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Earn up to 2% in crypto rewards with no monthly or annual fee - Claim this offer

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Earn up to 2% in crypto rewards with no monthly or annual fee - Claim this offer

Nexo Overview

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The Nexo Card stands out from the rest, allowing you to keep your crypto instead of selling it. It works by using your digital assets as collateral and spending their fiat value at millions of merchants worldwide.

Depending on your Loyalty tier, you can earn up to 2% in NEXO or up to 0.5% in BTC.

The Loyalty tier includes:

  • Platinum – 2% in NEXO Tokens or 0.5% in BTC
  • Gold – 1% in NEXO Tokens or 0.3% in BTC
  • Silver – 0.7% in NEXO Tokens or 0.2% in BTC
  • Base – 0.5% in NEXO Tokens or 0.1% in BTC

Having more NEXO tokens means more crypto rewards you can earn. Your monthly rewards cap also increases depending on your Loyalty tier.

  • Platinum: $200 monthly cap on crypto rewards
  • Gold: $150 monthly cap on crypto rewards
  • Silver: $100 monthly cap on crypto rewards
  • Base: $50 monthly cap on crypto rewards

The credit line rates start from 0% APR and no minimum monthly repayments. Since the card is linked to Nexo’s Instant Crypto Credit Lines, all your spending is automatically subtracted from your existing credit line while keeping your portfolio intact.

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You can retain ownership of your assets as it can use one or more assets as collateral, giving you the option to use the 90% value of your crypto without having to sell it.

Compared to traditional credit cards having 17.9% – 34.9% APR, the Nexo Card’s APR starts from 0% and never exceeds 13.9%.

The Nexo Card has security features that you can manage in real time these include the option to freeze your card when you lose it, change of PIN and monitor transactions with notifications.





Card type

Credit Card

Crypto rewards

  • Receive up to 0.5% in crypto rewards when earning in Bitcoin.
  • Get up to 2% back if you change your reward type to NEXO.

Travel rewards

Use the Nexo Card on your next travel and earn rewards. The card is accepted by over 90 million merchants worldwide.

  • Save up to $20,000 per month on foreign transaction fees (no FX fees).
  • Receive up to 10 free ATM withdrawals every month.
  • Get a monthly withdrawal limit of up to $10,000.

Borrow features

  • Borrow funds from 0% APR and never exceeding 13.9% APR.

Cost and fees

  • $0 monthly, annual or inactivity fees.
  • No minimum monthly repayments.

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FAQs about the
Nexo Card

What Is The Nexo Card?

The Nexo Card belongs in the Instant Crypto Credit Lines so that you can make everyday transactions without selling your digital assets, such as crypto. By providing Nexo with your crypto as security for repayment, they offer you a fiat you can spend.

What Crypto Rewards Will I Get With My Nexo Card?

Depending on your Loyalty tier, here are the rewards you could get:

  • Platinum: 2% in NEXO Tokens or 0.5% in BTC and $200 monthly cap on crypto rewards.
  • Gold: 1% in NEXO Tokens or 0.3% in BTC and a $150 monthly cap on crypto rewards.
  • Silver: 0.7% in NEXO Tokens or 0.2% in BTC and $100 monthly cap on crypto rewards.
  • Base: 0.5% in NEXO Tokens or 0.1% in BTC and $50 monthly cap on crypto rewards.

What Are The Fees For The Nexo Card?

The Nexo Card has no monthly or annual fees. Depending on your loyalty tier, you can also benefit from up to $20,000 in free foreign transactions. However, you will be charged a small 0.5% fee on foreign transactions until your limit resets if you exceed your currency exchange limit. Once you reach your free withdrawals, you will also be charged $1.99 per additional withdrawal until your monthly limit resets again.

Who Can Get The Nexo Card?

Only European Economic Area (EEA) citizens can order a Nexo Card. To get accepted, you must meet the requirements:

  • For a virtual card: maintain a Portfolio Balance of at least $50.
  • For a physical card: maintain a Portfolio Balance of at least $500 and a Gold or Platinum Loyalty tier.

General Terms

View the complete Nexo Card Terms and Conditions.

Nexo Details

Network Provider
Card Type
Rewards Type
Annual Fee
Credit Needed
Fair (560 - 659)

Nexo Offices

Phone Number
Monday - Friday: 9:00 am - 5:00pm
Grafenaustrasse 15 Zug Switzerland 6300 CH
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Nexo Card Details
  • Min. Credit :
    Fair (560 - 659)
  • Card Type : Crypto
  • Reward Type : Specialty
  • Providers : Nexo
  • Network Provider : Mastercard
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