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FAQs about
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What is home insurance?

Home insurance is coverage on your property for certain unexpected events, such as a natural disaster or a liability claim, to help you cope with the financial consequences.

When you purchase a house with a mortgage, your lender will require you to get home insurance. However, it is a good idea for any homeowner to get insurance.

Finding the best home insurance is vital because policies differ and you might find additional coverage at much better rates if you make comparisons. Comparewise can help in this case, allowing you to compare different insurance providers in one location, saving you time.

Who should get home insurance?

If you own a house, it is wise to get home insurance to protect you financially against unforeseen events. Without a house insurance policy, you will be liable to pay for costs associated with damage, vandalism, theft, and more, that may arise on your property.

How does home insurance work?

First, our vetted insurers will draw up an estimation of the cost to cover your home, its content, and your personal liability should something happen. A premium is then determined, based on this information, and is what you will be expected to pay your insurer every month or year. The premium you pay will then be pooled with others.

When someone incurs damage or loss with regards to property or items covered by their home insurance policy, they will put in a claim to cover the loss. The cover they receive is drawn from the insurer’s pool of funds.

When one of the events stipulated in your policy occurs, your insurer will pay only for the insured items under the conditions of your agreement. Therefore, understanding what your policy covers is particularly important to avoid complications when unpredictable events occur.

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