provider. This allows other countries easy access to participate in the call if you intend to hold conference calls with them.

Calling Tools

You could find an easy way to pause your conference and connect to someone. That could be done with a calling tool, such as a dial-out too.

Online Meetings

The best conference call services provide more than just audio capabilities that allow you to join a conference call. They also have video capabilities, allowing you to see who is present and watch the presentations.


Everybody in your organization and whoever else will join the call should be able to use your conference call service easily. It is simple to arrange a call, include participants, and use fundamental features like recording the call.

Customer Support

Ensure that your conference call service provider is accessible at the time to solve problems. This will help to avoid the need to call several times.

Call Quality

To test your call quality, you will hear the sound clearly, and there won’t be any lag time. Video conferencing should look great, too, when using the free trial offered to you if it’s available.


You can now use your conference call service to connect and contact people if you use an email service. It can send meeting invitations. Some conference call providers include it.

Factors To Consider When Using Conference Call Services

  • Usability: it is essential to find out how easy it is to use the conference call service you want to pick. Look at how simple it was to host and participate in conference calls.
  • Cost and expenses: check out the features provided, plan pricing, and add-on fees to pick out the best conference call service.
  • Customer service: service providers must give quick support and a satisfying customer experience. Whether you need help installing the service, instructions for accessing features or help to fix bugs, they must give immediate aid.
  • Functionality and features: all conference call services do not have the same options. You should evaluate each service based on the functions they provide and how valuable their abilities are.

What to Look for When Searching for a Conference Call Service

The following are what to look for when searching for the best conference call service.

Quality Of Video and Audio Calls

You will need a powerful internet when making conference calls online. There can be a delay if the connection is troublesome, so conference calls don’t put too much hope on the network.

A minor delay when you’re downloading a file isn’t crucial. Regardless, the absence of video and audio quality can cause trouble when trying to have a conversation.

Conference services like Nextiva allow you to try out your connection. These services can also help you settle any call quality troubles you have.

Video Conferencing

Many firms have adopted video conferencing more than ever before. It is now an essential service for friends, families, and business organizations. A video conference call service should be valued for these reasons.

Also, they should have resources that enhance your experience. For example, voice sharing, text conversations for group contact, screen sharing and the ability to write on the screen. The Zoom conference call service provides all these.

Many conference call services use Face-to-face video calls. Look for a call service with experience in this area if you want the service for lots of conversations. Some of the best conference services above provide video conferencing.

Capacity For Call Recording

Another thing to look for when searching for a conference call service is its ability to record calls. It is not all conference call-free services that provide this. There are a lot of capacities for call recording.

Some conference call services will make you save your call recordings on the device you use when recording them. Other services have cloud storage, which depends on the plan you subscribed to. Be sure to check out the storage capacity before signing up for the plan. If you don’t, you might need to upgrade when you run out of space.

Also, it is crucial for you to know that call recording plans include transcription services. You won’t have to go through the audio and find parts of the call. Check if the conference call service only records videos or audio calls if you want to use the video calling features.

Another feature is its ability to share recorded calls. Confirm the type of recorded file you downloaded and make sure the others can share it. The best conference call services, like JustCall, make it easy to keep and share recordings.

They can even provide a transcript of your recordings. It takes just a few steps to share these recordings.

Call Scheduling

Contending back and forth about how you will meet a person you want to talk to is bad form. The basis of any conference call service is to schedule and plan calls because of this.

A good conference call service enables you to set up the conference call with a few easy steps. These connectors are essential to make your scheduling methods easy.

Maximum Number of Participants

Considering the maximum number of participants for a conference call service is crucial. The most important figures when picking out the perfect plan are these limitations. Some premium plans give you no time limits with up to 1,000 participants. In comparison, other free plans limit you to 30 minutes and 10 participants per conference call.

Select a call service that goes with your needs. You don’t need to purchase a plan that takes up to 200 participants if you run a small firm with a few workers. The best conference call service to select from are those with unlimited call time.

For example, RingCentral is an incredible choice if you want to organize a short customer conference. You can use the free plan, which provides up to 40 minutes for 100 clients. For longer call times and more participants, purchase a premium plan.

Features to Keep An Eye Out For When Choosing a Conference Call Service

  • Mute buttons for the host and participant. You can easily control your sounds, and any unwarranted, unsettling noise can be evaded.
  • Voice cancelling. Zoom is an example of a conference call service that cancels voices when they coincide. Still, other conference call services let you listen to everyone simultaneously.
  • Echo prevention. You might have trouble listening to sounds in an enormous or open space. Some conference call services can control echoes that are sent across their service.

How To Make Conference Calls Easy

Selecting the best conference call service to suit your taste is an excellent way to make conference calls easy. Check how long your meetings last, whether they will deal with large gatherings, and if you want to carry out audio-only, video-only, or both conferences.

Ensure to create a list of features you want your conference call service to have before purchasing a plan. Also, confirm that the service meets your needs. The simplest way to know if a service meets your firm’s needs is to use one of the many services’ free trials.

Final Thoughts on the Best Conference Call Service

It’s about time you choose your software after you’ve specified your firm’s exact goals for holding conference calls. You should have also examined the abilities you need to accomplish these goals.

Be sure to check out the service before picking one of these conference call services. After all, they all offer free trials and basic plans. Regardless, the best conference call services stand out for their incredible abilities, terrific video, clear audio, and other unique features.

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FAQs about the Best Conference Call Service

How does a conference call service work?

A conference call service allows you to call a group of people, usually workers or friends. The service allows you to connect with many people at once. This is helpful for groups that must constantly communicate with one another. To use a conference call service, you must first create an account. Once you have an account, you can make a call and sign off. You can also call people by entering their phone numbers. You can choose a call type to control how your call is handled, such as voice, video, or web conference.

How do conference call services benefit remote workers?

There are several advantages to using conference call services for remote workers. It allows remote workers to communicate in real time with colleagues and clients regardless of location. You can use conference call services for many things, such as team meetings, client presentations, and project updates.

How safe are conference call services?

Conference call services can be a very secure way to communicate with others. The technology used to make and receive the calls is highly secure, and the calls themselves are usually encrypted. This makes it very difficult for anyone else to eavesdrop on the conversation, even if they want to know what you are saying.

Does your firm need a conference call service?

If you've been in business for a long time, you know that effective communication is vital to your success. Whether you're communicating with employees, clients, or customers, it's crucial to have a system in place that allows everyone to connect easily and share information.

How can you enhance your conference calls?

If you're like most people, you probably dread conference calls. They can be long, boring, and unproductive, but they don't have to be. You can do a few simple things to make your conference calls more effective by making an agenda. Before the call, make sure there are important meetings and messages to pass to your colleague.

Is Google meet better than Zoom?

Both platforms provide great online conference features, but it depends on user preference. Google Meet includes Google Calendar integration, a 500-person group call limit, AI and machine learning for background noise reduction, secured G Suite networks, and session recording. Zoom has better platform integrations for Slack and Dropbox Paper collaboration and workflow automation solutions. User preference determines which service is better.

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