How to Pass the Ontario Driving Test

How to Pass the Ontario Driving Test

You must first pass a driving test to get your license in Ontario. The Ontario driving test is divided into two parts: written and practical.

To pass the written part, you must get at least a certain score to move to the next stage. The practical part of the test is based on your ability to control the vehicle, understand road signs and obey the road rules.

The Ontario driving test is easier than it may seem. With a little bit of preparation, you will be able to pass it with ease. In this article, we’ll give you a step-by-step guide on how to pass the Ontario driving test.

What is an Ontario driving test all about?

The Ontario driving test is a test you must take to be a licensed driver in Ontario. You can write this test as long as you are 16 and above. To obtain a driver’s license in Ontario or anywhere else in Canada, a prospective motorist must pass both a knowledge exam and a road exam.

Only after completing both steps are they allowed to operate a vehicle unsupervised. But, in order to get a license that is completely free of restrictions, sometimes known as a “G” license, you will need to go through a few different processes first.

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What is a G license?

There are over ten different driving licenses available in the province of Ontario. Your ability to operate a certain kind of motor vehicle is denoted by the license you have. A G class license is required to operate a motor vehicle of any size, including a car, a van, or a light truck.

A G class license is intended to provide novice drivers with enough opportunity to practice their driving skills and develop expertise behind the wheel throughout a period.

You have up to five years to complete the whole procedure of the G license when you start it.

Before receiving a full G license, you must complete the G1 and G2 learning levels and pass the associated road exams. If, after the allotted five years, you have yet to obtain your full G license, you will be required to begin the process all over again.

how to pass ontario driving test - comparewise

What are G1 licence and G1 exit test all about?

In order to get your driver’s license in Ontario, the first thing you need to do is get your G1 license.

To be eligible, you must fulfil the following requirements: be at least 16 years old, pass a vision test, and pass a multiple-choice written test. The written test will ask you questions regarding the rules of the road and the signs on the road.

The official driver’s handbook is used to generate all of the questions on the G1 exam. Please go through the manual in its entirety and get familiar with the material contained therein.

Study everything carefully until you are confident that you have a solid understanding of the rules and regulations.

Months after acquiring the G1 license, you can now prepare for the G1 exit road test, which is commonly referred to as the G2 road test.

The purpose of the G2 road test is to evaluate your fundamental driving abilities. The whole exercise takes place on local streets; no testing is done on the 400-series highways.

Throughout the test, the examiner will have you do many fundamental driving tasks, such as:

  • Starting and stopping the car
  • Reversing the car
  • Keeping to posted speed limits and stopping distances
  • Driving in passing lanes and around other cars
  • Obeying traffic rules

If you pass this test successfully, you get the G2 license.

What are the G2 license and G driving test?

After completing the G1 road exit test, you will be issued a G2 license. You have a period to practice with your G2 license. Unless you’re under 19, getting a G2 license will allow you greater freedom behind the wheel, such as driving alone and without time limits.

After a certain period, the license expires, and you have to take the G2 exit test, also known as the G driving test. The G driving test covers the same ground as the G2 road test but additionally contains questions about more advanced techniques, such as highway driving.

These tests typically take between 20 and 30 minutes to complete, and new drivers must hold their G2 license for 8 to 12 months before taking the G test.

New to the G driving test are procedures of merging into a 400-series highway at an appropriate speed, overtaking other cars, changing lanes, and leaving the motorway. You’ll be eligible for a full G license if you pass this test.

Tips on how to pass the Ontario driving test

1. Read through the driver’s manual.

Ensure you give yourself plenty of time to review the manual and take it all in. Study the various traffic signs as well as the regulations of the road.

2. Participate in mock examinations.

Practice makes perfect. When preparing to write a test, participate in several mock examinations to answer as many different question types as feasible.

3. Get in touch with a driving school and schedule a lesson.

Refreshing your driving knowledge and abilities is always a brilliant idea. Arrange for at least two extra lessons with your private tutor. You may review the exam and ensure you have what it takes to do well.

4. Take your time to read the questions

This is particularly exceptional when writing the G1 exit test. Avoid rushing through the questions when you see them.

Instead, relax and take your time to go through the questions before answering. Before handing in your work, make sure you go through your answers again.

5. Ensure you have the necessary experience for highway driving.

A substantial component of the driving test is dedicated to highway driving. Drive on the highway often enough. Know the rules of the road and how to follow the signs before you hit the highway.

6. Rest up well

Ensure you receive a full night’s rest the night before the event. If this is your first time taking a driving exam, feeling anxious about the process is normal, but you should try to remain calm throughout.

On the day of the G driving test, you should steer clear of activities that are likely to tire you out or cause you to be anxious.

How to book an Ontario driving test

If you do not possess one, you can get a driver’s license in Ontario. To do this, make sure you qualify to apply for a license, and after confirming you may proceed with the procedures below.

Firstly, you need to take your written driver’s license exam. You may schedule it at a DriveTest Centre by making an online appointment. This appointment comes with a cost called the G1 licencing package.

This fee covers the cost of taking the written knowledge exam, the first road test (which upgrades your license from a G1 to a G2), and your license for the next five years.

If you reserve your appointment online, you may pay the price in advance; otherwise, payment is required at each DriveTest Centre.

At the time of your appointment, you will be expected to provide an original copy of a document that verifies your age, date of birth, and signature.

You will also have your eyes examined and be asked questions about your health so that it may be determined whether or not you are fit to drive.

 Afterward, you will need to take a written examination. After passing the exam, you will be given a G1 license indicating you are a beginner driver.

How to Pass the Ontario Driving Test - comparewise

Things to expect when writing an Ontario G1 Exit Road test and G road test

In order to be successful on the G1 Exit Road exam, you will need to demonstrate both fundamental and intermediate levels of driving expertise. The following factors will be taken into consideration while determining test scores:

  • If you used your seat belt properly
  • How you use your hand brake
  • Familiarity with road signs and signals, particularly traffic lights
  • Keeping within the speed restrictions that have been posted
  • Doing a thorough examination of your rearview mirrors and blind areas
  • Utilizing turn signals
  • How you stop the car in case of an emergency
  • Forward and reverse parking

Your G Class Driving Test will need more advanced driving knowledge, which builds upon your basic and intermediate driving abilities. In order to be successful in the exam, you need to be able to:

  • Drive safely on the highway while observing the posted speed limits, switching lanes, and securely entering/departing the highway.
  • Maintain a car lane while driving
  • Stop safely on the side of the road in case of an emergency.
  • Carry out inspections in the blind spot
  • Reverse, park, and perform three-point turns.

Thanks for checking out how to pass the Ontario driving test.

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FAQs about how to pass the Ontario driving test

How to reschedule your driving test in Ontario

In Ontario, you may reschedule or cancel your G2 or G test appointment in person, over the phone, or online. The main point is to contact your Drivetest centre about your intentions.

What happens when I fail my G1 exit test?

In their first attempt, many new drivers fail the G1 written test. To avoid this, stay away from anything that might make you apprehensive or tired on the day of the test since this could negatively impact your performance. You are required to repeat the examination within the calendar year if you did not get a passing score on your first attempt. Doing it within the year means you will only retake the areas you did not pass. But if you delay it for over a year, you must retake the complete examination.

Can I use my car for the driving test in Ontario?

Yes, you can use your car during the evaluation. Both the Ministry of Transportation Ontario (MTO) and Driving Test locations do not provide vehicles for rent. So if you don't have a car, you can borrow one from a friend, family member, or driving school. The car ought to be risk-free and completely functional.


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