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Best Cryptocurrency Apps


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Best Canada Crypto App 2022

More and more cryptocurrency apps are popping up every year, but what is the best Canada crypto app for you?

While some of our top picks, like VirgoCX, offer the best security features, others, such as Coinsmart, have a user-friendly interface. VirgoCX also provides in-depth education resources to help you get started. But overall, Bitbuy’s offer comes in as the best overall Canada crypto app for its user experience, robust security features, and low fees.

While the number of cryptocurrencies has skyrocketed in recent years, just a tiny percentage of Canadians have traded them. Among the most traded cryptocurrencies include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, and Decentraland, each seeing significant investment in the last few years.

But why has there been a boom in interest in these cryptocurrencies? The ability to profit significantly from the volatility of these assets.

Traders now have an increasing number of options for buying and selling cryptocurrencies. For instance, if you have PayPal, you can buy and sell a few cryptocurrencies.

On the other hand, Crypto apps provide a more extensive selection; you can practically choose from hundreds of apps, and they offer more functionality. These apps include simple phone-based crypto apps and some specialized crypto apps.

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Of course, these apps are constantly evolving, and some traders want more trading features and perks, including the option to earn interest and the ability to store and sell NFTs.

In the guide, we’ve rounded up the best Canada crypto app. We’ll break down each app based on features, fees, and security, so you can get a fair feel of what each app has to offer.

What to Look for When Choosing the Best Canada Crypto App

There are a lot of crypto apps on the market. But to choose the best Canada crypto app, you’ll need to consider a few crucial factors. Here is what to look out for:


Look at security features to see how it stores funds and cryptocurrency assets. Check to see if it provides insurance and offline cold storage. You can even conduct extensive research to determine if it has ever been hacked or has a history of fraudulent activity.

Customer Service

If you are new to cryptocurrency trading, customer service is vital. 24/7 customer support is the most appealing. Check to see whether they have a comprehensive FAQ page. Nobody likes to sift through many FAQs that don’t provide any real answers or solutions.

In addition, the cryptocurrency app should offer more than one means of customer support. It should at the very least offer customer support via phone, email, or online chat.

Diverse Range of Currencies

There are hundreds of thousands of cryptocurrencies, but some crypto apps only offer 50 to 100 cryptocurrencies. On most apps, you can buy or sell popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. If you wish to trade in some less popular or newer cryptocurrencies, you’ll need a crypto app with more assortment.

Ease of Use

Crypto apps have integrated more advanced features over several years as more people want to trade. However, this has come at the expanse of usability. Make sure you choose the best crypto Canada crypto app with easy-to-use features. Especially if you are a newbie, pick a beginner-friendly crypto app.


Paying excessive fees is throwing money down the drain, whether using a crypto app or a brokerage. Check the withdrawal and deposit fees before you sign up. It’s also important to check the withdrawal and deposit options to check the options available.

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Some crypto apps cannot operate in Canada. Choose the best cryptocurrency app that complies with Canadian crypto regulations.

Funding Methods

To start trading on a cryptocurrency app, you must first fund your account. However, some cryptocurrency apps do not provide many options for funding your account. We recommend choosing the best Canada crypto app that offers the funding method that works best for you before you sign up.

Best Canada Crypto App

To help you find the best Canadian crypto app, we considered these factors when creating this guide on the best Canada crypto app. Our top picks for the best Canada crypto apps cater to a wide range of needs. Perhaps you’re a newbie looking for an easy-to-use app. Or maybe you’re an expert trader looking for a crypto app with the lowest fees in the market. We’ve got what you need.

To choose the best exchange, you’ll need to decide which features matter most to you. On that note, keep reading to learn about which is the best Canada crypto app in 2022.

Best Canada Crypto App

For an overview of the best Canada crypto apps in 2022, you can check out our list outlined below:

  1. Best Canada crypto app overall: Bitbuy
  2. Best Canada crypto app for low fees: Coinberry
  3. Best Canada crypto app for beginners: Newton
  4. Best Canada crypto app for user-friendly: Coinsmart
  5. Best Canada crypto app for Security: VirgoCX
  6. Best Canada crypto app for casual traders: Sharepay

Let’s dive into each crypto app one by one, ensuring you have reliable information on which is the best Canada crypto app for you.


  • Serving 350,000+ Canadians
  • Over $4 billion traded
  • Refer a friend and get $40
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1.  Best Overall Canada Crypto App: Bitbuy

Bitbuy is our pick for the overall best Canada crypto app for beginners. It offers a wide selection of cryptocurrencies and top-notch security. On top of that, it has easy-to-use features suitable for beginners and more advanced features for expert traders, making it an excellent option for expert traders.

Besides focusing on features, Bitbuy stands out as the best Canada crypto app because it has a referral program. With their generous offering, you can earn up to $40 for every successful referral. If you want to learn more about Bitbuy, look at our Bitbuy review.

Bitbuy Features

A large Number of Cryptocurrencies and Trading pairs

It stands out by supporting over 25 cryptocurrencies on the app. Because of its large assortment of cryptocurrencies is the go-to crypto app for both beginners and advanced traders.

Instant Account Verification

When you create an account on Bitbuy, you will be glad to hear that it has an instant verification process. Which makes getting started even more effortless.

Bitbuy Pro

This impressive feature allows you to track order books and spread changes if you are an expert crypto trader. It also provides several options for multiple trades. This advanced feature also offers charting tools, and you can view your trading history.

Bitbuy’s Express Trade

Bitbuy Express Trade is excellent for beginners. The appearance and feel of a banking app make buying and selling cryptocurrency easier.

Bitbuy Mobile Comparewise - Comparewise

Bitbuy Security

Offline Cold Storage

Bitbuy has one of the most robust security measures. Boosting with a 99% cold storage policy, it can keep your assets highly safe and protected from fraud or security breaches.

Well Regulated

The company is registered and recognized by Ontario Securities Commission (OSC). And as a reputable investment app, it means your sell orders will never be outsourced to a third party outside of Bitbuy. It also means they have more transparency and liquidity options, which leads to reasonable prices.

In addition, the company is also registered under FINTRAC and is a fully recognized Money Service Business.

Bitbuy Secured Servers

Bitbuy has secured all its servers by placing them in multiple disaster recovery sites. They’ve also used cloud providers that comply with SOC, ISO, and FIPS 140-2. With these measures, you can rest assured your assets are well protected, and the app is secure.

Bitbuy App Interface-Comparewise

Bitbuy Fees

While Bitbuy is excellent for beginners and advanced crypto traders, the fees can be higher, ranging from 0.1% to 1.5%. For instance, if you want to deposit funds into your Bitbuy account using a bank wire transfer, you will need to pay 0.5%.

Along with these fees, you will need to pay a fixed fee of 0.20% for Express Trades trades. Plus, Bitbuy also has a 0.10% fee for Maker fees and 0.20% for Taker fees. Despite the high fees, it is still worth giving a try.


  • Cheapest crypto exchange
  • Fund using e-transfer
  • Pay taxes using BTC
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2.  Best Canada Crypto App for Low Fees: Coinberry

Coinberry is one of our top picks for the best Canada Crypto app for low fees because it charges some of the lowest fees on the market. The low fees are especially great for beginners and advanced traders looking to cut down on trading fees.

It also has impressive features, boosting with multiple options to fund your account. You can fund your Coinberry account using a credit or debit card or choose bank transfer instead and bank wire transfer. Where it gets exciting is the security features and excellent customer support.

Coinberry offers you the most bang for your buck if you don’t intend to trade many cryptocurrencies.

Coinberry Crypto Mobile App - Comparewise

Coinberry Features

Instant Account Verification

Typically, most crypto apps will ask you several questions to complete your account creation process and verify your identity. They are required to do by law. This process can take a long time, depending on the app, which means you will have to wait some time before you can start trading.

Coinberry instant account verification can verify your account in a matter of minutes. That means you can start trading within minutes.

Coinberry Autopilot

Where Coinberry is truly unique is the Autopilot feature it offers. With this feature, you can automatically buy crypto using a dollar-cost averaging investment strategy. Dollar-cost averaging is a time-tested investment strategy that reduces the risk of purchasing cryptocurrency.

Coinberry Pay

If you’re looking to cut costs, Coinberry Pay offers an alternate payment method. You can make payments quickly, and it also allows you to accept cryptocurrencies as a form of payment. This is one of the reasons Coinberry has over 20 million users, making it one of the best crypto apps in Canada.

Coinberry Fees

Fortunately, you can enjoy zero withdrawal and deposit fees when signing up for Coinberry. After that, it has a bid-ask fee of 0% to 0.25%. On the chance that you’re not sure whether Coinberry is for you, the zero Maker and Taker will convince you to give it a shot.

Coinberry Mobile App - Comparewise

Coinberry Security

Coinberry comes with several security features that practically all cryptocurrency apps provide and ones that are unique to Coinberry.

CDIC Insured Segregated Banking

The company stores your funds and their funds in separate accounts. This ensures that even if the company’s funds were comprised, yours would remain unaffected.

Registered Under FINTRAC

Coinberry complies with Canadian cryptocurrency trading laws and has passed stringent compliance checks.


  • Get a $25 bonus when you sign up
  • Canada's low-cost crypto trading platform
  • Instant account verification & e-transfer deposit
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3.  Best Canada Crypto App for Beginners: Newton

Straightforward and easy to use, Newton provides an intuitive and streamlined app that is great for beginners. This crypto app is a frontrunner for the best Canada crypto apps combined with low fees. Featuring 70+ crypto assets, Newton offers one the most comprehensive range of cryptocurrencies of any app on this list.

Newton offers a well-written and informative knowledge base for novices, unlike most crypto apps. It might not be the best we’ve found on any crypto app, but it does provide basic explainers on getting started on Newtown.

Newton also adheres to the highest levels of security. But is it the right app for you? If you are experienced, another crypto app with more advanced trading features might better fit you. You can read more in our Newton Review.


Newton Features

Instant Account Verification

This app makes it to the list because of its instant account verification. They can verify your account instantly. This is great for beginners because it has one of the fastest onboarding of any crypto app.

Newton Fees

The great thing about this app, it comes with no withdrawal and deposit fees. But you’ll pay for spreads, with spread fees that are higher and somewhat more confusing than other apps. You can expect to pay 0.60% to 1.00% for spreading fees.

We believe that the user-friendliness and simplicity of the app are worth the high spread fees. And it is a reasonable price to pay for the $0 withdrawal and deposit fees.

Newton-Crypto-Interface - Comparewise

Newton Security

Third-Party Custodian

It is hard to find a crypto app that offers top-tier security measures like Newton regarding security features. Newton has partnered with Fireblocks and Balance to provide more secure storage using offline cold storage.

Newton stores 98% of its crypto assets in offline cold storage, and because of this, it guarantees that you never lose your funds. There have never been any hacks reported, which is excellent news.

Daily Off-site Backups

One of the reasons it has earned an outstanding reputation is the daily off-site backup precaution it has implemented.

Direct Bank Integration

Newton does not protect crypto deposits, but it does use direct bank integration to lessen the risk of fraud. This is an added layer of protection to keep your funds safe.

Registered under FINTRAC

The company is backed by FINTRAC and complies with all of the regulations.


  • Smart trade feature for quick trading
  • Instant account verification
  • Fund through e-transfer
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4.  Best Canada Crypto App for User-Friendly: CoinSmart

Coinsmart popularity stems from having one of the most user-friendly interfaces. It also helps that it has a high level of security. On Coinsmart, you can buy and sell 16+ cryptocurrencies.

You can also buy and sell cryptocurrencies using different forms of payment, including bank wire transfers, credit or debit cards, and bank drafts. However, Coinsmart’s fees are higher than its close competitors, especially for beginners. But the user-friendliness of the app more than makes up for this.

Unlike most crypto apps, Coinsmart offers 24/7 customer support, live chat, and email support, which may bring you a great deal of comfort. You can read our full Coinsmart review, which is excellent for beginners and experienced traders.

Coinsmart Platfrom-Comparewise

CoinSmart Features


This is one of the most notable features. It allows you to trade cryptocurrencies using fiat currencies or against another cryptocurrency that you have at hand.


The winning factor of Coinsmart over its close competitors is the SmartGuarantee feature. SmartGuarantee means that all of your deposits will be transferred to your account within 24 hours. It also ensures that all cash withdrawal requests are processed within five business days.

Instant Account Verification

Coinsmart also does a great job at lowering the barrier of entry with its instant account verification process. At the same time, the simple sign-up process also makes it a seamless experience.

Coinsmart Mobile App Crypto - Comparewise

CoinSmart Fees

Coinsmart fee structure is much easier to understand. You can expect to pay 1% or $15 for Electronic Funds Transfer and Bank Wire for withdrawal. However, the depositing fees using Interact e-Transfer are 1.5% on every deposit lower than $100. Coinsmart adds on 6% for credit or debit card payments.

Rather than paying steep prices for depositing, opt for a bank draft or bank wire transfer because it has zero fees.


Offline Cold Storage

Cryptocurrency apps are generally top targets for hackers and scammers. However, Coinsmart prides itself on being one of the best Canada crypto apps that have never been hacked. They maintain this standard by keeping 95%+ crypto assets offline on cold storage. This decreases the possibility of breaches or fraudulent activity occurring.

Two Factor Authentication

You can use two-factor authentication on Coinsmart when you login into your account. The two-factor authentication works by sending a security key or a time-based one-time pin to your mobile devices through Google Authenticator. This is especially useful if you want to protect your account from hackers.

Registered Under FINTRAC

Plus, the company is also licensed and regulated by FINTRAC. Coinsmart holds the highest security standards and complies with Canadian regulations.

5.  Best Canada Crypto App for Security: VirgoCX

Cryptocurrency apps can be challenging to get your head around, especially if you are new to the crypto trading scene. There are various fee structures, basic and pro trading interfaces, and general crypto terms that you might be unfamiliar with.

VirgoCX has created an app that simplifies crypto trading. The entire app includes cutting-edge features for both beginners and advanced traders. Not to mention, it offers several powerful security features to protect your assets and account alike.

Apart from that, VirgoCX also has a referral program. When you get someone to sign up, you both earn $30. On top of being well regulated, the app also has some of the lowest fees. One of the best Canada crypto apps comes with high liquidity and competitive spreads.

VirgoXC educational resources are among the best we’ve seen. The learn page has vast knowledge about cryptocurrencies, metaverse, and other topics. You can find information from basic cryptocurrency explainers to more advanced topics such as real-world uses of the metaverse.


VirgoCX Features

Over-The-Counter (OTC)

Over-The-Counter (OTC) is a high-tech trade desk specializing in executing massive crypto transactions. Many traders saw its debut on the VirgoCX features roster as a step forward toward creating a seamless trading process.

OTC trading enables transactions between two parties involving either crypto-to-crypto or fiat-to-crypto. Generally speaking, it allows traders to access a wider pool of crypto and fiat currencies to complete large orders at the optimum market price. Its OTC service also allows users to access interest-earning investments and personal account support.

Quick Trade

You can use the quick trade for those new to cryptocurrency trading. This feature includes basic functionality for executing an order or trade, including limit and market orders. VirgoCX quick trade doesn’t charge any fees, making it suitable for beginners.

Advanced Trade

VirgoCX offers comprehensive, advanced trading tools. The most significant cutting-edge trading tool attractions are technical analysis and charting tools. It also provides trading history and limits order. Such robust tools are why VirgoCX is worth giving a shot.

Virgocx Crypto App - Comparewise

VirgoCX Fees

VirgoCX calls itself a zero trading fee app and promises you never have to pay for trades. But if you do want to withdraw some funds from your account, you will need to pay a 0.75% for Bank Wire Transfer.

Two-Factor Authentication

The security features are also worth mentioning. This two-factor authentication includes multi-factor verification using a password, biometric, email, and mobile device.

Ledger Vault Security

It ensures the highest level of funds protection for both parties involved during a trading process, meaning traders are safe.

Secure Sockets Layer

In addition, the app has secured socket layers integrated for an added layer of account protection.

FINTRAC Registered

It also brings peace of mind to know it is registered under FINTRAC.

Hot and Cold Wallets Storage

The app also keeps a small number of your crypto deposits on a hot wallet for quick trades and withdrawals. In comparison, the remaining crypto deposits are stored in a cold wallet.

Insurance Coverage

As an added layer of security, VirgoCX also offers a private insurance policy for crypto assets it holds. VirgoCX will reimburse you for the lost assets if your assets are stolen.


  • Fast, secure, & reliable
  • Zero fees to trade crypto
  • Crypto Visa card included
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6.  Best Canada Crypto App for Casual Traders: Shakepay

If you are a casual trader, Shakepay will perhaps appeal to you. You can take advantage of the low fees and the robust selection of security features. This makes it an excellent option for casual trading. The app is also well regulated. As a result, you are making it more secure.

The app also offers two payment options, Interac e-Transfer, and Bank wire transfer, with different minimum and maximum payment amounts.

Shakepay Crypto Mobile App - Comparewise

Shakepay Features

Instant Account Verification

In addition to the easy sign-up process, they will verify your account within minutes. They will verify your account using your ID or proof of address.

Shakepay Fees

Shakepay fees are pretty reasonable fees in comparison to other crypto apps. It has a commission-free policy on zero withdrawal and deposit fees.

Although it has no trading fees, the reality is that it does come with spread fees ranging from 1.2% to 2.5%. This spread also varies based on the cryptocurrency you choose to trade, and they may change based on the market prices.

Shakepay Crypto Mobile App Exchange - Comparewise

Shakepay Security

Insurance Policy

If you are new to trading, you will be relieved to know that Shakepay has an insurance policy. It does not, however, provide full details on how it works. But you can rest assured that you will be reimbursed if your crypto assets are compromised.

Offline Cold Storage

Shakepay caters to both beginners and experienced traders in terms of asset protection by offering cold storage. Shakepay relies on offline cold storage to secure your crypto assets.

If you leave your crypto assets on your account, Shakepay will hold them in an offline storage facility. But they will leave a portion on the platform for liquidity to aid in trading activities.

Two-Factor Authentication

You can use two-factor authentication to prevent someone else from gaining access to your Shakepay account. You can use FaceID and biometrics to secure your account.

While the app does not offer more details about its two-factor authentication security, it adheres to users’ security best practices and has high-level protocols in place. So, if you lose access to your account, you can regain access if necessary.

It is worth mentioning that always use a strong password and monitor your account frequently for any suspicious activities.

Licensed and Regulated

Shakepay is registered with FINTRAC and licensed as a Money Service Business in Canada. As a result, it adheres to Canadian cryptocurrency trading laws.

Best Canada Crypto App: The Bottom Line

Choosing the best Canada crypto app can be overwhelming if you are a beginner. When it comes to selecting the best Canada crypto app, it all depends on your needs.

Before you sign up, think about what you want to do on the app. For example, what currency do you want to buy or sell? Do you want to build a diverse long-term investment portfolio? It is also essential to consider a few factors, such as fees, security, and features.

But if you are looking to start trading today, we’d recommend creating an account on Bitbuy. It is our overall number one pick as the app with solid security measures, low fees, and excellent features for beginners and experienced traders.

No matter what app you choose, it is essential to note that cryptocurrency is unpredictable, with market prices surging and falling in a short time. That is why it is vital to start with a small investment.

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FAQs about the Best Canada Crypto App

What is a Cryptocurrency App?

A cryptocurrency app allows you to buy or sell different kinds of cryptocurrencies. Some specialized crypto apps also allow you to trade cryptocurrencies for fiat currency, like Canadian dollars. A few also provide educational information on cryptocurrencies to help you get started.

Are Cryptocurrency Apps Worth it?

If you are interested in buying or selling cryptocurrencies, signing up for a crypto app is a great place to start. While buying cryptocurrency from an ATm is handy, it makes more sense to use a crypto app, especially if you want to build a more extensive investment portfolio.

In addition, they also provide increased security. If you want to buy or sell several cryptocurrencies, they have a variety to pick from.

What is the Difference Between a Crypto App and a Crypto Wallet?

Crypto wallets and Crypto apps can both be used to trade cryptocurrencies. But crypto wallets are primarily used to hold your crypto assets and protect them from fraudulent activities. These wallets come in a variety of forms. Hardware wallets are among the highest-rated crypto wallets, closely followed by software wallets. They also offer a range of benefits aside from safe storage.

Crypto apps are trading hotspots where users can buy or sell cryptocurrencies for other cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies at market prices. They provide greater control over the buying and selling of cryptocurrencies than crypto wallets.

How Do Crypto Apps Work?

The way crypto apps work depends on the type of app. However, you must first create an account for most apps and deposit dollars into it. You can expect to pay a depositing fee depending on the app. After they verify your account, you can start trading on the app. Keep in mind that the process of buying and selling cryptocurrency on each app varies and the fees.

What Are The Risks Of Trading Crypto on a Crypto App?

Although cryptocurrency is subject to rules, they are less stringent than traditional investments. There is no centralized entity in charge of regulating cryptocurrency trading. Some apps also have significantly fewer security features, which means they are more susceptible to hackers.

So the lack of strict regulations, high volatility, and inadequate security features make the risks involved greater. However, some more prominent and more reputable crypto apps provide insurance coverage if your funds or crypto assets are stolen.

How Much Does It Cost To Buy or Sell Cryptocurrency?

Like any investment, it’s essential to consider the cost of buying or selling cryptocurrency, particularly the fees involved. You will incur trading fees based on what you buy or sell on a crypto app. For example, the most common fees are withdrawal and trading fees. But some crypto apps also have spreads or maker and taker fees costing, ranging from 0.1% to 0.5%.

Where Else Can I Buy Cryptocurrencies Other Than a Crypto App?

Although crypto apps are an excellent choice for buying cryptocurrencies, there are other options. For example, you can use payment apps like Paypal and Venmo to purchase cryptocurrencies. However, some payment apps are not entirely upfront about the fees involved.

However, they usually charge smaller fees for minor trades and more considerable fees for large trades. Therefore, the type of trade you make can determine the fees. Crypto apps, on the other hand, often have fixed fees. They are, nevertheless, a fantastic option for beginners looking to get their feet wet in the cryptocurrency industry.

Who Should Use Crypto Apps?

First-time and expert traders may find crypto apps more convenient. Some crypto apps even provide educational resources to help beginners get started.

Should You Choose Crypto App Over Crypto Platforms?

Firstly, it is a matter of personal preference. Some cryptocurrency platforms are difficult to get around, making the buying and selling of crypto even more challenging, especially for beginners. Many experts recommend crypto apps as a starting point. They make it easier to buy and sell cryptocurrencies.

At some point, you may decide you want more functionality, and that’s where crypto platforms come in handy. You can see all the features at a broader and better glance.

Why Do I Need a Crypto App?

There are other ways to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, including wallets and payment apps. Still, crypto apps are the most convenient and straightforward way. You can buy and sell cryptocurrencies from the comfort of your place. With a crypto app, you do not have to make in-person trades, and the fees are typically lower than crypto wallets or payment apps such as PayPal or CashApp.

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