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18 Best Marketing Automation Software (June, 2024)

Marketing automation makes it easy for you to build customer connections, generate leads, and drive modifications at scale. The best marketing automation software saves time and resources from tedious tasks that are crucial for a campaign to be convincing.

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Last Updated: Jun 16, 2024

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  • A strategy for every kind of message
  • Build your dream messaging workflows
  • Automate your communications
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Constant Contact

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  • It's free to sign up
  • 97% delivery rate
  • No risk, no credit card required
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  • Integrates with 500+ platforms
  • Run everything from 1 place
  • AI retargeting
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  • Drag and drop website building
  • Catchy Popups & Sticky Bars
  • Powerful Integrations & Connections
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  • Boost your open and clickthrough rate
  • Create automatically tailored emails
  • Start for free with basic tools
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  • Automated email & SMS outreach
  • Get 50 free leads
  • 10X the performance of your ads
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  • Deliver beautiful emails
  • Personalize content to every subscriber
  • Fully customizable templates
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  • Collaborate in real-time
  • Build flowcharts & other diagrams
  • Customizable templates
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  • Email & SMS workflows
  • Premade templates
  • Create landing pages
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  • Convert & monetize website traffic
  • Grow your email list
  • Gamify your email automations
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  • 30-day free trial. Cancel anytime.
  • 60+ advanced features
  • Personalize with custom fields
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  • 14-day free trial
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  • Extensive keyword research
  • Comprehensive site audit
  • Analyse your site's backlinks
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Zoho CRM

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  • Free plan available
  • Automation on all plans
  • 30- to 45-day money-back guarantee
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  • Create emails in no time
  • Get unlimited lists and contacts
  • Find the best message with A/B testing
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  • No credit card required
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  • Edit campaigns together with your team
  • Connects to your favourite apps
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  • Powerful reporting
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18 Best Marketing Automation Software (June, 2024)

For most firms, HubSpot is the best marketing automation software. However, other programs like SEMrush, Keap, ConvertKit, and Oribi should also be considered. Your employees will have a better experience thanks to automation since they will have less work and a wider audience.

You may enhance your customer experience by using marketing automation software to deliver detailed information and targeted promotions to people with various demands.

After much research and evaluation, here is a list of the best marketing automation software available.

What is marketing automation?

Marketing Automation is a method of automating repetitive processes, including email marketing, ad campaigns, tracking, and other automation software.

You can develop automated lead generation software that collects an email address, gives a demo, and tells you that a live demo has to be set up.

The ideal standard is marketing automation, which you shouldn’t dismiss because you can save time and money and improve its efficacy. It allows you to do advertising while improving the efficacy of your movement.

With marketing automation, you can send effective messages with immediate delivery while reducing workload. Automated marketing campaigns may now be optimized for efficacy and promptness using artificial intelligence (AI).

Marketers use this data to help you specify the interest of consumers. They do this by observing consumers on websites and other platforms. Artificial intelligence (AI) recommended the best way to give them this data and marketing messages that can be relevant.

Marketing automation can promote a firm by sending messages to its customers that increase engagement and boost sales when used appropriately.

which marketing automation software is the best - comparewise

Types of marketing automation software

  • Email marketing automation
  • SMS marketing automation
  • Social media marketing automation
  • Lead capturing marketing automation
  • Split testing marketing automation
  • E-commerce marketing automation
  • B2B marketing automation
  • Direct mail marketing automation
  • Predictive marketing automation
  • Audience segmentation automation
  • Public sector marketing automation

The best marketing automation software

The following is the list of the best marketing automation software.

1. Customer.io – to automate timely emails

Customer.io helps you provide a customized transmission to a user, which depends on how the user interacts with your firm.

It has an efficient tool that allows you to gather information on their interactions, view data in real-time, and be integrated with other tools. It is an easy tool to use and implement.

The abilities include: sending unlimited emails, conversion monitoring, customer profiles, in-context chats, and further support. The price starts at $150 per month.

It includes all the crucial features, a personal customer care representative, onboarding, HIPAA compliance, and premium technical support. There is also a $995 plan.

Customer.io pros

  • Customer.io delivers an API for updating customer profiles and posting events.
  • Integration with other similar software is simple to use.
  • The support teams are very beneficial, and the solution is fantastic for Automated Marketing programs.

Customer.io cons

  • The data functions, flow-building and campaign interface, are somewhat challenging.

2. Constant Contact — Best Overall Marketing Automation

Constant Contact is simple, effective and one of the best marketing automation software. It provides user-friendly solutions for email and SMS available to you. It is simple for marketers because it has everything that you need.

When someone sends you a message or enters your list, you can pre-schedule that email or text message so that it will be emailed or texted, depending on the particular features of your choice.

With the help of the right tools, you can create an excellent welcome sequence depending on whether you want to welcome the leads you met on a job or those you have been working with since the day you started. Just showing and connecting makes it simple to complete these tasks.

A drip campaign offers you to keep segmenting the audience and adjusting the messages. Constant Contact enables you to juggle many campaigns to get a perfect target.

best marketing automation - comparewise

Also, you can use unique content in your emails to personalize components based on features you specify for the receiver.

You may develop automated sequences triggered by behavioural triggers, allowing you to create a complex network of automated sequences.

Almost every event may be prepared for in advance, allowing you to design campaigns that are so targeted that each of your leads gains the same portion of pre-warming.

Constant Contact Pros

  • It is simple and easy to use
  • Various third-party users are available.
  • The superior pace of email delivery

Constant Contact Cons

  • Templates aren’t very adaptable.
  • The cost will rise when you have thousands of contacts
  • There is no multi-channel automation.

3. AdRoll – To Automate Ad Campaigns

AdRoll is an excellent tool for retargeting audiences via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter engagements. It enables you to offer customized knowledge that boosts marketing persuasiveness by using cross-platform remarketing abilities.

This software offers retargeting across devices and platforms, customizable segmentation, precise analytics, and skilled optimization as some of its key features.

It also gives you a free plan with limited functions. You need a monthly payment of $19 for a growth plan.

AdRoll Pros

  • You may pick from a variety of audiences to advertise to.
  • Brand Recognition

AdRoll Cons

  • It might be tricky to go between editing campaigns and checking campaign analytics.
  • Setting up campaigns using an interface.

4. Unbounce

Unbounce is one of the best marketing automation software for building landing pages. It offers many marketing abilities that many users usually dismiss. However, its website landing page creator is well-liked among other services.

Many firms, people, and marketing experts like how easy it is to create landing pages with Unbounce’s features.

Unbounce should be used by every business that wants to build landing pages that increase conversion rates. It is also an incredible choice if you develop many landing pages or want to refresh them for other campaigns.

Anyone can design a landing page on Unbounce. You will benefit from having various landing pages.

Unbounce Pros

  • Easy drag and drop procedure.
  • Increase conversion rates immensely.
  • Very easy to integrate with other landing pages.

Unbounce Cons

  • Many features are in beta format.
  • Customer services could be unavailable sometimes.

5. HubSpot — Best for Inbound Marketing

For inbound marketing, HubSpot is one of the best marketing automation software. During advertisements, they advise clients to come to you. They have some useful software that can help you with it.

You can create exciting content for the right audience and build landing pages that function. Plus, it allows you to use its technique builder to develop intricate client journeys for each part.

You may have many common meetings since there are pre-defined triggers, standards, and consumer behaviours.

HubSpot Marketing Hub is $50 per month. However, this software doesn’t have all the features offered by many of the best marketing automation software.

They give marketing automation tools starting from $800 a month with an annual payment.

The price of HubSpot is a little high for small firms, but it gives you more than just software from HubSpot. You will also benefit from the HubSpot staff’s good customer service and support.

The HubSpot start-ups program enables you to be qualified for a discount of up to 90%.

HubSpot Pros

  • It includes connectivity with CRM
  • Gives alternatives for managing social media
  • Stellar marketing automation provides connections to more HubSpot software

HubSpot Cons

  • It is expensive
  • Steep learning curve

6. MobileMonkey – Automatically Engage and Grow Your Following on Instagram

MobileMonkey is a powerful automation tool that automates everything on Instagram. It helps to automate comments, messages, and stories. It is beneficial for marketers who want to automate their way of getting free time.

Also, remember that automation can increase your audience’s loyalty, size, and conversions from Instagram.

If you truly want to energize your Instagram marketing funnel, schedule campaigns to forward messages to people who begin a messaging conversation with you.

It also enables you to send agreements and publicity to anyone who sends messages to you on Instagram by using the Instagram follow-ups process, which is available in InstaChamp and the multi-channel MobileMonkey messaging automation plan.

MobileMonkey is one of the few certified partners for Facebook and Instagram marketing automation. Instagram approves this Instagram DM automation.

MobileMonkey Pros

  • Small enterprises with no money needed
  • A group where peers and professionals support one another.

MobileMonkey Cons

  • It integrates with a lot more tools for business.
  • New feature development is too slow.

7. Moosend — Best For AI-Powered Sales Campaigns

Moosend is the best marketing automation software for AI-powered sales campaigns. It is a terrific email marketing tool, even though it is discreet. They give your firm everything it requires to easily set up automated email campaigns.

You can easily target your clients with the use of their segmentation tool. This can be done with the ideal tools and ads. The best feature is the drag-and-drop email builder, which is suitable for people who are not experts at coding but want to develop emails.

They excel well in their e-commerce AI. This e-commerce AI uses machine learning to understand what customers want and helps them go through the software. They also use past purchase patterns of your users and purchase patterns of similar users.

Moosend is very helpful, especially for people who are just beginning with email automation and want to know how to target a larger audience. They also provide a user-friendly interface that shows how to do some email marketing basics.

The basic plans are free to use for the first 30 days with free sign-up forms. They provide a suitable user interface. Their $8/month pro plan is the best choice for people who want to automate their marketing process.

Moosend Pros

  • It is the best software for tracking business growth and sparking ideas for email marketing.
  • Moosend aids the atomization of advances.
  • It enables market business prospects via creation and ideas.

Moosend Cons

  • Some people find it difficult to understand its features.
  • Strong networking across the system is necessary to reap its many benefits.

8. Gliffy – Automate Marketing Processes

Gliffy is the best marketing automation software for automating marketing processes. It makes it easy for you to create diagrams, flowcharts, organization charts, and network diagrams.

It performs within your web browser to enhance process visualization and boost marketing productivity.

Some vital features are the user-friendly interface, firm workflow, and cooperation with people who have an entry into a web browser.

Gliffy Pros

  • Making diagram workflows is easy.
  • It can integrate with Confluence.

Gliffy Cons

  • It takes a lot to load.
  • Slow when building large charts.

9. GetResponse — Best Features for Marketing Automation

GetResponse is a vital email marketing tool that can help you accomplish many things. It is the best marketing automation software with the best features for marketing automation.

It gives you choices that fit your purpose, which include lead generation, sales generation, cart recovery, and increasing engagement from site visits.

An automated user journey can be built using actions, criteria and filters that will send users through a journey depending on their behaviour. Lead scoring and advanced segmentation will also help you boost the success of your marketing.

GetResponse helps you to make a good understanding of your user habits, purchasing patterns, and browsing patterns. They also automatically suggest related products.

$15 is the lowest monthly price on GetResponse. Emails, campaigns, and follow-ups are GetResponse basic automation tools.

With $49 a month, you can subscribe to the Plus plan. This upgraded version comprises features such as workflows, the automation builder tool, lead scoring, cart recovery, site tracking, event tracking, and automated segmentation. Regardless, you will only be able to develop five distinct methods.

best marketing automation platforms - comparewise

To get over five methods, subscribe to the professional plan, which begins at $99 monthly. It is crucial to remember this best marketing automation platform might be a little tricky to use. GetResponse may be a little difficult for people who seek precise automation tools.

GetResponse is the only choice you can opt for if you want many automation options for a fair price. You also get a 30-day free trial.

GetResponse Pros

  • Choices for powerful auto-responders
  • Simple email marketing tools
  • Improved integration of e-commerce

GetResponse Cons

  • Analytics are underwhelming
  • It lacks 24/7 phone support

10. OptinMonster — Best for Landing Page Lead Generation

OptinMonster is a unique type of software compared to other ones. The software offers not only an all-inclusive marketing automation solution.

But they give you a user purchase solution that uses marketing automation to broaden your contact list and improve sales on your website.

OptinMonster is one of the best marketing automation software solutions for landing page lead generation and is highly loved by many users. More than a million websites use it.

It enables you to use tools from OptinMonster to develop pop-ups, campaigns, and lead-generating land pages. You can design automated campaigns for your website users depending on their activities.

For example, it allows you to develop an offer depending on the time a user has been on your website. You can use OptinMonster tools to create landing pages based on your user attitude.

Without a doubt, OptinMonster is a good software for generating leads. However, the other parts of marketing automation are poor, so you will need to link your OptinMonster with your email.

It is inexpensive software for your current solution, with a monthly fee of $9.

OptinMonster Pros

  • It is easy to set up a campaign
  • The options for display rules are amazing

OptinMonster Cons

  • Analytics requires considerable improvement

11. Campaigner – Best for Advanced Marketers

Campaigner is one of the best marketing automation software options that concentrates solely on email marketing. It does not have the channel concentrations of other software.

This marketing automation software has a highly configurable process, giving you various choices for organizing email marketing ambitions. Also, it gives you marketing automation tools, including calculations on purchases.

You’ve got to go to a different place if you’re looking for campaign management tools across many channels.

Campaigner gives you an automation ability that is amazingly designed if emails are your foremost priority. Because of the number of choices, you should know that its UI is tougher than tools created for beginners.

Campaigner Pros

  • Friendly customer service
  • UI designed for productivity
  • It provides many templates and options
  • It provides many online tools

Campaigner Cons

  • Your credit card is required for a free trial.
  • No free model
  • It is hard to switch from other software

12. Oribi

Oribi is a marketing automation software that makes it simple for you to view your website statistics. When you understand the data, you can make sound business choices. Therefore, Oribi was built.

They give you easy-to-follow tips that lead you to the answers you need. They highlight the most relevant data to keep you from going through lots of data just to find the information you’re looking for.

Your website users, maintenance, and success rate can be monitored without a web developer. You can create conversion targets by writing no code for your website.

If your website gets enough traffic, Oribi is the best marketing automation software that helps you understand which strategies effectively increase conversions.

You can see which methods are relevant for increasing conversions and receive insight into the point at which you lose potential customers.

Oribi Pros

  • It is highly reliable
  • No Hidden Fees
  • It gives free trials

Oribi Cons

  • Higher Monthly Price
  • Money-Back Guarantee

13. Mailchimp – Best for Growth Marketing Campaigns

MailChimp combines all kinds of services in one platform, which includes basic CRM and an email marketing service.

This combination makes it much simpler to achieve goals without having to register for different services. It is one of the best marketing automation services for growth marketing campaigns.

Mailchimp has extended into the marketing automation arena. Its most recent version now integrates essential e-commerce, survey, and CRM functionality with campaign automation and analytics. It is more than just an email. Small companies should definitely use this software.

This software is ideal for marketing automation. You can use this software right from the start. For some, it works very well, but for others, it isn’t ideal right from the start.

Mailchimp works best for simple marketing tasks. These experienced marketers can discover that they outgrow it.

Mailchimp Pros

  • Complete marketing hub
  • Flexible pricing and a workable free tier
  • Websites and e-commerce strategies provide options for income sharing.
  • Incorporates turnkey e-commerce for retailers

Mailchimp Cons

  • Uninspired use of email templates
  • The ability to track campaigns is restricted and challenging.

14. ConvertKit — Best Marketing Automation Software for Beginners

ConvertKit is one of the best marketing automation software for beginners. It should be the first marketing automation system on your list if you are a new digital marketer.

Even though it is advertised as an email marketing tool, its marketing automation functions go beyond simple email autoresponders.

Build a proper automatic funnel that starts when a user makes a particular action. This ensures you deliver well-detailed data to the right audience at the ideal time.

ConvertKit can help you quickly develop a campaign if you don’t know how to. You don’t need to study marketing technology because anyone can use it.

ConvertKit is a marketing automation company that delivers custom-made software for people and start-ups. It gives you the marketing automation tools you need, whether running an e-commerce site, a content website, or a SaaS firm.

One of ConvertKit’s best features is the rebuilt automation. This means that you can also continue where you stopped. It has automation features for running webinars, sending out new products, and surveying your users.

best marketing automation softwares - comparewise

ConvertKit gives out a free plan for over 200 users for starting firms. You’ll get all the useful features like visual automation funnels if you pay a monthly fee. This plan is best for new businesses only.

Paid subscriptions for ConvertKit begin at less than $30 a month to get all of its features. If you opt for an annual plan, you’ll receive two months for free.

ConvertKit Pros

  • Emails landing in subscribers’ inboxes.
  • Free mailing address that customers can use.
  • A strong tagging system for managing funnels and targeting users with optimized emails.
  • Broad integrations are available for other platforms.

ConvertKit Cons

  • Pricing is high
  • Email templates and a modern interface for composing emails.

15. SEMrush

SEMrush is a marketing automation software that gives you the tools to develop, watch and follow up your campaigns across all websites to boost your online presence. It is known as a marketing friend with over 12 years of experience, 9 million subscribers and used in over 120 countries.

Its best features are SEO capabilities, such as keyword research, on-page SEO, local SEO, rank tracking, link building, and competition analysis.

You may discover the perfect keywords to boost website traffic, monitor changes in target keywords, and find the keywords your competitors are using.

You can use an on-page SEO to boost your SEO performance. Your website may be optimized for local searches and draw local visitors.

You may get backlink opportunities to enhance your backlink profile through link building. The second best feature is the content tool, which comprises content creation and delivery, optimization, and marketing analytics.

This tool helps you to create great content and articles that bring audiences to your website. Contrarily, content marketing tools give you information on your content and what you could do to get more traffic from it. It gives advice and directs you on enhancing your content to grow traffic.

SEMrush Pros

  • It makes SEO reports fast
  • Gives you daily Google SERP SEO Alerts

SEMrush Cons

  • It only gives data for one search engine
  • The website is difficult to use on a mobile device

16. Zoho Campaigns – Best for Zoho Customers

Zoho Campaigns is one of the best marketing automation software that provides campaigns for many business apps and is well integrated. This makes them an excellent choice for firms trying to fulfil different software conditions.

The marketing automation possibilities of campaigns include activities that involve the following: onboarding new contacts, reconnecting lost customers, maintaining existing customers, and keeping clients up-to-date on new offers.

The best thing about Zoho campaigns is that they can be used as a stand-alone solution and should be used by users of Zoho’s other products. It has strong and expanding marketing automation features but uses it cautiously because it is costly.

Zoho Campaigns Pros

  • Tools for marketing campaigns that are
  • Well-designed
  • Zoho CRM connection made simple
  • Excellent reports include

Zoho Campaigns Cons

  • Out-of-date email template layouts
  • Setting up takes time.
  • It could be an expensive option for certain SMBs.

17. Sendinblue — Best for Supercharging Your Customer Messaging

Sendinblue is an all-purpose platform for automating your routine communications with clients and potential clients. It is one of the best marketing automation software for messaging on online chat, SMS texting, and emails.

With its unlimited lifetime plan, you can access all your messages from your phone, tablet, and computer. You can import contacts, send messages or schedule a meeting.

It is also possible to follow your website’s traffic, segment your contacts, see who visited your pages and record their visits.

The workflow builder from Sendinblue helps your team with time-consuming tasks. It’s straightforward to use and also makes your whole team benefit from the time-savings and timely replies.

With Sendinblue, you can easily add a message to your users, depending on their activities, using a simple action.

The free and light plan will let you apply automated workflows to 2,000 contacts. You receive unlimited automation at the higher tiers, premium and enterprise, as well as in-depth reporting that includes heat maps, device info, geolocation, and more precise open-and-click data.

Also, there are many strong functions, including a registration wizard, a Facebook advertising system, and a landing webpage builder. Sendinblue’s plan is scalable. You can send up to 300 messages using the free lifetime version, which is terrific for beginners.

Sendinblue Pros

  • Transactional email and SMS functionalities abound.
  • Includes fundamental CRM features.
  • A wide variety of automation and integration.
  • Many choices for template creation.

Sendinblue Cons

  • The first account setup might be time-consuming.
  • Data import might be challenging.
  • The service and cost of creating advanced templates are different.

18. Keap – Best for Beginning Marketers and Start-Ups

Keap is the best marketing automation software for beginning marketers and start-ups. Email marketing and CRM are combined into one package by the software.

This app’s services are perfect for new firms who want to start a new email, marketing, and sales campaign. It’s a good option if you’re a start-up company that tends to regard sales, marketing, and emails as one cohesive operation.

Firms with specific sales and marketing divisions might want to select a solution that strongly emphasizes marketing automation while offering a different product to customers for customer relationship management.

Keap Pros

  • Combines CRM with email marketing.
  • Makes it easy to add contacts
  • Excellent coaching and support options

Keap Cons

  • Expensive
  • Reporting could use some refinement
  • Template designs are limited

19. ActiveCampaign — Best for Small Business

ActiveCampaign is the best marketing automation software for small firms. It has 90,000 corporate companies and is undoubtedly a great platform.

You do not need any programming skills to build marketing automation with ActiveCampaign. It is a program that provides excellent features, like site tracking, event tracking, attribution, split actions, and automatic objectives.

This marketing software is perfect for those aspiring business owners out there. ActiveCampaign Plus is available for $49 per month.

However, it’s not the starting price. It is determined by how many contacts are on your list. There are no added fees. This membership includes lead scoring, e-commerce integration, email marketing, etc.

ActiveCampaign Pros

  • Versatile email templates
  • Easy-to-use WYSIWYG interface
  • Easy automation tool
  • Good SMB analytics

ActiveCampaign Cons

  • Contact importing is difficult when matching custom fields
  • No SMS channel
  • Lacks direct online support via phone or chat

20. Salesforce Pardot — Best for B2B Marketing

Salesforce Pardot is one of the most famous and popular CRM and the best marketing automation software for b2b marketing. It is known as a salesforce Pardot because of its resemblance to the salespeople who use it.

With features like efficient lead management, clever lead creation, email marketing, and sales integration, business2business software is designed with b2b businesses in mind.

Salesforce Pardot uses artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance your marketing initiatives and sales strategy. In-depth ROI reporting also helps you identify effective programs and programs requiring improvement.

Pardot is a business-to-business marketing software and not the cheapest. However, this kind of cost is typical for b2b software.

You can easily design data-driven campaigns with it, and it’s very easy to see voids and enhance the customer experience by mapping out each touchpoint in your funnel.

Salesforce Pardot helps you to understand the results of existing automated campaigns. It is the best marketing automation software available.

The cost is the most significant negative. However, it doesn’t matter because you don’t have a contract. Also, it contains all you could possibly need and a lot more.

Salesforce Pardot Pros

  • Excellent selection of capabilities for email marketing and automation
  • Unlimited automation branching
  • new user onboarding service with white gloves
  • Simple Salesforce app connection, including Einstein

Salesforce Pardot Cons

  • Too expensive for smaller SMBs
  • Lacks stand-alone mobile apps
what is the best marketing automation software - comparewise

How to find the best marketing automation software for your business

There are many marketing automation software programs, and you need to find one that you like the best.

Here are ways to find the best marketing automation software.

Company size and type

Most marketing automation applications are aimed at specific firms, but not all demands will be the same. Therefore, it’s necessary to use the right one. ActiveCampaign is designed for small businesses, and HubSpot is for professionals and beginners.

Salesforce Pardot is a good choice for B2B companies. Its built-in e-commerce capabilities and sales automation are major selling points. It also works with major e-commerce platforms.

Automation setup

The first configuration must be adaptable even if you use a different platform. It should be based on user activities, such as opening emails, signing up on specific landing pages, visiting your website, or leaving items in their shopping cart.

The best marketing automation software will help users build up complex automation for various marketing journeys. However, some editors are easier to use than others.

Start a free trial to try those editors and to find out how easy it is to build up an automation sequence.

CRM and email

It is not every marketing automation tool that offers exclusive features for marketing. The marketing automation tool you consider must combine one-stop marketing and automation features.

Some of the choices listed here have more than one function. Therefore, they can be managed from a single dashboard.

OptinMonster is an ideal platform for implementing marketing automation to generate leads on landing pages. It can’t be integrated with your current CRM or email marketing programs, and you can’t send emails with it.


The marketing automation programs are all equipped with sophisticated features for lead scoring, event tracking, integration, etc.

Many say they have all the features, but checking them before selecting is imperative. Don’t rely on the website and read the features of the software that you want to buy.

It might not be easy if you’re searching for something simple. Sometimes, buying more advanced features will add to your costs.


Most of the time, the cost of marketing automation software is dictated by the number of clients, users, or leads in your database. This also may be a factor that will influence the cost of marketing automation software.

To begin with, the basic plans are between $30 and $100 a month. Smaller firms’ most basic plans are between $15 and $50 an hour. Higher plans start at $20 an hour with medium-scale firms and $30 an hour at B2B companies.

The highest plan for large firms is between $700 and $1,200 a month for medium-scale firms and $1,500 for business-to-business organizations.

There aren’t a lot of options to choose from. You may be able to save money or choose from different options. Not all options have a pay-per-month plan.

Which marketing automation software is the best?

The software’s number of features and quality are determined by the software you pick. For example, HubSpot Marketing Hub and Salesforce Pardot are both great for marketing and sales.

You can construct a workflow that allows unlimited email and unlimited sequencing. They both give you unlimited chances.

HubSpot is best used for small firms with a more precise marketing plan. It is more complex, used by big companies and is better marketing software for small firms increasing their marketing activities.

Zoho Campaigns are explicitly made for users who want to get into a good routine. This is because of the intense focus on workflows and, sometimes, a more conventional email advertising approach. For example, MailChimp offers a more versatile tool to assist in email advertising.

This has involved the addition of postcards, landing pages, Instagram and Facebook integration, and Google Ads. All these are great, and many other email marketing firms are doing the same.

It’s an excellent road to growth. Just ensure the expanding feature set offers you what you want.

How much does marketing automation cost?

The number of contacts in your database and emails you send each month are used to calculate how much marketing automation software costs.

Salesforce Pardot gives email marketing, prospect tracking, lead nurturing and scoring, reporting, forms and landing pages, and conventional customer relationship management beginning from $1,250 per month.

Two upgrades of this plan give more functionality, plug-ins, and add-ons. You can save 10,000 contacts in the three Pardot plans, and 75,000 contacts may be stored in the Premium plan.

Salesforce Pardot is the costliest tool of all the software, but don’t let that scare you. For $45 per month for the beginning plan, $450 per month for the second plan, and $1,200 for the Enterprise plan. HubSpot Marketing Hub enables you to store up to 10 million contacts.

Campaigner costs just $59 a month and only gives 5,000 contacts and 50MB of in-app multimedia storage. This is at the low end of the price spectrum.

For firms who are hesitant to spend money on marketing processes, Sendinblue and Zoho Campaigns both offer free solutions.

Both technologies give you pay-as-you-go choices for firms that are only dipping their toes into email marketing and marketing automation. Both tools scale higher to improve ability and intricacy.

Marketing automation tools for small business

The manner in which the systems organize templates and workflows is one of their main points of differentiation.

Pardot has one of the most satisfying user interfaces and the broadest selection of pre-built templates on the market. Also, it has organic connectivity with the bigger Salesforce platform. However, its best functions are intended to enhance your operations.

You may pre-test an automated software to see how it reacts. This automation campaign is a fire drill to ensure your complicated branching doesn’t result in duplicate emails.

Also, Salesforce Pardot lets you post in real-time to Facebook and Twitter while setting up social media campaigns.

Pardot also gives a search marketing tool that links to Google and Yahoo if you want to manage your marketing campaign. You may track your funded search campaigns, do contest analyses, and examine search engine ranks and ranking difficulties.

A central component of HubSpot Marketing is List Creation. It enables you to modify your lists in the same manner that you may restrict the picking of items from online stores like Amazon.

This function is really simple and quick. HubSpot gathers demographic data, such as the contact’s firm location.

How do I choose marketing automation software?

Whatever tool you select from the list should represent what was stated above. However, the performance of such elements might be just as crucial as their availability. Finding the right software for you almost always requires using the Free Evaluation control.

You may use third-party software to develop any customized features your campaigns require using the APIs that most of these products have added. Finding what you require as a component of your primary marketing platform makes it simpler and undoubtedly more affordable.

These tools will give you more power than your typical email marketing platform. Some are more expensive, give more consumer insights and strengthen sales possibilities, and some are better at allowing you to design your workflows to meet your special provisions.

Best marketing automation software final thoughts

Most firms use email marketing to contact their clients, but programs other than email marketing should also be considered.

You may increase revenue by simplifying your campaign methods using the best marketing automation software. Also, it gives a customer journey that is fascinating and compatible across all of your digital marketing outlets.

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FAQs about the best marketing automation software

What Are the Benefits Of Marketing Automation?

Automation enables you to get work done in less time, boosts importance, and gives you access to much information. It reduces costs, gives added revenue, creates leads, provides better data for more thoughtful decisions, and saves time on marketing campaigns.

Are There Any Free Marketing Automation Tools?

Some software offers a free plan. This software includes MailChimp, HubSpot, ActiveCampaign, Sendinblue and Zoho.

What Can I Do with Marketing Automation?

You can do a lot with marketing automation. Marketing automation software is used to automate repetitive marketing tasks, boost productivity and give users a more personal experience. You can automate email marketing, social network posting, ad campaigns, lead nurturing, and scoring.

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