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11 Best Power Dialer (June, 2024)

Getting the best power dialer for your sales team might give your business a positive turnaround in profit. Generating leads and closing deals goes smoother when prospects get answers to their inquiries swiftly.

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Last Updated: Jun 06, 2024

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#1 Choice
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  • Ideal for customer service teams
  • No extra hardware needed
  • Cloud-based for security
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Satisfaction Rating
  • User-friendly platform
  • Customized text message feature
  • Premium plan offers autodialer feature
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Best Value
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Dolphin Power Dialer

Satisfaction Rating
  • Easy to navigate and user-friendly
  • Voicemail message scheduling
  • Simple set up
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Satisfaction Rating
  • Dial 60-80 contacts per hour
  • Allows scheduling of analytic summaries
  • Call transfer and advanced search features
Pros & Cons
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Satisfaction Rating
  • Score calls through speech analytics
  • Workforce optimization (WFO)
  • Virtual agents identify client needs
Pros & Cons
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Satisfaction Rating
  • Easy to migrate data
  • Replaces all SaaS solutions
  • Call routing feature
Pros & Cons
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Satisfaction Rating
  • Excellent omnichannel support
  • Video conference recording
  • IVR helps solve customers' issues
Pros & Cons
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DialedIn (formerly ChaseData)

Satisfaction Rating
  • Designed for small businesses
  • Customizable for industry needs
  • Integration with productivity apps
Pros & Cons
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Satisfaction Rating
  • Access rich insights in real-time
  • Flexible cloud-based system
  • Industry-leading analytics
Pros & Cons
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Voicent Dialer

Satisfaction Rating
  • Built-in CRM auto-tracks customers
  • Connect by phone, text, and email
  • In business for over a decade
Pros & Cons
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CallHub Dialer

Satisfaction Rating
  • Integrates with several CRMs
  • Designed for advocates and NPOs
  • Access to over 200 countries
Pros & Cons
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11 Best Power Dialer (June, 2024)

This creates a positive feeling of being valued and appreciated in the minds of your customers. To make your customers feel this way, your sales team would need a power dialer, primarily if they work remotely.

The best power dialers are those with a combination of unique features such as CRM integration, custom caller IDs, voicemail drop, and more.

Some of this fantastic power dialer software includes AirCall, Just Call, PhoneBurner, and lots more. However, the best power dialer for one business might not meet the needs of another.

So, if you are ready to purchase a power dialer for your business, this article is for you. Here, you will learn about the factors to consider before choosing a power dialer, the best power dialer software available, and lots more.

Factors to consider when choosing a power dialer

Some business owners consider pricing alone when choosing a power dialer or any equipment. They held the belief that “the more expensive a product is, the better value you’d get.” While this notion is true, you might throw cash out the window if you follow it hook, line, and sinker.

This is because some expensive power dialer software might come with many features that your business might not need. So, to choose the best power dialer for your business, here are the factors to consider.

1. Features

The features of a power dialer are the first thing to look at before making a buying decision. Different power dialers exist and are pretty distinct from one another with few features. However, they share a lot of features in common. Some of the features of the best power dialers are as follows:

Preview of Contact Information

This is a fantastic feature that many of the best power dialer software come with. The information of the prospect called appears before your sales team as soon as they place the call. This allows your sales team to personalize the calls and close more deals.

TCPA Compliance

This is another feature that is a must-have for the best power dialers. The telephone consumer protection act (TCPA) was legislated in 1991 to limit the number of telephone calls individuals receive. When your power dialer is TCPA compliant, your team would quickly sieve out the do not disturb list while placing calls to customers.

Custom Caller IDs

This feature is impressive as it gets your prospect to do precisely what you want from them – pick up the call. The challenges faced by many businesses in recent times is that prospects and customers alike no longer pick up calls from call centers. However, when the caller ID looks similar to a long-time acquaintance’s, they quickly answer the call.

Voice mail drop

This feature saves your team some productive time. Here you can pre-record a message to be dropped automatically by clicking on one single bottom. This way, your team doesn’t have to repeat the same message repeatedly.

Call Recording

This feature helps you keep track of your team’s performance as they communicate with prospects and clients. Also, recorded calls and clients’ feedback afterward can be used to test quality assurance. This helps you serve your customers better. However, only the admin can activate or deactivate the call recording feature on the dashboard.

CRM Integration

This feature can shoot up the number of sales your business makes. When CRM is integrated with your dialer, you enjoy the following and more:

  • Improved contact handling and reduced manual entry of data.
  • CRM sync is triggered when one of your team selects a call-ending reason.
  • Administration time and effort are reduced.
  • Your sales team works faster and more efficiently.
  • Better management of your contact list.
  • Duplicated and wasted work is checkmated when CRM is integrated with your dialer.

Simplified Routing

This feature helps your customers reach out to any department with a single phone number. You might think the feature is not a big deal, especially if you are a small business. However, inbound calls can sometimes become a flood that can cause quite a disarray if you have a large audience.

An example is dialling your mortgage company to complain. The agent who answers your call will direct you to the department responsible for resolving your complaint. Call routing helps agents work effectively as they speak to customers with complaints related to their department.

Easy to Navigate Dashboards

This is another excellent feature found in the best power dialers out there. Your sales team wouldn’t have to rack their heads while navigating the dashboard as it is user-friendly. A complicated dashboard results in less efficiency in delivery.

In-Depth Analytics and Reporting

When running camping or after concluding one, your power dialer gives you an in-depth analysis of the metrics. Also, it generates your team’s report weekly, daily, or as you desire. Another beautiful thing this feature gives you is that all the analysis and reports can be exported as a CSV file.

Predictive Dialing

This feature allows you to call prospects and customers without using a sales agent. Here you carefully automate the system to dial a list of your prospects’ contact and speak with them. It is also automated to redirect customers with further inquiries to speak with agents in different departments.

Simultaneous Outbound and Inbound Calls

This feature allows your sales team to simultaneously handle outbound and inbound calls. This reduces idle time and eases workflow. Your customers also feel happy when their inquiries are tended to swiftly, and their calls aren’t left on hold for a long time.

Automated Calling

This is a feature every power dialer comes with. Here, a list of generated contacts is automated for calls on the dialer so that as one call drops, the contact is dialled automatically. This saves time manually searching contacts, copy-pasting contacts, and dialling.

Contact Import

You can add customers’ contacts through the dial page or import contacts of customers and prospects through the power dialer page. This helps in lead generation and sales.

2.  Tool Integration

This is another critical factor to consider when choosing a power dialer. Your choice should be able to integrate properly with your entire tech stack. This will speed up the work process and help your team to deliver efficiently.

3.  User-friendly Nature

You want a dialer that is user-friendly. The best way to do this is to get first-hand experience by trying it out yourself first. That way, you’d get to know its effectiveness and the possible hiccups to deal with. So, getting your team started with the dialer becomes easier as you are well accustomed to its features, benefits, and shortcomings.

4.  Problem-Solving Ability

Before choosing a dialer, it is recommended to outline the problems you want it to solve. That way, you know which features and benefits to look out for when searching through the multitude of choices.

5.  Pricing

The more features and benefits a dialer offers, the less pocket-friendly it is. However, you do not have to go over your budget before you get started with one. You might be able to save some bucks by choosing a dialer of an average price with the basic features your business needs.

6.  Total Members of the Sales Team

This is another factor to consider. If your call center is a large one with a long list of contacts to reach out to, then your choice would differ from that of a small business. However, larger businesses prefer a predictive dialer to a power dialer because it helps better in lead generation.

7.  Target Audience/Customers

The goal of every business is sales, which only happens when solutions are provided to customers’ problems. Therefore, the type of power dialer that would be great for a B2B business would differ from that of other businesses. While one audience needs an aggressive approach to close deals, another might need gentle and close attention to get results.

Best power dialer software

Here are the best power dialers you can consider for your business.

1. AirCall

AirCall power dialer is one of the best power dialer software out there. The software helps to save more productive time for your agents as they make outbound calls without interruption. Copy-pasting of contacts becomes history as the software continues to add more numbers to the queue as soon as one call drops.

To access the power dialer feature on AirCall, simply subscribe to the professional plan on their website or app. You can get started with the power dialling feature when you are logged in on the professional plan.

The software would collate contact across web pages through their website’s browser extension. You can add all these contacts to the power dialer feature or skim through to select the one you want to add up. If you’re bothered by duplicated numbers or invalid contacts, then AirCall covers you.

Once you click on the power dialer feature, it will display all duplicated and invalid contacts in the “duplicate” and “invalid” sections, respectively. These contacts would not be added to your list.

You can repeat the process to add more contacts to your list. However, if you are done and ready to start a call session, simply choose an outbound calling number. This chosen number would be used throughout the session and can only be changed once completed.

However, you can do any of the following weekends on a call session:

  • Skipping to the next call
  • Deleting the entire contact list on the session or one or more of the contacts.
  • Hanging up a call and selecting the next one in the queue.
  • Leave a comment or tag while on call.

Pros of AirCall

  • Add up to a thousand contacts to your power dialer at a time.
  • The software allows you to add and remove tags during a call session.
  • Removal of duplicated and invalid contacts is automated.
  • Save up to 2 to 3 working hours monthly as repetitive manual tasks are eliminated.
  • More productive time is saved from the toggles between tools and copy-pasting of contacts.

Cons of AirCall

  • It is pretty expensive as it is available on AirCall’s professional plan.
  • Chosen outbound calling number can’t be changed during a call session.

Why Choose AirCall?

AirCall’s power dialling software is a fantastic feature that can help your business increase sales. Although it’s a bit expensive, you will surely get value for your money.

2. Just Call

The Just Call power dialer is another super dupe dialer your business would be grateful to have. Some of these features include CRM integration, report and analytics, and lots more. Actions like repetitive manual dialling and copy-pasting of contacts, which slows down your sales team, become history.

To get started with Just Call power dialer, sign up on their website or app, and subscribe for the premium plan. This plan is just between the standard (cheapest) and custom (most expensive) plans.

So, you can enjoy the power dialling feature without breaking the bank. Upon completing the registration process, you’d be given a 14-day free trial period on whichever plan you opt for.

Now, getting started with the dialer, you’d decide on the outbound calling number you desire. Suppose you already have a business phone number.

In that case, you can integrate it into your power dialer and have it import all your saved contacts unto the dialer. Also, you can upload a contact list on the dialer from the Just Call software to start a dialling session.

Another fantastic feature you’d enjoy is the customer’s information, which displays on your team’s dashboard during a call session. Also, all the selected contact on the list gets dialled automatically in sequence during a session.

Pros of Just Call

  • Elimination of dialling and voice mail drops manually.
  • Reduction in the idle time of your sales team.
  • The ability of your sales team to personalize calls and spend longer time with prospects.
  • Allows the integration of up to ten tools, including CRM.
  • Easy to navigate dashboard so you can get started in less than five minutes.

Cons of Just Call

  • The power dialer feature is unavailable on the phone system’s standard plan.
  • Automated voicemail drops sometimes appear spammy and might end up in the spam folder.

Why Choose Just Call?

Just Call is an inexpensive power dialer that offers all the necessary features for running your business’ telemarketing needs.

3. Dolphin Power Dialer

This power dialer is an outstanding telemarketing tool for businesses. Your sales team can create a contact list from the integrated CRM, the power dialer’s web page, and your email list. This quickens their work process and helps them close more deals.

Pros of Dolphin Power Dialer

  • Easy to set up and get started with – thanks to the tutorial videos that come with it.
  • It is cost-effective. You’d get impressive features on the power dialer, like the PAM button while paying less than others in the market.
  • Easy to navigate and user-friendly. You can turn it on and off at your discretion.
  • Excellent customer support that makes you feel valued and appreciated.
  • Allows easy highlighting of contacts irrespective of location (CRM, Webpage, Email list, etcetera).
  • Allows scheduling voicemail messages.

Cons of Dolphin Power Dialer

  • Not compatible with Mac as it works with just Windows 7.
  • It is not cloud-based.

Why Choose a Dolphin Power Dialer?

Dolphin power dialers have excellent customer service that makes you feel special. Also, if you want to cut costs and save cash, this dialer is for you.

4. PhoneBurner

This is another superb dialer amongst the best power dialers in the market. This is true because of the about 1,500 happy customers they serve.

Many business owners want to close deals faster and increase the number of clients they serve. This happens faster when outbound and inbound calls are efficiently clear. This is where the PhoneBurner comes in.

PhoneBurner dialer comes with a CRM integration feature that helps you to access all your contacts from one spot. The great news is that this feature is compatible with almost all CRMs.

Pros of PhoneBurner

  • CRM integration helps to improve the smoothness of campaign organization.
  • Up to 400% increase in business productivity with PhoneBurner dialer.
  • Allows your sales team to reach up to 60 to 80 leads per hour.
  • Comes with a lead filtering feature that improves the efficiency and delivery of your sales agents.
  • Enables the use of local caller IDs, which helps your agents close more deals. This is because people pick up calls more when they are from a local contact.

Cons of PhoneBurner

  • Does not enable local presence, as agents can’t choose a local contact number to start a call session.

Why Choose a PhoneBurner?

This dialer is excellent for prominent business owners looking to close more deals and handle larger audiences.

5. Five9

This is one of the most popular dialers out there. The software has about 20 years of existence. Also, their dialer is used by big brands, which include Omaha Steaks, Lululemon, DHL, etcetera. Some of these businesses attest to an up to 300% conversion rate increase while using the Five9 dialer.

This dialer combines the features of a power dialer, a predictive dialer, a preview dialer, and a progress dialer. It is the best choice in lead generation for immense call centers.

Pros of Five9

  • It combines the features of all dialer types to keep your sales team on top of their game.
  • The dialer is trusted by about 2,000 businesses as they have existed for about two decades.
  • It allows switching from one dialling mode to another easily.

Cons of Five9

  • Pricing isn’t available online for the dialer. You’d have to request a quote.
  • Not user-friendly.

Why Choose Five9?

Five9 is trusted by about 2000 businesses, which shows they are great. They’ve got incredible features, such as switching from one mode to another.

6. Bitrix24

This is the only dialer amongst the best power dialers that let you experience some of its features for free. The dialer has excellent features that improve the efficiency of your sales team. It is designed to offer many sales solutions, including outbound and inbound calls, voicemail, SMS, etc.

Bitrix24 comes with a call recording feature that helps improve monitoring and quality assurance. Also, it enables CRM integration, amongst other benefits.

Pros of Bitrix24

  • It enables CRM integration, which gives you access to your contacts with a single click.
  • The dialer is cost-efficient, giving out some of its dialling features for free.
  • The admin can enable the call recording feature for monitoring and quality assurance purposes.
  • Bitrix24 dialer is compatible with Android and iOS mobile devices, desktop computers such as Mac and Windows, softphones, and more.
  • The dialer comes with a call routing feature to improve your sales team’s efficiency and delivery.
  • Other notable features include free local and international numbers, PBX, and more.

Cons of Bitrix24

  • Getting started with the software is not easy, as it is pretty tricky to learn.
  • Poor customer service.

Why Choose Bitrix24?

According to reviews, the Bitrix24 dialer ranks amongst the most cost-efficient dialers. They offer some of their dialling features at zero cost.

7. Nextiva Dialer

This dialer is terrific. It is rated among the best power dialers that can help to skyrocket sales. Whether you have multiple CRMs such as Zoho, HubSpot, Oracle, etcetera, you can integrate them all with Nextiva dialer. The software also provides you with its own CRM to accommodate more of your client’s contacts.

Thanks to the dialer style of integration, you can create a list of contacts from all the CRMs and start an automated call session in seconds. This helps your team manage time and reduce effort.

Pros of Nextiva Dialer

  • Integration of multiple CRMs.
  • Saves time and effort expended on manual dialling and copy-pasting of contacts.
  • Cost efficient as the highest plan that can accommodate about a hundred plus users is priced at $21.95/user/month.
  • The software allows unlimited conference calls and call pop-ups. This is great for scheduling meetings with staff or partners remotely.
  • It combines some of the tasks of predictive dialers and power dialers.

Cons of Nextiva Dialer

  • Setting up seems like rocket science, as it is pretty complicated to get started with.
  • Flexibility problems for businesses with about 5 users. They’d have to overpay for empty user space in their plan.

Why Choose Nextiva?

With the Nextiva dialer, you have the combination of power dialer and predictive dialer features in one place. This can help skyrocket your sales and improve the efficiency of your sales team.

8. ChaseData Dialer

ChaseData dialer is perfect for growing small businesses. It comes with features that help call centers that cater to small audiences improve sales. The dialer is impressive for organizing and smoothening the work process of both sales and marketing departments.

This dialer is used chiefly by businesses in the finance niche, such as banking, loans and mortgage agencies, insurance companies, etcetera. Other types of businesses they cater to include Travel and Hospitality, B2B, and SaaS.

Pros of ChaseData Dialer

  • The dialer is designed to help small businesses improve sales.
  • It is excellent for improving the efficiency of the sales and marketing departments.
  • The dialer comes with a free trial period that gives each member of your sales team 1,000 free telecom minutes.
  • Get started with the app at zero fees – thanks to their free trial period.
  • Their dialers combine the features of preview, progressive, and predictive dialers features. However, you’d have to upgrade to higher plans to enjoy all the features.

Cons of ChaseData Dialer

  • It is pretty expensive.
  • Dialling features are available on their professional plans only.

Why Choose ChaseData Dialer?

This dialer is specifically made for small businesses. Now, it doesn’t mean your business needs to stay small to enjoy the dialer. Instead, it is designed to help you grow your small audience and increase your sales to a larger one.

9. RingCentral Dialer

RingCentral Dialer is for you if you have a call center that caters to multitudes of clients per hour. They lead by example, as about 400,000 businesses currently use the software.

RingCentral dialer eliminates idle time by keeping your agents on their toes while maintaining time management. This means your sales team handles more work in less time. Also, your sales team gets information and analysis simultaneously while engaging in inbound and outbound calls.

Pros of ChaseData Dialer

  • Easy to use and navigate as it is designed to be user-friendly.
  • Eliminates agents’ idle time.
  • Allows agents access to helpful information about their callers. This helps to boost sales.
  • The dialer is TCPA compliant and has other unique features like custom campaigns and CRM integration.

Cons of ChaseData Dialer

  • Bug issues have been reported by some users.
  • It is not compatible with iOS or Android devices.

Why Choose RingCentral Dialer?

RingCentral dialer has terrific features that help eliminate your agents’ idle time. While you pay your team per hour, you are sure that every second is productive with this dialer.

10. Voicent Dialer

This dialer has been in existence for over a decade. It is one of the best power dialers for businesses. Voicent helps about a thousand businesses improve on organizing their outbound and inbound calls. And it offers solutions to marketing through marketing automation.

Another fantastic feature of this dialer is its tool integration feature. All tools are integrated easily, which streamlines the workflow.

Pros of Voicent Dialer

  • Allows tool integration at no extra cost.
  • Comes with an in-built CRM that helps in tracking prospects and clients.
  • Send a single pre-recorded message to lots of contacts with one click.
  • Automated call answering and voicemail drops in your voice.
  • The dialer is easy to use and customizable to soothe your business idea.
  • Comes with unique features such as text-to-speech and unlimited calling.
  • New users get a 30-day free trial period.

Cons of Voicent Dialer

  • It is pretty expensive.

Why Choose Voicent?

As a new user of Voicent dialer, you’d get a 30-day free trial period to enjoy their service. They also give your agents unlimited calling and text-to-speech features.

11. CallHub Dialer

If your business is a Non-profit or political organization, you might consider this dialer. CallHub dialers are designed to help advocates, non-profit, and political organizations close more deals.

The dialer gives you access to over 200 countries, thereby increasing the outreach of campaigns. Also, you can integrate several CRMs, such as Zapiee and Salesforce, with the dialer. This helps your sales team create several lists of contacts across the globe to engage in a call session.

Pros of CallHub Dialer

  • Provides local caller IDs that help increase the number of times outbound calls get picked up.
  • Enables live calling features that help in monitoring quality assurance.
  • The dialer is TCPA compliant.
  • A phone number verification feature can be enabled on the dialer.
  • About 5,000 agents and organizations use the CallHub dialer.

Cons of CallHub Dialer

  • Poor customer service.
  • Bug issues have been reported by some users.

Why Choose CallHub?

Choosing this dialer can help you monitor quality assurance as your agents engage clients. It is trusted by over 5,000 agents, proving its delivery quality.

Power dialer vs auto dialer

Power dialer is a call dialling software that helps improve sales agents’ performance. It does this by dialling the following contact on a prepared list automatically. Auto dialers, on the other hand, perform the same tasks as a power dialer but add a pre-recording messaging feature to theirs.

Power dialers try to increase the efficiency of sales delivery by making agents available to clients at all times. On the other hand, an autodialer is more concerned about reducing the idle time of agents and increasing the times of live calls.

Some power dialers that are noted among the best power dialer software, like AirCall dialer, perform both power dialer and auto dialer tasks.

Best power dialer conclusion

The best power dialer software for your business should fit into the ideas of your business and help you close more deals. This might not be the most expensive or cheapest dialer, nor is it the one with the most features. So, keep in mind the above-listed factors to consider before making a buying decision.

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FAQs about the Best Power Dialer

What is a power dialer?

A power dialer is a powerful tool for lead generation and sales. It dials numbers automatically as soon as a call drops while displaying the contact's information on the dashboard. This helps your sales team to close more deals as they can personalize every call.

Do I need training before using a power dialer?

Many power dialers out there are easy to get started with. However, it is recommended to learn about how your chosen power dialer works from someone with first-hand experience with it. This would make navigating the dialer easier and get you ready for the possible downsides it might come with.

How do you choose a power dialer phone?

The best power dialer phone for your business would differ from that of another. Some of the factors you need to consider before making your choice include the following:

  • Tool integration.
  • Problem-solving ability.
  • User-friendly nature.

What is the best power dialer software for Android?

Several fantastic power dialer software options are entirely compatible with your android device. AirCall power dialer is one of them. However, it is a bit expensive as the feature is available on their professional plan. However, you'd get value for your money.

What is the best power dialer software for iOS?

You can choose AirCall power dialer for your IOS device as it is compatible with it. The dialer is one of the best from the positive reviews left by their happy customers. Other power dialers that are compatible with iOS include Just Call, Kixie PowerCall, Dialpad, and more.

What is the best power dialer software for a call center?

Most call centers with large customers to attend to usually choose predictive dialers over power dialers. However, there are wonderful power dialers that can cater to large businesses. One of these dialers is AirCall. Others include Nextiva, RingCentral, Voicent, and more.

Is there free power dialer software?

Power dialers with great features that help your agent save time and speed up workflow come at a cost. However, few power dialers are free. This includes Bittix24, EngaeBay, and Dialfire, among others. AirCall offers free 14-day trials for new users.

What is the best dialer for cold calling?

Every business call centre sends out cold calls to prospects quite often. These individuals are busy with their daily lives and might not be expecting a call from an agent. The best power dialers that help to turn these prospects into clients should have a preview of the contact info feature. One type of power dialer with this feature is AirCall.

What are the differences between a power dialer and a predictive dialer?

Basically, power dialers place a call to the following contact on your list. On the other hand, predictive dialers do more than just place an automatic call. They catalogue and analyze data continuously to quicken the work process or slow it down depending on the demand of the call center.

How many types of dialers exist, and what is their average cost?

Currently, there exist different types of dialers. They include a power dialer, Auto dialer, predictive dialer, progressive dialer, and Robo dialer. They all perform the essential function of dialling. However, they are very different from each other in the type 9f task they are designed to handle.

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