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Your money belongs to you. Easy access to your funds 24/7 via one account - Claim this offer

Jeton Review (December, 2023) – Pros, Cons, Features, & Pricing

This Jeton review will examine Jeton, an online payment provider established in 2017 and regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority.

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Last Updated: Nov 23, 2023


  • Single account for all your payments
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Your money belongs to you. Easy access to your funds 24/7 via one account - Claim this offer

Located in London, it serves over half a million customers in 100 countries, offering 50currencies and 70 payment methods.

Jeton is an online payment method that provides its own online wallet. It offers 24/7 customer support and a user-friendly app to more than 500,000 users.

It is an easy and safe method for making secure payments online. The JetonCash is a prepaid voucher that customers can redeem at multiple online stores and outlets worldwide.

This is not all about this online payment provider, as this Jeton review will explore all that is to it. You’ll get to learn its pros and cons, how to register/open an account and many other interesting parts.

What is Jeton?

Jeton is an online payment provider company located in London. Its users can easily make online payment transactions such as withdrawal, payment and transfer of funds with the payment alternative specific to a country. The company allows businesses to use local payment methods while providing a seamless checkout procedure.

The popular e-wallet Jeton is a good choice for fast and safe online money transactions. This e-wallet supports Bitcoin transactions and allows for quick processing, fee-free transfers, quick deposits and withdrawals.

It also provides an easy method for online casino players to deposit and withdraw earnings easily. The majority of other betting websites, including Betway, Betsson, Coolbet, Comeon, and Unibet, accept it as a method of payment.

Users can swiftly and effortlessly complete payments and withdrawals using Jeton, including instant banking. Jeton accepts no less than 27 currencies in 200 countries. Jeton is a one-stop shop for all of your financial transaction requirements, whether you need to send, receive, or exchange money.

The app is available on major app stores, including Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

Pros and cons of Jeton

This part of the Jeton review explains the pros and cons of the company. What they do right and what they don’t.

Pros of Jeton

  • No applied charges.
  • A satisfied customer base of over 500,000.
  • They provide personal and business solutions.
  • Highly responsive customer support.

Cons of Jeton

  • Difficulty in verification
  • Withdrawal limit
Jeton Review - Comparewise

Jeton review: technical specifications

Let’s take a quick dive into the technical perks of the app in this part of our Jeton review to determine how seamless it is in terms of user experience and overall usage.

Methods of Deposit

Jeton allows you to deposit funds via bank transfer, credit or debit card. You can seamlessly send funds from your account without worrying about cross-border fees.

This also means you won’t be charged when transferring internationally too. Although, due to identity verification and currency exchange, those who send funds with their cards might pay.


Jeton supports up to 50 currencies, including AUS, USD, and CAD.

Safety Measures

Jeton offers PCI DSS and a 2-factor authentication compliance security. The former refers to a set of guidelines for protecting customer data while processing payments made with major credit card brands.

While the latter enables users to add additional security layers by requiring more information before logging in. This has become a common practice to keep accounts well protected.

Business Products

Jeton supports effortless cross-border settlement, priority support, multiple payment methods, a multi-currency account, and international money transfer.

How does Jeton wallet work?

Low-cost transfers are available to numerous foreign places with Jeton’s money transfer service. In order to send funds, you must first fund your Jeton Wallet using a credit or debit card.

To create a new account is easy; simply register online with your Jeton wallet. The next step is to create an account by completing a registration form with your personal details and a password of your choosing.

You can deposit your preferred amount of money after providing the relevant information and documents and when your documents have been verified.

You can fund your Jeton account by bank transfer from an online bank. By using local bank transfers, you can also avoid paying cross-border fees. Remember that you must make all bank transfers from a name-specific account.

Once you’ve added funds to your Jeton Wallet, you can use it to complete international money transactions conveniently, anytime you want. Sending money is quite simple. Depending on the region and kind of the recipient’s account, users can choose from a number of options for sending money.

Additionally, gift cards, bitcoin, and direct bank transfers are also acceptable forms of payment. Members of Jeton Wallet receive priority access to monthly promotions and special discounts in addition to its standard features.

How to create a Jeton wallet account

This section of the Jeton review focuses on the processes involved in opening a Jeton account.

Anyone can register for a Jeton Wallet account, which doesn’t need much effort and can be done on any device with internet connectivity. You can download the mobile app from AppStore or Google Play if you want to register over the phone.

To register a Jeton account, follow the detailed procedures below.

  1. Start by visiting the official website and click the sign-up icon in the top right corner.
  2. Fill in the necessary details into the account form on display. Enter your phone number, country code, email address, date of birth, and first and last name. Then, provide a password and click sign up.
  3. Next, Jeton will send a confirmation code to your phone via SMS. Make sure to input it correctly.
  4. After you’ve entered the code, you’ll need to provide your address data. This includes your postal address, country, city, and registration address.
  5. Tick the checkbox indicating that you have read the terms and conditions and privacy policy. Click “go to wallet” to proceed.

Jeton verification process

This section of the Jeton review will show you how to verify your account. Once you’ve signed up for a Jeton e-wallet account, you’ll need to verify your identity before you can make any payments.

The Know Your Customer (KYC) procedure for account verification is a requirement in a financial institution. This is a type of anti-money laundering instrument that also lessens the dangers that financial institutions may face. If the criteria for collecting and storing client data are broken, the regulator sets the fines and cancels the license.

The authentication of the wallet user is done in two steps: ID verification and address verification.

  1. Firstly, the account holder’s identity is verified using necessary documents such as an ID card, a passport, or a driving license.
  2. At the second stage, you have to verify your address. Here, the account holders must upload a utility bill not older than three months. It could be gas, water, or internet bills.
  3. A bank statement or residency permit might also be required. The Jeton team will complete account verification in 24 hours.

How to deposit in the Jeton wallet

This section of the Jeton review will explore the ways to add money to your Jeton wallet. This is one of the primary concerns for users of this electronic payment system. You can employ the most practical technique for these purposes, which is detailed below:

Prepaid Jeton card

A prepaid Jeton Card or JetonCash can be used to top up your balance. It is a digital coupon that may be used across the globe at numerous online stores or retailers.

You must first purchase a Jeton Card in order to add money to it. Choose a website selling online subscriptions, prepaid payment cards, game cards, and e-gift cards. Select a Jeton Card, then place an order using your preferred payment option.

1. Go to the deposit area and select “Jeton Card” as a deposit method to fund your account.
2. After entering the deposit amount, click “Continue.”
3. Enter your voucher number, security code, and expiration date in the next window. Press “Complete.”
4. Upon completion of the transaction, your request will be granted.
5. In the Wallet section, you can view the amount you deposited into your Jeton account.

Instant Bank Transfer

Be aware that certain countries do not provide this deposit option, but it’s available in Canada. Once you’ve logged in, go to the deposit tab and look for the instant banking option. Please enter the deposit amount if it is available.

Selecting your bank from the list is necessary following quick banking redirection. Enter the deposit amount and your internet banking information. These transactions are swiftly and without delay approved.

Credit/Debit card

Credit and debit card deposits into accounts are accepted everywhere. But it’s crucial to understand that:

  • Only Visa and MasterCard are accepted.
  •  There is a cost for currency conversion.
  • The Jeton account holder’s must appear on the card.

To make a deposit, go to the deposit area, choose the required card, input the card security code, and then click “Next.” A Trasta Visa Card also allow account owners to top up easily.

How to transfer money using the Jeton wallet

The features of your Jeton Wallet will become available to you once you have verified your account. Please be aware that only confirmed users may make monetary transactions.

The procedure for sending money is as follows:

1. Click on “Send” on your Jeton Wallet account.
2. Type an amount, a user’s information(email, phone, or user ID), and a message (this is optional).

How will the beneficiary know that a transfer has been made to his Jeton account? They receive an email or SMS message when the transfer process is completed. You must sign into your wallet account, choose the relevant transaction, then press the “Accept” button in order to accept a transaction from anyone.

The system also allows you to automatically accept payments. You have the option to change your account’s incoming transfer settings at any time.

How to withdraw from the Jeton wallet

There are three methods for taking money out of your Jeton Wallet:

1. Purchasing a Jeton Voucher – You can directly create a Jeton Voucher or JetonCash in the system and use it to make online purchases or pay for services.
2. Manual bank transfer; the transfer will be authorized in 12–24 hours.
3. Withdrawal into your wallet.

Withdrawal of a Jeton voucher

To withdraw money using JetonCash, you must first generate a Jeton Voucher in the account’s withdrawal area.

  1. After signing into your account, click the Withdraw option and choose “Buy JetonCash” as your withdrawal method before clicking “Continue.”
  2. Enter the desired withdrawal amount, choose the account, and then press “Continue.”
  3. The amount entered will be created on a Jeton Card in this step. Select “Confirm.”
  4. Your card is currently being prepared, and you will be notified via email when it is ready for use.
  5. You may view all your Jeton cards, active and pending, under the JetonCash section.
  6. Locate the most recent Jeton Card that is still in use in the Jeton tab.

Withdrawal into manual banks( credit/debit cards)

You can only use this method to withdraw money from your own bank account.

  1. Open your account’s “Withdraw” tab.
  2. Select Manual Bank Transfer as your withdrawal option and then click “Continue.”
  3. Type the withdrawal amount and click “Continue.”
  4. Click “Confirm” after selecting the bank account you previously added to the “Cards&Accounts” section.

The transaction will be completed in 12 to 24 hours.

Withdrawal into a cryptocurrency wallet

  • Open your account’s “Withdraw” tab.
  • Click “Continue” after choosing the “Crypto Withdraw” withdrawal method.
  • Choose the cryptocurrency you wish to withdraw, then type in the wallet’s address. Click “Continue.”
  • Enter the withdrawal amount

Processing of payments will take 1-6 hours.

Other services of Jeton wallet

Jeton wallet provides its members priority access to monthly promotions and special discounts on other services. We will look at some of these under this section of the Jeton review.

Jeton wallet app

The functions of the Jeton wallet app is the same as that of the desktop version. App users can use the same method to send, accept, deposit, withdraw money and pay for purchases.

This app is available for download on both AppStore and Google Play. It is a safe and easy way to transfer money and manage finances anytime and anywhere in the world.


This digital voucher may be used at thousands of online stores across the world without needing a credit or debit card. Using JetonCash, customers may make purchases without having to reveal any financial details while doing so online.

It is available in a number of different currencies, and as long as the account balance is positive, it may be used as frequently as desired.

J Club

Another service of the Jeton is JClub. It is a VIP program that offers different exclusive membership features. It has seven levels that provide members with a different set of perks. Below are some of the benefits of this service include:

  • Low foreign exchange rate.
  • Ability to send money abroad at no extra cost.
  • Make deposits and withdrawals for free.
  • Access to dedicated VIP account managers.

Jeton Virtual Card

The Jeton card is a virtual prepaid card. Customers may use it on any e-commerce platform that supports Jeton payments.

The Jeton card is totally safe and useful, with features including a 19-digit card number, a CVV code, and expiry date. Users can make both contact and contactless payments with it. Some benefits to the Jeton card are:

  • Easy application.
  • Redeemable from hundreds of online merchants.
  • Simple and secure
  • No hidden charges for the creation of an account.
  • Bank account information is not necessary for payment
  • Available in multiple digital currencies.

Jeton review conclusion

As seen in this Jeton review, It’s easy to receive and send money with a Jeton wallet.  They adhere to global standards and have a number of safety measures. This e-wallet has more than 500,000 customers globally and offers good customer service all-around.

An intriguing new electronic wallet to consider is Jeton Wallet, which has already established a solid reputation.

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FAQs about our Jeton review

Does a fee apply to using Jeton wallet?

Jeton wallet doesn't charge any fee for your transactions, making it a simple and affordable e-wallet. There are no additional costs to consider. It is crucial to keep in mind that additional service fees, such as those charged by overseas payment processors and currency conversion, may apply.

How does Jeton work?

Following registration, you can fund your Jeton Wallet account using a variety of available currencies and deposit options. After depositing funds, you may quickly and conveniently utilize them to make purchases in any country.

Is the Jeton wallet legit?

Money may be sent from one country to another quickly and securely using this electronic payment method. It also provides a practical option for retailers, merchants, shoppers, and customers. The Jeton company's policies are designed to stop using its services for illegal purposes. All nations where the Jeton payment system is available to have regulations and rules that must be followed while conducting business.

Where can I use a Jeton card?

You can use the Jeton card in any merchant or terminal that accepts Visa Debit cards. This card is suitable for every necessary purchase you might want to make. You can turn them on or off with simple action, including spending limits and card freeze.

What services does Jeton offer?

Jeton is used for a variety of online transactions. It's the best option for online buying. In addition, users can use the e-wallet (also known as Jeton Cash Vouchers) to withdraw and receive money from other users.

April 30, 2023
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