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Helping Canadians get out of credit card debt for years - Claim this offer

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Helping Canadians get out of credit card debt for years - Claim this offer

Consolidated Credit Overview

Consolidated Credit is a nonprofit credit counseling company that offers free confidential evaluations and practical training and resources to help you improve your finances. They also offer an easy way for consumers to manage their debt with their credit card consolidation program.

Consolidated Credit Solutions is a company that works with individuals who have debt problems to help them manage their unsecured debts. They offer an assessment of your debt and monthly budget review for a one-time account setup fee, which can be managed with the service through monthly payments.

Consolidated Credit is a way for clients to get debt relief by paying off their credit card bills at one time. It’s regulated by the government so fees are similar, though vary by state in which they live. The monthly fee varies depending on what a client can afford and how much debt they have to pay off.

Consolidated Credit Features

Consolidated Credit is a financial wellness program that helps people with debt relief and housing counseling. It offers multiple solutions for different situations, including a free one-on-one meeting with a credit counselor to review how you can achieve financial freedom.

Consolidated Credit offers a credit card that offers balance transfers, but it also has counseling options by Certified experts. It’s rated A+ with 8,500 reviews on Trustpilot and a 4.7/5 rating on Trustpilot.

Consolidated Credit Solutions is a nonprofit credit counseling company that offers resources and training to help clients improve their finances. They also work with individuals by helping them create monthly budgets, reviewing their debt, and checking their credit reports.

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Consolidated Credit Promo Offer: Get free debt advice

If you are struggling with debt, visit the website of Consolidated Credit Solutions in order to find out more about how they can help.

Housing Counseling

Consolidated Credit provides free counseling to those who need help with their mortgage. This includes first-time homebuyers, homeowners who want to refinance or modify a loan, and others. Counseling is available in person, over the phone, and online 24 hours per day at 1 (844) 540-2170.

If you are having difficulty paying your rent on time or facing foreclosure, the Housing Counseling Program can help. With this program, people who need assistance in housing issues can get free guidance from a HUD-approved counselor.

Financial Education

Consolidated Credit helps prevent debt and improve your financial future by providing free resources. They have a vast library of courses, videos, webinars, and more to help get you on track with your finances.

Financial education is a growing trend, especially with the rise of online learning. You can sign up for free monthly webinars or watch past webinars on-demand from Consolidated Credit‘s financial wellness program. Financial self-education also includes classroom education and one-on-one coaching with certified credit counselors to assist in your personal growth as an individual and success within life goals such as career development, debt management, budgeting skills training etc.

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Canada, Online, Ontario, Toronto


  • Debt Consolidation

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Since 1995





FAQs about Consolidated Credit

Is Consolidated Credit a loan company?

No, Consolidated Credit is not a loan company, it offers counseling services and much more to help people get out of debt.

What is offered on Consolidated Credit's website?

Consolidated Credit has resources such as debt stories, how-to guides, calculators, educational videos, booklets, infographics, and much more!

What if Consolidated Credit's resources don't answer all my questions?

If the resources provided by Consolidated Credit aren’t fully helpful for you, you can directly contact a certified financial coach on their website by clicking “Ask The Expert!”.

Is Consolidated Credit affiliated with any other programs?

Yes, Consolidated Credit affiliates with the Toronto Board of Trade, OACCS, Member Markham Board of Trade, and many more.

How can Consolidated Credit help me with my budgeting?

Consolidated Credit provides free worksheets and financial planning. If all of your questions are not answered, you can contact one of their experts.

Consolidated Credit Products

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Credit Counseling
Debt & budget evaluation

Consolidated Credit Offices

Phone Number
Office Hours
Monday - Saturday (9am - 5pm)
505 Consumers Road, Suite 400 Toronto Ontario M2J4V8 CA
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January 16, 2022

Everyone has been incredibly helpful and providing great information to me. Best decision I’ve made to get my financials back on track!

January 16, 2022

Everyone is great to talk with, and they offer actual solutions, not just a deeper hole to fall into!

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