Should I Buy A Car With A Rebuilt Title?

Should I Buy A Car With A Rebuilt Title?

When searching for a pre-used automobile, you may come across listings for cars with a “rebuilt title” that have been significantly discounted from their original prices. Low pricing often masks hidden problems, so it’s crucial to understand what a rebuilt title implies.

A vehicle with a rebuilt title may have had some issues in the past, but it’s not always a bad idea to buy it anyhow. However, you can reduce the likelihood of purchasing a dud by subjecting it to further inspection in exchange for a meager price tag.  As for the bad things, they all come from the fact that the deal isn’t certain.

You have no idea what actually happened, the rebuilding process, or how far the car will make it before it falls apart again.

Should I buy a car with a rebuilt title?

It’s risky to purchase a vehicle with a rebuilt title. It might end up being a fantastic deal if you’re ready to take a chance and everything goes according to plan. Or, you may spend more money than if you had purchased a vehicle with a clean title.

A rebuilt title indicates that an automobile has been repaired after receiving a salvage title. This could have been caused by a bad accident, a fire, a flood, or even a successful lemon law claim that led to the manufacturer buying the car.

Several states have their own titles for specific conditions, such as floods or lemons. However, one of the many distinctions that make it challenging for people to purchase used cars is that not all jurisdictions grant rebuilt titles.

Because of these differences, it is easier for salvage and other bad titles to be “washed,” or changed in a dishonest way, to hide a car’s troubled past from people who want to buy it.

But because different states have different rules, there is no way to know if a car with such a name is safe or reliable when it comes to rebuilding titles.

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What is a rebuilt title?

The majority of secondhand vehicles come with a “clean” title that guarantees the car is in good operational condition.

However, suppose a secondhand vehicle had been involved in a significant accident, undergone a manufacturer’s buyback due to a successful lemon lawsuit, or had its odometer rolled back. In that case, it may have a rebuilt title.

Most of the time, a rebuilt title means that the auto insurance company thought the car was a total loss.

When the same vehicle is later listed for sale with a “rebuilt” title, it has been repaired or rebuilt.

Before being driven on public roads again, the repaired vehicle may be subject to an inspection, depending on local regulations.

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Advantages of buying a vehicle with a rebuilt title

Here are some advantages of purchasing a vehicle with a rebuilt title:

1. The price is drastically reduced.

A car with a rebuilt title is much less expensive than the same model of car with a clean title.

2. The damage may be minor.

Numerous potential causes for a vehicle to be considered a total loss exist.

It might be okay if the rebuilt car is still in good shape but needs expensive new parts that the insurance company won’t pay for.

Still, it might not be worth the risk if it gets more serious damage, like a bent or broken frame.

Look up the VIN on the NICB site to find out why the car was rebuilt and what was done to rectify the damage. If you don’t know much about cars, you should hire a skilled technician to inspect them.

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Disadvantages of buying a vehicle with a rebuilt title

The following are some disadvantages of purchasing a vehicle with a rebuilt title:

1. Damage from the past can raise its ugly head later.

Even if you attempted to inspect the vehicle properly before closing the deal, automobiles are sophisticated devices, and problems might occur.

Resolving mechanical issues could cost you a large amount of money to fix.

Flooding can cause damage that might not be obvious immediately, but when metal corrodes, it can cause a lot of trouble.

Consumer Reports provides a checklist for identifying flood-damaged vehicles.

2. It may be more challenging to obtain insurance.

Your vehicle may be in pristine condition, but a rebuilt title may render it uninsurable to some insurance carriers.

An insurance company may sometimes refuse to sell you collision or comprehensive insurance, which covers damage to your car. However, they may sell you liability insurance, which covers damage you cause to other people or their property.

Almost all Canadian provinces require drivers to have liability insurance, but drivers don’t have to get collision or comprehensive insurance.

3. It can be difficult to sell.

If you no longer need the car or want to upgrade, having a rebuilt title on the car may make it harder to sell.

“Rebuilt title” versus “salvaged title”

It is difficult for a wrecked vehicle to be made operational enough to qualify for a rebuilt title. A salvage title is issued to a car after its insurance provider confirms that the vehicle is a total loss. The salvage title lets potential buyers know that the condition of the car makes it unsafe to drive on public roads. .

Typically, salvage automobiles are sold “as is,” expecting the buyer to either attempt to restore them or use their parts to fix other vehicles. If the first one is true, the new owner can ask the department of motor vehicles in their state for a rebuilt title once the repairs are done.

Some shady sellers might try to hide the fact that a car has been in an accident by shipping it to another state, making the necessary repairs, and then submitting an application for a new title in their name on the new form. This practice is commonly known as “title washing.”

In order to combat this type of fraud, the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) offers a free online service known as VINCheck. With this service, potential buyers can check a car’s vehicle identification number (VIN) to see if an insurance company has already reported it as a total loss.

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What you need to know about rebuilt titles before buying a car

You have finally stumbled upon the ideal secondhand car at a price you can afford. One caveat, though, is that the owner claims it’s a salvaged or rebuilt title vehicle.

The question on your mind is probably, “What does a rebuilt title mean?” Is it a stupid idea to have someone else work on your title? How much does the cost affect the resale value of a title car that has been fixed up?

You’ve come to the right site if you’re wondering what information you need to know before purchasing a vehicle with a rebuilt title. Read more about rebuildable vehicle titles and what you need to know.

Vehicles with rebuilt titles were originally taken for scrap.

But what exactly is a “rebuilt title” exactly? A rebuilt title means an insurance company declared the vehicle a total loss, but it was later repaired.

An automobile crash is the most likely explanation for a totaled vehicle, but there are other possibilities. All-loss vehicles could have been involved in an accident, a flood, a theft, a buyback, or a lemon lawsuit.

One way or another, the vehicle was wrecked and then repaired.

A low outlay is required to get started.

Most rebuilt title automobiles are cheaper than other secondhand cars since they were damaged at some point. In fact, repaired cars can save you as much as half their original price, according to some experts. Many buyers prefer to purchase vehicles with clean titles, which reduces the upfront outlay.

Conditions for obtaining a title vary by province.

Do some research on the rules in your state if you’re interested in purchasing an automobile with a rebuilt title. This is due to the fact that each state has its own set of title criteria; a “rebuilt title” car in Arizona may not meet the standards in New York.

Sellers in New York must disclose any known harm to prospective buyers. In Arizona, though, this isn’t anything that’s required by law.

A vehicle must pass inspection in most states for the “rebuilt title” to be issued. Nevertheless, this is not the situation in all of Canada’s provinces. If you want to avoid any unpleasant surprises after purchasing a car, having it inspected by a mechanic first is a good idea.

It is difficult to obtain new title insurance following a reconstruction.

Vehicles with a rebuilt title provide additional complications for insurance companies when being repaired. In Canada, over 89% of insurance companies will not cover a car with a rebuilt title.

Those auto insurers offering policies typically have few coverage choices, such as liability-only policies. Your insurance company may view your car as more of a liability on the road, which could increase your premiums.

It’s not easy to get a loan, either.

It’s possible you’ll need finance to ensure the safety of your restored title vehicle, despite the minimal initial expenditure. The process of obtaining financing is just as convoluted as acquiring insurance.

This is vital if you plan to apply for a financial institution loan. Most financial institutions will not approve you for a secured loan if you use a car with a rebuilt title as collateral. Possible alternatives to this type of funding should be considered.

You may find it very difficult to resell your rebuilt title vehicle.

Even if you put a lot of money into fixing the automobile or installing new parts, the market will be limited, and you’ll have to accept a lower price.

Long-term expenditures may be high.

Your first thought could be, “What exactly is a rebuilt title?” You now know what this means: the car was so badly damaged that it couldn’t be fixed, so it was salvaged instead.

Keeping this in mind, think about how much money you’ll spend on maintaining a rebuilt title car over time. In other cases, they have been fixed with fresh new components and are functioning better than ever.

Sometimes they work perfectly, but other times they barely function at all. That’s why pre-purchase checks of the vehicle and its components are so important! In other words, the long-term costs could be high.

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FAQs about Should I Buy a Car with a Rebuilt Title

Should I Buy A Car With A Rebuilt Title?

It all depends on your particular situation. On the one hand, a car with this title can be cheap. In some jurisdictions, rebuilding a car's title requires the vehicle to pass stringent safety and mechanical checks. Because it had a salvage title, the vehicle may not be worth as much as it otherwise would be. You may be able to save a lot of money thanks to this.

What Should I Look For When Buying A Vehicle With A Rebuilt Title?

It is recommended first to utilize Carfax or a similar service to investigate the vehicle's background and learn the reason for the salvage title. as harmless as an abandoned vehicle being the cause of a salvage title in some provinces like Ontario. Try to find out who fixed it and how well they did.. Check out their online reputation by reading customer reviews on Google, looking at their BBB rating, and seeing if any complaints have been filed with the consumer protection agency in your state. If you want to purchase a car with a rebuilt title, following these procedures will make the transaction go more smoothly.

Should I Avoid Buying A Car With A Rebuilt Title?

Generally speaking, we recommend that average vehicle buyers stay away from vehicles with rebuilt titles due to the fact that these vehicles have likely been in severe accidents in the past. It's unclear how well these vehicles were restored and with what grade of parts.

What’s Required To Have My Car Earn A Rebuilt Title?

The strictness of the regulations varies significantly between provinces. Get in touch with the motor vehicle office in your province to find out how to get a rebuilt title. In most cases, though, you'll need the following to get the title changed to "rebuilt" after repairs have been made.


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