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Get a free website and app for your restaurant with CloudWaitress - Claim this offer

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Get a free website and app for your restaurant with CloudWaitress - Claim this offer

CloudWaitress Overview

CloudWaitress is a revolutionary service for restaurant owners, offering an ordering system solution with websites and mobile apps. The CloudWaitress platform offers regular updates based on user feedback as well as a range of templates and add-ons to help you get started.

The CloudWaitress system allows customers at your restaurant to order for dine-in, pick-up, or delivery depending on what your restaurant offers. Customers can also get updates in real-time as their order is processed. CloudWaitress makes it easy for your restaurant to process orders too. When an order comes through, the system will print a receipt automatically so no orders get missed.

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CloudWaitress Features

CloudWaitress is an online ordering system for restaurants. It lets you create your own custom website with a branded app and includes a free SSL certificate for security. Customers can order and pay from the restaurant’s website or through the app.

CloudWaitress helps restaurants to organize and track reservations and deliveries. CloudWaitress is a platform for building your online restaurant businesses with one integrated solution. It allows restaurants to accept payments through Stripe, PayPal, POLi Pay, and more. By using the CloudWaitress platform your restaurant can have a cloud-based app that offers a great user experience and boosts your sales opportunities.

CloudWaitress also offers the ability to serve multiple locations, offer multiple currencies, and even languages with an easy-to-use REST API in JSON format. With no hidden fees, it’s perfect for small businesses on tight budgets. CloudWaitress came on the market to allow users to create a restaurant website in minutes.

CloudWaitress also goes above and beyond for their customer support. Their Google rating is 4.5 out of 5 stars. With their customer support ready to help and a free option to get started, it’s easy for restaurants to switch to CloudWaitress.

CloudWaitress also supports QR code and NFC ordering. Simply place your QR code at the tables in your restaurant so customers can order right away when they sit down. You can also put your QR code on flyers to pass around communities where you want more sales.

Another key benefit of the CloudWaitress platform is that things are automated for you. If there’s a wait time for customers to book a table or receive their delivery, the CloudWaitress system will generate it so customers know what to expect. Printing and emailing receipts are also automatically generated so you can work seamlessly with your app.

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CloudWaitress Promo Offer: Get a free website and app for your restaurant.

CloudWaitress offers three different pricing plans including Starter, which is free, Standard at $39/month, and Enterprise at +$249/month. There are other additional services available for you to browse on the CloudWaitress website.

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  • Software
  • Websites

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Since 2015






How does the Starter Plan with CloudWaitress work?

The Starter Plan is free, but it works just the same as the Standard Plan but, you are limited to 100 bookings and orders per month.

What payment methods can I use with CloudWaitress?

With CloudWaitress, you can accept payment through these major payment platforms:

  • Stripe
  • Paypal
  • CardConnect
  • POLi Pay
  • Bambora APAC
  • PayGate
  • iPay88


How does CloudWaitress work?

Once you are registered and signed in, you set up your website and menus. Once that is complete, you can spread the word about your website and start taking orders.

Are there any additional fees or contracts with CloudWaitress?

No, there are no additional fees or contracts with CloudWaitress.

Is a CloudWaitress account difficult to set up?

No, it will take you as little as 15 minutes to set up your account!

CloudWaitress Products

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For starters
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Per month
For small businesses
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For franchises

CloudWaitress Offices

Phone Number
+61 (466) 986-992
Office Hours
Monday - Saturday (9am - 5pm)
- - - - Australia
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January 14, 2022

Best value for money. Great features and customer support. Best part it you can suggest a feature and track progress of your suggested features in development if its in high demand. Easy to use and developed by pros who are best at taking care of minor details which is easy to miss by other players in Industry. I tried it for free when I was trying it out as well as when I was setting up my menu. Once I was completely satisfied then I started using it for my business. Pricing is very reasonable.

January 14, 2022

This is a product I highly recommend. The time difference ( Scotland) is not a barrier, in fact the opposite. You are dealt with personally and with care, on time and helpful. In total, it is a totally transparent product and will be a customer for life.

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