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Trade over 600 coins for extremely cheap fees, starting at only 0.1% - Claim this offer

KuCoin Review (July 2024) – Pros, Cons, Features, & Pricing

If you live in Canada and want to start buying, selling, and trading cryptocurrencies but you’re not sure whether KuCoin is the correct exchange for you, there is some good news. KuCoin is one of the trusted cryptocurrency platforms used in over 150 countries, as well as Canada. KuCoin’s crypto-list includes over 500 currencies. Our KuCoin review will help you understand the capabilities of the platform and more.

KuCoin can help you buy digital currencies like Dutch coins and top coins like Ethereum with a debit or credit card, as well as exchange crypto-to-crypto pairings.

This worldwide exchange and third-party broker have some of the highest trading volumes in the industry, as well as a price structure that should fit most budgets.

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Last Updated: Jul 05, 2024


  • Available in over 150 countries
  • Supports 600+ cryptocurrencies
  • Great for beginners and pros

Trade over 600 coins for extremely cheap fees, starting at only 0.1% - Claim this offer

This Kucoin review will go through the ins and outs of KuCoin. This includes a thorough look at the coins that can be used on the platform, as well as the ability to use fiat cash, fees and commissions, safety, customer service, and the trading arena. Let’s get into our KuCoin review.

What is KuCoin?

To start out our KuCoin review, here’s a bit about the company. KuCoin is a wildly popular cryptocurrency trading platform that was founded in Hong Kong in 2017 and markets itself as “The People’s Exchange.” Their goal was to provide global access to a simple and secure platform for trading a variety of digital currencies.

They have had a significant influence on the global cryptocurrency community, expanding their user base to over 11 million in only five years and servicing one in every four cryptocurrency holders.

KuCoin provides over 600+ coins that may be exchanged for extremely cheap fees, beginning at only 0.1%.

There are several ways to trade, including spot trading, margin trading, peer-to-peer trading, and futures trading. Earning money through crypto lending is another benefit, and if you’re interested, you may also borrow coins

Kucoin Platform at Glance

 Website Address:kucoin.com
Accepted Payment MethodsSEPA, Skrill, Apple Pay, Debit Card, Credit Card, PayPal
Trading FeeBetween 0% – 0.1%
Crypto-currencies:BTC, DOT, ETH, ADA, and 642+
Fiat-CurrenciesUSD, EUR, CNY, GBP, RUB, AUD and 41+
Deposit FeeIt Varies
Mobile ApplicationYes, available on android and iOS

A Brief Summary of Kucoin Canada

KuCoin has around 8 million users worldwide. It has a range of attributes, such as futures trading, loans, and sophisticated order kinds. KuCoin is best suited for expert traders that require charting, order book data, and sophisticated order types.

KuCoin supports over 500 coins. However, there are no fiat pairings. This implies that you can not buy cryptocurrencies with fiat alone. Instead, you must first purchase USDT or another cryptocurrency and then exchange it for the coin you choose.

You may purchase USDT on KuCoin with a third-party bank transfer, a credit card, or by purchasing it from another exchange and transferring it. KuCoin transaction fees are as low as 0.1 percent. While KuCoin and Binance appear to have many of the same features, style, and structure, they are not linked.

kucoin crypto exchange - comparewise

12 KuCoin Canada Features In a Nutshell

Next in our KuCoin review, here are some prominent features. As previously stated, KuCoin has evolved to become one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, with 1 out of every 4 cryptocurrency holders in the world using KuCoin. KuCoin has created an incredible set of tools and services in order to service all of those clients (over 6 million and counting). A few of these features are discussed below.

1. Margin Trading

Use leverage to boost your profits. With KuCoin Trading Bot, you can automate your trading strategy so you don’t have to keep an eye on the market and make investments.

2. Margin Trading

Use leverage to boost your profits. With KuCoin Trading Bot, you can automate your trading strategy so you don’t have to keep an eye on the market and make investments.

3. A Diverse Range Of Cryptocurrencies

KuCoin supports over 500 different cryptocurrencies.

4. Different Payment Options

You can easily add money to your KuCoin wallet and buy cryptocurrency by using a bank transfer, credit card, Apple Pay, and lots of other payment options, including  third-party payment methods like BTC Direct,  Banxa, as well as Simplex

5. P2P Trading

Buying cryptocurrency directly from other users can be done with over 18 different payment methods.

6. KuCoin Win

Make little deposits to win big. Buy and keep the KuCoin token, KCS, to save costs and get incentives.

7. Advanced Trading Tools

Use advanced charting tools and complex order types to evaluate your trades and automate them.

8. Simple Interface

The “Buy Crypto” interface has Fast Buy, P2P trading, and third-party payment methods, so customers can buy cryptocurrency with just one click.

9. Crypto Derivatives

KuCoin crypto futures can be traded with up to 100x or more leverage.

10. KuCoin Leveraged Tokens

Enjoy leveraged trading without the need for a loan or the danger of liquidation.

11. KuCoin Make

Earn passive income by lending, investing, and staking your cryptocurrency. You may also participate in cloud mining or the KuCoin Pool.

12. A Spotlight on KuCoin

Another awesome feature that I love most is the KuCoin token launch platform, which gives early access to new tokens and crypto projects.

kucoin crypto exchange platform - comparewise

Aspects Of Kucoin That Aren’t Found Elsewhere

The platform has a number of features and programs that set it apart from other exchanges on the market that are about the same size.

In terms of bonuses, the site holds trade competitions on a regular basis, allowing all the top traders of the period to earn even more. Many of these contests give prizes to the top 50 users in terms of the number of digital assets they trade.

Another distinguishing aspect is the increased security on the platform that is provided by the Arwen protocol.

This platform employs technology that is similar or equal to Bitcoin’s Lightning Network, allowing users to retain complete control of their funds rather than having to entrust their cryptocurrency holdings to the exchange. Having better security while your bitcoin is stored on an exchange is a big plus.

Furthermore, there is a referral program that gives users the opportunity to earn money by referring others to the exchange. When a user invites another user to the exchange, the first user will receive up to 20% of the invited user’s trading fees for the first year on the platform.

KuCoin’s Referral Program

The KuCoin referral program allows users to earn money by convincing others to open an account with the exchange.

When a user invites another user to the exchange, the first user will get up to 20% of the recruited user’s trading expenses for the first year on the site.

If you know a large number of high-volume traders, the referral bonus might be worth a lot of money to you.

KuCoin Canada Registration and Verification Process

Up next in our KuCoin review, here’s how to sign up and verify your account on the platform.

1. Registration and Signup

KuCoin’s sign-up process is relatively straightforward because it is a crypto-only exchange. Follow the simple steps below for all of the information needed to create a new account, as well as an email address and even a phone number. That’s it, folks. After providing KuCoin with your email or phone number, you will be prompted to enter a verification code that was emailed to you.

kucoin review-registration and signup-comparewise

You’ll then be ready to begin trading. This is in stark contrast to many other transactions, which need personal identification and sometimes take weeks to authenticate your identity. That’s a huge benefit for anyone wishing to get started trading immediately.

kucoin review - asset overview-comparewise

2. Verification

You simply need to submit your email address to sign up and begin trading on KuCoin. There is a daily withdrawal restriction of 1 BTC or 400 CAD. You do not need to verify your account unless you desire larger withdrawal and trading limitations.

There are three verification tiers. Levels one and two are unverified. KYC is a very basic and quick procedure.

Step 1 Go to “KYC verification” in your account profile.

kucoin review - account verification - comparewise

Step 2 Press the “Start Verification” button.

You will now be asked to finish the process by providing your name and address. Next, select your ID document and input its ID number,

Step 3 Then click submit.

After that, you will be able to withdraw less money and can only trade up to 1400 USDT per day.

kucoin review - verify your identity - comparewise

To complete the whole verification procedure and receive even greater daily trading limits of 70,000 USDT and 200 BTC withdrawal, you must upload images of your ID as well as a photo with you holding a handwritten message. Again, the procedure is quick and easy.

What can be traded on the KuCoin Platform?

KuCoin provides a wide range of financial instruments in addition to crypto-to-crypto pairings. The platform, on the other hand, provides cryptocurrency indices, margin trading, and even futures.

Let’s dive in and take a look at each of the asset classes.

Crypto-to-Crypto Exchanges

KuCoin offers only crypto-to-crypto trading pairs, as it does not provide any fiat-denominated assets. To enter the crypto-to-USD market, you must first trade the desired coin against USDT.

If you’re a seasoned cryptocurrency trader, you’ll know that this is the industry norm, so you won’t have any problems with trading volumes or liquidity.

Indexes for KuCoin

KuCoin, in addition to standard crypto-cross pairings, provides a number of indices. The idea is that KuCoin will take the weighted average of a certain cryptocurrency across many major exchanges.

This is done in order to provide a more realistic price for the currency that is at stake since it accounts for the variances that are common between rival platforms.

Kucoin futures trading

The KuCoin Mercantile Exchange, which debuted in mid-2019, allows users to trade Bitcoin futures. KuCoin itself states that it intends to compete with BitMEX in this sector of the cryptocurrency derivative industry.

Because of this, you’ll be able to trade Bitcoin futures and have a large margin position of up to 100x.

In other words, a $100 account balance allows for a maximum trade value of $10,000. When it comes to the actual spot price, KuCoin uses the weighted average of many top exchanges, including Kraken, Coinbase Pro, and Bitstamp.

An In-depth Explanation of KuCoin Shares (KCS)

Kucoin Shares (KCS) are the exchange’s native token and provide users with several benefits for holding and staking the asset. Users that keep at least 6 KCS in their exchange account enjoy benefits such as dividends from the site’s daily received trading fees, decreased trading costs, and access to more trading pairs.

The most exciting aspect of the incentive system is the payouts. Fifty percent of the exchange’s daily trading costs are paid out to KCS holders in accordance with the number of shares they possess, with the aforementioned 6 KCS being the bare minimum.

The more your holdings, the greater your benefit. Payouts are made on a daily basis in KCS, which you may keep or swap for another asset of your choice.

If the exchange begins to see constant high trading activity and hence makes money on fees, there is the potential for large payouts to all investors.

To prevent KCS inflation, the exchange spends 10% of its net earnings to purchase back and burn KCS every quarter. This procedure will continue until just 100 million KCS remain in circulation. There are now around 171 million KCS remaining, with an original supply of 200 million following the first coin sale.

This is a big benefit for consumers, and many Kucoin evaluations mention it as one of the site’s best features. If you are a big-time trader with high-volume trading, you should think about investing in some KCS.

By keeping and possessing KCS tokens, you will become accustomed to several advantages.

This consists of:

kucoin mobile app - comparewise

KuCoin Reduced Trading Fees

One good benefit of having the KuCoin shares is the decreased trading costs. Importantly, while a normal cost of 0.1% is the lowest in the business, you have the ability to lower this by an extra 20%. Simply activate the KCS Pay Fee button and take advantage of the savings.

KuCoin Dividends

In addition to decreasing your trading charges, holding KuCoin Shares gives you the chance to earn dividends. In essence, KuCoin will distribute 50% of the daily trading commissions it receives from its users.

This is then allocated proportionally to each KuCoin shareholder. For instance, let’s suppose that you own 1 percent of the whole KCS supply. You would get $2,500 if the platform distributed $250,000 in commissions. You must hold at least six KCS in order to get dividends.

KuCoin Staking

Aside from KCS staking, KuCoin’s KuCoin Earn functionality allows you to stake other cryptocurrencies and earn passive revenue.

IDEA, USDT, BTC, DOT, ETH, XNL, ISP, HYDRA, XPRT, and ZIL are some of the top currencies you can stake on KuCoin. APYs vary depending on the crypto currency and the holding time.

Price Trends and KuCoin Share Purchases

Since reaching all-time highs in January 2018, it would be an understatement to say that KuCoin Shares’ value has plummeted. At a high of over $20 per token, the same tokens are currently available for less than $1 by mid-2020.

If you wish to acquire KuCoin shares, however, you can do so by exchanging them on the platform for an alternative cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum.

KuCoin Trading Fees

KuCoin’s trading costs are exceptionally low, comparable to those of the market leaders like Binance.US. This is due in part to the fact that Kucoin does not allow you to buy cryptocurrency using fiat currency, which is where other exchanges charge the most fees.

While all markets on the exchange have a 0.1 percent trading cost, consumers can get a lower rate by holding KuCoin Shares. Users receive a 1% charge reduction for every 1,000 shares they own. A maximum trading charge savings of 30% is available.

Kucoin Withdrawal Fees

KuCoin does not charge any fees associated with deposits. However, if you wish to withdraw your tokens from the exchange, you will be required to pay a fee that varies depending on the coin. You may also have to earn the minimum threshold. The table screenshot below is a list of some withdrawal fee samples dependent on the token that you select. The minimum quantities required and the associated costs are subject to variation dependent on market conditions.

kucoin review-kucoin withdrawal fees - comparewise

What Can You Buy and Sell on KuCoin?

On KuCoin, users have the ability to trade over 122 different kinds of cryptocurrencies. The following is a list of some of the most well-known digital assets that can be acquired on the KuCoin platform: The table below shows all the major assets you can trade on Kucoin.

Coins Available on KuCoin

Up next in our KuCoin review, here’s a list of the coins you can trade on the platform:

  • Bitcoin
  • Dash
  • NEO
  • Maker
  • DAO
  • Cosmos
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Tron
  • BNB Coin
  • Zcash
  • Ethereum
  • KuCoin Shares 
  • Tezos
  • Ripple EOS 
  • Tezos EOS 
  • Bitcoin SV
  • Litecoin
  • Cardano
  • BitTorrent Token
  • Monero

Applications That Are Supported By KuCoin

In addition to providing the capability to trade on all of the major desktop operating systems (MacOS, Windows, and Linux), i

It also has apps that are available on both the Android and iOS app stores. It also has an internal risk department that looks into any suspicious business that might be done on the website.

Because Kucoin offers such a large number of functions for trading, using it for the first time might be a little bit confusing for some people.

Smartphone applications are extremely crowded, making them more difficult to browse than on other platforms.

Kucoin Currency and Deposit Options for Canadian Traders

KuCoin does not accept fiat deposits since you cannot buy cryptocurrency with cash. To purchase most currencies on KuCoin, you must first purchase USDT.

You may purchase USDT on KuCoin through a third party like Simplex, but we do not suggest it because of the hefty costs. It is also safe to use your debit or credit card, but if you have a Canadian bank account, this may be tricky.

Most Canadian banks will not accept cryptocurrency transactions. The best approach to purchasing USDT is to utilize another cryptocurrency exchange using your preferred payment method, then send the USDT to KuCoin.

Once your USDT is on KuCoin, you can easily exchange it for hundreds of cryptocurrencies.

Security & Safety for Kucoin Canada

Is it safe for Canadians to use KuCoin? We believe so, but proceed with caution. While KuCoin is normally a secure and trustworthy crypto exchange to use, it did experience a theft in 2020 in which North Korean hackers stole $275 million in cryptocurrency.

Over $200 million was retrieved. Because there is minimal information on security on KuCoin’s website, trade with caution and move big quantities of cryptocurrency to a private crypto wallet.

I normally obtain cryptocurrencies and immediately transfer them to my wallet. In this instance, you are practically completely protected while saving money on fees.

KuCoin uses two-factor authentication to safeguard your account and will send you emails whenever a login is detected. You’ll also be prompted to create a trading password, which is a six-digit password that you must input before trading.

The Ontario Securities Commission declared in June 2021 that KuCoin was illegally promoting securities and derivatives trading to its people, but KuCoin did not reply.

kucoin wallet - comparewise

KuCoin Trading Bot

KuCoin also provides a trading bot that you can program to carry out your transactions automatically for you. You have the option of using Kucoin as follows:

The classic grid allows you to sell high and buy low.

  • The DCA, or dollar-cost-averaging strategy, in which you invest small amounts regularly instead of putting all your money into one big investment;
  • The Futures Grid, which allows you to leverage and go short if you anticipate a coin’s price will go down and go long if you anticipate it will go up; and
  • The Smart Rebalance strategy rebalances your stakes in order to keep your portfolio percentages optimal.

KuCoin’s disadvantages

The most significant downside of Kucoin is that it cannot be purchased using fiat cash. As a result, Kucoin is not the best platform for those who are new to cryptocurrencies.

 Kucoin, on the other hand, is aimed towards experienced cryptocurrency users wishing to diversify their holdings.

Most individuals purchase their cryptocurrency through an exchange, but Kucoin is simply not an option for new cryptocurrency users at this time.

 Instead, you’ll have to buy your cryptocurrency on another exchange (or some other method such as a crypto ATM, peer-to-peer exchange, or a personal connection).

Customer Care Service at KuCoin

KuCoin offers 24-hour customer assistance via email or through their online ticketing system. Its website also has a useful FAQ section.

However,  KuCoin has gotten a lot of bad reviews for its customer service. Many people have said that responses are too slow or useless, as if they were talking to a machine instead of a real person.

Is KuCoin secure and safe for Canadians?

KuCoin is a secure exchange that strives to keep your digital assets safe.

Despite the fact that the exchange was hacked in September 2020, KuCoins remained transparent about what happened and moved quickly to reimburse the damaged wallets. Insurance totally compensated all damages.

The following are the top KuCoin security features:

  • The vast bulk of cryptocurrency assets are kept offline in cold storage.
  • OnChain Custodian, a firm that securely keeps crypto assets housed on the exchange, is a partner.
  • Lockton insurance to safeguard your finances from cybercrime.
  • Runs a bug bounty program to find and correct system flaws.
  • Encourages users to utilize two-factor authentication and a secondary password while trading.
  • To avoid phishing attempts, send anti-phishing codes through email.
  • Based on the facts shown above, one can conclude that the KuCoin exchange is secure and reputable.

The Pros of Kucoin Explained

Our KuCoin review wouldn’t be complete without covering the best parts of the user experience. Here are some KuCoin pros.

Earning interest on cryptocurrency: Users of KuCoin have the ability to generate interest on their cryptocurrency by staking particular assets and also lending these to others and charging interest for the use of such assets. Accumulating incentives might be a beneficial way to increase the size of your cryptocurrency holdings.

KuCoin provides access to over 600 different cryptocurrencies: In contrast to other exchanges, which may only provide a couple of dozen cryptocurrencies that may be traded, KuCoin provides access to over 600 different cryptocurrencies.

KuCoin has very cheap trading costs in comparison to other large exchanges, making it an attractive option for traders. Users should expect to pay a fee ranging from 0.0125 percent to 0.10 percent for each exchange.

kucoin illustration - comparewise

The Cons of Kucoin Explained

When making this KuCoin review we also found some areas for improvement. Here’s some KuCoin cons.

KuCoin is not regulated in the United States: As a result of this, so many users in the U.S. don’t use the platform, but rather they look for alternative exchanges.

Dismal customer ratings: While unfavorable evaluations are frequent on cryptocurrency exchanges, KuCoin’s user reviews are particularly poor. Reviewers report withdrawal troubles, poor customer service, and market manipulation.

Top 5 KuCoin alternatives In Canada


  • Serving 350,000+ Canadians
  • Over $4 billion traded
  • Refer a friend and get $40

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1. Bitbuy

To begin, Bitbuy charges extremely low trading fees: only 0.1 percent for transactions completed via their sophisticated trading platform. It works with more than 25 different cryptocurrencies, verifies accounts quickly, is proud of its helpful customer service staff, and has a beautiful, well-reviewed interface.


Bitbuy has completed over $4 billion in deals on behalf of its 400,000+ Canadian users. It is an Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) Registered Marketplace and Investment Dealer, which means it is a very safe and secure exchange with large liquidity for all trading and order sizes.


  • Smart trade feature for quick trading
  • Instant account verification
  • Fund through e-transfer

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2. CoinSmart

For Canadians seeking a crypto exchange, CoinSmart is a reputable second alternative to KuCoin.

Just like BitBuy, CoinSmart’ also has a trading fee of 0.2%. Customer service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week via phone, live chat, and email, and accounts are verified quickly.

coinsmart platfrom-comparewise

CoinSmart is a registered marketplace by the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC), a money services business with FINTRAC, and a member of the anti-money laundering association TRUST, therefore it’s a safe exchange.

They have a 95% cold storage policy, and being a public corporation, their financials are reviewed annually.


  • Over 35 cryptocurrencies available
  • Cheapest crypto exchange, 0% deposit & withdrawal fees
  • Fund using e-transfer

Buy and sell in just minutes on Canada’s #1 platform - Claim this offer

3. Coinberry

This is another good alternative to Kucoin for Canadians. Coinberry accepts 18 cryptocurrencies and has no fees for making deposits in CAD or withdrawals.

coinberry crypto trading - comparewise

Users can deposit money with just one click using credit cards and INTERAC e-transfers. Coinberry hasn’t become as popular as Bitbuy, but it’s still a great and safe exchange.

Coinberry Autopilot, is another great feature of this platform that allows users to acquire cryptocurrencies automatically using the time-tested investment approach known as dollar cost averaging, and is one of the most popular services among Coinberry users.

The dollar cost average is one of the best-performing investment techniques on the globe, and Coinberry is Canada’s only crypto exchange that offers it.


  • Accessible in most countries
  • Stacking capabilities to earn interest
  • Several tiers of Visa cards

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4. Crypto.com

Crypto.com is a major worldwide player that provides Canadian crypto investors with a mature, reliable exchange. It supports over 100 cryptocurrencies, making it an excellent choice for anybody wishing to invest in new altcoins before the crowds.

banner-crypto.com review - comparewise

Crypto.com has various features that no other Canadian cryptocurrency exchange has. Users may trade options and futures contracts, earn interest by staking their currencies, and use up to 10x leverage when they are confident in a currency.

Crypto.com has also spent significantly in platform security, making dealing with them incredibly safe. The exchange is extremely fast (prices update hundreds of times per second), giving day traders an advantage over the rest of the market.


  • Zero deposit fees for e-transfer or wire transfer
  • Zero trade fees, trade fast and free
  • Trade 25+ cryptocurrencies for free

Start trading 25+ cryptocurrencies fast and free with no fees - Claim this offer

5. VirgoCX

VirgoCX, based in Toronto, is another of the greatest Canadian cryptocurrency exchanges. Its users enjoy that it supports 50+ coins, making it one of the most diverse exchanges on this list.

virgocx crypto app - comparewise

Even for beginners, the super awesome VirgoCX trading platform as well as its mobile app are simple to use. It has live chat and email support for customers round-the-clock. It also has a large FAQ section on its website.

VirgoCX does not charge any deposit or withdrawal fees for fiat currency and pays the first $6 in mining expenses for ERC20 withdrawals.

It requires two-factor authentication for all accounts and follows a 95 percent cold storage policy to keep your money safe at all times.

Kucoin Review Verdict

Is KuCoin a genuine cryptocurrency? Yes (technically, it’s illegal in Ontario, but Ontarians can still use it).

While you can’t buy crypto directly with Canadian dollars on KuCoin (at least not quickly or cheaply), it’s still a terrific crypto exchange that Canadians can utilize. KuCoin is a site that provides hundreds of alternative currencies.

However, it is not beginner-friendly; if you are just beginning your crypto journey, we prefer CoinSmart because they have numerous coins and the correct tool for both beginners and professionals.

All you have to do is purchase USDT from another exchange and then transfer it to KuCoin for exceptionally low-cost transactions. While we’re not sure how safe and compliant KuCoin is, we believe it’s ideal for trading esoteric cryptocurrencies.

To ensure your cryptocurrency’s protection, we recommend transferring it from KuCoin to a private wallet. Rather, KuCoin is an excellent crypto site for purchasing cryptocurrencies. Thanks for checking out this KuCoin review.

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FAQs about KuCoin

What is the KuCoin Dividend System?

The KuCoin Dividend System allows holders of KuCoin Shares to earn as the KuCoin exchange rises in popularity. 50 percent of all trading fees received by KuCoin are allocated equitably to KuCoin Shares holders based on the amount of token held.

Why is KuCoin running so many promotions?

KuCoin runs several promotions in order to increase market share. KuCoin is a latecomer to the cryptocurrency exchange industry, having been established in late 2017. Because liquidity is an important part of any exchange, KuCoin wants to bring in more money.

Can I trust KuCoin with my money?

KuCoin is a highly regulated platform and a popular global exchange. But the issue remains, is KuCoin secure? And the answer is that it is entirely safe and lawful. The trading platform accepts users from most countries. However, traders must first comply with the cryptocurrency rules of their particular country before using the KuCoin website or mobile app. For further information, see the website's FAQ area.

Can Americans use KuCoin?

Yes, KuCoin may be used by US citizens. However, KuCoin is not regulated in the United States, and users may encounter difficulties with US regulators.

Is KuCoin suitable for newcomers?

Yes, KuCoin provides both basic and complicated trading platforms to suit all sorts of investors. However, the site is jam-packed with features that may be bewildering to cryptocurrency newcomers.

Is KuCoin required to file tax returns with the CRC?

KuCoin provides a room for cryptocurrency holders to declare taxes on earnings generated from cryptocurrency ownership. Individuals can file their taxes with the CRC or its equivalent depending on their nation of residence.

What is the safest and best way to buy crypto in Canada?

The easiest method to acquire bitcoin in Canada is through one of our top two cryptocurrency exchanges: Bitbuy, Kucoin, or CoinSmart. Read our reviews above before deciding which trading platform is best for you. Both programs have different features and benefits.

How do I fund my KuCoin account?

Depositing and withdrawing funds from KuCoin is straightforward. To make a deposit, users can use a credit card or debit card, as well as SEPA or Apple Pay. Credit card purchases are possible on the KuCoin platform.

October 6, 2022
Fact Checked

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