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Find debt relief with Consolidated Credit Canada and make your monthly payments affordable - Claim this offer

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Find debt relief with Consolidated Credit Canada and make your monthly payments affordable - Claim this offer

Consolidated Credit Canada Overview

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Consolidated Credit Canada is a program that helps Canadians in debt manage their finances and increase their credit score by making on-time payments. The initial interview with Consolidated Credit Canada is free, but if you choose to enroll in its debt management program, it will charge fees based on your budget and level of financial hardship. If you make timely payments, your credit score can go up.

Consolidated Credit Canada helps individuals pay off their debts faster and lower interest rates. It offers a debt management program that can help you pay back your loan in half the time, which will also reduce your monthly payments by 50%. If you fully commit to this plan, it reduces up to 90% of all accrued charges for 12 months.

Additionally, if there is an error on your credit report with CCC’s name listed as a creditor or debtor in question along with no payment made after the error, CCC will investigate the issue and correct it if it is found to be accurate.

Consolidated Credit Canada Features

Consolidated Credit Canada is a debt management program that offers lower payments by anywhere from 30% to 50%. If you follow their advice, you can reduce your monthly expenses and get out of debt quicker. and free evaluations. Through this, people are able to assess their budgeting and debt management strategies in order to be better prepared for future financial challenges.

Credit counselors ask for some basic information about the client’s financial situation in order to uncover the root cause of any problems they may have had. This can help them work with creditors to lower interests rates, fees, or nothing at all as well as make more informed decisions about the clients’ long-term financial goals.

Steps to take when you need advice on your personal finances:

  • Make a budget
  • Create a plan for debt repayment
  • Contact credit counseling services to get free help

Consolidated Credit Promo Offer: Reduce credit card payments up to 50%

Debt management programs allow you to reduce your credit card payments by up to 50% and lower the interest rates applied to your debt. This is achieved by lowering the amount of money owed on a monthly basis, eliminating negative credit report information, and paying off your balance in full within 36-60 months.

Consolidated Credit Canada’s debt management program helps you get out of debt faster by consolidating your credit card accounts and other unsecured debts into one monthly payment. With the help of a non-profit credit counseling agency, creditors are willing to work with you on an arrangement that includes a lower monthly payment with no interest or fees. This process is called Debt Consolidation Programs. Call 1 (844) 540-2170 to get started.

Credit Counsellor specializes in dealing with credit card debts but will also handle any unsecured debt for you. Debt relief programs are a way for Canadian residents to avoid insolvency or bankruptcy. These programs contain big benefits, including avoiding the high-interest rates associated with most debt relief options.

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Service Areas

Alberta, British Columbia, Canada, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Northwest Territories, Nova Scotia, Nunavut, Online, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, Saskatchewan, Yukon


  • Debt Consolidation

Year in Business

Since 1995





FAQs about Consolidated Credit Canada

Is Consolidated Credit Canada a loan company?

No, Consolidated Credit Canada is not a loan company, it offers counseling services and much more to help people get out of debt.

What is offered on Consolidated Credit Canada's website?

Consolidated Credit Canada has resources such as debt stories, how-to guides, calculators, educational videos, booklets, infographics, and much more!

What if Consolidated Credit Canada's resources don't answer all my questions?

If the resources provided by Consolidated Credit Canada aren’t fully helpful for you, you can directly contact a certified financial coach on their website by clicking “Ask The Expert!”.

Is Consolidated Credit Canada affiliated with any other programs?

Yes, Consolidated Credit Canada affiliates with the Toronto Board of Trade, OACCS, Member Markham Board of Trade, and many more.

How can Consolidated Credit Canada help me with my budgeting?

Consolidated Credit Canada provides free worksheets and financial planning. If all of your questions are not answered, you can contact one of their experts.

Consolidated Credit Canada Products

Credit Counseling
Credit Counseling
Debt & budget evaluation

Consolidated Credit Canada Offices

Phone Number
Office Hours
Monday - Saturday (9am - 5pm)
505 Consumers Road, Suite 400 Toronto Ontario M2J4V8 CA
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January 19, 2022

This service helped me to pay off big amount off debt .Without this service I would never be able to pay off .I’m so happy for this achievement .
Thank you soo much !

January 19, 2022

I was speaking with kierstein and he was an amazing help in explaining what would happen and what would need to be done to get everything started her worked very well with me and my girlfriend to make sure we had been takin care of to the absoulute best of his abilities and answered every question we could think of and told us to call if we ever had any other questions we needed answered aswell i am very impressed with the quality of service yiu guys have thank you so much

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