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Get 1% cash back on your spending for no annual fee - Claim this offer

Caary Business Mastercard Overview

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The Caary Business Mastercard is a handy credit card tailored for your business. The credit card is powered by People’s Trust Company and Mastercard and offers both virtual and physical cards.

The credit card is connected to your business’s bank account and can be managed from the management dashboard.

The Caary Business Mastercard is a good option with a zero annual fee if you make several business-related payments. You or your business don’t have to bear liability while using the card, and there’s no credit check.

It also provides you with 1.5% cash back on your transactions. Applying for the card requires a government-issued ID, corporation details, and more.

Applying for this Mastercard does not have any impact on your credit. Furthermore, the credit card allows you to streamline payments to your suppliers. We’ll review the Caary Business Mastercard to help you decide if the card service is right for your business.

Caary Business Mastercard features

The following are some of the incredible features that make this one of the best Mastercards available:

  • The credit card is valid and can be used in ABMs and various points of sale (POS) both in Canada and abroad.
  • You can apply for as many credit cards as you like. Hence, you could get more cards for your employees, and you can set a spending limit on those cards. You can also lock the cards or remove them from the dashboard.
  • You can download an app that displays activity for all linked credit cards. This is useful when you get more credit cards for your employees.
  • The credit card comes with a cash-back rate of 1.5 percent
  • The application process does not involve a credit check.

Caary Business Mastercard pros

caary business mastercard - comparewise

No Annual Fees or Fees on Foreign Exchange

This credit card does not come with any yearly fees on your account. It doesn’t also come with any charges or fees for international transactions – for purchases beyond Canada’s boundaries.

Zero Fraud Liability

The Caary Business Mastercard is a credit card that does not charge you any fees for issues of theft or fraud. So, if an unauthorized purchase is made using your card, you won’t have to bear the responsibility. The same goes for when fraudulent transactions are made using the card.

Expenses Management

One of the objectives of this Mastercard is to give you more control over your employees’ spending. You can provide credit cards to each team member and set a limit on the card. That way, you can control their expenses and see what they spend on.

Caary Business Mastercard cons

Eligibility & Premium Offer

You must have a minimum of $35,000 in your business bank account before applying for the Caary Business Mastercard. Furthermore, the premium offers on the credit card are not as many as those on other credit cards.

Caary Business Mastercard fees

With zero annual fees or charges for foreign or international transactions, this credit card benefits businesses of all sizes. And the card is safe to use because no personal or business liability is attached.

Alternative credit card options

Float Visa Credit Card

The Float Visa Credit Card is powered by Float Financial. Like the Caary Business Mastercard, it is designed to help small businesses control their spending and teach financial management. You can also set a spending limit on the cards, perfect for streamlining corporate expenditures.

How to Open the account for a credit card (step-by-step guide)

To own a Caary Business Mastercard, you need to have a separate bank account for your business. And that bank account must have a balance of at least $35,000. Then, follow these step-by-step guidelines to get the Caary Business Mastercard:

  • Head over to the Caary website
  • You will see a button on the navigation bar that says, “Apply now.” Click on that button, and you will be redirected to a page where you can fill out a form.
  • Once you’re done filling out the form, click “Submit.” After that, you wait for your application to be approved.

Note that you must have a few details ready when applying for this Mastercard. They include your bank account sign-in details, a government-issued ID, and the personal information of the significant owners of your business. You must also provide details like your business and incorporation numbers.

Caary Business Mastercard conclusion

The Caary Business Mastercard is a credit card designed to aid you in your business operations. It allows you to get unlimited credit cards for your employees and influence their spending habits. And since you can easily see the details of your employees’ expenditures, it saves you time on bookkeeping.

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FAQs about the Caary Business Mastercard

How much does a Caary Business Card cost?

Nothing. The Caary Business Card doesn’t cost anything. There are no yearly fees or fees for foreign exchange. You’ll only be liable for what you spend at a reasonable rate.

Does the Caary Business Mastercard work internationally?

Yes. The Caary Business Mastercard works within Canada's borders and in other countries. It is valid and accepted at all major ABMs and points of sale (POS) for payment purposes.

Who is the founder of Caary?

The founders of Caary are Jason Sawyer and his co-founder Steve Apostolopoulos. The goal of creating Caary is to enable access to capital and save time in the process.

Caary Business Mastercard Details

Network Provider
Card Type
Annual Fee
Credit Needed
Poor (300 - 559)

Caary Business Mastercard Offices

Open 24 hours
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Caary Business Mastercard Card Details
  • Min. Credit :
    Poor (300 - 559)
  • Card Type : Business
  • Providers : Caary
  • Network Provider : Mastercard
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