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In the last five years, we have heard from everywhere: “Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, Ethereum, Blockchain.” We cannot ignore this noise. Each of us has a friend who periodically brags or complains that the value of Bitcoin has soared or fallen. Some skeptics believe cryptocurrency is an inflated soap bubble about to burst, but this has not happened yet. One thing I know for sure is that cryptocurrency is our future. Let’s find out how to buy or sell crypto in Canada.

So the Briton, who in 2021 accidentally threw away the computer with 7,500 bitcoins on his hard drive, came up with a plan about how he would get his coins from the city dump. “According to our estimates, 300,000 to 400,000 tons of waste needs to be viewed,” he said. He promised the lion’s share of his fortune to someone who would help him implement the plan. Still, the government did not support his initiative, considering that it would harm the environment and costs would exceed profit.

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What is cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a resource, a means of payment that exists exclusively on the Internet. That is, it is digital money. You can both invest in it and buy something with it.

Crypto in Canada is unique because I can send digital money anywhere in the world, quickly, cheaply, and safely. For this, I do not need an intermediary in the form of a bank. Blockchain technology helps in this, thanks to which we conduct and confirm transactions. In the ordinary world of finance, governments or central banks print money, control how it is distributed, and also monitor how legitimate this or that operation is. In the world of cryptocurrency, there is no SINGLE authority that controls everything. It is decentralized. It means that each of its participants shares power equally.

It is safer, faster, and cheaper than cashless payments today. If you look at the traditional world of finance, we see SWIFT, which is slow and expensive. SWIFT is an international interbank payment system. We can send money via SWIFT from one country of the world to another, but it takes time. It costs money because the bank is not a charity organization and wants to make money thanks to you. Crypto in Canada allows you to do this quickly and cheaply.

Many people romanticize cryptocurrency. They think they can quickly enrich themselves on the growth of interest in the topic of crypto in Canada. However, experienced players do not invest all their funds in the crypt, so they will not be upset if they lose it. They will not completely lose it because some cryptocurrency may sink, and they have no choice but to wait until it takes off again.

ndax dashboard - comparewise

To date, there are about 5,500 types of crypto in Canada.

The most popular:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Tether
  • Binance Coin
  • Cardano
  • Dogecoin

A few words about Bitcoin

Bitcoin considers being the first known cryptocurrency that has spread around the world. Therefore, the equal sign Bitcoin = cryptocurrency is now preserved, the same as a copier = Xerox. It occupies approximately 65-70% of the market volume of crypto in Canada.

Satoshi Nakamoto developed Bitcoin. We can assume that the creator could produce a lot of bitcoins for himself and make good money. But this is not entirely true because, in the beginning, the creator prescribed the game’s rules and the number of coins that can be issued. The creator did not plan to get rich on this. He planned to create such a technology to be recorded in history. I believe that this technology will firmly enter our lives.

Portrait of a Modern Crypto Investor in Canada

I imagine a person with an average income. He has a stable job and keeps part of the funds in crypto in Canada – typical of an investment scenario. That is, a person has an excess of money. He owns part of it on a bank deposit, some invested in real estate, and some of his savings stores in bitcoin.

The second person is a trader. He works from 9 to 6, comes home, has a snack, and trades for a couple of hours to increase his income. Crypto in Canada is volatile. The value of the cryptocurrency increases or decreases during a day, and traders earn on the difference. If someone sold a token, then someone bought it. Traders can reach earnings of 100-300% per year.

It can be both additional and basic earnings. It’s like in business – I invested $1,000, but with $1,000, it’s hard enough to become a millionaire thanks to trading. If you invest $20000-30000, you can get good revenue in a year.

netcoins review dashboard - comparewise

Blockchain technology in simple language

Imagine that you have a best friend, John, who travels all over the world. On the fifth day of the trip, he calls you and complains that money was stolen from him and asks you to transfer some money to him. “Of course, I’ll do everything now,” you promise. Afterward, you go to the bank and say you must transfer two thousand dollars to John. The banker checks the availability of money and transfers it to John’s account. You call a friend and say that you have transferred money.

What happened? You and John trusted the bank where there was no physical transfer of money. The banker changed the registry, which neither John nor you control. And this is the problem of existing systems – we depend on banks. All our lives, we rely on intermediaries.

The problem is that if a bank goes bankrupt, gets sanctioned, sells its brand to an evil banker who will take extortionate commissions, or there is a failure in the system, we may lose our money, which has already happened more than once in history.

We have a way to keep a register between participants instead of entrusting it to a third party – a bank or an intermediary. I am talking about Blockchain technology to explain how to invest in crypto in Canada. Now I will try to explain the principle of its operation in simple words.

The technology exists thanks to a group of participants who use the system. The group contains a registry and does not want to depend on a third party. For example, we have a group of 10 participants, each of whom, by common consent, has all the details of the accounts of 10 participants without knowing their identity.

uphold review mobile view - comparewise

Step 1 – empty folder. Everyone has an empty folder, which each participant fills with pages. This collection of pages forms a transaction registry.

Step 2 – transaction. Each participant sits with a blank page and a pen in his hand. Everyone is ready to record the trade that will happen inside. Now participant No. 2 wants to send $10 to participant No. 9. To create a transaction, he says: “I am forwarding transaction No. 9, colleagues. Please make an entry on your page.” Everyone checks whether No. 2 has enough money to send $10. Each participant records the transaction on their pages if such an amount exists. After that, the transactions are completed.

Step 3 – Transactions continue to occur. More and more participants are participating in the process. They tell the others about it. As soon as each participant hears about a new trade, he writes it on his page. It happens until the space on the current page runs out. Let’s assume that a page can hold only ten transaction records. After ten entries, all participants run out of free space. Now it’s time to put the completed page in a folder, create a new page for each participant, and repeat the process starting from step 2.

Step 4 – Storing pages. Before you attach a page to a folder, you must print it with a unique seal, with which the other participants agree. When we put a seal on a page, we are sure that no one will be able to change its content by sending it to a folder – neither today, tomorrow nor in a year. As soon as the printed page is in the folder, it remains there.

If the participants trust the seal, everyone believes that the transaction records are 100% true, and this process is the most difficult. This printing is called a hash function and ensures transactions’ security. The hash function lets you don’t need a person like a lawyer or an accountant to protect it all. Do not forget about the human factor, where even the most experienced accountant can make a mistake and be unscrupulous.

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If someone tries to change the contents of the page with transactions, the printed number will allow each participant to check the integrity of the information on the page.

As soon as the participants run out of space on the page, they will start competing in calculating the printed number to put a seal and attach it to a folder. The first one who calculates the printed number notifies others about it. When the other participants hear the number, they check it through the hash function – whether the number is suitable or not.

If the number fits, then everyone puts a seal on their page and puts it in a folder. If it’s impossible to check the number, there may be reasons for this – the participant misheard the transaction, recorded it incorrectly, tried to cheat, and was dishonest. The number that the majority agrees with becomes a fair printed number.

Why does everyone spend resources calculating the number without waiting for someone to announce it? Everyone who is part of the Blockchain can receive rewards for this. The first one who calculates the number will be awarded money for power and electricity use.

Probably you have a friend who invites you to visit, and he has a mountain of buzzing computer equipment at home. He tells you that this is a mining farm. I just tried to explain to you what it is from the point of view of mathematics.

Imagine that No. 5 calculated the printed page number. He got money, and the balance of No. 5 increased by $ 1, while no one became impoverished from this. That is, the proportion of other participants did not decrease.

People get crypto in Canada in return for the efforts and work of the network. We see the only source of obtaining new virtual coins. As soon as each participant puts their page in a folder, transactions continue, and this happens endlessly.

Think of a page as a transaction block and a folder as a chain of pages = blocks. All this is Blockchain technology.

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Imagine that there are already five pages in the folder and all with printed numbers, and what happens if I go back to the second page and decide to change it? Then I will have to calculate the numbers of all the pages, so one dishonest participant will have to compete with nine honest ones.

I explain the security of the Blockchain. The efforts and speed of one will not be able to withstand the actions of the others. If most participants are dishonest, the technology Blockchain will not be able to perform its primary function and exist. The name of the concept is “51% Attack”.

Time is the best indicator. For many years, no one has been able to deceive this network. At the same time, people can use the Blockchain in other areas. It can store different information — logistics, state and other world registries, the voting system, and many others.

How to invest in crypto in Canada – an algorithm of actions

1. Decide on a strategy

If you want to buy crypto in Canada and forget about it for many years, immediately withdrawing it to a cold wallet is better. We’ll talk about it later. If the excitement of the game drives you, use the exchange services.

2. Select a crypto exchange

The crypto exchange is a platform on the Internet where investors sell and buy crypto in Canada. There are centralized exchanges. A third-party intermediary manages it, which is centralized (CEX). There are decentralized exchanges where you don’t have to trust your assets to someone else (DEX).

DEX connects a buyer with a seller who wants to sell their tokens. There are hybrid exchanges where the advantages of both types of platforms are combined. We will talk about it in more detail later.

3. Take care of security

When you choose an exchange, it is essential to study the terms of the user agreement carefully. Another necessary condition is verification. It means that you will have to confirm your identity. Regulated CEX exchanges usually do this.

It is also essential how modern technologies it uses, how many assets it stores inside the system, how many times hackers have hacked it and whether it has private insurance.

nexo-platform-and-app-comparewise 2

4. Think about cash fees

It turns out that some exchanges charge special fees for use. It can be a one-time annual fee, and the business can also take money for depositing, withdrawing, and trading crypto in Canada. Usually, they are insignificant – below 1%, but that’s why we are investors and should consider any expenses.

5. Find out about customer support

If I lived in an ideal world, I would like to have a 24-hour chat in the arsenal of the exchange, where an employee would promptly answer my questions. I would entrust my assets to a business with an impeccable reputation. I would be disappointed if my money suddenly got stuck somewhere and employees ignored my questions. I would have thought they stole my money. Think about it and read consumer reviews online.

6. Specify the range of cryptocurrencies

Study what types of cryptocurrencies the exchange offers us. Although thousands of ones exist, most businesses give access to only a few favorites crypto in Canada.

7. Find out the withdrawal conditions

So some exchanges may limit the amount to withdraw per day.

8. Connect a bank card or bank account to the exchange

So, I chose an exchange to buy crypto in Canada. Next, I connect my bank account or debit card to which I buy the same bitcoin. Purchase fees may be lower if you use a bank account. Remember that progress has not reached all banks – some of it do not support transactions of crypto in Canada.

9. Place a request

Next, you can place an application for the sale or purchase of tokens.

10. Keep crypto in Canada safe

You can store cryptocurrency on an exchange. It is the least secure way. The most powerful platforms have increased security, but it is safer to store assets using crypto-wallets. Each has a set of keys, without which the owner will not be able the crypto in Canada. Keep in mind that crypto wallets do not store cryptocurrency but only store keys.

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About p2p Binance platform

On the p2p platform, you can buy or sell crypto in Canada for fiat money. Fiat money is ordinary dollars that you keep on a bank card. On the other hand, if you are a seller with large reserves of cryptocurrencies, you can make money on it.

To buy crypto in Canada via p2p on Binance, you need to register on the platform, pass verification, and go to the “p2p web online” tab. You can do this from your smartphone via Binance app. The platform offers a total of 7 types of crypto in Canada.

You select the “I want to buy” tab, the Canadian dollar currency, the type of cryptocurrency, and the amount of money you are willing to spend. After that, you see all the sellers, how many deals they have closed, their rating, and the exchange rate.

We are interested in the best course, with whom it is more profitable for us to work. Each seller has limits. Someone trades starting from $ 10, and someone from $ 50. Depending on this, there may be a different rate.

The platform offers different payment methods, including Western Union. I plan to make a bank transfer to the seller.

Be sure to read the terms of the user agreement before clicking on the check mark and proceeding with the transaction. I enter the amount I am ready to spend and see a pop-up window “the order has been placed successfully.” The platform moves us to the order page, where we know the seller’s details, his phone number, and a chat where we can ask the seller something.

I always write to the seller about my intentions, get confirmation from him and transfer the money. After that, I confirm the transfer on the platform. At this time, the seller checks the amount and also confirms it. It is essential not to make a mistake with the amount. There was a case when I sent a different amount of money than what I indicated in the conditions. The seller could not identify the order, and I lost money.

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The transaction time is usually limited, and you should meet it in 10-15 minutes. If something happens and the seller does not transfer the money, you can challenge the transaction on the platform. I always choose sellers with a good rating and many completed transactions.

After the seller has transferred the money to you, you can add it to the exchange wallet. You go to the “wallet” section and see the transaction history there.

If you want to sell something, you choose the direction, press the “sell” button, and add a payment method – the place where the money will arrive after the sale of the crypt from the buyer. You need to enter your bank card details and press the “confirm” button.

After that, you return to the platform, and instead of the “buy” tab, select the “sell” tab.

Exchanges of crypto in Canada that you can trust

Explore the list of different platforms thanks to where you can buy or sell crypto in Canada.

Types of exchanges of crypto in Canada

1. Centralized Exchanges (CEX)

Centrlized Exchanges are similar to stock exchanges. You transfer money, place an application, and the platform itself finds a seller or buyer who meets your criteria. Users store assets on the platform usually. The downside is that the exchange is centralized, which means there is an intermediary between you and the second participant of the transaction.

CEX exchanges are less secure than others, as investors share personal information with her. Most cyber-attacks occur on CEX. Usually, these exchanges request verification, which means that the account is approved after you upload your passport.

2. Decentralized Exchanges (DEX)

You will not meet intermediaries here, but you can exchange assets directly with a buyer or seller. No one will be able to transfer your personal information, you will pay much fewer fees, and no one will declassify your identity.

3. Hybrid exchanges (HEX)

They combine all the good sides of DEX and CEX to buy or sell crypto in Canada. HEX is high-speed, secure, and confidential. Although these exchanges are in the minority, investors see the future in it.

Comparison table of types of crypto exchanges

 Centralized Exchange (CEX)Decentralized Exchange (DEX)Hybrid Exchange (HEX)
Is it difficult to use?Easy to useDifficult to useEasy to use
Customer selection speed  Very fast  SlowFast
Trust issuesUsers trust their funds to CEXThe funds belong to the usersThe funds belong to the users
Trading volumeHighLowLow
Fiat gateway (transfer of usual money to cryptocurrency)YesNoYes

About crypto wallets

We have already talked about wallets of crypto in Canada and that we store keys in it, without which no one can use our assets. Keys can be open and closed. The public key is similar to the bank account number – you transfer it to another user to receive cryptocurrency.

The private key is similar to the PIN code. With it, you can unlock the transaction and prove that the assets belong to you. You should never transfer the private key to unauthorized persons.

Forms of Crypto wallets

1. Mobile wallet for holding crypto in Canada is a particular application. You can access it from any smartphone. It is convenient to use it in stores that accept cryptocurrency.

2. The online wallet stores tokens in a particular cloud. You can get access from a computer.

3. The hardware wallet stores assets on an external disk and is accessible from multiple devices. It is autonomous, which protects it from cyber-attacks. Usually, users store large amounts there.

4. The hot wallet is connected to the Internet.

5. The cold wallet is not connected to the Internet.

In summary, you need the wallet if you want to strengthen the security of their assets and if you have accumulated a lot of crypto in Canada and are afraid of losing it.

Crypto Wallets that Canadians Trust

Here you will find a variety of wallets, thanks to which you can safely store crypto in Canada.

A way to pay with crypto in Canada

Today, you can spend your assets using crypto cards. Yes, that’s right you can pay by crypto in Canada. For example, sends a physical plastic card, which you can use to pay in stores and “link” it to taxi applications, book a hotel, and air tickets.

keepkey review crypto wallet - comparewise

Investment risks

1. Volatility

It means that the price of a particular cryptocurrency can increase and decrease. There is no guarantee that the same bitcoin will grow and your fortune will improve. Time has shown that it is not worth investing ALL assets in one or another type of cryptocurrency.

2. Security

Investors still worry that their assets may disappear due to hacker attacks, mistakes, and unfair locks.

3. Illiquidity

It means there is no guarantee that you will quickly sell the asset at a favorable price. Fortunately, we can cash out cryptocurrency; for example, there are the same crypto cards and ATMs where you can withdraw money.

4. State control

So the Canadian government declared cryptocurrency a commodity, not a currency. No one knows what the future holds for us. The Canadian Tax Agency (CRA) taxes  transactions of crypto in Canada. In my opinion, government intervention contradicts the main principle of cryptocurrency – its decentralization.

5. Hacking

If someone steals your funds, you will not be able to sue and recover your money. However, you can choose platforms registered with FINTRAC and have an insurance fund. It means that if you lose assets, you will receive monetary compensation.

I have already written about CRA taxes transactions. It is either business income or capital gains. The difference between these concepts is SIGNIFICANT. For example, if you are engaged in mining, and this is your business, 100% of capital gains are taxed.

At the same time, if this is your hobby, you pay 50% tax on capital gains. It’s better not to joke with this case. Penalties for violations of tax legislation are severe, so it is better to consult a specialist for advice to avoid problems in the future.

ledger nano s plus wallet - comparewise

Is it worth investing in crypto in Canada?

If you think entering this market will get rich quickly, you may be disappointed because there are many risks in the form of a drop in value. Perhaps you want to start small and understand investment strategies. If you feel the player’s passion, you are welcome.

At the same time, if you are an experienced investor who invests in real estate and stocks and wants to try something new, cryptocurrency will be an essential asset in your investment portfolio. Study everything related to this. Risk some small part of the money and let it please you.

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FAQs about Crypto

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a consensus network that enables a new payment system and a completely digital money. It is the first decentralized peer-to-peer payment network that is powered by its users with no central authority or middlemen. From a user perspective, Bitcoin is pretty much like cash for the Internet. Bitcoin can also be seen as the most prominent triple entry bookkeeping system in existence.

What is crypto?

The first and obvious addition among cryptocurrency FAQs would turn the emphasis towards definition of cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency is basically a digital form of currency with the support of cryptographic security for conducting trusted transactions. The underlying technology which runs cryptocurrencies is blockchain, and it offers a ledger for documenting all transactions. As of now, you can find multiple cryptocurrencies in circulation, such as Bitcoin, Ether, and many new cryptocurrencies. The cryptocurrencies run as decentralized systems or networks without allowing complete control to a specific entity. Another important highlight of cryptocurrencies refers to the method for generating them. For example, miners could use their computing resources and electricity for mining cryptocurrency or stake their assets in a network for earning governance tokens.

How does crypto work?

The working of cryptocurrencies is also a common highlight in cryptocurrency questions and answers for beginners. Popular cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and Bitcoin work by using three basic pieces of information. The first important aspect in the working of cryptocurrencies is the address related to a specific account. The second important piece of information is the balance you would use for sending and receiving funds. Another significant aspect for the working of cryptocurrencies would refer to the public and private keys associated with a specific address. You can generate a private key by generating a Bitcoin address which would also help in identifying the corresponding public key. Subsequently, you can use the address as a representative of the public key for different transactions. On the other hand, the private key offers control over ownership of the funds in a specific address.

What is Ethereum?

Ethereum is a decentralized, open-source blockchain with smart contract functionality. Ether is the native cryptocurrency of the platform. Among cryptocurrencies, Ether is second only to Bitcoin in market capitalization. Ethereum was conceived in 2013 by programmer Vitalik Buterin.

What is a crypto app or exchange?

Cryptocurrency exchanges are the most common type of crypto app, and they allow you to buy and sell cryptocurrencies using USD, BTC, ETH and many other currencies. You can connect your bank account through ACH or use a credit or debit card to buy crypto on most exchanges.

What is a crypto wallet?

A cryptocurrency wallet is a device, physical medium, program or a service which stores the public and/or private keys for cryptocurrency transactions. In addition to this basic function of storing the keys, a cryptocurrency wallet more often also offers the functionality of encrypting and/or signing information.

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