How To Find A Td Routing Number

How to Find a TD Routing Number

Once you’ve put in the legwork and research to find the best financial institution for you (in this case, obviously you chose TD), that’s really only half of the job.

You now have a receptacle for money. But how do you get your money into other accounts or get money from someone else’s account? This is accomplished by using a routing number to direct the funds.

It’s quite an important number, too because it would be quite a debacle if you were to send your money to the wrong account by using the wrong number!

We’ll tell you everything you need to know about routing numbers in our How to Find TD Routing Number article.

What is a routing number?

We can’t really explain how to find TD routing number information without first explaining to you what a routing number is.

A routing number is an 8-digit long number in Canada that stores a lot of information. It may seem like a random number sequence, but the numbers indicate things like your financial institution (in this case, TD) and the specific branch you use.

Your routing number is made up of two different transaction numbers: a branch number or transit number and an institution number.

Your branch or transit number is 5 digits long and it describes the bank branch you currently use.

Your institution number is 3 digits long and identifies your financial institution. For instance, the institution number for TD is 004.

When you combine both of these sets of numbers, you get your TD routing number.

How to find a TD routing number using a cheque

One of the easiest ways we can teach you to find your routing number in our How to Find TD Routing Number article is by using a cheque associated with your account.

If you’ve ever written or received a cheque, then you’ve seen what a routing number looks like. They’re listed at the bottom of all cheques.

Here’s a cheque example to show you where the routing number is:

Td Bank Routing Number Comparewise - Comparewise

Some of that seemingly-indecipherable string of numbers at the bottom of the cheque is actually your routing number.

But it’s important to know that not all cheques will look identical, and routing numbers aren’t displayed the same on all of them.

The marks between the transit number and the institution number may be different, or they may not be there at all, leaving you with one long sequence of numbers with no separation that represents your TD routing number.

But because you already know that the institution number for TD is 004 thanks to our How to Find TD Routing Number article, you can easily locate the routing number.

Just be sure that what you’re looking at isn’t the cheque number. Flip through a few pages of your cheque book and ensure that the number that’s changing on every cheque is the cheque number, and that the one with the static “004” number is your TD routing number.

How To Find A Td Routing Number - Comparewise

How to find TD routing numbers if you don’t have a cheque

People don’t use cheques to make payments very often these days, so it’s understandable if you don’t have one on hand to find your routing number. But don’t worry, in our How to Find TD Routing Number article, we’ll tell you how to find your routing number without one!

You can easily find your routing number using your TD online banking account.

  1. Go to the EasyAccount page and login.
  2. Choose the “Accounts” tab from the menu on the side of the page.
  3. Choose the appropriate account.
  4. Choose the “Direct Deposit Form PDF” option (right side of the page), which will pop up a PDF file with information like your institution number and branch number.

It’s pretty simple to use this method to view your TD routing number. Some considerations you’ll need to make are that you’ll need to have Adobe Reader installed on your computer to view the file, and you’ll need to ensure that pop-ups are enabled on your browser or you won’t be able to view the file.

How to find TD routing numbers using banking address

Another easy way to find your routing number is by using your banking address. How does that work? You just go to this website and enter your bank’s address, and it will provide you with a routing number based on the address. It’s that simple!

Different types of routing numbers

It may surprise you to learn while reading out How to Find TD Routing Number article that there are different types of routing numbers, and you’ll need to choose the right one for each transaction you make.

Here are the two routing number types that you might encounter, and their formats:

  • For illustrative purposes, we’ll display the institution number as XXX and the branch number as YYYYY.
  • Electronic Transactions Routing Numbers (EFT) look like this: 0XXXYYYYY.
  • Paper Transactions Transit Numbers (MICR) numbers look like this: YYYYY-XXX.

Different routing numbers for wire transfers

It’s important that we point out as part of out How to find TD Routing Number article that there are several different routing numbers for wire transfers. These vary based on whether you’re making an international or domestic transfer, among other things.

For domestic wire transfers, the TD routing number is 11103093. Sometimes 031101266 is also used.

For international wire transfers, the TD routing number is 21124450. For international transfers you’ll definitely need the SWIFT code, too, which for TD is: NRTHUS33XXX.

This should help you make wire transfers with a TD routing number a lot easier! But, when in doubt, call yur local branch to ensure you’re using the right routing numbers.

Bank institution number

You’ll need to know about the bank institution number when learning how to find TD routing number information. Every financial institution has a unique 3-digit number used to identify it.

For TD bank accounts, the bank institution number is 004. The institution number is the same for every TD bank account, so if you have a TD bank account, the institution number is 004. That’s fairly easy to remember, right?

How to find your transit number

It would be a pretty big blunder if we didn’t tell you how to find your transit number in our How to Find TD Routing Number article. Here are a few ways you can find your TD transit number:

  • Check out this website from Wise. They’ve listed all the transit numbers for TD banks in one convenient place, so it’s probably a good idea to save this site.
  • Your online banking account. You can access your transit number, account number, institution number and more from your online banking account.
  • Bank statement, cheque, or deposit slip. Any of these important financial documents should list your routing number and transit number.

Here are some troubleshooting tips for your transit number.

If your transit number only includes 4 numbers instead of 5, add a 0 to the front of it. So, if your transit number looks like “5678”, add a 0 to the front of it to create “05678”.

If you have an account number that’s only 9 digits ling and the document you’re filling out requests an 11-digit account number, just add 2 0’s to the front of your account number. If your account number appears as 987654321, just alter it to read “00987654321”.

Transit and institution numbers are incredibly important and highly technical numbers. If just one number is off, it could mean disaster.

These numbers are the only thing that ensures your money will arrive to its desired destination, too. So because they’re so important it’s best not to leave anything to chance. Double-check with your bank about your routing number or account number for any important transactions.

The difference between routing numbers, BIC, SWIFT codes and IBANs

It’s important that we point out in our How to Find TD Routing Number article the difference between routing numbers, BIC, SWIFT codes, and IBANs. The most important thing you need to know is that they’re all different types of numbers.

Routing numbers identify your bank account.

SWIFT or BIC codes are used to identify financial institutions for international transfers.

IBANs are numbers used to identify your bank account specifically. Not just your bank branch or the financial institution, but your account. These are currently mostly used in Europe, but they’re gaining popular use in other areas as well.

What are routing numbers used for?

You may be reading our How to Find TD Routing Number article and wondering what they’re used for. Don’t worry, we’ll clear that up. Routing numbers are used by banks and financial institutions to conduct financial transactions.

So they can be used for cheque payments, depositing payments for things like payroll cheques or pension cheques into the account, direct deposit, automatic bill pay, or wire transfers.

Of course, these are just a few of the financial transactions you may encounter where you’ll need your TD routing number, and you may need to know the difference between your institution and branch number for some transactions, as well.

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