Vanilla Prepaid Card Review (July, 2024) – Pros, Cons, Features & Benefits

The Vanilla Prepaid Card Review will contain lots of information about this functional card. Using the Vanilla Prepaid Card is an ideal way to manage your money and avoid unnecessary interest.

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Last Updated: Jul 04, 2024

Vanilla Prepaid Card

  • Manage your card online
  • Easy to refill over and over
  • Low user fees

Can be used wherever Visa debit cards are accepted - Claim this offer

If you are into online business and need a cost-free way to engage in digital transactions, getting a Vanilla prepaid card is the way to go.

We will discuss why the Vanilla Prepaid Card is a good option, the pros and cons of the Vanilla Prepaid Card, the products offered by the Vanilla Card, and other alternatives you can use in its place.

What makes the Vanilla Prepaid Card a good option?

This Vanilla Prepaid Card Review section will discuss why everyone should get one of these options. The factors that make the Vanilla Prepaid Card an ideal digital solution are:

No Expiration

It bothers many people when their credits expire in no time. But if you don’t want to be caught unaware of the expiration date of your card, then getting one of the Vanilla Prepaid cards is the solution.

It doesn’t require a PIN.

The Vanilla Prepaid Card doesn’t require you to have a 4-digit PIN like most cards. This makes it a good option for children and teens. While it can be unsafe, with proper safekeeping, you have nothing to be afraid of.

Easy Online Shopping

Online shoppers in Canada will find these premium digital credit cards useful. It performs online functions like traditional credit cards and comes with everything you need to shop online.

All you need to do is insert your card’s details, and your transactions will be complete. However, note that there is a 2.5% surcharge on all international transaction fees.

Free to Use

This card is technically free to use for everyone. Unlike traditional credit cards that cost a fee, you can activate this card without paying a dime.

But note that some merchants might charge for each use of the card. Also, international transactions might be charged; therefore, it might not be ideal to shop abroad.

Easy Access

Because the Vanilla Prepaid Card is a prepaid card, there are no problems getting it. You don’t have to pass through rigorous credit checks or any monetary requirements before you can access it.

You just pay for the card, and the amount paid is transferred to the prepaid card balance. A good example is that if you want a $50 prepaid vanilla MasterCard, you will get it for $50.

The pros and cons of the Vanilla Prepaid Card

This Vanilla Prepaid Card review section will deal with the benefits and drawbacks of using this prepaid card. Here we will be looking at what owners of these prepaid cards will enjoy and some problems they will face.

Vanilla Prepaid Card Review - comparewise

The pros of the Vanilla Prepaid Card

Limited Spending

The Vanilla Prepaid Cards are a good choice if you want to work with a budget. These cards ensure you don’t overspend, which is great for those who want to grow their wealth.

Credit card addiction is on the rise, with many Canadians running into thousands of dollars in debt. With the Vanilla Prepaid Cards, you avoid debt because you only get to spend what you load on the card.

Makes Travelling Convenient.

Having access to the Vanilla Prepaid Card benefits frequent travellers. This is because you don’t need to hold physical cash; all you need to do is load your card before travelling.

Using most Canadian credit and debit cards, a raid can attract higher fees, but with prepaid cards, this isn’t the case. The Vanilla Prepaid Card, for example, charges around 1–1.5% on all foreign transactions

Peace of Mind

The Vanilla Prepaid Card is a great way to have peace of mind when transacting online. Unlike traditional credit cards, when your Vanilla credit card is stolen, you can easily transfer the money out of your account.

 Build Your Credit

People who don’t qualify for credit cards because of a bad or low credit ratio can use the Vanilla Prepaid Card to build their credit.

Having a positive credit score is crucial, especially when you regularly deal with lenders or financial institutions in Canada. If you want to access a large loan from your bank, you will need a great credit rating.

The cons of the Vanilla Prepaid Card

High Activation Fee

While accessing the Vanilla Prepaid Card is free, activating the card to work costs between C$4 and C$8. This might put off many people who aren’t ready to part with some money but only want to use the card.

Not Accepted Everywhere

The Vanilla Prepaid Card is not accepted in all malls, gas stations, and supermarkets. Some e-commerce shops decline these cards for reasons best known to them. It’s best to contact the store where you want to spend it ahead of time.

Maximum Daily Load

The Vanilla Prepaid Card comes with a limit when it comes to spending. This implies that you can’t reload it once you reach the C$500 daily limit.

The Card can’t be used in ABMs or POS Centres.

You can’t use the Vanilla Prepaid card at other bank ABMs or withdraw at point-of-sale centres. This can be frustrating for those who need cards they can withdraw from anywhere they go offline.

You can’t transfer Balances to other Prepaid Cards.

The Vanilla Prepaid Card doesn’t allow users to transfer the balance to other cards. People with several traditional and prepaid cards might find this hard to cope with.

Vanilla Prepaid Card products and services

This Vanilla prepaid card review section will talk about all the products offered by Vanilla. The Vanilla Prepaid Card offers two main products: the Vanilla Prepaid Visa Card and the Vanilla Prepaid Mastercard Card.

The Vanilla Prepaid Visa card

The Vanilla Prepaid Visa review talks about the top products from the brand. Many online stores accept this Visa card, and it has a very low rate. If you want the Vanilla Prepaid Visa Card, here are some you could get:

One Vanilla Card

After carrying out a detailed vanilla prepaid card review, I found it to be a top Vanilla product. This is one of the best prepaid Visa cards from Vanilla, and many Canadian retailers accept it. It is redeemable at all stores where Visa, Amex, and Mastercard are accepted.

This is a prepaid card that requires some form of paperwork. You can use it to pay for gas, do online shopping, and pay bills.

Vanilla Reloads

This is a vanilla prepaid Visa card that can purchase goods up to C$ 500 with a deduction of C$ 3.95 each. Some values you can load onto this card include Milo and NetSpend.

One unique advantage of this vanilla reload is that some stores you buy it at will let you earn some points. However, there are some limits on how much you can load onto this card (C$ 5, 000) monthly.

My Vanilla Prepaid Visa Card

This is one of the best products you can get from Vanilla. The Myvanilla credit card doesn’t require any fees but charges C$0.50 every time the card is used.

The Vanilla Prepaid Mastercard Card

This is a vanilla credit card that can be used in many locations in Canada and the USA. It is a convenient payment method for those who don’t want to use traditional credit cards in Canada.

The Vanilla Prepaid Mastercard review talks about how it offers users easy accessibility and flexibility. You can use it for online purchases, reservations, and in-store shopping.

Also, you can easily load funds into your card from anywhere. If you have a bad credit rating, then this is the best option for you. It comes with excellent security features that help guard your funds. You will also enjoy Mastercard Zero Liability Protection, which means you can’t be held liable for any authorized use.

The Vanilla Prepaid Mastercard is available in different fixed denominations:

  • Vanilla Mastercard: C$25.00
  • Vanilla Mastercard: C$50.00
  • Vanilla Mastercard: C$100.00
  • Vanilla Mastercard: C$200.00
How to Activate a Vanilla Prepaid Card - comparewise

Vanilla Prepaid Card product and service quality

The Vanilla Prepaid Cards are one of the most accessible gift cards you can use. These cards are issued by People’s Trust to ensure that customers can make use of prepaid cards without the problems associated with traditional credit cards.

Moreover, the unavailability of monthly fees attracts people who regularly use cards for online transactions. The traditional cards issued by banks often charge a standard monthly fee for all transactions. But with a vanilla prepaid card, you use only what you load.

Furthermore, the customer support offered by Vanilla is second to none. If your card is missing or has any technical issues, there is no reason to fret.

Your funds are secured; you just need to contact customer service for the transfer of funds to another card. The prompt attention given to Vanilla Card users makes it one of the most appealing virtual cards to use today.

Also, with the bureaucracy that exists when applying for cards from other financial institutions, having this prepaid card is ideal. Even when you have bad credit or no credit, you still get your prepaid card for free.

The quickness with which this card can be purchased is something to be proud of. Once you have an Internet-enabled device, you can get your virtual card within 5 minutes. While Vanilla collects customers’ information, they have a highly encrypted server where all customer data is kept.

How to Check Vanilla Card Balance in Canada - comparewise

How to get started on a Vanilla Prepaid Card

This Vanilla Prepaid Card Review section will discuss two things: how to activate the prepaid card and how to use it. Here are some explanations about how to get started on the Vanilla Prepaid Card.

How to Activate a Vanilla Prepaid Card

  • You should visit the Vanilla Prepaid Card website.
  • Sign up using your username and password. For first-timers, you can select “Account Setup” to create one
  • Input your 16-card number and the 3-digit pin required.
  • You should then create a new 4-digit PIN.
  • Press the “Activate” Copy

How to Use the Vanilla Prepaid Card

After activating the Vanilla Prepaid Card, using it for online transactions is easy. Here are some steps to follow:

  • Check the balance in your wallet.
  • Insert your Vanilla Card information in the payment section.
  • Insert your card number, expiration date, and CVV number.
  • Proceed to checkout to complete the transactions.

Vanilla Prepaid Card alternatives

This Vanilla Prepaid Card review section will talk about alternatives to this card. There are some excellent vanilla prepaid card alternatives to the Vanilla Prepaid card, and they will be examined in this section.

KOHO Prepaid Card vs. Vanilla Prepaid Card

The Koho prepaid Mastercard is a capable alternative to the Vanilla Card. In Canada, they are one of the most reputable cards that are used to buy goods online.

This Vanilla Prepaid Card alternative doesn’t need much paperwork, and you can get both their virtual and physical cards.

Both the KOHO and Vanilla Prepaid Cards are top options for those who want a card they can carry everywhere. They both also have MasterCard and Visa cards. But when it comes to interest on transactions, Koho offers more incentives; however, the Vanilla Prepaid Card offers better access.

Neo Secured Credit vs. Vanilla Prepaid Card

The Neo Secured Credit is an ideal option for those who love reward systems. There is a high-earning reward plan that allows you to manage your spending.

The Neo Bundle offers zero fees, which is a unique benefit. Moreover, Neo Financial offers a large welcome bonus when compared with Vanilla.

Both cards are perfect for those who want a simple way to shop online. Also, activating both cards doesn’t require much documentation.

When it comes to cash-back awards, the Neo Cards are better with incentives; however, the Vanilla Prepaid Card has better customer service and more coverage in Canada.

Vanilla Prepaid Card review conclusion

My Vanilla Prepaid Card Review has talked about what this prepaid card can offer Canadians and why they should get one today. The world is moving digitally, and people who want an easy way to transact online should make use of the prepaid cards offered by Vanilla.

You should also take note of the data collection policy of Vanilla and other alternatives you could consider when it comes to using prepaid cards online.

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FAQs about our Vanilla Prepaid Card review

How do I check the balance on my Vanilla Gift Card in Canada?

You can check your balance of vanilla fight cards when you contact customer support via email or mobile phone. You will be asked for your personal information before you are seen.

How do I check my balance on my Vanilla Prepaid Card?

You can check MyVanilla's prepaid card balance by signing into your account. Once you are in your account, your balance, extra fun, and direct deposits can be seen.

Where can I use the Vanilla Gift Card in Canada?

The Vanilla Gift Card Canada can be used in-store or online. It is a nice way to support small and medium businesses in Canada.

How do I use Vanilla Prepaid Visa online in Canada?

To use Vanilla Prepaid Visa Online Canada, you need to enter your card details, expiration date, and CVV code. Also, ensure you put your name and billing address correctly.

Do Vanilla Gift Cards expire?

No, the vanilla gift cards don't expire, so you can use them as long as you want. This is because they are preloaded cards that have many functionalities.


Vanilla Prepaid Card

September 20, 2023
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