What is in a credit report?

Your personal information is included at the very top of the report. Your name, address, date of birth, Social Security number, as well as the phone numbers of your spouse or co-applicant, are included in the credit report. The second component of most credit reports offers detailed information on all of your credit accounts.

This area often makes up the bulk of the report. This holds true for all forms of credit, including revolving credit (such as credit cards and lines of credit) and installment loans (such as auto loans, personal loans, and mortgages), in addition to revolving credit (like credit cards and lines of credit).

The third component contains public documents pertaining to monetary dealings, including bankruptcies, judgments, and tax liens. A listing of all of the companies that have recently requested a copy of your credit report may be seen at the very bottom of the report. These requests can be the result of activities such as submitting an application for a personal loan or asking pre-approval for a credit card.

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