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Start building your crypto portfolio on Canada’s most secure trading platform - Claim this offer

NDAX.io Review (April 2024) – Pros, Cons, Features, & Pricing

NDAX is an exchange platform for cryptocurrencies that is situated in Calgary and makes it possible for anybody to get digital assets. To someone who is completely new to the cryptocurrency industry, the world of crypto might seem complicated and full of nuances.

The purchasing and selling procedure for cryptocurrency fans of all skill levels has been streamlined thanks to NDAX’s efforts. On a site that is intuitive and simple to use, beginners may obtain instant access to the world’s 26 most popular cryptocurrencies.

Those who have been trading cryptocurrency for some time might benefit from more advanced features and more complex trading tools. Because it caters to the needs of a diverse user base, NDAX is widely regarded as one of the leading cryptocurrency exchange platforms in Canada. Check out our NDAX.io review to learn all about it.

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Last Updated: Apr 13, 2024


  • Instantly buy crypto with low 0.2% trading fees
  • Lowest fees in Canada plus earn more with staking
  • Largest portfolio of coins in Canada

Start building your crypto portfolio on Canada’s most secure trading platform - Claim this offer

How to Get Started with the NDAX

To begin the process of establishing an account on NDAX, one of the first things you will need to do is choose the nation in which you currently live. After that, you will need to provide your first and last names, username, email address, and password.

NDAX is available to individuals from all over the globe. After you have validated your password, shown that you are above the age of 18, and accepted the terms and conditions, you will be able to start using the primary trading platform.

After you have completed the first step of the registration procedure, an activation email will be sent to you. After you have activated your account, you will get an email confirming your membership along with a message asking you to verify your identity.

Verifying Your NDAX Account

After you have successfully registered and signed in, one of the first tasks you will need to do is the step that requires you to verify your identify. To establish an account with NDAX, you will need to complete this step by providing all of the relevant information that is listed on their website.

It is quite typical for authorized cryptocurrency exchanges, and there is no need for concern about this development. It is necessary for them to have this information, which is referred to as Know Your Customer information, in order for them to be in compliance with the financial legislation in Canada.

In order to begin the process of opening an account, you will be required to provide some information. You will also be required to supply your real address. It is not required that you provide your Social Security Number, although doing so might help speed up the verification process.

After you have chosen your physical location using an address-finder list, you will be prompted to answer a series of questions regarding the purpose of your account opening, the nature of your employment, and how you became aware of NDAX.

These questions will follow after you have chosen your physical location. After you have finished entering the extra information, you will be shown a summary of the information you have submitted, and then you will be prompted to verify your phone number using either the Call Me or the SMS function.

At long last, you will be sent to the page where you may submit a photo ID and have your identity confirmed. You will get an email asking you to correct the information if there are any inconsistencies in the data.

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Verification occurs relatively rapidly if all of the information is right, with enabling averaging from automatic to one business day on average. If all of the information is correct.

After your account has been validated, you will have the option to make your first deposit using either cryptocurrencies or the Canadian dollar-denominated bank account of your choosing.


When it comes to selecting an exchange platform, one of the most crucial elements to take into consideration is the costs, so let’s get right down to business and discuss them. The NDAX platform’s cheap trading costs are often regarded as one of the exchange’s most attractive qualities.

They are one of the cryptocurrency exchanges that have the lowest transaction fees, at just 0.2 percent, whether you are buying or selling crypto. This makes them one of the least costly options available.

This is wonderful news for newcomers and people who have less money to invest. It’s possible that some other exchanges may promote free deals, but the spread will end up costing you. A spread is the difference in price between the buy price of a cryptocurrency coin and the selling price of that cryptocurrency coin.

Another way to think about a spread is as the difference between the amount of cryptocurrency you want to buy and the amount of cryptocurrency you actually get when the trade is settled. There are several exchanges that will promote their free trading. However, it is not entirely accurate.

Every platform earns money off of the transactions you make however some of them just disguise the charge as part of the spread. Regarding the manner in which they price and collect their trading fees, NDAX is forthright and honest.

The NDAX platform will charge you 0.2 percent of the value of your transaction if you choose to trade at the 0.2 percent commission rate. This indicates that the greater the transaction, the higher the price you’ll pay.

The NDAX trading charge is excellent news for novice traders who are just starting out with a lesser amount of capital and are making fewer deals. Because the charge is in direct proportion to the total value of the transaction, the impact on their earnings will be mitigated to some degree.

For experienced traders who want to know precisely how much their transactions will cost, this avoids the stress and problems that might arise from not having enough information.

It is good that NDAX is entirely open and honest about its prices, which enables consumers to make well-informed choices.

Because of this, they have included a charge calculator on their website, which enables you to determine in advance the precise amount that a transaction will set you back. That is a very helpful function, and also it’s very rare.

However, before you can purchase any cryptocurrency, you will need to first load your account with the appropriate amount.

There are three different methods that you may fund your NDAX account, and none of them will cost you anything. However if you decide to make a withdrawal from your account NDAX will charge you a fixed fee of $25.

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Is NDAX Regulated?

In the context of the cryptocurrency market in Canada, “yes,” the exchange qualifies as a regulated company. At the moment, it is responsible for handling thousands of active merchants from the nation.

Additionally, the platform is setting new records in terms of how quickly it has become an end-to-end completely compliant cryptocurrency trading platform.

The restrictions that were established by the local financial authorities in Canada are adhered to by the exchange as well. The NDAX brand identifies itself as a “Money Service Business” in its official corporate registration.

This MSB complies with the many financial laws that are in effect in Canada. For instance, the National Derivatives Association abides with the Proceeds of Crime (Money Laundering) law as well as the Terrorist Financing Act.

It assures that there are no fraudulent activities taking place on the site by adhering to these regulations.

Compliance with the regulatory framework established by the Financial Transactions and Reports and Analysis Centre of Canada was achieved by NDAX as of the year 2020.

Assets Listed on NDAX

The exchange provides its customers with access to a variety of fintech goods. Within the realm of decentralized finance (DeFi), the primary service that this platform offers is a secure cryptocurrency wallet. The cryptocurrency wallet provided by NDAX is a trustworthy example of a hot wallet.

It uses online storage services to hold the monies that its customers have contributed. The offline cold storage is where both the private and public keys to the cryptocurrency assets are kept. This product also comes in a cold form, which allows consumers to save a significant portion of their digital riches in cold crypto wallets.

This best crypto wallets solution not only stores your cryptocurrency but also helps you to make long-term investments. The NDAX Product Wealth is the second important product that this platform has available. The over-the-counter trading of digital assets is carried out using an internet platform called NDAX Wealth.

This cryptocurrency trading desk and its over-the-counter services have been purpose-built to assist investors in making high-volume deals of more over $200,000 in value.

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Services Offered By NDAX

The exchange’s financial services primarily comprise assisting institutions with cryptocurrency trading and brokerage services. These services are supplied by the exchange.

This platform offers institutional customers executive services and assists them in gaining the required consultation to accurately determine their trading requirements and investment objectives.

In terms of facilitating communication, the platform assists with the recording of trade dates as well as the creation of Slack channels.

Additionally, communication options are made available via the platform, making the community more proactive and accessible. The primary purpose of these executive services is to take advantage of the lock-in advantages of crypto staking.

The consumers have the ability to activate these services and get a guaranteed set return on any BTC or ETH that they have invested. Additionally, the platform prevents prices from being allowed to slip.

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods on NDAX

The NDAX account is the only one that deals in Canadian dollars, hence the options for making deposits and withdrawals are quite restricted. Both fiat currency and cryptocurrency deposits are accepted on the site. However, assistance is only provided for deposits made in Canadian dollars (CAD).

It is not possible to directly add any kind of fiat cash from another country to an NDAX secure account. This sum of money will only be placed in Canadian dollars once it has been converted using up-to-the-minute exchange rates by the platform.

Deposit Methods Accepted by NDAX

The good news is that there is no charge associated with any safe deposit at NDAX. There are no additional costs charged from the deposit. Users are able to deposit their fiat cash into their accounts by Interac e-Transfer, bank draft, or wire transfer using the platform.

The procedure of making an electronic transfer is instantaneous and should not take more than twenty minutes, even in the worst case scenario. The clearing process for wire transfers and bank drafts might take up to one business day.

NDAX Withdrawal Methods

Transfers to your bank account are the sole method for making withdrawals, and only Canadian dollars are accepted. Because the site levies a withdrawal cost of $25 each transaction, customers are encouraged to conduct large-scale withdrawals once or twice per month in order to avoid incurring ongoing withdrawal fees.

Accepted Methods of Payment on NDAX

On the NDAX account, the primary form of payment that is accepted is an Interac e-Transfer. The electronic funds transfer service that is provided here makes it possible for customers of banks and other financial institutions in Canada to deposit money into their NDAX trading accounts.

The Interac Corporation serves as the moderator for these transactions. As is the case with many exchanges, the site allows for payments to be made using bank drafts and wire transfers from a variety of Canadian banks.

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Is NDAX Safe to use?

Since you have finally been able to get some bitcoin for yourself, you may be curious as to whether or not it will be secure in your wallet. Because NDAX is a custodial platform, it implies that the company is responsible for protecting and keeping your cryptocurrency on your behalf.

That is a wonderful feature for those who are just starting off. Crypto novices may feel overwhelmed when faced with the prospect of opening their own hot or cold wallet, moving their cryptocurrency in and out, and keeping their assets secure.

You need to be familiar with technology, comprehend how computer networks and blockchains operate, and under no circumstances should you ever lose the seed phrase associated with your cryptocurrency wallet. In the event that you make a mistake, there is no way back from it.

Transactions made with cryptocurrency cannot be canceled. Your digital assets will be kept safe in cold storage thanks to the fact that NDAX has collaborated with Ledger Vault. Cold storage services for people and institutions are provided by Ledger Vault, a third-party company.

The company insures the digital assets that are in their care against loss due to hacking, fraud, theft from inside the company, and hardware failure.

A cutting-edge technique known as Multi-Party Computation provides the same level of protection and insurance for assets that are left on an exchange and stored in a “hot wallet.”

Multi-Party Computation is a method of security that has been acknowledged by the industry and is used to secure cryptocurrencies held in hot wallets from both internal and external malicious actors.

It is a very difficult process “that requires multiple parties to perform mathematical computations in order to create distributed shares, which come together to compute a public key and wallet address to store digital assets.” This process requires multiple parties to perform mathematical computations in order to create distributed shares.

In addition, Distributed Denial-of-Service-Protection (DDoS), which defends the platform against hacking and other forms of malicious assault, has been introduced by NDAX. This platform is managed over a number of separate servers, each of which is kept separate from the others and is supervised nonstop.

In the event that even a single server comes under assault, the user’s digital assets are removed from the network entirely. For the maximalists in the world of crypto who live by the motto “not your keys, not your crypto.”

It is possible for you to move your bitcoin off of our site and into another cryptocurrency wallet. The fees are broken down per currency type and may be seen on the website.

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Who should use NDAX?

NDAX provides Canadians with access to a sophisticated suite of trading tools for cryptocurrencies. All trading pairings are conducted in Canadian dollars.

The user interface of the platform is simple and straightforward, making it suitable for use by both novice and seasoned traders. The user interface is simple to use, yet there are some more advanced functions hidden behind its surface.

Tradable assets

You have the ability to trade a variety of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin (BTC/CAD), Ethereum (ETH/CAD), Ripple (XRP/CAD), Litecoin (LTC/CAD), Dogecoin (DOGE/CAD), and Cardano (ADA/CAD).

Additionally, a variety of other cryptocurrencies, including as EOS, Stellar, Tether, Chainlink, Polkadot, and Uniswap, are listed on NDAX.

Their offering is a reliable collection of digital assets that cover the essentials for novice investors while also providing experienced investors with access to more speculative investment opportunities.

NDAX is not the same as Binance, though. Therefore, if you are looking for a cryptocurrency exchange that will offer any and all newly issued alternative cryptocurrencies you will need to go elsewhere.


NDAX was the first domestic Canadian exchange to provide the much-requested function of staking when it did so in February 2022. This was a significant accomplishment for the exchange. On NDAX, staking may be done using the cryptocurrencies Ethereum, Cardano, and Polkadot.

The yields are comparable to those that are offered by other businesses. It is really straightforward and quick to use, which is exactly what I have come to anticipate from NDAX.

The formation of the contract is a pretty simple process, and there is no complicated legalese involved. The versatility of staking on NDAX is likely one of the aspects that investors value most highly. You may pick a plan that allows you to stake your assets for up to 36 months, at which point you will be able to promptly un-stake them.

NDAX has informed that they want to broaden the scope of what may be staked in the future. This is true despite the fact that there are other exchanges where you have access to a greater variety of staking options.

NDAX Review: The Pros and Cons of NDAX

Next in our NDAX.io review we’ll go over the pros and cons of the exchange platform.

NDAX.io Pros

NDAX is a good exchange for beginners who want to learn how to trade and grow into becoming a professional trader because it has all of the tools and support mechanisms for growing one’s portfolio into a nice position. NDAX also caters to beginners who want to learn how to trade and grow into becoming a professional trader.

On the other hand, it does not provide all of the trading opportunities that other decentralized exchanges, such as Uniswap and Pancakeswap, provide. In this particular instance, it provides access to 26 different trading pairs using the Canadian Dollar on projects that have been thoroughly investigated, examined, and analyzed.

As a result, the risks associated with the transactions are less volatile than those associated with decentralized exchanges. On these exchanges, significantly less due diligence has been undertaken over the verifiability of the projects and tokens.

After engaging in a couple of transactions in which Bitcoin was converted into Canadian dollars and then back into Bitcoin, we were able to generate a tiny profit by selling high and purchasing low. This resulted in a profit of 43 cents out of a total expenditure of $50. However, other than an over-the-counter service, they did not offer any incentives for high-volume trading.

ndax dashboard - comparewise

However, they did offer an affiliate program for referral income, which included bonus money and commission from referrals made through an affiliate program link. The commissions were reasonable; however, they did not offer any incentives for high-volume trading.

Users who participate in the affiliate program have the chance to distribute their link not only directly through the html link, but also through the various social media platforms.

Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Telegram, and WhatsApp are just some of the channels that you may share to so that people can spread the word about NDAX via affiliate marketing.

Other channels include Telegram and WhatsApp. This is an excellent method for the exchange to expand their reach without having to invest a significant amount of money on marketing.

The exchange provides customers with the chance to establish their notification preferences, which includes the choices to screen Newsletters, Products and Promotions, Blog Posts, Transactions, and a great deal of other information.

This is just one of the many advantages of using the exchange. Connecting your bank account and establishing one-time or reoccurring purchases of cryptocurrency as part of an automated system is one of the favorite features.

Using the Dollar Cost Average (DCA) approach of investing is now possible thanks to this. The market for cryptocurrency is known for its high levels of volatility and strong price activity. When you use the dollar-cost-averaging strategy, you spread out your cryptocurrency purchases over a longer period of time and make purchases at a range of different prices.

Instead of putting all of your money into a single investment at a single price point, you spread out the spending over a longer period of time and make smaller purchases at an average price. This is an excellent investing plan for those who are just starting out or for anybody else who does not have a large amount of cash on hand.

NDAX.io Cons

The NDAX exchange did have some disadvantages, such as the fact that it required users to provide more information during the registration process and did not provide any further currency trading pairings.

Although the 26 pairings that were made available were strong, solid, and well-vetted projects, it did not include any of the riskier projects in the sector, which is something that some of the more skilled traders like trading into.

Although it did not feature any futures options, derivatives, or staking possibilities, it did have a beautiful clean structure for basic trading that was suitable for users at all levels of experience, from beginners to intermediates.

Once the account was cleared, trading, depositing, withdrawing, and canceling the account, were not difficult in the least. However, the stringent KYC is somewhat of a barrier.


Overall Experience and Support

NDAX is a good starting exchange for Canadians who want to get in on some solid projects in the cryptocurrency space because it works with Canadian banks and accepts deposits from a wide range of cryptocurrencies.

Also it offers a wide variety of settings, which is simply allowing customers to personalize their trading experience, and it is fully compatible with the majority of banks in Canada as mentioned.

There are investors who are beginners and also few that are experienced who did not need to use the live chat support because everything was pretty convenient, and any questions that they did have could be answered on the blog or by searching the frequently asked questions section of the website.

The platform provided standard security across the board, and live agents were available for chat. In general, the exchange is reliable, risk-free, and secure, and it provides access to some of the most exciting opportunities for cryptocurrency investments.

Because the majority of the projects listed on NDAX were chosen based on performance ratings and vetted for quality assurance, even investors with little to no experience could make a decent portfolio in the long term, between two and four years, by investing in any of the projects listed on NDAX.

NDAX.io Review Conclusion

NDAX is without a doubt the most reliable cryptocurrency exchange and service provider in Canada. This trading platform for a national digital asset market is not just user-friendly but also geared to assist experienced traders in making advanced orders.

In addition to the NDAX order book and trading tools, the platform provides access to a substantial liquidity pool and is responsible for the management of thousands of OTC deals.

NDAX is a popular location for crypto aficionados in Canada because to its cheap trading costs and the fact that it does not charge any fees for deposits. If only this platform were accessible in further nations, it would accomplish wonders for everyone involved.

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NDAX.io Alternatives

Not convinced NDAX.io is right for you? You might consider using another crypto exchange, such as:

Thanks for checking out our NDAX.io review!

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FAQs about NDAX.io

Can you trust NDAX?

Yes, the websites, online apps, and mobile apps that are offered by Canadian cryptocurrency exchanges are very reputable and dependable routes of access.

How can I remove money from my NDAX account?

There are two options, an e-transfer using Interac and a wire transfer. Users are also able to withdraw their digital assets and move them to a new cryptocurrency wallet if they so want.

Which cryptocurrencies are supported by NDAX?

NDAX now supports 13 different digital currencies, all of which may be purchased or sold using either Canadian or US Dollars. BTC, ETH, LTC, ADA, XRP, BCH, UNI, DOGE, USDT, LINK, DOT, XLM, and EOS are among of the assets that are now accessible to be traded. On the exchange, any currency may be exchanged for either CAD or USDT against other currencies. There is no provision for instantaneous trading between other cryptocurrencies or for trading against BTC or ETH.

What kind of security does the NDAX wallet offer?

Users in Canada need not be concerned about their safety. The firm is subject to oversight from the relevant authorities in the Canadian financial sector and has not been hacked as of yet.

Is NDAX a reputable cryptocurrency trading platform?

The NDAX is a fantastic exchange for traders who are searching for a marketplace that provides both safety and rapid transaction processing. NDAX's mission is to provide traders, high-net-worth individuals, and institutions with the safest and most streamlined trading experience possible. Retail investors get advantages from the stringent requirements that must be met in order to service large transactions. In order to meet the most stringent requirements for the safety of digital assets, NDAX stores the bulk of its users' money in an offline wallet that requires multiple signatures.

October 29, 2023
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