Is Little Debbie Going out of Business?

Is Little Debbie Going out of Business?

The question, “Is Little Debbie going out of business?” is becoming popular in recent online searches. You might be worried about being able to get your favourite Little Debbie Christmas tree cake at the grocery store. Well, the truth is that this dessert and other snacks from the brand will no longer be sold in Canada.

Little Debbie is not going out of business. However, their products are no longer distributed in Canada or on all US military bases.

Also, the Swiss cake rolls of the brand are no longer available in European countries because they have been listed among banned foods. This means you can snack on any Little Debbie snack whenever you travel to other countries where they are sold.

This piece gives a comprehensive response to the question, “Is Little Debbie going out of business?” We’ll also include an overview of the brand and lots more.

Who owns Little Debbie?

Little Debbie was originally a cookie brand established in 1960 by OD. McKee. McKee named the company Debbie after one of his granddaughters when she was young. Debbie, who was only four at the time, is now a senior executive at the firm. She’s also part of the brand’s board of directors currently. 

Other grandchildren aren’t left out. The McKee food operations are run by Ruth McKee, among others. It is safe to say that the brand is a family business that has been passed from one generation to another.

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Why is Little Debbie going out of business?

It might look like the company is going out of business to Canadians and the residents at the US military base. However, the brand is just making adjustments and is not going out of business.

According to a report, Mike Gloekler, who is the brand’s spokesperson, stated that the reasons for this adjustment are as follows:

  • The growing cost of regulatory standards is becoming overwhelming for the brand to keep up with.
  • The company’s Canadian distributor terminated its business contract.
  • One of their snacks was on the list of banned foods in Europe.

This news hit everyone differently. According to Sergeant Jonathan Garcia, who is part of the US Air Force staff in Japan, the news was quite disappointing.

He stated that his department foots the bill for morale activities by selling Little Debbie snacks in their Sunshine Fund. Moreover, thanks to these snacks, the troops can get a taste of home.

Will Little Debbie snacks be available in Canada?

Sadly, Little Debbie snacks might not be available in Canada anymore. Any grocery store still selling your favourite cosmic brownies must have stocked them before the stoppage of distribution. Even this might be unlikely since the rumour “Is Little Debbie going out of business?” has existed since 2022.

However, you can take a trip to the southern border, as the company still distributes its products in the US. You can also purchase some creme pies from the brand online and have them delivered to your doorstep. After all, the world is becoming a global village.

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Little Debbie products

Are you wondering about the list of Little Debbie snacks that might be missing from the shelves of grocery stores in Canada? Here is a list of the products of the brand.


The brand’s list of brownies is as follows:

  • Cosmic brownies.
  • Mini brownies.
  • Turtle brownies.


The most popular of their cakes is the Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cake. Below is a list of the company’s cakes.

  • Christmas tree cakes
  • Birthday cakes
  • Unicorn cakes
  • Devil cremes
  • Chocolate cupcakes
  • Devil’s squares
  • Frosted fudge cakes
  • Fancy cakes
  • Swiss rolls
  • Strawberry shortcake rolls
  • Zebra cakes
  • Strawberry Swiss rolls
  • Zebra cake rolls


Are cookies your favourite? Here are McKee’s cookies that would become a little difficult to get in Canada.

  • Banana marshmallow pies
  • Raisin creme pies
  • Jelly creme pies
  • Fudge rounds
  • Oat creme pies
  • Chocolate chip crème pies
  • Starch crunch cosmic snack cookies
  • Snickerdoodle creme pies
  • Gingerbread cookies.


Here are Little Debbie’s donuts:

  • Fudge-round mini donuts
  • Glazed mini donuts
  • Strawberry shortcake mini donuts
  • Donut sticks
  • Powdered mini donuts
  • Zebra cake mini donuts

Mini muffins

  • Strawberry shortcake mini muffins
  • Blueberry mini muffins
  • Chocolate chip mini muffins
  • Birthday cake mini muffins
  • Honeybun mini muffins


  • Pecan spin wheels
  • Honey buns


  • Cherry pies
  • Apple pies

Snack bars

  • Peanut butter crunch bars
  • Fig bars
  • Nutty buddy wafer bars

Alternatives to Little Debbie snacks in Canada

The rumour “Is Little Debbie going out of business?” isn’t true. However, the products would no longer be distributed in Canada. Here are alternatives to the brand that you can consider:

Grupo Bimbo

This brand has been available in Canada for over a century, making it an excellent alternative to Little Debbie. Bimbo includes:

  • Cake
  • Pastries
  • Bread
  • Muffins
  • Beigels

Each of the above-listed products comes in different varieties.

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Lotus Bakeries

Lotus Bakeries is another alternative brand to Little Debbie. Unlike Bimbo, which is a Canadian brand, Lotus is based in North America, but its products are available in Canada. Some of their products include:

  • Cookies
  • Sandwich cookies
  • Chocolate cookie bars
  • Ice cream bars

Is Little Debbie going out of business conclusion

Rest assured that the answer to the question “Is Little Debbie going out of business?” is no. Rather, the brand is adjusting its distribution. While Canadians may miss these beloved treats, alternatives like Grupo Bimbo and Lotus Bakeries offer enticing options.

Though the Christmas tree cakes might be a distant memory in Canada. However, the world of snacking remains wide open. So, keep exploring and savouring those delectable goodies.

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FAQs about iIs Little Debbie going out of business

What is the brand name of Little Debbie?

The brand name of Little Debbie is "Little Debbie." However, it is a subsidiary of McKee Foods. OD. McKee founded it in 1960 and named it Debbie, his granddaughter. Offering a variety of delicious snacks, it has become a beloved household name in Canada.

Why the name 'Little Debbie'?

The four-year-old Debbie was adorable to OD. McKee, and he felt her attractive features would make a friendly face for the brand. Therefore, he birthed 'Little Debbie Snacks in the name of his granddaughter, which has remained a delight many decades later.

How old is Little Debbie Cake?

By the 23rd of August 2023, the brand "Little Debbie" will be 60 years old. Having served many households for years, it would have been a shock if the rumours about the brand's closure were true.


August 6, 2023
Fact Checked

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