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Mogo Credit Score

Mogo Credit Score
Credit Report
Credit Score
  • Track credit anytime, anywhere
  • Earn rewards for improving score
  • Get notified every month
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Credit Report
Credit Score
  • Track credit anytime, anywhere
  • Tips and recommendations
  • Find best financial products
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Credit Verify

Credit Verify
Credit Report
7-day trial
  • Monthly $25 value reward
  • Error corrections and disputes
  • Real-time credit simulator - credit reports - comparewise


Credit Report
Credit Score
  • Credit & budget Analysis
  • Beginner recommendations
  • Credit & banking insights
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Credit Report
Credit Score
  • Credit & debt analysis
  • $50,000 ID theft insurance
  • Inform you of identity fraud

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Credit Reports

Best Credit Reports in Canada

Businesses and consumers alike can benefit from a credit report. There are several credit bureaus dedicated to their clients and provide accurate and helpful credit reports. A credit report is used to determine a credit score. Canada operates around credit scores that can range from 300 to 900 points, the more points the better the credit score. A credit score is consulted for credit card applications when renting or buying a home or acquiring loans. A good or poor credit report can determine the future of businesses and consumers.

It is important to go through a safe and accredited source when obtaining a credit report. A credit report requires personal information to obtain, and the contents of a credit report are personal as well. It would be easy to become a victim of identity theft if not careful. Each credit report company offers something a little different and some options can be a bit pricey. Be aware of fees and make sure they can be comfortably paid. Borrowell, Experian, Equifax, TransUnion, and MyMarble are 5 great places to obtain a credit report and monitor spending behaviors. 


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Mogo Credit Score

Effortlessly track your credit score without impacting it and earn rewards for improving your score.

It’s never been easier to understand the factors that impact your credit score. With the Mogo Canadian credit scorecard, you’ll see where you need to focus for maximum benefit, from calculating the interest of a loan repayment over time to understanding how late payments affect your credit score.

Generally, the higher your score, the more likely you are to qualify for low-interest rates on loans and other financial services. It’ll also help you build wealth faster by qualifying for better mortgage rates and terms.

But if a lender won’t give you what you want, don’t worry. The Mogo card will always be there to help you build your credit score and keep it on the right track toward financial freedom.

Sign up for the Mogo card today and you’ll get a free credit score monitor. Activate it to see how your credit is doing every month, then track your progress on improving it over time.

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Mogo’s monthly money moves will help you pay down debt more quickly while saving you money along the way. Along with Mogo’s money class, they’ll show you how to control your spending and build wealth faster.

Mogo credit score monitoring and money moves will help you make the right financial moves. They give you pro tips to improve your score, which could save you big bucks on the interest.

Sign up for a Mogo account and get your free credit score monitor every month for three months when you activate your Mogo card. With the ability to monitor, control and improve on all aspects of your creditworthiness, Mogo can help you build wealth faster than ever before.

Mogo ProductsProduct Overview
Mogo Credit ScoreSee your monthly Equifax credit score for 90 days free
Mogo CardMogo Visa* Platinum Prepaid Card offers more control than a debit card and more rewards than a credit card.
Mogo LoanWith loans up to $35K, we have a wide range of options for you, whether your credit background is awesome or meh.
Mogo BitcoinEarn up to 20% more than with a bitcoin fund by investing directly in bitcoin with no annual fees using Mogo’s trusted and secure platform.
Mogo MiniBorrow up to $3,500, pay only about 13 cents a day in interest per $100 borrowed.
Mogo MortgageA simple and smart mortgage experience that motivates you to get mortgage-free faster. Earn bitcoin cashback when you take a MogoMortgage.


borrowell credit reports - comparewise

Borrowell Credit Reports

Borrowell is truly dedicated to their customers and helping them have the best possible financial future.

The proud Canadian company, Borrowell, strives to help people make decisions about credit that will better their future. They are proud to be the first Canadian company that offers credit scores and reports for free. They are partnered with Equifax to be able to provide this service to their consumers. 

Borrowell created Molly, an AI-powered coach for good credit habits. She will share tips and knowledge to help educate people about finances and help them improve their credit. Along with this helpful AI, the cofounders of Borrowell have assembled an amazing team of individuals that also help millions of consumers better their financial futures.  

borrowell track your bills and credit score weekly for free comparewise - Comparewise

Customers love Borrowell for 4 reasons. First, they offer security with 256-bit encryption making it bank-level safe. Second, personalized financial products actually help improve financial decision-making. Third, Borrowell offers tips on how to improve credit scores and educates consumers about being financially literate. Finally, checking a credit score with Borrowell does no hurt the credit score. 

Signing up for a free Equifax credit report takes only 3 minutes to complete. Once signed up the credit report is updated every week still free of charge. Borrowell also compares products across about 50 different partner companies to help their customer get the exact help that is right for them and their credit profile. 

Borrowell has acquired an impressive number of 5-star reviews. Customers report excellent service and amazing help with debt control. Others enjoy how easy the site is to use and value the feedback the AI has to give. Borrowell is truly dedicated to their customers and helping them have the best possible financial future. 


marble credit reports - comparewise

MyMarble Credit Reports

MyMarble uses technology computed solutions to help their clients join the mainstream credit life faster.

MyMarble is different from the credit bureaus. They have only been in operation since 2016. Despite being a newer company, they are still serving thousands of Canadians. MyMarble uses technology computed solutions to help their clients join the mainstream credit life faster. They are a company of forward-thinking, experts of technology and they want to help Canadian’s gain long-term credit health. 

They have achieved a 4.5-star google rating and have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. MyMarble promises their clients will see positive results in their credit reports within 30 to 45 days. Using MyMarble to improve credit can help a client gain better interest rates for their loans and credit cards. For $29.99 a month a client can accelerate their credit. 

Apr 22 2021 marble financial 728x90 comparewise - Comparewise

MyMarble breaks down a client’s spending habits and determines if the client has more fixed or flexible expenses. MyMarble also helps their clients keep track of their debts in one place. After analyzing a client’s spending habits MyMarble will provide a corrective plan to guide the client to a more successful financial future. With the help of an AI, this plan is personalized and helps their clients reach their goals faster. 

MyMarble offers 4 different packages to their clients. The free option is best for clients who are just curious and enquiring about changing their financial foundation. The free package will provide the customer with a credit score, a budget analysis, and insights about the client’s credit and banking habits. The free version also offers a financial literacy course and recommendations for beginners. 

FreemiumYou’re just curious and looking to build the foundations of financial fitness.

> Credit Score
> Budget Analysis
> Credit & Banking Insights
> Financial Literacy Courses
> Beginner Recommendations
$Free/ month
BasicYou’re ready to achieve your financial goals and really get your finances in order.

> Credit Score
> Credit Score History
> Budget Analysis
> Credit & Banking Insights
> Financial Literacy Courses
> Financial Health Report
> Beginner Recommendations
> Intermediate Recommendations
ProYou’re wanting a lil’ extra juice to
reach your financial goals.

> Credit Score
> Credit Score History
> Budget Analysis
> Credit & Banking Insights
> Financial Literacy Courses
> Financial Health Report
> Beginner Recommendations
> Intermediate Recommendations
> Advanced Recommendations
PremiumYou want to thrive in financial fitness to reach your goals in the fastest way possible.

> Credit Score
> Credit Score History
> Budget Analysis
> Credit & Banking Insights
> Financial Literacy Courses
> Financial Health Report
> Beginner Recommendations
> Intermediate Recommendations
> Advanced Recommendations

For a 6-month membership, a customer will pay a fee of $50.95. This package is great for customers who are ready to get their financial life in order and are ready to commit to their goals. This package offers everything the free version includes and also provides the client with a detailed financial health report and credit history. This package also offers recommendations for intermediate clients. 

The next option is a 6-month membership for $101.95. This package offers everything from the previous packages and includes a budget simulator and advanced client recommendations. This package is a great option for those who have a good start on their financial goals and are ready for the next step. 

The final package is a 6-month membership for $152.95. This package includes everything from the previous packages and includes master client recommendations and a credit summary. This package also includes a target score simulator to provide additional guidance to a great credit score. Another perk with this package is the use of the point deduction technology and tracking for credit errors and omissions to improve the overall credit score of the client. 

MyMarble is a great company to work with. MyMarble’s AI and personalized plans are a good investment to clients who are serious about changing their financial futures.

Credit Verify

credit verify powered by transunion - comparewise

Credit Verify Credit Reports

Credit Verify offers its monthly premium members more features than any other competing service.

Credit scores, reports, analytics, and calculators are all the makings of a solid credit score management platform. Credit Verify’s Credit Score Simulator is available to those who sign up for Credit Verify’s premium plan or higher.

They use TransUnion to provide credit monitoring so access to your TransUnion FICO score for free. This will come in handy when you check your credit score anytime. The Credit Score Simulator allows you to see how changes to your financing affect your score before making them in real life.

When it comes time for you to make decisions about your credit, the tool will tell you what effect certain actions may have on your ability to get a loan or credit card.

A simulator can be helpful in that it allows you to find out the impact certain choices might have on your score. It does not, however, give you specific scores for any of your credit reports. A “score” is not an actual number and therefore cannot be determined using a mathematical equation. It is a theoretical number that would represent your credit score if the proper information were applied.

This kind of calculator provides you with an idea of how changes to different aspects of your financial life can affect your credit score, based on formulas developed by FICO. Again, it is not giving you a specific score itself. It simply helps to estimate what might happen based on the information you give it.

One thing that separates a simulator from a score predictor is that with a simulator, you’re actually seeing what effects certain actions will have on your credit score. With a score predictor, you are only getting your potential score – nothing more.

Credit management is essential and the Credit Score Simulator works to make the process as easy as possible. If you are looking to better your credit score, this tool will help diagnose problem areas and determine the best course of action for improvement.

It offers some great features for personal use and has a price tag that is easily affordable by anybody. Plus, there’s the added bonus that you can even use it for free if you sign up for a Credit Verify subscription.

If you’re looking to build or maintain your credit, this is one tool that can really help with the process. Soon enough, you could wonder how you ever lived without it!


transunion credit reports - comparewise

TransUnion Credit Reports

TransUnion works with creditors to gather and display credit information in a way the average consumer can understand.

TransUnion has been around for decades. TransUnion was created to be a parent company by the Union Tank Car Company back in 1968. This started as a rail car leasing operation and then evolved into a reputable data collection company. They operate in 33 different countries. In 1989 TransUnion Canada formed in Toronto where they are still providing their local community with the best service they can. 

TransUnion does not create the data found in a credit report they simply collect it. TransUnion acts as an impartial third party which allows them to help their clients without any bias. They work with creditors to gather and display credit information in a way the average consumer can understand. 

Some of the information TransUnion gathers are names and aliases of their clients, any current and previous addresses, Social Insurance Numbers, telephone numbers, date of birth, and all employers. They display this information in chronological order for the clients to reference. 

Credit history will also be provided to the client. This keeps track of all payment activities to banks, financial companies, mortgages, and credit cards. They gather public records such as court judgments and any bankruptcies filed. They also gather information from collection agencies to record the client’s debts. They even gather information on closed bank accounts and any bank information that may have been misused. All of the information is gathered in one location and can save a client a lot of time and money. All of this gathered information can help a client assess their financial situation and learn how to better it. 

It only costs a client $19.95 a month for a TransUnion credit score and credit report. This membership can be canceled at any time. Along with the information gathered members will also have unlimited access to their credit score and reports without negatively impacting them. Members are also sent an alert if there is any abnormal activity to help prevent fraud. A personalized credit and debt analysis are given to every member to assist them in future financial decisions. Members will also have access to $50,000 in identity theft insurance. The TransUnion package is one of the best ones out there. 

TransUnion Business Credit Reports

TransUnion also helps businesses assemble their credit reports as well. They have filed over 20 million credit reports for Canadian clients. The reports are easy to read and organized in a way a business can quickly reference. TransUnion provides as comprehensive a report for businesses as they do for personal members. They gather phone numbers, file summaries, and all tradeline payment patterns for a business. 

They also provide articles and stay up to date on financial events to help navigate a business through the financial world. They offer a number of products to help a business stay informed and in control of their finances. 

They offer portfolio management to help a business monitor their potential risk and advise how to handle the risks. They also offer analytics and consulting options to businesses to help them make better decisions for their companies. They also offer data breach services to protect businesses against fraudulent activity and data breaches. These are only three of the amazing resources available to businesses through TransUnion. TransUnion is dedicated to their personal and business clients alike and strives to see them be as successful as possible. 


experian credit reports - comparewise

Experian Credit Reports

Experian offers credit reports to consumers and businesses for free.

Experian has been helping clients, and economies reach their financial potential for more than 125 years. They help larger businesses with data, technology, and protection against identity fraud. They help small businesses make informed decisions about their finances. Experian also helps the average consumer take financial control in their lives. Experian strives to empower their clients and give them what they need to confidently make financial decisions in the future. 

Experian offers credit reports to consumers and businesses for free. A credit report is a compiled file filled with financial information about one person. Lenders use this report to determine someone’s creditworthiness. This creditworthiness is most commonly referred to as a credit score. Experian allows their clients to monitor their credit. The information held in a credit report is constantly being updated with new information or deleting others. Experian updates the credit report every month. 

Credit monitoring is important for a few reasons. If a client is familiar with their credit report abnormalities are more easily spotted. This can help catch identity fraud sooner. Credit monitoring is also a great way to eliminate surprises when applying for loans or other credit opportunities. 

Experian also provides an Experian Dispute Center where clients can report any inaccuracies they spot within their credit report. Experian will assist the customer with the inaccuracies and protecting their identity. 

Experian also provides easier ways for clients to build their credit. When a customer adds a positive payment to their Experian credit file, they get credit. Experian is a great tool for businesses looking for help with debt control. 

Experian works closely with small businesses to help them make informed decisions and be successful. Experian will help a small business determine the creditworthiness of individuals they are doing business with. They also help small businesses collect unpaid accounts and prioritize their files. Experian wants to see small businesses be successful and they provide all the rights tools to do so.  

Experian Special Offer

For a one-time cost of $39.99 Experian also provides a compiled credit report across 3 different credit bureaus. Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion are 3 of the most prominent credit bureaus, and each credit report is a little bit different. Experian provides a way for clients to compare their reports from all three companies. 

Within these reports, clients can compare their personal information and accounts as they are reported to these bureaus. They can evaluate the accumulated credit usage and debt summaries. Clients can see all hard credit inquiries against them and review payment history. This combined report also allows clients to review the length of their credit history and any items that are negatively impacting their credit score. Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion are reported differently, and being able to see all 3 reports in one place is very convenient. 

Customer service representatives are available 7 days a week. They are said to be helpful and friendly to work with. Experian is dedicated to helping their clients, both personal and business, achieve their financial potential. 


equifax credit reports - comparewise

Equifax Credit Reports

Equifax is an advocate for financial literacy and economic advancement, their educational resources support that goal.

Equifax is another credit bureau that provides thorough credit reports for its clients. Equifax strives to provide economically healthy communities and it shows in their dedication to their client relationship. They help the average client become financially independent and they help small businesses increase their capital. They have products specifically for young adults who are entering college and they provide the educational information for them to become financially literate.  

Equifax holds itself to a high standard. They believe how they act at the core of their business is determined by how well they deliver on their promise to help their clients achieve their financial potential. They want to see everyone they help live their best life. They approach this goal by keeping up with their communities and making sure their business and operational impact remains a positive one. 

Equifax offers a program called Equifax Complete Premier. This package costs $19.95 a month, it includes credit monitoring, identity protection, and can be canceled at any time. This package is beneficial to Equifax clients in 4 different ways. 

First, the Equifax Complete Premier will send alerts to the client if there are any major changes to their credit report. Second, it allows clients to check their credit score daily without impacting the score. Third, Equifax offers a Dedicated ID Restoration Specialist that can help a client recover after being a victim of identity theft. Finally, Equifax Complete Premier comes with up to $50,000 of ID theft insurance.  

Along with these 4 great benefits, Equifax will also alert their clients if their personal information is found on potentially fraudulent websites. Also, should a client lose their wallet, Equifax will help them cancel and reissue any of the cards or IDs that were lost. This is just another way Equifax shows their clients they care. 

Equifax also provides educational articles and resources. Equifax is an advocate for financial literacy and economic advancement, their educational resources support that goal. 

Equifax Business Credit Reports

Equifax also assembles credit reports for businesses as well. The information included in a business credit report is a little different than for a personal credit report. A business credit report includes the company name, contact details, and how many years they have been registered as a business. 

The Equifax business credit reports will also provide the company with a predictive risk score. This score outlines the business’s health over a 12-month period. Knowing this can help a business make informed financial decisions with less risk of failure. 

Equifax also provides a business with data about financial and industry trade. This data includes credit payments and financial history. It also includes any line of credit information and tracks any outstanding debts the business may have. Knowing this information is valuable to a business because it allows them to make informed financial decisions which again decreases their risk of failure. 

The Equifax business credit reports will also keep track of any property the business owns that is being used as collateral. It keeps a record of the legal, lien, and collection details of the property. This part of the credit report also shows any history of bankruptcy and bank reports for the business. This is a great way for a business to keep track of its important dealings. 

A business credit report is gathered from a variety of resources. Banks, industry groups, collection agencies, and corporate registries are a few of the resources used to gather this information. Equifax goes through all of this data thoroughly and meaningfully to best help a business reach its financial best. 

What are Credit Reports?

A credit report is when the bureaus or companies above compile information about a person’s credit history, analyze financial habits and generate a 3-digit credit score. This determined score is then used by lenders to determine a client’s creditworthiness and decide if they can take the risk of approving the loan. 

Canadian citizens are entitled to one free credit report a year from either Equifax or TransUnion, called a consumer disclosure. Borrowell is another Canadian company that can provide a free credit score at any time. 

The credit reports determine the types of credit scores the client gets. 

What are the Types of Credit Reports?

There are excellent, good, fair or average, below average, and poor credit reports. These types of credit reports determine the 3-digit credit score given between 300 and 900. 

An excellent credit report correlates with a credit score between 741 and 900. Canadians that have acquired this score have amazing credit. They have made all their payments on time and in full. Clients with an excellent credit score enjoy fast approval for credit cards and loans. They also enjoy the benefits of high credit limits and premium credit card benefits. This is the best credit score possible. 

A good credit report correlates with a 690 to 740 credit score. These credit reports show financial responsibility. Client’s that have obtained a good credit score enjoy the benefits of low-interest rates and can qualify for top-tiered cash back credit cards. They can also experience a rapid acceptance of loans and other credit opportunities. 

A fair credit report correlates with a credit score of 660 to 689. These credit reports show an average amount of late or partial payments to more than one financial lender. Clients with this credit score will experience slower acceptance of loans and credit cards, moderate interest rates, and moderate limits for a line of credit. 

A below-average credit report correlates with a credit score of 575 to 659. These credit reports show financial immaturity and irresponsibility. Clients with this credit rating will face high interest rates and small limits for lines of credit. They will have a harder time acquiring cash back credit cards. 

The lowest credit score is 300 to 574, this is a poor credit report. This shows little to no credit history, defaulted loans, combined debts, and possibly bankruptcy. A bankruptcy stays on a credit report for 7 years. Those who have this credit score will rarely be approved for standard loans and credit cards. This score can be improved by repaying debts more responsibly and working with bureaus to acquire better financial habits.  

How to choose what credit report is right for you

When looking through the credit bureaus and companies above there are a few things to consider when choosing the right one. For personal consumer use, it is important to be aware of any fees included in obtaining the credit report. Having a credit report should not be a financial burden. Clients should also have goals in mind while choosing the company and make sure their goals are similar. Take advantage of free options and identity theft insurance when possible. 

For businesses looking for credit reports and assistance with financial decisions, there are more things to consider. Finding a company that also includes portfolio management is great for businesses looking to view their financial risks and improve their profitability. Businesses should also consider fraud solutions. It is always a good choice to make sure businesses and consumers are protected. 

Customer engagement solutions are another great thing for businesses to look for. This is when a bureau will help improve repeat customers and attract new customers through credit education. Analytics and consulting resources are beneficial for financial decision-making. Risk management benefits and data breach services can mean the difference between a successful company and a compromised one. There are many products and options for businesses to assess financial risks and make responsible informed decisions to better their future. 


Credit reports are beneficial to businesses and the average consumer. There are 5 great companies to obtain a detailed credit report from. Each company offers something a little different. 

Borrowell is a proudly Canadian company, and they are dedicated to helping consumers make responsible financial decisions to better their future. They are proud to be the first company to offer free credit scores and reports. They partner with Equifax to provide a detailed report. Borrowell is loved because it is safe and easy to use, and the reports and guides are personalized to the client. 

Experian has been helping companies for 125 years. They offer credit reports and credit monitoring for free. Experian also offers a dispute center when clients can report inaccuracies in their reports and suspected identity theft to get back on track. They also work closely with small businesses to help them make informed financial decisions and be more successful. Experian also offers a one-time fee special offer for clients looking for more financial guidance. 

Equifax promises financially healthy communities and loyalty in its client relationships. They want to see individuals achieve financial independence. Equifax Complete Premier for 19.95 a month include credit monitoring, identity protection, fraud alerts, daily credit score checks, ID restoration specialist, and ID theft insurance. The credit reports from Equifax are gathering from a variety of sources to make is one of the more accurate reports. Equifax also helps businesses find the right financial path and achieve their financial best. 

TransUnion operates in 33 different countries. In 1989 TransUnion Canada was formed in Toronto and they have helped millions achieve their financial goals. For $19.95 a month they offer credit scores, fraud prevention, ID theft insurance, and detailed credit reports. TransUnion has over 20 million credit reports. They help businesses with portfolio management, data analysis, and consultation resources, and data breach services. TransUnion appeals to larger businesses and committed consumers. 

MyMarble has only been around since 2016, however, they have still helped thousands of consumers better their financial literacy and health. They use technology-computed solutions to help their clients achieve their potential and goals. They have achieved a 4.5 google rating and an A+ rating from the BBB. They are accredited and beneficial to businesses and consumers of all levels. MyMarble offers 4 packages ranging from free to $152.95 depending on the benefits the client is looking for. MyMarble offers comprehensive credit reports and is a great option for those that can afford them. 

Credit reports are used to determine a credit score. A credit score is then referenced by lenders to determine the creditworthiness of an applicant. Credit reports can be poor, below average, average, good, and excellent. The credit report determines a credit score on a scale of 300 to 900. A credit score can determine how fast an applicant is approved for a loan or line of credit. A credit score determines interest rates, credit limits, and loan terms and lengths. A higher credit score is more preferable for both lenders and consumers.

It is important to be financially literate and make positive financial decisions. All of these companies are dedicated to helping the people in the world do just that. It is important to watch for fees, fraud prevention, and ID theft insurance. These are great benefits that only help a client. Businesses can find a wide variety of helpful products across these platforms. Data breach services, consultation resources, personalized tips, and fraud prevention are great things to look out for when choosing the right credit report.  Financial responsibility can be attained by anyone if they can get the right help to do so.

FAQs about
Credit Reports

Have a different question? Contact us today.

How do I get a free credit report in Canada?

Free credit reports are available through Equifax Canada. Other credit report providers offer free credit reports as a free trial of their services.

How do I get my full credit report?

Check out our list of excellent credit report service providers and select the one which best suits your needs. Monitoring your credit report is just clicks away.

What is a good credit score in Canada?

A good credit score in Canada is anything above a score of 713. Credit scores in Canada range between 300 and 900.

What is my credit score used for?

Your credit score is an indication of your financial health. It includes your history of bill and credit card payments as well as how long you’ve used credit. Lenders for car financing, mortgages, and more trust credit scores when deciding how risky it is to lend you funds, which affects the interest rates you are offered.

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