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Convert 83% more of your visitors into buyers - Claim this offer

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Convert 83% more of your visitors into buyers - Claim this offer

Hello Bar Overview

Ever present on websites today are notification bars, popups, and other forms of advertisement that have become essential marketing tools for any online business. If you’re curious about how to integrate these marketing tools into your own website design, then Hello Bar is the application for you.

Hello Bar makes adding headers, footers, popups, and even full page takeovers to your website easily thanks to a set of simple and intuitive tools.

Hello Bar has pre-built integrations for all of your favorite web-design platforms (WordPress, Wix, Weebly, Squarespace, and more), allowing everyone to make use of their services without any complex coding knowledge or web design experience.

Hello Bar Features

Hello Bar provides a set of tools designed to turn visitors to your website into customers and increase their overall engagement with your website and the services or products you offer.

Through the use of headers, footers, and popups, you’ll be able to increase your website’s conversion rate and boost your sales or subscriptions. You also have access to features to reduce cart abandonment and increase your overall conversion rate.

If you’re curious as to what the term conversion rate means, that refers to the number of visitors to your website that proceeds to purchase services, subscriptions, or products. If your site has a low conversion rate, then services like Hello Bar are available to assist with increasing your sales, subscriptions, or other types of purchases.


With the tools provided by Hello Bar, increasing your website’s conversion rate is easy. All of Hello Bar’s plans include access to popups, which we are all familiar with.

Popups are advertisements that appear, or “pop up”, on part of the visitor’s screen and typically contain a call-to-action, such as an incentive to subscribe or purchase a product. The types of popups offered by Hello Bar include alerts, bars, modal, sliders, and full-page takeovers.

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Bars are typically a header, footer, or a combination of the two that scroll with site visitors, providing an ever-present call-to-action or promotion. Bars can help turn visitors into customers by making them aware of any promotions or sales offers you have, even if they navigate away from the main sales page.

You can also use these to make customers aware of offers without filling your home page with endless ads. Sliders are a type of popup that rotates through relevant content. These allow you to place multiple advertisements or notifications in one specific screen element.

These can increase engagement by acting as a visual stimulus, leading users to stay on the site longer to see the specific information they want. Hello Bar also gives you modals, alerts, and full-page takeovers, which are messages designed to promote engagement from your visitors.

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Since 2018


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FAQs about Hello Bar

Can I set my pop-up to appear at a certain time?

If you subscribe to one of Hello Bars paid plans, you’ll be able to set specific times and dates for your pop-ups to appear, which is great for time sensitive sales campaigns.

Does Hello Bar offer a free trial?

Currently Hello Bar does not seem to offer a free trial for their paid plans, though they do offer a free plan with some basic functions.

Does Hello Bar offer targeted advertising?

Yes. Hello Bar provides tools to allows users to create pop-ups that target based on location, date & time, and even the use of specific ad campaigns.

Does Hello Bar have additional fees?

Hello Bar does have a $5 cumulative overcharge if you exceed the view limit for your plan by certain increments.

How many popup views do you get on the free plan?

5,000. Once you’ve hit the limit you’ll need to upgrade to a paid plan to re-activate your popups for the month.

Hello Bar Products

hellobar 1 - Comparewise Partner Brand Logo - Left
5,000 pageviews
hellobar 1 - Comparewise Partner Brand Logo - Left
Per month
50,000 pageviews
hellobar 1 - Comparewise Partner Brand Logo - Left
Per month
150,000 pageviews
hellobar 1 - Comparewise Partner Brand Logo - Left
Per month
500,000 pageviews

Hello Bar Offices

(619) 354-9798
Mon - Sat 9:00 - 5:30 PST
750 B St San Diego CA 92103 US
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December 27, 2021

Non technical person here. Was able to create popups and modals with relative ease for my website. Works well and a cost-effective solution.

December 25, 2021

I’m impressed with Hellobar because of it targeting option. It let me drill down in to the right set of audience that I need to convert in to clients. With this incredible tool, it’s very easy to generate leads by informing my audience about a promotion.

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    750 B St San Diego CA 92103 US
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Hello Bar Reviews
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