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Shutterstock Overview

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Shutterstock is the sea for quality images, music, videos, and vector graphics, where you can find content of any sort.

With a Shutterstock subscription, you’d have access to free content/templates of your choice for any project, as well as editing tools to fine-tune it. This application is for both creators who provide these resources and users who need them for their use.

Shutterstock features

Shutterstock has a specialized tool on the app that helps users search through their numerous files of content faster. This filter tool assists with streamlining searches of over 430 million files in their database.

The app allows you to mark pictures as favourites, download them, or find similar content for easier reference.

Shutterstock users get to download pictures in batches with the least amount of subscription, which allows 10 pictures per month for $29.

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After you’ve subscribed to a billing plan on Shutterstock, it comes with an equivalent number of credits, which you’re expected to exhaust within the duration of your subscription.

At Shutterstock, you can subscribe to an individual plan if you’re working Solo. Then there’s an enterprise plan if you’re working as a team and need access to the long list of content accessible on the platform. This would, of course, aid in more improved and faster work delivery.

Inside Shutterstock, you can access various plugins and app integrations, including the AI generator. Since Shutterstock provides editorial content needed for documentaries and news articles, these plugins help in the editing of content, and they include WordPress, Adobe CC, API, and editing tools.

These tools keep you on the site and have you coming out with the best content.

Originally, the Shutterstock subscription allows you to pay for images, videos, or editorial content as they come, but with a flex subscription, it’s different.

Small and medium business owners do more with content creation, which means that you’d need a variety of content, so individual subscriptions of each would be a bit too high, so there is a need to go for a flex subscription.

Shutterstock welcomes contributors with high-quality content of high-quality to submit on the app. If you have excellent creative skills, Shutterstock permits you to go through the verification process, where an editor vets your photos/videos.

During this vetting process, you’re graded over 10 and will likely fail the verification process if four of your 10 pieces of content are rejected. Thankfully, you can try again after 30 days. As expected, Shutterstock pays contributors on their site per image downloaded, depending on the pricing value.

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Shutterstock services

Shutterstock provides content-related services for creators, organizations and individuals, which include:

  • Free Stock Images
  • Royalty-Free Images
  • Clip Arts
  • Background Images
  • Vectors and Illustrations
  • Unlimited Music Plans
  • Video Clips

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Service Areas

Alberta, British Columbia, Canada, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Northwest Territories, Nova Scotia, Nunavut, Online, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, Saskatchewan, Yukon


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Year in Business

Since 2003





FAQs about Shutterstock

How much does Shutterstock cost?

Pricing on Shutterstock is considered to be average, not too expensive and yet not cheap either. You can make a one-time purchase on Shutterstock, which costs $29 for 2 images. This is the lowest subscription rate on the app, but you can equally spend $29 for a monthly subscription of 10 images at 10 credits and a flexible billing method.

Is Shutterstock worth it?

Shutterstock is definitely worth it. You hardly get relatable content with high resolutions anywhere else like you would on Shutterstock. Since they’re the largest site with millions of quality images, though expensive, they will provide you with the best results. 

Who is Shutterstock for?

Shutterstock is made for content creators ranging from photographers, videographers, artists, graphic designers, and illustrators who need these resources to produce appealing content for their audience. Businesses and marketing agencies equally use Shutterstock to produce details and precise information about their brand’s offers and services.

How does Shutterstock support small and medium businesses?

Suppose you’re a small business owner with the intention of creating your brand content. In that case, a Shutterstock Flex subscription means that your monthly billing comes with a mix of photos, videos, music, and vectors rather than purchasing them separately.

How much does Shutterstock images pay?

You earn approximately $0.22 and above as a contributor on Shutterstock, which, of course, is dependent on the value of your content. Regardless, you can only access your earnings after you’ve made up to $35 through PayPal.

Shutterstock Products

Free Trial
Free Trial
Risk free access to
music and images.

Shutterstock Offices

Phone Number
+1 (866) 663-3954
Office Hours
350 5th Ave 21st Floor New York New York 10118 USA
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