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Unlock the power of your customer data, try Campaigner for free - Claim this offer

Campaigner Overview

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Many companies utilize email marketing as a means to connect with an audience, cultivate customer loyalty, and expand their brand presence. In today’s market, there are many email marketing tools.

However, not all of them offer the necessary features and seamless integration to effectively attract new customers. But with Campaigner, you can simplify the process of creating and managing campaigns.

What is Campaigner?

Campaigner was originally designed as an email marketing tool. As time went by, they put more features into the platform. Thanks to its unique features with a wide array of customizable templates, it takes away the difficulties of creating marketing emails. 

It has a user drag-and-drop builder to help you effortlessly modify designed templates or even create your layout from scratch. Your emails would also look great on all types of gadgets, whether it’s on smartphones, tablets, and desktops. 

You can also easily create forms for embedding on your website to collect email addresses. You can put all fields and multilingual choices in these forms. Moreover, these forms sync all collected data with your dashboard.

This email marketing automation platform is truly an all-in-one solution, for businesses seeking an effective means of conducting email marketing campaigns.

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Campaigner features and pricing

Campaigner pricing is much better than others. The only downside is that it doesn’t have any free plans, unlike other competitors. However, you can use their 30-day free trial to get a taste of their premium plans.

Its prices depend on your number of subscribers, just like other email marketing services. What’s good is that all the plans it offers include helpful features. You get segmentation tools, email reports, a drag-and-drop editor, exclusion lists, custom footers, contact management, social media integration, and over 900 templates.

You can choose from three plans: Starter, Essential, and Advanced. You also have the option whether to pay monthly or annually. Of course, like any other payment option, you can save more by paying annually—up to 18%. 

Starter plan

You can subscribe to this plan with just $59 per month. It includes the features below:

  • A/B testing
  • 900+ templates
  • Social integration
  • Drag-and-drop editor
  • Landing pages
  • Recurring campaigns
  • Segmentation
  • Suppression lists

Essential plan

This plan costs $179 per month. Its features include:

  • All the features in the Starter plan
  • Exclusion list
  • Dynamic content

Advanced plan

Subscribing to this plan costs $649 per month. It includes the features below:

  • All the features in the Essential plan
  • Purchase behaviour
  • Static segment sampling
  • Automation workforce
  • Sales engineering
  • API access
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Pros and cons of Campaigner

This email marketing automation platform has a lot of features to offer. However, it has a few downsides for new customers trying it out. Hopefully, the following pros and cons can help you decide whether to use it or not.

Pros of Campaigner

Businesses with a large contact pool can get more benefits when using this email marketing automation platform. Below are some of its advantages.

Customizable features

Some of its customizable features are reports, experimentation, email automation, and reports. For instance, you can automate your responses, do some tests on your subject lines, and segment your contacts. This way, you can send a foolproof email that wins your target customers over.

Social media integration

You can embed your company’s social media feeds into your emails. By doing so, you can improve your engagement through a multi-channel marketing strategy.

Automated workflows

With this feature, you can know which area of your business needs it the most and dedicate your time and energy to it. You can also manage the exact emails sent to a specific group and at what time without having to monitor each stage.

Cons of Campaigner

Although this tool is your best friend for email marketing, it comes with a few disadvantages. Below are some of them.

Free trials require credit card information

If you want to use the 30-day free trial, you’ll need to provide your credit card information. Although you’ll only be charged if you agree to the plan after the trial, most email marketing services don’t require your credit card information for their free trials.

A lack of a free version

This tool is a paid marketing service. It doesn’t offer a free version, unlike other email marketing solutions.

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Overall, Campaigner is a helpful tool. However, certain businesses will benefit from it more than others. This email marketing solution is recommended for midsize to large businesses, with at least 5,000 email contacts. Make sure to use their 30-day free trial and see if this is the best email marketing software for your needs.

Service Areas

Alberta, British Columbia, Canada, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Northwest Territories, Nova Scotia, Nunavut, Online, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, Saskatchewan, Yukon


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Year in Business

Since 1995


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FAQs about Campaigner

How much does Campaigner cost?

Campaigner pricing depends on the plan you use. Here are the plans it has and how much they cost per month:

  • Starter plan – $59
  • Essential plan – $179
  • Advanced plan $649

Is Campaigner worth it?

It’s worth it if you have a midsize to large business, with at least 5,000 email contacts.

Who is Campaigner for?

This email marketing automation platform is for midsize to large businesses with a lot of email contacts. It’s also meant for those who are ready to integrate email marketing campaigns with their social media, as well as those who are looking for paid email marketing services.

Campaigner Products

Email Plan
Up to 5k contacts
Email Plan
Up to 25k contacts
Email Plan
Up to 100k contacts
Email Plan
Abandoned cart emails, Unlimited contacts

Campaigner Offices

Phone Number
+1 (888) 845-4544
Office Hours
Monday – Friday: 7am – 8pm
2 Gurdwara Road Ottawa ON K2E 1A2 Canada
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