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Get back unclaimed tax benefits at no up-front cost - Claim this offer

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Get back unclaimed tax benefits at no up-front cost - Claim this offer

Family Tax Recovery Overview

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Family Tax Recovery is a Toronto based private accounting firm that provides an opportunity for Canadians to uncover all their lost and unclaimed wealth. With Family Tax Recovery, they charge no up-front cost, and you can start claiming the benefits CRA owes you with an average refund of $3000.

Tax reviews are normally conducted by most accounting firms that can cost thousands of dollars with the possibility of not receiving a refund. However, Family Tax Recovery has a unique system in place that thoroughly looks at every tax detail over the last ten years.

As a result, they can discover tax refunds for most of their clients. The main benefit you can get from Family Tax Recovery is their thorough 10-year tax review without the need for a copy of your tax return, which is also free and carries no risk.

In comparison to most accountants, Family Tax Recovery digs deeper into the past with the purpose of finding every opportunity to ensure you get every tax benefit.

Family Tax Recovery Features

The second benefit you can access from Family Tax Recovery is their range of tax specialists who are expert in finding all available benefits for you and your family.

With special training and knowledge in advanced software, their team of professionals look at grants, tax law changes, errors with credit, spousal income and expenses that come from the family’s net benefit to ensure they get all the available benefits.

In addition to this, their professionals are highly regulated by the Canada Revenue Agency and follow strict confidentiality rules and guidelines to ensure credibility and safety of their services.

Promo Offer: Get a free consultation and claim all possible refunds.

The third benefit that comes with being a part of Family Tax Recovery is that their services don’t cost anything up-front. One of their purpose is to ensure that all Canadian taxpayers can have access to tax reviews.

The only way Family Tax Review can get paid is if you get paid first, this ranges from 33% on the first $25,000 that you get refunded and 10% on refunds that are much larger. However, if they end up not finding a refund for you, you won’t need to pay for anything.

In addition to this, they offer beneficial programs to: employers, unions, associations, financial advisors, service providers, government, charities and other groups. This program includes no cost to employers as well as employees (unless a refund is given).

Last but not the least, Family Tax Recovery has been known to achieve tax refunds for more than 60% of families that are working. The refunds they obtain ranger from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars which can help you and your family to get back financial stability.

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Service Areas

Brampton, Canada, Hamilton, Mississauga, Ontario, Ottawa, Toronto


  • Accounting
  • Tax

Year in Business

Since 2015





FAQs about Family Tax Recovery

What is Family Tax Recovery?

Family Tax Recovery is a Toronto based private accounting firm that provides an opportunity for Canadians to uncover all their lost and unclaimed wealth. They look at taxpayer’s returns for the last ten years to ensure they can claim what is rightfully yours.

Why should I use Family Tax Recovery?

There’s a lot of reasons why you should use Family Tax Recovery but some examples include:

  1. Access to a thorough 10-year tax review.
  2. Access to a range of tax specialists that are expert in finding all the available benefits.
  3. No up-front cost and risk with beneficial employers/employee programs.

How much does Family Tax Recovery cost?

Being a part of Family Tax Recovery does not have any up-front cost. Family Tax Recovery will only get paid if you get paid, for example on the first $25,000 that you get refunded they can receive around 33% of that.

How much refund can I expect from Family Tax Recovery?

In most circumstances, Tax Family Recovery will review your tax details for a week or two. If you end up being qualified for a refund, most of their tax refund ranges from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. You can then expect to get what you’ve claimed for from the CRA within 4-8 weeks.

Is Family Tax Recovery safe?

Family Tax Recovery takes extra precautions to ensure that your information is protected. When you submit your personal information online, this will be protected both online and offline. Additionally, the tax expert that is responsible for your file will be the only one to gain access.

Family Tax Recovery Products

Family Tax Recovery
Family Tax Recovery
10 Year Tax Review
Family Tax Recovery
Family Tax Recovery
Tax Specialists
Family Tax Recovery
Family Tax Recovery
Tax Refunds
10%-33% Of Your Refund

Family Tax Recovery Offices

Phone Number
+1 866-936-0924
Monday - Saturday (9am - 5pm)
16 Tycos Drive Suite 209 Toronto Ontario M6B 1W8 CA
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December 27, 2021

I really appreciate you Jose. You are Awesome. I was very much surprised that I had a refund owing to me. It’s nice to believe there is money for me, left in this world. I mostly wanted to personalize my thank you to family services for the benefits, so yeah, Thanks that’s awesome. Keep up the excellent and great service’s of family service’s and Stay Awesome and also Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year’s.

December 27, 2021

This came as a huge surprise to me I wasn’t expecting to be getting anything but I got my money today. This is an amazing feeling as per my little ones birthday is coming up and with everything going on today in the world and locks down this helps me so much with getting a head. Anyone wanting to apply this is a legit get the money that’s owed to you

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Family Tax Recovery Details
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    +1 866-936-0924
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    Monday - Saturday (9am - 5pm)
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    16 Tycos Drive Suite 209 Toronto Ontario M6B 1W8 CA
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Family Tax Recovery Reviews
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