The Latest Canada Postage Rates in July, 2024

The Latest Canada Postage Rates in July, 2024

The primary postal carrier in Canada is Canada Post, or Postes Canada in French. It provides postal services and mail to over 16,000,000 addresses through a network of 6,200 different postal offices spread across Canada.

The mail is delivered by 25,000 Canada Post letter carriers. No other country has a postal system that covers as much territory as the Canada Post.

This is all quite impressive! But when it comes to postage rates, they vary greatly from region to region, and based on the weight of the item being sent. How can you find the latest Canada postage rates? We’ll let you know in this article.

The latest Canada postage rates for standard size mail

What constitutes “standard size mail”? The Canada Post defines it as either up to 5 pages or 30 grams, and sized at 245mm x 156 mm or 9.6 inches x 6.1 inches.

This covers most postcards, letters and envelopes. In fact, the maximum size for postcards in the United States or other international destinations is 235mm x 120mm or 9.2 inches x 4.7 inches, which is well below the “standard size mail” requirement.

What is the postage rate for a letter in Canada?

Postage for a letter from Canada to a Canadian destination is $1.07 per stamp. However, you get a discount of $0.97 per stamp if you buy a book of stamps.

Postage for a letter from Canada to the United States is $1.30.

Postage for a letter from Canada to other international locations is $2.71.

The latest Canada postage rates for non-standard/oversized mail

Items that don’t meet the weight or size dimensions of standard-sized mail fall within the category of non-standard or oversized mail. These items cost more in postage than standard-sized mail.

For Non-Standard/Oversized items, the maximum size is 380mm x 270mm, or 15 inches x 10.6 inches. If your item is any bigger than that, you’ll have to use Canada Post parcel services.

The latest Canada postage rates for non-standard/oversized mail are as follows:

  • Anything that weighs 100 grams or has 20 pages delivered in Canada is currently charged at $1.94. If it’s shipped to the United States, it’s $3.19, and delivery to other international locations costs $6.49.
  • Anything between 100-200 grams with 40 pages delivered in Canada is $3.19. Delivery to the United States costs $5.57, while delivery to other international destinations is $11.14.
  • Mail weighing between 200-300 grams delivered inside Canada is $4.44, while delivery to the United States is $11.14 and to other destinations internationally is $22.28.
  • Mail that weighs between 300-400 grams in Canada costs $5.09. Delivery to the United States costs $11.14, and international delivery rates are $22.28.
  • And non-standard mail weighing between 400-500 grams delivered in Canada costs $5.47. Delivery to the United States costs $11.14, and international delivery costs $22.58.
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The latest Canada postage rates for prepaid registered mail

Prepaid registered mail is ideal for people who need proof that the mail was delivered to its intended recipient. You get a signature from either the recipient or their representative.

On top of that, you get a receipt for the purchase, the signature, tracking information, and the date the mail was received. It costs $11 for standard-sized mail and $13 for oversized mail.

The latest Canada postage rates on parcels

Anything that weighs more than 500 grams is classified as a parcel. You have four different shipping speed options for parcels:

LocationPriority TMXpresspost TMFlat Rate BoxRegular/Parcel TM
Local, within a city or townUp to 2 daysUp to 2 days2 daysUp to 3 days
RegionalUp to 2 daysUp to 2 daysUp to 4 daysUp to 6 days
NationalUp to 2 days3 daysUp to 8 daysUp to 10 days

Here are the latest Canada postage rates for each of these options:

Priority post Canada

Using the table above, it’s pretty easy to see that this is by far the fastest service. Because of that, it’s considered the best express shipping offered by Canada Post.

Along with fast delivery, you receive things like confirmation and tracking numbers, both of which are quite handy and provide a lot of piece of mind.

The latest Canada postage rates for Priority Post depend on weight, but start out at $20.08. You can determine the latest Canada postage rates for Priority Post service here.

You can send pre-paid envelopes using priority mail. It’s $26.57 to send a medium-sized envelope regionally or $38.60 nationally. Large envelopes cost $27.43 regionally and $44.03 nationally.


The tier just under Priority Post, Xpresspost has slightly longer delivery times. Priority Post includes recipient signing, but that costs extra with Xpresspost. It does, however, include delivery confirmation and tracking numbers.

The latest Canada postage rates for Xpresspost is based on weight and starts at $10.61. You can check out the latest rates for Xpresspost here.

You can send prepaid envelopes with the Xpresspost option.

To send small-sized envelopes regionally costs $11.94 and $18.12 for national delivery. Delivery of medium-sized envelopes is $13.50 regionally and $19.04 nationally. And Xpresspost delivery of large envelopes costs $16.59 regionally and $29.67 for national deliveries.

They also provide rates for bubble sized envelopes.

The latest Canada postage rates for flat rate boxes

Their next tier is flat rate boxes.

The current rates for flat rate shipping boxes sent across Canada are $17.99 for a small box, $22.99 for a medium box and $29.99 for a large box.

It doesn’t matter which size you choose, the weight of the box mustn’t exceed 5 kilograms.

This shipping option offers both an on-time delivery guarantee and a tracking number.

The latest Canada postage rates for regular parcel delivery

This is the cheapest delivery option, but it also doesn’t offer an on-time delivery guarantee.

It costs $9.67 for parcels that weigh up to 750 grams.

postage rates canada - comparewise

Stamps and the latest Canada postage rates

Right now, stamps cost $1.07 per stamp or $0.97 if you buy a whole book. You can buy stamps here. These stamps cover only their current value.

So, in the future if the price of stamps goes up, these stamps will cover $1.07 towards the cost of postage.

Permanent stamps are another creature entirely. You can buy either a coil or a booklet of permanent stamps and they’ll always cover the latest Canada postage rates, even if they raise from the time you bought them.

Permanent stamps are marked with a “P”. A booklet of 10 permanent stamps currently costs around $9.20. You can shop for them here.

The latest Canada postage rates for shipping to the United States and international destinations

Here’s a look at shipping to the United States and other international destinations:

  • Priority Worldwide: This option guarantees delivery within 2-3 business days, includes recipient signature, commercial customs clearance, tracking, and $100 in declared value for the package. In some places they also include an On-Time Pickup Guarantee, as well.
  • Xpresspost International: This is a quick and cost-effective delivery option that allows you to send your parcels in 4 business days. Xpresspost International is available for more than 80 different locations around the world. It’s got an On-Time Delivery Guarantee, up to $100 in liability coverage, recipient signature and online tracking. To see the list of countries available, click here.
  • Tracked Packet- International: This service allows you to ship items less than 2kg in weight internationally within 6 days. You get nifty features like $100 in Liability Coverage, tracking and online confirmation. To see a list of countries this service is available, click here.   
  • Small Packet International- Air: This service allows you to deliver parcels under 2kg internationally in 6 business days.
  • International Parcel- Air: This service allows you to ship larger parcels in as little as 6 business days. It also ships to countries that aren’t provided by Xpresspost International.
  • Small Packet International- Surface: While this is a cost-effective way to ship parcels of 2kg or less, it isn’t time-saving. It can take 1-3 months. So, you sort of trade speed for a lower rate with this option. It’s still a good option if you aren’t in a hurry and want good shipping rates.
  • International Parcel- Surface: Again, this service takes 1-3 months, but it’s the cheapest option when it comes to sending large parcels to international destinations.

You can check out more information about Canada Post Commercial Prices here.

Delivery standards in Canada

Canada has a few delivery standards. All of the delivery times listed in this article are business days. Canada post considers business days weekdays (not Saturday or Sunday), and they exclude statutory holidays and national holidays that are observed by the Canada Post.

The delivery times are also dependent on your dropping off the parcel or mail before the designated local cut-off time. If you fail to deliver it before the cut-off time, then the delivery time will start from the next business day.

Which means that if you drop it off after the cut-off time on a Friday, your delivery time doesn’t start until Monday, unless that Monday happens to be a holiday and in that case it will start on Tuesday.

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