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Nexo Review (June 2024) – Get a $100 Welcome Bonus

The initial version of the platform was made available to the public in 2018, and over the course of the last several years, it has been steadily gaining more interest in the cryptocurrency market. Antoni Trenchev is the guy behind the creation of Nexo and now holds the position of managing partner at the firm. In this Nexo review, you’ll learn all the details about the platform.

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Last Updated: Jun 07, 2024


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Nexo’s objective is to employ bitcoin assets as a replacement for the services offered by traditional financial institutions. The company’s slogan is “Banking on Crypto,” and the company’s purpose is stated in the same way.

Nexo promotes the idea of a system in which users not only have the ability to borrow fiat cash using their cryptocurrency but also have the ability to lend their own cryptocurrency to other users. In addition to this, they have the ability to make deposits, to lend money, and to earn interest on their cryptocurrency holdings.

In addition to this, they have quick access to fiat cash that is not contingent on their credit ratings. Nexo is one of the platforms for lending money that does not do any kind of credit check on borrowers before issuing a loan in fiat cash or any stablecoin. Let’s get into our Nexo review.

In order for the Nexo lending system to function, it must first make bitcoin loans available to other firms. Nexo is a fantastic application that gives its users the ability to borrow money and earn interest on the money they save.

Because Nexo is built on blockchain technology, all of its commercial transactions are transparent and easily available to anybody who is interested. In addition to this, it simplifies the processing of smart contracts on Ethereum and also keeps the tokenized data that is relevant to the transactions that are being processed.

When using Nexo, the user must first deposit the supported cryptocurrency into their wallet, and then choose the manner in which they want to lend it out. In other words, people decide how they will use the peer-to-peer market on their own will.

The whole of the system was developed to automatically ensure liquidity while also allowing for higher levels of flexibility than a conventional bank.

Customers have the ability to easily get fiat cash if they so want, while at the same time maintaining ownership of their digital financial assets because to the accessibility provided by the network. At present time, Nexo is compatible with thirty-five different cryptocurrencies such as XRP, Cardano, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and many more.

Additionally, payments made in EUR, ETH, BTC, and USD may be made using NEXO tokens on this platform. The technology that underpins the Nexo blockchain makes it possible for the platform to operate with unwavering transparency at its core.

It maintains any and all pertinent tokenized data for transactions, and it makes the process of going via Ethereum’s smart contract architecture as seamless as possible. Not to mention that the fact that ERC-20 is the underlying protocol for the NEXO cryptocurrency lends credence to the concept of interest-covered securities.

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Nexo Loans

The procedure of obtaining a loan via Nexo is quite simple and streamlined, and the interest rates are among the most affordable in the industry, regardless of whether you use their website or their mobile app.

After making a collateral deposit into Nexo in the form of Bitcoin, Ether, or any of the other 21 possible cryptocurrency alternatives, the user is immediately approved for a credit line that may be adjusted according to their needs via an application procedure that is entirely computerized.

The fact that all of the loans are overcollateralized with the users’ bitcoin holdings enables this process to be expedited, which in turn enables it to be simplified. A reduction in the amount of interest that must be paid is made available to customers who pledge NEXO tokens as security.

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The funds from a user’s loan may be deposited into the user’s bank account or loaded onto the user’s Nexo debit card. The annual percentage rate for these loans begins at 5.9 percent.

There is no need for a minimum payback amount, nor are there any hidden fees; nonetheless, Nexo has the right to seize the user’s collateral in the event that the user is unable to return the loan in a timely way. However, there are still quite a few points of centralization involved in this process as it stands today. Smart contracts for the loans supplied by Nexo are also accessible on the blockchain.

The particular cryptocurrency asset that is being put down as collateral will determine the maximum amount of money that a user will be allowed to borrow against their cryptocurrency deposit. Customers who deposit Bitcoin or Ether, for instance, have the ability to borrow more than 50 percent of the value of their collateral, but users who deposit Stellar Lumens will only be able to borrow 17 percent of the value of their deposit.

The liquidity and volatility associated with each asset determine the different loan-to-value ratios that are accessible with that asset. By doing so, Nexo is able to provide a buffer for its consumers, protecting them from the risk of experiencing a loss in the value of any cryptocurrency holdings they may have.

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How to Apply for a Nexo Loan

Next in our Nexo review we’ll go over the steps you can take to get a Nexo loan.

1. Deposit cryptocurrency assets into your Nexo account

A Nexo account is the very first thing you need to have in order to be eligible for a Nexo loan. Sign up in order to establish your account. After you have completed the process of opening your account, you will be obligated to transfer some of the bitcoin you already own into the account.

The platform is continuously expanding its support for well-known alternative cryptocurrencies. You are able to deposit a variety of important cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, amongst others.

Nexo, on the other hand, does not enable wrapped coins, which are currencies that represent coins from another blockchain. The transfer of such assets might result in a loss that is irreversible.

While you are making deposits of crypto assets, it is important to keep in mind that if you choose to take out a fiat loan against stablecoins, you will be required to cover at least fifty percent of the loan with crypto-collaterals such as BTC or ETH. The need is in accordance with the criteria that are stipulated under the laws that prevent money laundering.

2. There are no credit checks, and you can get a credit line right away.

It is vital to keep in mind that while there are no credit checks required to receive Nexo loans and the funds are transferred immediately, you will still be required to go through a basic/advanced verification process in the “My Profile” part of the website.

You can also be required to produce corroborating evidence, such as documentation that can testify to the provenance of the cash you claim to have.

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3. There are two options for financing asset classes provided

After completing the verification process, you will be required to choose the “Withdraw Funds From Credit Line” option in the next screen. On this page, you will be able to see the remaining loan balance that is still accessible to you.

You will have the opportunity to choose one of two distinct financing options available for asset classes. The first alternative is to take out the loan in a fiat currency, which will need you to provide the address of your bank account.

The second choice is to obtain the disbursal in USDT or USDC, which requires you to submit an address for a loan in stablecoins. This option is only available if you want to acquire the loan in stablecoins. It is possible for crypto-assets to be automatically moved from one wallet to another in the event that the credit line wallet does not have an enough amount of collateral to cover the loan.

BitGo, a custodian vetted and licensed by the SEC, is protecting all of Nexo’s cryptocurrency holdings.

You have the freedom to spend money from the credit line whenever you choose, but the annual percentage rate will be 5.9 percent for any amount that you spend from the credit line. The procedure does not need any minimum repayments and there are no hidden expenses involved.

You will have the ability to make repayments whenever you desire, and your interest will be deducted from the total amount of your available limit.

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Who Does Nexo Serve?

Nexo offers a wide array of services, making it a potentially attractive choice for a lot of people who want to invest in cryptocurrencies. If you want to acquire bitcoin, Nexo is a good choice since you can earn cashback on your cryptocurrency purchases and trades.

Additionally, it is an excellent choice for those who may be interested in taking out a loan secured by their bitcoin holdings. It is quite evident that Nexo desires its clients to use Nexo as a one-stop-shop due to the manner in which the Nexo Token is included into each and every one of its offerings.

If you have Nexo Tokens in your portfolio, you will get improved benefits while using the other services of the site. Additionally, naturally, the more bitcoin you have in your Nexo wallet, the more you are able to borrow and spend as you like. Unfortunately, Nexo has discontinued its interest-bearing accounts, which was one of the company’s most sought-after offerings in the past.

Therefore, customers who expressly desire such functionality in a cryptocurrency platform will either need to switch to a different platform to use in the meantime or wait for the new account to become available.

What Services does Nexo Offer?

Here’s the most important part of our Nexo review. Nexo is a platform that provides users with access to a variety of cryptocurrency-related services, such as the opportunity to purchase and sell cryptocurrency, borrow money secured by bitcoin, spend straight from a Nexo account, and more.

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Buy Crypto

Nexo is a cryptocurrency exchange that provides customers with the opportunity to acquire coins while also earning up to 0.5 percent cashback on their purchases. The firm provides support for about forty of the digital currencies that are now the most well-known, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and its very own Nexo Token.

To be eligible for cashback on purchases, you need to have at least one percent of your total portfolio invested in Nexo coins. The amount of cashback you may receive on each transaction is determined by your loyalty tier. The firm advertises that there are no hidden costs, outstanding market pricing, and a straight on-ramp for USD transactions.

Exchange Crypto

You may also use the Nexo account to swap any two cryptocurrencies that are supported. More than three hundred market pairings may be traded, and this number includes more than one hundred unusual pairs that are difficult to obtain in other places.

In the same way that you may get cashback when you purchase cryptocurrency, you can earn up to 0.5 percent cashback when you trade cryptocurrencies based on the loyalty tier you are currently a part of. To make advantage of this function, all you need to do is go to the exchange section of the Nexo platform, choose the currency you want to trade, and then choose the currency you would like to exchange it for. The change takes effect immediately.

Get a loan

Borrowing against your existing bitcoin holdings is one of the most innovative tools offered by Nexo. By using this function, you will be able to have access to cash without having to first liquidate your coins. There is no need to worry about your credit score since there are no credit checks, no origination fees, and no necessary monthly payments.

Interest rates start as low as 0%. Depending on the total value of your cryptocurrency holdings, you may borrow anything from $50 all the way up to $2 million.

It is essential to be aware that much as when you borrow in a conventional brokerage account, Nexo may issue a margin call if the value of your collateral drops below an acceptable level. This is something that you should be aware of. If anything like that occurs, you will be required to make a partial repayment on your loan or add extra collateral to your account.

If you do not take any action, Nexo will either move your collateral out of your savings wallet or begin selling your collateral in order to make automatic payments on the loan.

Nexo Card

Another appealing aspect of the site is the Nexo Card, which can be used to make purchases. It gives you the ability to spend fiat cash while allowing you to use your cryptocurrency holdings as collateral. You may earn up to two percent cashback on your purchases with this card, which functions in a manner that is similar to that of a credit card.

Because more than 40 million retailers across the globe use the Nexo Card, you can use it pretty much anyplace you would use any of your other credit cards. When you make a purchase with your Nexo card, the value of the purchase is removed from the total balance that is available in your Nexo account.

You won’t be required to sell any of your bitcoin in order to use it, and it will connect without any issues to any and all of the digital payment systems you use.

Nexo Token

Nexo has its own cryptocurrency. If you have this token in your portfolio, Nexo will place you in either the Base, Silver, Gold, or Platinum loyalty tier depending on how many of these tokens you have. These loyalty levels make it possible for you to get cashback on your purchases and exchanges and borrow at cheaper rates.

The amount of Nexo Token you own determines your status inside the loyalty tier. Additionally, depending on your level, you have the ability to transfer your bitcoin to an external wallet for free up to five times every calendar month.

Having the Nexo Token as part of your portfolio not only offers you access to the platform but also grants you ownership rights. You’ll have the opportunity to take part in upcoming votes about governance. You are granted one vote for every Nexo Token that you currently own. In addition to this, you will get dividends on your coins.

Nexo Wallet

Both Apple iOS and Google Android users may download the Nexo Wallet app. Nexo wallet is the program you should use if you want access to quick crypto credits and a high-yielding account called ‘Earn Interest’ from any location and at any time.

In the wallet, you are able to keep any and all of your Nexo-approved digital assets. In addition, the Nexo wallet offers a service for transferring Nexo as well as an exchange facility for Nexo. Users have the ability to move their digital assets from one Nexo account to another by using the Nexo transfer service.

In addition, the Nexo wallet makes it easier to participate in any new incentive programs that may be introduced by the platform in the future. One such program is the Nexo loyalty service.

When you make a deposit of cryptocurrency assets into a Nexo account, you become eligible to use two of the platform’s primary depositing services. The crypto-backed lending service is the first one, and its operational specifics have been thoroughly covered in our previous conversation.

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Increase Your Return on Investment

Next in our Nexo review, here’s how to get the best ROI. Using Nexo, you have the potential to earn a very high yield. Nexo requires that ten percent of your assets in the savings account be in the form of NEXO tokens in order for you to be eligible for the seventeen percent interest rate on your fiat and stablecoins, and the rate of up to thirty-six percent on your cryptocurrency savings.

If you do not meet the criteria you will only be subject to the standard rates of interest that apply to your account.

Because you are a recipient of the high-yield interest service provided by Nexo, you have the ability to add to or withdraw any of your assets at any time. The platform does not impose any requirements for a minimum donation level and does not collect any fees.

Daily payouts are made available. You may also get interest on fiat currencies such as the Euro, the Pound-sterling, or the United States dollar, which may reach as high as 17 percent.

Insurance from Nexo

Ledger Vault is responsible for the storage of all cryptocurrencies. Ledger Vault uses bank-grade cold storage and multi-signature storage custody to safely store any private keys that are committed to its care. The Ledger Vault provides insurance coverage for assets of up to $150 million.

Nexo estimates that the current value of their insurance portfolio is $375 million. Also Nexo’s objective is to increase the amount of insurance it carries with a group of insurers to more than one billion dollars in 2021. This is without a doubt the most outstanding insurance coverage offered by any of the sites that provide crypto lending and borrowing. It is comforting to see that they are giving this aspect of their company the kind of attention it deserves.


Nexo Security

Next in our Nexo review, we’ll cover security. Nexo is a crypto solution with a focus on security that provides one of the highest levels of insurance available in the market today. The investment package worth $375 million includes agreements with leading blockchain security providers such as BitGo, Ledger Vault, and Bakkt, in addition to other businesses that are covered by Lloyd’s of London, Marsh, and Arch.

For instance, BitGo, a custodian that has been licensed by the SEC, safeguards user assets against hackers, theft, and the loss of private keys, in addition to insider theft.

Nexo undergoes real-time reserve checks over the firm’s custodial assets that are offered by Armanino. This provides users with an additional level of peace of mind. The exchange takes further precautions to protect both its assets and its clients by using a cloud, transfer, and data protection architecture that is secure.

The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network in the United States and the Australian Securities and Investment Commission are two of the many regulatory agencies throughout the world that have granted Nexo a license to operate.

Additionally, the company has been granted permission to do business in the EU. Users have the ability to strengthen the security of their accounts by activating features like as biometric identification, two-factor authentication, and withdrawal alerts. Take note that citizens and residents of the states of New York and Vermont in the United States cannot use the advanced verification option at this time.

Because of this, those who live in certain states in the United States are unable to trade NEXO tokens on the exchange or collect interest on their native tokens.

Nexo Customer Support

On its website, Nexo provides users with a number of alternative options for obtaining the assistance they need. To begin, the firm maintains a database of informative videos and articles that will assist you in gaining a deeper understanding of your Nexo account as well as respond to any questions or concerns you may have.

In the event that you are unable to locate the information you want inside the assistance library, you may make a request with Nexo’s customer support by filling out a brief form on their website.

Nexo has been given a rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot. The majority of the company’s reviewers consider the business to be “great,” while just a small minority consider the business to be “poor”. The organization has received a great deal of praise for both the quality of its customer care and the speed with which it responds to concerns.

On the other hand, if you want to talk to a real person over the phone, they do not give a phone number that you may contact.

Nexo Review Conclusion

Let’s wrap up this Nexo review. After seeing explosive growth over the last few years, Nexo has established itself as one of the most successful bitcoin lending platforms in the whole globe. It is not conceivable for a platform to attain that kind of success without first having an exceptional product in addition to possessing an outstanding platform and have an outstanding crew behind the program.

The usage of cryptocurrencies is continuing its journey toward broad acceptability, which has resulted in a precipitous spike in popularity for platforms that allow loan transactions. They provide the holders the opportunity to improve the value of their assets without asking them to give up ownership of those assets in exchange for the increased value.


Another important aspect of this service is, of course, the attractive cashback cryptocurrency card, in addition to the mind-blowing annual percentage yields, which are orders of magnitude higher than the returns you could ever anticipate receiving from a traditional banking institution.

One further thing working in Nexo’s favor is the fact that its management team has more than 15 years of experience operating a successful financial services company. You can be certain that they have conducted an assessment of the demand for bitcoin loan services and are aware of the requirements necessary to establish a profitable FinTech firm.

They also have strong support from some of the most well-known personalities in the industry, who are working with them as partners and advisers.

Cryptocurrency lending has rapidly expanded to become an industry worth one billion dollars, and organizations involved in crypto lending are seeing some of the most rapid development and acceptance in the whole cryptocurrency field. If the value of cryptocurrencies continues to rise, as many financial experts predict they will, the crypto loan business may possibly have the potential to become worth one trillion dollars.

Therefore, if you are seeking for a terrific location to borrow, lend, spend, and unleash the potential of cryptocurrency, then Nexo is something that you may want to give some thought to.

Nexo Alternatives

Not convinced Nexo is right for you? You might consider using another crypto exchange, such as:

Thanks for checking out our Nexo review!

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FAQs about Nexo

Is Nexo reliable?

Nexo is a reputable and morally sound cryptocurrency savings and lending platform that has been in operation for some time now. It is regulated and licensed in more than two hundred countries, and it has insurance against theft in the amount of one hundred million dollars, which is provided by the custodian BitGo. Investors are provided with the peace of mind that their cash will be repaid in the case of a possible attack or security breach by Nexo's insurance coverage, which uses BitGo as its third-party provider.

Is Nexo subject to regulation?

Nexo is a supplier of digital money that is both licensed and regulated, and it conforms with the requirements of more than 200 different countries across the globe. Prior to admitting consumers from any given nation, the Nexo team takes the necessary precautions to guarantee that all applicable legal and regulatory requirements have been satisfied.

Is there a crypto loan card available through Nexo?

Obtaining a Nexo crypto loan card and managing it may be done using the Nexo Mobile App. The card gives customers the ability to spend monies that may be directly connected to their cash loan account. These funds can be stored on the card.

How do I purchase Nexo?

On the Nexo exchange, as well as on any of the more than 15 other third-party exchanges that offer the Nexo token, you will be able to purchase Nexo coins. To make a purchase on Nexo, you will first need to register a Nexo account and then either buy the Nexo Coin with a debit or credit card, buy the Nexo Coin with cryptocurrency, or buy the Nexo Coin with debit or credit card.

Is Nexo really worth getting?

If you wish to amass riches via the purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies, Nexo might be an attractive choice for you. Remember that in order to get the full advantages of their loyalty program you will need to have a particular quantity of NEXO tokens in your possession. Despite this, Nexo is one of the crypto accounts that offers one of the highest interest rates in the whole cryptosphere.

November 13, 2023
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