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12 Best SEO Tools (May, 2024)

With many websites competing for attention, it’s critical to use the best SEO tools to improve visibility and attract organic traffic. These tools help improve your chances of ranking higher on search engine results pages. Still, SEO can be overwhelming, so having the best tools is crucial.

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Last Updated: May 22, 2024

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  • Extensive keyword research
  • Comprehensive site audit
  • Analyse your site's backlinks
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Surfer SEO

Satisfaction Rating
  • Get a detailed analysis of your site
  • Find and track relevant keywords
  • Analyze your website speed & performance
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Satisfaction Rating
  • Find keywords you can rank for
  • See what your competitors rank for
  • Get search volumes & historical data
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  • Extensive keyword research
  • Analysis of your website's content
  • Use popular an API and integrations
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SE Ranking

Satisfaction Rating
  • Accurate keyword rank tracking
  • In-depth website audit
  • Backlink checking & monitoring
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Satisfaction Rating
  • Comprehensive keyword research
  • See competitors' ranking strategy
  • Detailed view of your search results
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Satisfactin Rating
  • See your audiences' interests
  • Rank for high-volume FAQs
  • Identify related keywords
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  • Write SEO-optimized content
  • Examine your on-page SEO
  • Generate your next blog topics
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Advanced Web Ranking

Satisfaction Rating
  • Accurate and fresh rankings
  • Engaging SEO reports
  • Actionable competition monitoring
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Rank Math

Satisfaction Rating
  • Clean and straightforward interface
  • Built-in advanced SEO analytics
  • Track your website's ranking
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Satisfaction Rating
  • Compatible with popular platforms
  • Optimize many images in bulk
  • Better compression and performance
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Yoast SEO

Satisfaction Rating
  • Get more traffic to your site
  • Get weekly tips on how to optimize your SEO
  • 24/7 support
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12 Best SEO Tools (May, 2024)

The best SEO tools include Rank Math, SEMrush, and ShortPixel. Some devices are created to serve specific functions, while others provide comprehensive all-in-one tools.

For instance, Rank Math offers post-optimization on WordPress, ShortPixel focuses on image optimization, and SEMrush is a complete SEO marketing tool. Furthermore, there are free and paid options that website owners can leverage.

We will discuss the best SEO tools to help you take your SEO game to the next level. Whether you’re a seasoned SEO pro or starting, this article will help you achieve your SEO goals.

What are the Best SEO Practices

SEO best practices are guidelines and strategies to improve a website’s visibility and ranking on SERPs. These practices are based on the algorithms used by search engines to determine the relevance and value of a website’s content.

They help ensure that websites are optimized for both users and search engines. Some essential SEO best practices include:

Keyword Research

Keyword research is finding the right keywords to target in your SEO efforts. It involves analyzing the search volume, competition, and relevance of specific keywords to help you choose the ones that are most likely to drive traffic to your website.

The best SEO tools for keyword research include SEMrush, Rank Math, Ubersuggest, and Google Keyword Planner.

On-Page Optimization

On-page optimization refers to the changes you can make to your website’s content and structure to improve its visibility on search engine results pages.

This includes optimizing your title tags, meta descriptions, header tags, and images. Some of the best SEO tools for on-page optimization include ShortPixels. Rank Math, Google Search Console,  Screaming Frog, and Ahrefs.

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Link Building

Link building is acquiring backlinks from other websites to your own. Backlinks are a critical ranking factor for search engines.

The more high-quality backlinks you have, the higher your website is likely to rank. Some of the best link-building SEO tools include Ahrefs, Moz, and Majestic.

Site Auditing

Site auditing involves evaluating your website’s health and identifying any technical issues impacting your search engine visibility.

This includes checking for broken links, duplicate content, and site speed. Some of the best SEO tools for site auditing include Google Search Console, Screaming Frog, Ahrefs, and SEMrush.

Competitor Analysis

Competitor analysis involves analyzing your competitors’ websites to understand what they’re doing and what you can learn from them.

This can help you identify new opportunities and make strategic changes to your website. The best SEO tools for competitor analysis include SEMrush, Ahrefs, and SERPstat.

Rank Tracking

Rank tracking involves monitoring your website’s position in search engine results for specific keywords.

This helps you see how your website performs over time and make data-driven decisions to improve your rankings. Some of the best SEO tools for rank tracking include SEMrush, Ahrefs, Rank Math, Moz Pro, and  SERPstat.

Content Optimization

Content optimization involves changing your website’s content to improve its relevance and value for users and search engines.

This includes optimizing your images, videos, and text for specific keywords. Some of the best SEO tools for content optimization include Surfer SEO, SEMrush, and Yoast SEO.

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The 19 Best SEO Tools

From keyword research to link building, we’ll cover all the essential tools you need to know about.

1. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is a top-rated SEO tool by website owners and digital marketers. It offers services such as backlink analysis, keyword research, competitor analysis, and site exploration to improve search engine visibility and build quality backlinks.

Since its launch in 2011, Ahrefs has become a trusted tool for its extensive backlinks database and keyword rankings.

Ahrefs Key Features

  • Dashboard: The Ahrefs dashboard overviews the user’s website’s SEO performance, including metrics like organic search traffic, backlink profile, and keyword rankings.
  • Site Explorer: The Site Explorer feature allows users to research websites, including their backlink profile, top organic search keywords, and top pages.
  • Keywords Explorer: The Keywords Explorer tool provides data on keyword rankings, search volume, and difficulty, making it a valuable resource for keyword research and optimization.
  • Site Audit: The Site Audit feature helps users identify technical SEO issues on their website, including broken links, duplicate content, and missing alt tags.
  • Rank Tracker: The Rank Tracker tool allows users to track their website’s ranking for specific keywords over time. This helps users see the impact of their SEO efforts and determine if their strategies are working.

Ahrefs Pros

  • Extensive database of backlinks and keyword rankings
  • Comprehensive SEO tools
  • User-friendly interface
  • Regular updates

Ahrefs Cons

  • High cost
  • Steep learning curve
  • Limited trial period

Ahrefs Pricing

LiteSEO dashboard
Site explorer
Keyword explorer
Site audits
Rank tracker
Unlimited projects
Tracking up to 750 keywords per month
100,000 crawl credits
5 keywords for exploration
StandardAll features in the Lite package
SERP updates
Advanced site explorer
Position history charts
Content explorer
Batch analysis
Reports sharing, more alert features
Tracking up to 2,000 keywords
Unlimited projects
500,000 crawl credits
50 keywords for exploration

2. SEMrush

SEMrush is one of the best digital market SEO tools, providing data-driven insights. It provides a suite of tools, including keyword research, site audits, backlink analysis, competitive analysis, and paid advertising analysis.

Founded in 2008, it helps small businesses, marketing professionals, and digital marketing agencies achieve their online marketing goals.

Key Features of SEMrush

  • Keyword Research: SEMrush’s keyword research tool allows you to find your website’s most relevant and profitable keywords. You can uncover new keyword opportunities, analyze keyword trends, and compare your keywords to those of your competitors.
  • PPC Keyword Research: SEMrush provides extensive keyword research capabilities, including the ability to search for keywords, analyze their performance, and track changes over time. It also offers keyword suggestions and competitor analysis to help businesses choose the right keywords for their PPC campaigns.
  • Paid Advertising: SEMrush provides powerful tools for analyzing and optimizing paid advertising efforts. This includes analyzing competitor ads, tracking ad spending and performance, and identifying new advertising opportunities.
  • Site Audit and Optimization: SEMrush provides a comprehensive site audit tool that helps businesses to identify and fix technical and on-page optimization issues. This includes detecting broken links, missing alt tags, and other problems that can negatively impact a site’s ranking and performance.
  • Backlink Analysis: SEMrush’s backlink analysis tool provides valuable insights into a website’s backlink profile. This includes tracking new and lost backlinks, analyzing link quality, and identifying potential link-building opportunities.

SEMrush Pros

  • A comprehensive suite of tools
  • Data-driven insights
  • User-friendly interface
  • Improved SEO
  • A better understanding of competition

SEMrush Cons

  • Cost
  • Steep learning curve
  • Overwhelming data
  • Limited integrations

SEMrush Pricing

Pro5 projects
500 keywords to track
10,000 results per report
SEO, social, and PPC tools
Competitor analysis
Keyword research
Website audit
Advertising and social media tools
Guru  5 projects
1,500 keywords to track
30,000 results per report
Pro features plus a content marketing toolkit
Historical data
Multi-location and device tracking
Looker and studio integration
Business  40 projects
5,000 keywords to track
50,000 results per report
Guru features
Share of voice
Extended limits
API access
PLA analytics
Free migration from third-party tools

3. Rank Math

Rank Math is a top WordPress plugin and SEO tool offering various features to boost a website’s ranking and visibility on search engines.

Founded in 2018, it aims to make SEO optimization simple and accessible for all users, from beginners to experienced professionals. With its advanced features, user-friendly interface, and firm support, it has become one of WordPress’s most popular SEO plugins.

Rank Math Key Features

  • Easy to follow Setup Wizard: Rank Math has a straightforward and user-friendly setup wizard that guides users through configuring the plugin and optimizing their website. This makes it easy for even beginners to get started with SEO optimization.
  • Clean & Simple User Interface: Rank Math has a clean and straightforward user interface that makes navigating and finding the information you need easy. The interface is well organized and displays essential metrics and data, making it easy to understand and act on.
  • Content AI – Your Personal AI Assistant: Rank Math’s Content AI feature is a personal AI assistant that provides suggestions for optimizing your website’s content for search engines. The AI offers insights into keyword optimization, meta descriptions, and more, helping you to create more effective and optimized content.
  • Built-In Advanced SEO Analytics Module: Rank Math has a built-in advanced SEO analytics module that provides valuable data and insights into your website’s performance and ranking. The analytics module provides keyword performance, backlinks, and more data, helping you make informed decisions and improve your website’s performance.
  • Rank Tracker: Rank Math’s Rank Tracker feature allows you to track your website’s ranking for specific keywords over time. The rank tracker provides keyword ranking, search volume, and more data, making it easy to understand and act on.

Rank Math Pros

  • User-friendly
  • Advanced features for on-page optimization and schema markup
  • Personal AI assistant for content optimization
  • Comprehensive analytics module
  • Affordable

Rank Math Cons

  • Limited compatibility with plugins and themes
  • A steep learning curve for advanced features
  • Limited support availability
  • Limited customization options
  • Limited integration with other SEO tools and platforms.

Rank Math Pricing

ProUnlimited personal websites
15 free content AI credits
500 keywords tracking
Powerful schema generator
Free SEO course
24/7 Support
BusinessAll Pro features
100 client websites
125 free content AI credits
10,000 keyword tracking
Import schema from any website
AgencyAll the Business Plan features
500 client websites
600 free content AI credits
50,000 keyword tracking

4. ShortPixel

ShortPixel is one of the best SEO tools for image optimization. It reduces the size of images without sacrificing quality, improving website loading speed and overall size and enhancing SEO.

It’s easy to use, compatible with popular platforms, and offers bulk and automated optimization options.

ShortPixel Key Features

  • Lossless and Lossy Compression: ShortPixel offers lossless and lossy compression options to reduce image sizes. Lossless compression maintains the original image quality while reducing its size. In contrast, lossy compression sacrifices some quality for a much smaller file size.
  • Compatibility with Popular Platforms and Plugins: ShortPixel is compatible with many popular platforms, including WordPress, Magento, Shopify, and more. It also integrates with popular plugins such as WooCommerce, NextGen Gallery, and others.
  • Bulk Optimization and Automated Optimization: ShortPixel allows users to optimize many images in bulk, making it an efficient solution for website owners with an extensive image library. Additionally, automated optimization ensures that images are optimized as soon as they are uploaded to the website, saving time and effort for users.
  • Image Quality Analysis and Comparison: ShortPixel visually compares the original and optimized images, making it easy for users to assess their quality. This helps users to make informed decisions about which compression level to choose.
  • WebP Conversion and Image Resizing: ShortPixel also offers WebP conversion, a modern image format with better compression and performance than traditional image formats. Additionally, ShortPixel can resize images to the appropriate size, reducing the file size and improving website loading speed.

ShortPixel Pros

  • Improved Website Performance: ShortPixel helps reduce the size of images, resulting in faster website loading times and improved user experience.
  • Increased Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Optimized images improve the overall website size and load time, an essential factor in search engine rankings.
  • Easy to Use: ShortPixel is user-friendly, with a simple and intuitive interface that makes it easy for users to manage their images and track the optimization process.
  • Cost-Effective: ShortPixel offers a cost-effective solution for website owners and digital marketers looking to optimize their images without breaking the bank.

ShortPixel Cons

  • Limited Customization: Some users may find the limited customization options a drawback, as they may need help to fine-tune their image optimization to their exact specifications.
  • Quality Sacrifices with Lossy Compression: While lossy compression can significantly reduce the size of images, it can also reduce quality. Some users may need help finding this to be a drawback.
  • Requires Technical Knowledge: ShortPixel may need some technical knowledge to set up and use, which could be a challenge for non-technical users.

ShortPixel Pricing

ShortPixel offers a variety of pricing plans for image optimizer, adaptive images, and web hosting, allowing users to choose the best plan. These plans are priced under Unlimited, Monthly, and Credit packages pricing plans.

  1. The Unlimited plan provides unlimited image optimization for a flat monthly fee. This plan is suitable for high-volume users who need to optimize many images.
  2. The Monthly plan provides a set number of images to be optimized per month, with the option to purchase additional credits if needed. This plan is suitable for users who need to optimize fewer images regularly.
  3. The Credit plan provides a set number of credits you can use for image optimization anytime. This plan is suitable for users who need to optimize images on an as-needed basis.

Note that the prices are based on the number of images processed per month, which means users can choose a plan that best suits their needs. This provides users with a cost-effective solution for their image optimization needs.

5. Moz

Moz is a top provider of SEO tools and services that help businesses and individuals improve their online visibility. Established in 2004, Moz offers comprehensive SEO tools for keyword research, backlink analysis, content optimization, and local search management.

Moz’s user-friendly interface, comprehensive data and insights, and advanced features make it a valuable tool for both seasoned SEO professionals and beginners.

Moz Key features

  • Site Audits: Moz’s site audit tool analyzes your website and reports technical SEO issues, broken links, crawl errors, and other factors that affect SEO performance.
  • Rank Tracking: Moz’s rank tracking feature allows you to track your website’s ranking for specific global and local keywords. This helps you monitor your progress and make informed decisions about your SEO strategy.
  • Backlink Analysis: Moz’s Link Explorer tool gives valuable insights into your website’s backlink profile, including number, quality, and linking sites. This information can help you identify opportunities for link building and improve your website’s search engine performance.
  • Keyword Research: Moz’s keyword research tools help you identify your website’s most relevant and profitable keywords, including suggestions for long-tail keywords and competitors’ keywords.
  • On-Page Optimization: Moz’s on-page optimization features help you improve your website’s content, structure, and layout for users and search engines. This enables you to create more effective and optimized pages that can improve your website’s ranking in search engines.

Moz Pros

  • Comprehensive SEO platform
  • User-friendly interface
  • High-quality data and insights

Moz Cons

  • Higher cost compared to some competitors
  • Limited integration with other tools

Moz Pricing

Standard3 campaigns
300 keywords ranking
150 queries per month
1 user
Complete on-page graded and scheduled reports
Medium10 campaigns
1500 keywords ranking
5000 keyword queries
2 users
Unlimited on-page grader reports
Scheduled reportsBranded report templates
Large25 campaigns
3000 keywords ranking
15000 keyword queries
3 users
unlimited reports
Premium  Advanced versions of the features in other Moz packages.$599

6. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free service from Google that helps website owners track user behaviour and improve website visibility and engagement.

It offers real-time traffic monitoring, conversion tracking, and custom reporting to help analyze website performance and improve it. This platform is essential for small business owners, digital marketers, and website administrators.

Google Analytics Key Features

  • Traffic and User Behavior Tracking: Google Analytics provides real-time tracking of website traffic, including pageviews, sessions, bounce rate, and average session duration. This data can help website owners understand how users use their site, which pages are most popular, and any user experience issues.
  • Conversion Tracking and Goals: Google Analytics allows website owners to track and measure specific conversion events, such as form submissions, product purchases, and sign-ups. This information can help website owners understand their marketing campaigns’ effectiveness and identify improvement opportunities.
  • Custom Reports and Dashboards: Google Analytics provides the ability to create custom reports and dashboards, allowing website owners to visualize and analyze data in a meaningful and relevant way to their business.
  • Demographic and Interest Reports: Google Analytics provides detailed demographic and interest reports, including information about user age, gender, interests, and location. This information can help website owners better tailor their marketing efforts to target their audience.
  • Real-time Analytics: Google Analytics provides real-time tracking and analysis of website traffic, allowing website owners to respond quickly to traffic patterns and user behaviour changes.

Google Analytics Pros

  • Free and user-friendly
  • Detailed insights
  • Customizable
  • Real-time data

Google Analytics Cons

  • Learning curve
  • Data limitations
  • Data privacy concerns
  • Technical requirements.
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Google Analytics Pricing

Google Analytics is a free platform that does not require paying for its essentials. However, some premium features and integrations are available for an additional cost, including:

  • Google Analytics 360: This paid version of Google Analytics includes advanced features such as data sampling, enhanced custom reporting, and unlimited data collection. Prices for Google Analytics 360 start at $150,000 per year.
  • Integrations: Google Analytics integrates with many other marketing and advertising platforms, including Google Ads, Google Tag Manager, and many others. Depending on the platform and desired level of integration, these integrations may require additional fees.
  • Support and Training: Google Analytics provides a range of support and training options for users, including online resources, tutorials, and certification programs. Some of these resources may require a fee to access.

7. Majestic

Majestic is one of the best SEO tools for backlink analysis that has been used for over a decade to improve SEO.

It offers features such as Site Explorer, Link Profile Comparison, and Keyword Analysis to provide in-depth backlink analysis and SEO optimization solutions. Majestic is a leading SEO tool for both seasoned and new digital marketers.

Majestic Key Features

  • Backlink Campaigns and Analysis: Majestic provides a comprehensive view of a website’s backlink profile, including the number of links, the quality of links, and trustworthiness. It offers a detailed analysis of a website’s backlinks, including the anchor text, link type, and referring domains.
  • Site Explorer: The Site Explorer feature lets you see all the backlinks for a specific website or domain. This information can be used to identify potential link-building opportunities and to understand the link profile of a competitor’s website.
  • Keyword Analysis: Majestic provides keyword analysis capabilities, allowing you to see how keywords are used in your website backlinks. This information can be used to improve keyword targeting and to identify areas for improvement in your link-building efforts.
  • Trust Flow and Citation Flow Metrics: Majestic’s proprietary Trust Flow and Citation Flow metrics assess a website’s backlink quality and trustworthiness. The Trust Flow metric measures the quality of links pointing to a website. Furthermore, the Citation Flow metric measures the number of links pointing to a website.
  • Rank Tracker: The Rank Tracker feature allows you to track the ranking of your website for specific keywords in search engines. This data can be used to track your website’s performance in search engines and improve your SEO.

Majestic Pros

  • Extensive backlink database with comprehensive data and metrics
  • Trust Flow and Citation Flow metrics for backlink quality
  • Comprehensive backlink analysis
  • Site Explorer and Link Profile Comparison feature
  • User-friendly interface.

Majestic Cons

  • Cost
  • Limited keyword analysis
  • Outdated data
  • Lack of technical SEO analysis

Majestic Pricing

 LiteSite explorer
Backlink campaign
Keyword generator
Link graph
Related sites
Trust flow
Referring domains
1 user
Analyzes up to 1,000,000 backlinks
Restricted API access
Third-party open apps
Pro  All features of Lite Plus Raw data exports
Custom reports
Flow metric history
Clique hunter feature
Backlink history
Share campaigns
1 user
Analyzes up to 20,000,000 backlinks
Restricted API access
Third-party open apps
APIAll features of Majestic with full API access
Custom monthly data
Ability to create OpenApps
3 users
Analyzes up to 100,000,000 backlinks
Full API access
Third-party open apps

8. Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest is an SEO tool created by Neil Patel that provides a range of features for website optimization, including keyword research, website analysis, and ranking tracking.

It is user-friendly with a clean interface, offering valuable data and insights to help users improve their search engine optimization.

Ubersuggest Key Features

  • Domain Overview: Ubersuggest provides a comprehensive overview of any website, including its estimated traffic, top keywords, and backlink profile. This feature gives users a quick and easy way to assess their website’s and competitors’ strengths and weaknesses.
  • Top SEO Pages: Ubersuggest’s Top SEO Pages feature shows the top pages on a website based on their search engine visibility. This information can help users identify which pages are performing well and which need improvement.
  • Keyword Suggestions: Ubersuggest’s keyword research feature provides users with a list of related keywords and phrases that they can use to optimize their content. The tool provides data on each keyword’s search volume, competition, and cost per click, so users can decide which keywords to target.
  • Content Ideas: Ubersuggest’s Content Ideas feature provides users with a list of popular and relevant topics to their website. This information can help users create high-quality content that appeals to their target audience and ranks well in search engines.
  • Backlink Data: Ubersuggest’s backlink analysis feature provides users with information on the websites that link to their site and the types of links they have. This information can help users identify opportunities to improve their website’s backlink profile, which is essential in search engine optimization.

Ubersuggest Pros

  • User-friendly and clean interface
  • Comprehensive data and insights on SEO topics
  • Affordable pricing options
  • Regular updates with new features

Ubersuggest Cons

  • Limited keyword data compared to other tools
  • Rare errors and inaccuracies reported
  • A steep learning curve for advanced users

Ubersuggest Pricing

Individual150 searches per day
1 domain
125 tracked keywords
5 competitors
1,000-page scans
2000 backlinks
1 user
Business300 searches per day
7 domains
150 tracked keywords
10 competitors
5000-page scans
5000 backlinks
2 users
Enterprise900 searches per day
15 domains
200 tracked keywords
15 competitors
10,000-page scans
10,000 backlinks
5 users

9. Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog is one of the best SEO tools for analyzing website structure, content, and performance.

It helps identify and fix technical SEO issues, analyze on-page optimization, and improve website visibility. Advanced reporting and export options make sharing data with marketing teams easy.

Screaming Frog Key Features

  • Find Broken Links: Screaming Frog’s broken link checker is a fast and efficient way to find and fix broken links on your website. This feature can help improve the user experience and avoid negatively impacting your website’s search engine ranking.
  • Audit Redirects: The redirect audit feature in Screaming Frog helps you keep track of your website’s redirects and ensure they are set up correctly. It allows you to analyze redirected chains, identify redirect loops, and make changes as needed.
  • Analyze Page Titles & Meta Data: Screaming Frog analyzes page titles and metadata to help you optimize content for search engines and boost website visibility. You can quickly identify missing or duplicate page titles, meta descriptions, and other optimization opportunities.
  • Discover Duplicate Content: Duplicate content can affect your website’s search engine ranking. Screaming Frog’s duplicate content checker helps you identify and eliminate duplicate content on your website to avoid any negative impact on your search engine visibility.
  • Extract Data with XPath: The XPath extractor in Screaming Frog makes it easy to extract data from websites for further analysis. This feature can be handy for removing large amounts of data from multiple websites and compiling it into a single database.

Screaming Frog Pros

  • Comprehensive Analysis for technical SEO
  • User-Friendly interface
  • Fast and efficient website crawling
  • Regular updates with new features

Screaming Frog Cons

  • Costly compared to other SEO tools
  • Steep learning curve
  • Limited integration options
  • Requires technical knowledge to use effectively

Screaming Frog Pricing

 FreeFix broken links, errors, and redirects analysis Page title and metadata analysis
Meta robots and directives review
Hreflang tag attributes audit
Duplicate pages discovery
XML sitemaps generation
Site visualization500 URL crawling
PaidAll features from Free Plan Unlimited URL crawling
SchedulingCrawl configuration
Saving crawls and re-upload, JavaScript renderingCrawl comparison
AMP crawling and validation of structured data Validation, spelling, and grammar checks

10. SERPstat

SERPstat is a comprehensive SEO tool offering keyword research, competitor analysis, on-page optimization, backlink analysis, and rank tracking. Its user-friendly interface helps businesses and digital marketers optimize their websites for search engines, drive traffic, and boost visibility.

SERPstat provides in-depth keyword analysis, competitor insights, and advanced reporting and tracking to track search engine rankings and make informed SEO decisions.

SERPstat Key Features

  • Keyword Research: SERPstat provides extensive keyword research capabilities, including keyword suggestions, keyword difficulty analysis, and keyword trends. It also offers a keyword clustering feature that allows you to merge similar keywords for more straightforward analysis.
  • Content Analysis: The SERPstat content analysis feature provides an in-depth analysis of your website’s content, including keyword density, readability, and structure. It also provides suggestions for improving your content for better search engine optimization.
  • Site or Page Audit: SERPstat’s site or page audit feature provides an in-depth analysis of your website’s on-page optimization, identifying potential technical issues and providing recommendations for improvement.
  • API and Integration: SERPstat provides an API and integration with popular marketing tools, enabling you to easily integrate your SEO data into your existing workflows and tools.
  • SERP Crawling: SERPstat’s SERP crawling feature provides an in-depth analysis of search engine results pages, including the top-ranking websites, keywords, and ranking history. This data can inform your SEO strategy and improve your search engine ranking.

SERPstat Pros

  • All-in-One Solution with a comprehensive set of SEO tools
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Accurate Data
  • Affordable Pricing

SERPstat Cons

  • Limited Customization
  • Occasional Data Accuracy Issues
  • Limited International Coverage
  • Limited Backlink Analysis

SERPstat Pricing

LiteOver 20 tools for SEO
SEMPPC projects
Analysis of competitor’s online tactics
StandardAll Lite features plus branded reports
Extended interface
API credits3-user access
AdvancedAll the Standard Plan features
Extended interface
API5 user access
EnterpriseAll Advanced features plus white label
7 user access
Extended interface API

11. Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO is one of the best SEO tools that provides website owners and marketers with a comprehensive suite of tools for optimizing their websites and content.

This cloud-based software offers a wide range of features and capabilities, allowing users to streamline their SEO efforts and achieve more significant results in less time.

Surfer SEO Key Features

  • Content Optimization: Surfer SEO provides users with a detailed analysis of their website and content, showing them how to make improvements to optimize search engines and increase traffic.
  • Keyword Research: This tool allows users to find and track the most relevant keywords for their business, including competitor analysis and rankings.
  • Site Speed Analysis: Surfer SEO analyzes your website speed and recommends optimizing it for faster load times, which can improve search engine rankings.
  • Backlink Analysis: Surfer SEO also provides a detailed analysis of your backlink profile, showing users how to build high-quality links that will improve their SEO efforts.
  • Content Score: Surfer SEO calculates the content score of a page, taking into account keyword optimization, relevance, and readability and providing suggestions for improvement.

Surfer SEO Pros

  • Provides a comprehensive suite of SEO tools that streamlines optimization efforts
  • Offers a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to use and understand
  • Delivers actionable recommendations based on detailed analysis and data
  • Allows users to track keyword rankings, backlinks, and site speed, making it easier to measure results
  • Integrates with jasper, Google docs, and WordPress.

Surfer SEO Cons

  • It can be a bit expensive for small businesses.
  • The software may be overwhelming for beginners, as it offers many complex features.
  • There is a learning curve involved in understanding how to use all the features effectively.
  • Some of the more advanced features may require additional training and experience.

Surfer SEO Pricing

BasicWrite and optimize 120 articles
Audit 240 pages
Advanced keyword research SERP analysis  
ProWrite and optimize 360 articles
Audit 720 pages
Advanced keyword research SERP analysis
BusinessWrite and optimize 840 articles
Audit 1680 pages
Advanced keyword research SERP analysis
EnterpriseWrite and optimize custom articles
Audit custom pages
Advanced keyword research SERP analysis
Custom Price

12. SpyFu

SpyFu is a powerful and comprehensive search engine optimization tool that can help you improve your online visibility and reach your target audience.

It reveals your competitors’ ideas and approaches, helping you outperform them in internet marketing.

SpyFu Key Features

  • Keyword Research: SpyFu provides a comprehensive keyword research tool that allows you to find the best keywords for your website and campaigns. You can see how many people are searching for a specific keyword and how difficult it is to rank for it.
  • Competitor Analysis: SpyFu allows you to see your competitors’ actions and how they rank for specific keywords. You can see their top organic and paid keywords, backlinks, and AdWords history.
  • Organic Search: SpyFu gives you a detailed view of your organic search results, including your top keywords and backlinks. You can see how your website performs compared to your competitors and identify areas for improvement.
  • AdWords Analysis: SpyFu provides insights into your AdWords campaign, including your cost per click, impressions, and conversion rates. You can see how your ads perform compared to your competitors and identify areas for improvement.
  • Compare Domain: SpyFu provides a comprehensive domain comparison showing you the most critical information about your website and competitors. You can see your top keywords, backlinks, AdWords history, and competitors’ information.

SpyFu Pros

  • Easy-to-use interface with clear and concise data.
  • Detailed information about your competitors’ strategies.
  • Insights into the best keywords for your website and campaigns.
  • AdWords analysis can help you optimize your campaigns and reduce costs.
  • Comprehensive domain overview that gives you a complete picture of your online presence.

SpyFu Cons

  • Some features are limited for non-paying users.
  • Reports may take a long time to generate for large websites.
  • The data is not always up-to-date.
  • The cost of the tool can be prohibitive for some small businesses.
  • The keyword research tool is not as comprehensive as other SEO tools on the market.

SpyFu Pricing

Basic10,000 search results and data export
100 domain overview pdf
6 months of historical data
250 sales leads & domain contracts
5k weekly tracked keyword ranking
ProfessionalUnlimited search results and data export
Unlimited domain overview pdfs
10 years of historical data, 500 sales leads & domain contracts
15k weekly tracked keyword ranking
API access
Custom branded report
Team10,000 search results and data export
100 domain overview pdf
10+ years of historical data
2000 sales leads & domain contract
40k weekly tracked keyword ranking
API access
Custom branded report5 users logins

13. WooRank

WooRank is one of the best SEO tools for optimizing websites and improving online visibility.

Website owners may boost their search engine rankings and online presence with this comprehensive platform (SERPs).

WooRank Key Features

  • Website Reviews: Website structure, keywords, content, and more are reviewed in these SEO audits. Users may easily enhance their SEO by following the tool’s actionable advice.
  • Keyword Tracking: WooRank helps firms track their SERP rankings for specific keywords. This function delivers up-to-date keyword rankings for a website, allowing firms to track SEO performance and make adjustments.
  • Competitors: Users can identify competitors and modify websites to acquire an edge. The tool shows websites their competitors’ website structure, keywords, backlinks, and more, helping them learn from and improve.
  • Site Crawl: WooRank’s site crawl feature is designed to help users identify technical SEO issues that could affect their website’s ranking in search engine results. The tool comprehensively analyzes a website’s structure, content, and other factors that could impact its ranking.
  • API: WooRank’s API lets organizations incorporate website data into their systems and applications. This tool makes it easier for users to obtain and evaluate website data, enabling data-driven SEO decisions.

WooRank Pros

  • Detailed website reviews and actionable recommendations for improvement
  • Keyword tracking feature to monitor rankings and track the effectiveness of SEO efforts
  • Competitor analysis to understand the competition and gain an advantage
  • Site crawl feature to identify technical SEO issues and improve website ranking
  • API integration to access website data and make data-driven decisions

WooRank Cons

  • The tool can be overwhelming for businesses new to SEO
  • Since it uses automated algorithms, the program may not analyze all SEO criteria.
  • Some features require a subscription plan, which can be costly for small enterprises.

WooRank Pricing

Pro1 Project to optimize your website
Track 50 keywords
Analyze up to 2500 pages
Unlimited PDF Reports
PremiumOptimize up to 5 websites
Track 250 keywords
Analyze up to 10k pages
Unlimited white-label PDF reports
EnterpriseExtra Projects
Extra Keywords
Integrations with CRM, ERP, etc.
Team access and SSO Login
Contact Sales Team

14. BuzzStream

BuzzStream is a powerful relationship management tool to help teams build and manage online relationships.

It is one of the best SEO tools that help you organize and grow your digital PR and link building. This comprehensive platform helps businesses streamline outreach, track progress, and report results.

BuzzStream Key Features

  • Research: BuzzStream’s research tool helps companies reach the right people. You can use the tool to find influencers, bloggers, journalists, and other relevant contacts. You can customize outreach utilizing the tool’s contact information, including interests and social media accounts.
  • Email: BuzzStream’s email feature streamlines the organization’s outreach. The tool helps users send personalized emails and track and manage responses with various email templates and tools. You can also analyze email performance with the tool.
  • Manage: The tool centralizes contact information and records communications. This lets individuals quickly find the information they need and manage their relationships.
  • Report: BuzzStream’s report feature helps companies track and report results. The tool tracks open and response rates, contact reach, and influence for each outreach effort. This data can improve outreach and inform relationship management decisions.

BuzzStream Pros

  • Comprehensive research database to find the right contacts
  • Streamlined email outreach efforts with customizable templates and tracking
  • Centralized management of relationships with a detailed history of interactions
  • Detailed analytics and reporting on outreach performance and result

BuzzStream Cons

  • Setting up and maintaining the tool may take time and resources.
  • Due to manual data entry, the platform may not show all business relationships.

BuzzStream Pricing

StarterContact info discovery
Open, click, & reply tracking
Email templates, scheduling & reminders
Automated follow-ups
Publisher and influencer metrics
Twitter conversation tracking
Chrome extension
Email performance reports
Link monitoring (1,000 links)
Prospecting searches (30)
GrowthAll Starter Features Bulk email send
Team template sharing
Project performance reporting
Link reporting
Customizable permissions
Phone and email support
Ahrefs integration
Link monitoring (25,000 links)
Prospecting searches (250)
ProfessionalAll Growth features Team performance reporting
Unlimited report customization
Integration via web services API
Dedicated account manager
Link monitoring (100,000 links)
Prospecting searches (1,000)
CustomAll Professional features
Implementation plan
Onboarding for new team members

15. AnswerThePublic

AnswerThePublic is one of the best SEO tools for keyword research. It is designed to help website owners understand what questions people ask about a particular topic.

It is one of the best tools for SEO that helps users create engaging content by revealing people’s interests.

AnswerThePublic Key Features

  • Question Search: AnswerThePublic’s question search visualizes topic-related questions. The tool uses keyword data from search engines to identify and present people’s questions. This data can be used to write about people’s interests.
  • Prepositions: AnswerThePublic’s prepositions feature visualizes preposition-containing questions. This data can be used to answer questions and create relevant content.
  • Alphabets: AnswerThePublic’s alphabets feature visualizes letter-based questions. This data can help create content that answers people’s questions.
  • Comparison: AnswerThePublic’s comparison feature visualizes questions comparing two or more products or services. This data can help create content that answers people’s questions.
  • Related: The related feature on AnswerThePublic displays related questions. This information can help understand people’s questions and create content that meets their needs.

AnswerThePublic Pros

  • Provides valuable insights into the questions and topics people are interested in
  • Clear and easy-to-understand visual representation of data
  • Users can be used to create content that addresses the needs and interests of the target audience
  • Helps content creators understand their target audience and improve their content marketing efforts

AnswerThePublic Cons

  • The tool may not provide a complete picture of the questions and topics people are asking
  • The data is based on keyword data from search engines, which may not always be accurate or up-to-date
  • The data may not be relevant to websites in specific businesses or niches.

AnswerThePublic Pricing

Individual1UserKeyword search
Keyword search volume
Cost-per-click data
100 Searches per day
Searches listening alerts
Pro3UserKeyword search
Keyword search volume
Cost-per-click data
Unlimited Searches per day
Searches listening alerts
ExpertUnlimited Users
Keyword search
Keyword search volume
Cost-per-click data
Unlimited Searches per day
Searches listening alerts

16. GrowthBar

GrowthBar is one of the best tools for SEO, offering features that help to improve online presence.

This AI-powered platform provides a range of features, including AI writing tools and keyword research tools to improve the content and research their competition.

GrowthBar Key Features

  • AI Writing Tool: The AI-powered tool can write SEO-optimized content by suggesting headings, keywords, and more. This helps save time and improve content with this.
  • On-Page SEO Audit Tool: The tool examines technical SEO, content optimization, and more. This helps companies identify areas for improvement and optimize their website using data.
  • Blog Topic Generator: GrowthBar’s blog topic generator can generate creative blog post ideas. The tool suggests topics, keywords, and more based on the target industry and audience. This can save time and inspire new, relevant content.
  • Keyword Research Tool: GrowthBar’s keyword research tool helps to choose the right keywords. Users can target keywords based on keyword volume, competition, and more with the tool. This can boost search engine rankings and organic website traffic.
  • Competitor Research: GrowthBar’s competitor research tool helps users understand their competition. The tool provides website, traffic, and other competitor insights. This can help companies differentiate and stay ahead.

GrowthBar Pros

  • AI-powered writing tool for high-quality, SEO-optimized content
  • Comprehensive on-page SEO audit tool for website optimization
  • Blog topic generator for fresh and relevant content ideas
  • Keyword research tool for informed keyword targeting decisions
  • Competitor research tool for a better understanding of the competition

GrowthBar Cons

  • The AI writing tool may not produce content that is ideally suited to a business’s brand voice and tone
  • The tool may require a significant investment in time and resources to set up and use effectively
  • Due to manual data entry, the platform may not accurately reflect a website’s SEO and marketing performance.

GrowthBar Pricing

Standard25 AI content outlines, unlimited AI blog ideas and meta descriptions
500 AI paragraph generations
Unlimited keyword research
Track 25 keywords across 1 site
Pro100 AI content outlines
Unlimited AI blog ideas
Unlimited AI meta descriptions
2,000 AI paragraph generations
Track 1,000 keywords across 3 sites
Agency300 AI content outlines
Unlimited AI blog ideas
Unlimited AI meta descriptions
5,000 AI paragraph generations
Track 5,000 keywords across 25 sites

17. Advanced Web Ranking

Advanced Web Ranking is one of the best SEO tools designed to monitor and improve search engine rankings.

The platform’s rank tracking, SEO reporting, and competitor analysis make it a powerful tool for users to optimize their online presence.

Advanced Web Ranking Key Features

  • Rank Tracker: With the tool, users can track their rankings on Google, Bing, and Yahoo. You can quickly adjust SEO strategies and respond to rankings changes with the tool’s alerts.
  • SEO reporting: Advanced Web Ranking’s SEO reporting lets you track traffic, ranks, and backlinks. The tool gives companies valuable input for site improvements by emphasizing their strengths and weaknesses. The tool’s extensive reporting options enable quick changes and results.
  • Competitor analysis: Advanced Web Ranking’s SEO reporting helps companies track ranks, traffic, and backlinks. This reveals competition strengths and weaknesses for users to improve their sites. The tool’s extensive reporting allows quick tweaks and results.

Advanced Web Ranking Pros

  • Comprehensive rank tracking across multiple search engines
  • Detailed SEO reporting to understand website performance and visibility
  • Competitor analysis to stay ahead of the competition
  • Customizable and shareable reports for accessible communication of progress and results in

Advanced Web Ranking Cons

  • The tool may require a significant investment of time and resources to set up and maintain
  • Due to manual data entry, the platform may not accurately reflect a user’s search engine performance.

Advanced Web Ranking Pricing

Pro7,000 keywords
Unlimited Projects
Local & Mobile Rankings
Market Share
Keyword Intent and Difficulty
SERP Features
Competitor Insights
Dynamic Dashboards
Agency14,500 keywords
All Pro features
1-hour Updates
Looker Studio Connector
Local Keyword Search Volumes
White Label (custom domain)
Search Console data per country
Developer API
EnterpriseEverything in Agency
35,500 keywords
All Agency features
Unlimited history
Data Migration Assistance
CSV exports to FTP
Priority Support
Custom50,000 keywords
All Enterprise features
Custom billing quotes
Enterprise scaling
MSAs and SLAs
Security audits
Dedicated Account Manager

18. KWFinder

KWFinder is a keyword research and SEO tool designed to improve online visibility and search engine rankings.

KWFinder helps users optimize their online presence with keyword research, SERP analysis, rank tracking, backlink analysis, and SEO metrics & insights.

KWFinder Key Features

  • Keyword Research: KWFinder’s keyword research tool helps companies find the best SEO keywords and phrases. The tool provides keyword difficulty, search traffic, and trends to assist firms in choosing successful, popular, and manageable terms. The application generates keywords and relevant terms for your company.
  • SERP Analysis: Website owners can check their competitors’ rankings with KWFinder’s SERP analysis service. The tool shows top pages, backlinks, and content categories, helping users rank higher. Featuring snippets and Google Ads help websites stand out in search results.
  • Rank Tracking: Website owners may track keyword rankings with KWFinder’s rank-tracking service. Using the tool’s detailed rankings, it is easy to track content ranks across Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Users can tweak their SEO tactics and respond rapidly to rankings changes with the tool.
  • Backlink Analysis: KWFinder’s backlink analysis reveals who links to their website and which pages. The tool analyzes backlink quality and relevancy, helping users improve their link profile and search engine visibility. Website owners can track their backlink profile and broken links with the service.
  • SEO Metrics & Insights: This feature allows tracking search engine exposure and interaction using KWFinder’s SEO analytics & insights. Users can assess SEO results by viewing organic search traffic, bounce rates, and conversion rates. The program offers actionable information and suggestions for website optimization and search engine performance.

KWFinder Pros

  • Comprehensive keyword research to find the right keywords and phrases to target
  • SERP analysis to see how competitors are ranking for the same keywords
  • Rank tracking to monitor search engine rankings over time
  • Backlink analysis to see who is linking to your website and identify opportunities to improve your link profile
  • SEO metrics & insights to see how your website is performing in terms of search engine visibility and engagement

KWFinder Cons

  • Due to manual data entry, the tool may not accurately reflect a website’s search engine performance.
  • The tool may require a significant investment of time and resources to set up and maintain
  • The platform may be overwhelming for new users with limited resources

KWFinder Pricing

Basic100 Keyword lookups
200 Keyword suggestions
200 Keywords per import
25 Competitor keywords
100 SERP lookups
200 Tracked keywords daily
100,000 Backlink rows monthly
20 Site lookups
Premium500 Keyword lookups
Unlimited Keyword suggestions
700 Keywords per import
Unlimited Competitor keywords
500 SERP lookups
700 Tracked keywords daily
500,000 Backlink rows monthly
70 Site lookups
3 Extra seats included
Additional seats per month
Agency1200 Keyword lookups
Unlimited Keyword suggestions
700 Keywords per import
Unlimited Competitor keywords
1200 SERP lookups
1500 Tracked keywords daily
1,200,000 Backlink rows monthly
500 Site lookups
5 Extra seats included
Additional seats per month

19. Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is a popular WordPress plugin designed to help users optimize their websites for search engines.

The program improves search engine ranks through keyword optimization, meta description creation, and XML sitemap creation.

Yoast SEO Key Features

  • Keyword Optimization: Yoast SEO’s keyword optimization helps website and blog owners find the proper keywords. The tool helps users optimize content for search engines and humans by providing keyword density, meta descriptions, and readability data. Websites can optimize keywords and content with the tool’s suggestions.
  • Meta Description Creation: Yoast SEO’s meta description creation feature makes creating compelling meta descriptions for websites and blog posts easy. The tool offers clear, actionable meta-description improvements for length, readability, and relevance. This ensures that their meta descriptions accurately reflect their website content and entice users to click through.
  • XML Sitemap Creation: Website owners can easily create a comprehensive and well-organized sitemap with Yoast SEO’s XML sitemap creation feature. Thanks to the sitemap, search engines can easily index and understand a website’s content. This boosts their SEO.
  • Readability Analysis: Yoast SEO’s readability analysis helps create user-friendly, high-quality content. The tool analyzes content readability and offers suggestions for improving flow, structure, and tone. This creates SEO-friendly and user-friendly content.
  • Social Integration: Social integration is easy with Yoast SEO. The tool offers straightforward, actionable suggestions for improving social sharing, including meta descriptions and images. This boosts social media visibility and search engine rankings.

Yoast SEO Pros

  • Comprehensive keyword optimization to target the right keywords
  • Simple and effective meta description creation
  • Clear and well-organized XML sitemap creation
  • Detailed readability analysis to create high-quality content
  • Easy social integration to improve social sharing

Yoast SEO Cons

  • The tool may not provide a complete picture of a website’s search engine optimization, as it focuses on specific factors.
  • The platform may require a significant investment of time and resources to set up and maintain
  • The tool may be limited in its capabilities for users with complex or custom websites.

Yoast SEO Pricing

FreeEverything you need to start ranking in search engines
Automatically takes care of all your site’s technical SEO
Access to 5 free academy courses
With 13 million users, the most used SEO tool in the world
PremiumBe first to get new features & tools before everyone else
Optimize your site for the right keywords for your users
Avoid dead links on your site
Get previews for sharing on Twitter and Facebook
Content quality and link suggestions as you write
Now includes FULL access to Yoast SEO academy
Subscription5 powerful Yoast plugins
All online SEO training courses
Includes a full year of updates and 24/7 support
Save considerably with this bundle
best seo tools for business - comparewise

Best SEO tools conclusion

Overall, using the right tools for SEO can make a massive difference for your website and content. The best SEO tools will be the ones that meet your individual needs and help you with tasks such as keyword research, link building, and more.

In addition to these tools, it’s also important to remember that SEO success comes from creating great content that visitors find valuable. Combining both aspects of SEO – effective use of SEO tools and fresh content – will ensure you get maximum value out of your efforts.

Thanks for checking out the best SEO tools.

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FAQs about the best SEO tools

How do I choose the best SEO tools for my business?

Consider your budget, functionality, team expertise, and website compatibility when selecting the best SEO tools. It’s also essential to research different agencies and compare their features and pricing before deciding.

Are free SEO tools practical?

Free SEO tools can provide critical website performance insights but may lack the features and functionality needed for complete optimization. However, the best SEO tools are paid for with more advanced features and accuracy.

What is the cost of SEO tools?

SEO tools vary widely, with some free tools available and others costing hundreds of dollars per month. The cost will depend on the features and functionality you need. The best SEO tools offer various pricing options to cater to users with different levels of SEO needs.

How often should I use my SEO tool?

The frequency of use will depend on your goals and the needs of your website. Depending on your needs, you may use your SEO tool daily, weekly, or monthly. With the best SEO tools, you can track your website's progress.

What are the most important features to consider when choosing an SEO tool?

Key features of the best SEO tools include keyword research, rank tracking, site audit, backlink analysis, competitor analysis, content analysis, and integration.

Can SEO tools help with local search optimization?

Local SEO tools include keyword research and mapping your business location to relevant search engines and directories.

Can SEO tools help with mobile optimization?

The best SEO tools analyze your website's mobile friendliness and identify mobile usability issues.

Can SEO tools help improve website speed?

Some of the best SEO tools identify slow-loading pages, analyze website loading times, and make speed optimization recommendations.

Can SEO tools help with social media optimization?

The best SEO tools track social media mentions, analyze your presence, and measure social media's impact on website traffic and rankings.

Are there any industry-specific SEO tools?

The best SEO tools are designed for the e-commerce, travel, and healthcare industries. These tools provide industry-specific data and analysis to help businesses in these industries optimize their websites for better search engine visibility.

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