How To Find A Vancity Routing Number

How to Find a VanCity Routing Number

Imagine starting a new job and filling out the paperwork to set up direct deposit for your paycheck, only to discover that you’ve sent it to the wrong account. How could this happen?

Entering just one wrong number of your routing number could send your money to the wrong place. Your routing number is used for a number of financial transactions, and it’s important to the fund transfer process.

But your bank account is made up of so many different numbers and it’s hard to keep track of all of them and their purposes. Today we’ll tell you everything you need to know about your routing number in our How to Find VanCity Routing Number article.

What is a routing number?

The first thing you need to know when learning how to find VanCity routing number information is what precisely a routing number is.

A routing number is a bank identification number that’s used in most financial transactions. It’s used to identify both the branch number (5 digits) and the financial institution number (3 digits) associated with the bank account. Routing numbers in Canada are typically around 8-9 digits long.

Usually the quickest way to learn how to find VanCity routing number information is to find your VanCity institution number, which is 809. If you also learn your 5-digit branch number, you’ll be able to track down your VanCity routing number pretty quickly!

The difference between routing numbers, transit numbers and account numbers

One good distinction you need to make when you’re learning how to find VanCity routing number information is learning the difference between your routing number, your transit number and your account number.

Your transit number is part of your routing number that indicates the particular bank branch you use. It’s typically 5 digits.

Your routing number is an 8-digit number used for financial transactions that’s made up of two parts: your transit number and your institution number.

Your account number is the 7-12 digit number that identifies not your bank, but specifically your bank account. For funds transfers and to set up your automatic payments, you’ll typically need your routing number and your account number.

How To Find A Vancity Routing Number - Comparewise

How to find a VanCity routing number using a cheque

You’ve definitely seen a routing number before if you’ve ever written or received a cheque. It’s right at the bottom of the cheque, along with a few other important bank numbers, like your account number.

You’ll see your different identifying numbers along the bottom of the cheque with various symbols separating them.

Usually, the numbers will be displayed in this order from left to right: cheque number, transit number, institution number and your account number.

If you’re still confused about how to find VanCity routing number information, track down your institution number and it should make the task a bit easier.

Here’s an illustration that should teach you how to find VanCity routing number information:

Vancity Routing Number Comparewise - Comparewise

How to find VanCity routing numbers using the mobile app

The mobile app is a valuable tool when you’re learning how to find VanCity routing number information. Here’s how to find VanCity routing number info through the mobile app:

  • Log into the mobile app and go to the “Accounts” section.
  • Select the appropriate account.
  • Click “Account Details” which you’ll find over on the right.
  • This will pop out a lot of information, such as your account number, transit number, institution number and more. Of course, your routing number is the combination of your transit number and institution number. So, just write down your transit number, then your institution number and you should be golden!

How to find VanCity routing numbers through online banking on desktop

You can use your desktop to find your routing number, as well. Here’s how:

  • Go to your online banking account, log in and choose the appropriate account.
  • Under “Account Activity”, click the option that says “Direct Deposit and Pre-Authorized (PAD) Form”.
  • From here you can either download the form or write down the information you need.
  • From the “Account Activity” page, you can click “More Details” and it will show you your transit and institution numbers, which we know from previous sections of this article make up your routing number.

VanCity institution number

One of the things you’ll find instrumental in learning how to find VanCity routing number information is knowing your VanCity institution number. You can typically identify your routing number using your institution number.

The institution number for VanCity is 809. So, just look for “809” to find your routing number!

VanCity transit number

Part of learning how to find VanCity routing number information is learning how to find your transit number. Luckily, you have a few options available to you.

  • Use this site from Wise. They’ve listed all of the transit numbers for different VanCity branches so that you can conveniently find yours. You may want to save this address!
  • Use your online banking account. Your online banking information should include your routing number, account number and more.
  • Use a deposit slip, cheque or bank statement. Your transit number should be listed on all of these documents.

If for some reason your transit number is only 4 digits long instead of 5, just add a 0 to the beginning of it. So if your transit number is 3456, add a 0 to make it 03456.

If you have an account number that’s 9 digits long and you run across a form that requires an 11 digit account number, just add two 0’s to the beginning of it. So, if your account number is 987654321, add 0’s until it becomes 00987654321. This should resolve the issue.

Different types of routing numbers

If you’re learning how to find VanCity routing number information, it may be important for your to know that there are different types of routing numbers that are used for different transactions.

Typically there are two routing number types: Electronic Transactions and Paper Transactions.

For both of them we’ll represent the institution number with XXX and the branch number with YYYYY.

  • Electronic Transfer Routing Numbers (ETF) usually look like this: 0XXXYYYYY.
  • Paper Transactions Transit Numbers (MICR) typically look like this: YYYYY-XXX. MICR stands for Magnetic Ink Character Recognition and it refers to a type of magnetic ink used on paper cheques to encode this Paper Transaction Transit number.

How to get a VanCity void cheque

This is invaluable information if you’re learning how to find VanCity routing number information. Of course you can find your routing number on a cheque. So get out your chequebook and look at the bottom of it to find your routing number.

If you’re out of cheques, you can order more by heading down to your local branch and requesting more.

You can also order them online by going to Online Banking > Account Services > Order Cheques.

From there you can choose the appropriate bank account, the number of cheques you need, and choose a design. Your cheques will be delivered to you in around 2-4 weeks.

How to get a direct deposit form or pre-authorized payment form

If you’re learning how to find a VanCity routing number and wondering what on earth you’d ever use it for, the answer is a direct deposit or pre-authorized payment form. This form will require your account and routing numbers.

Some of the information required on this form includes your name, banking information, date, signature, and more. This can all be found through your online banking account.

Why would you need this form? Say you don’t have a cheque, you can give someone a direct deposit form so they can pay you, or use a pre-authorized payment form so that you can pay your bills without having to use a cheque.

You can get the pre-authorized payment or direct deposit form here.

How to find VanCity routing numbers without a cheque, computer or mobile app

If you don’t have access to your computer or phone and you don’t have a cheque handy, it may seem like you’re out of luck. Luckily, you can still get access to your VanCity routing number. How? Through your bank, of course! Sometimes the most obvious answer is the simplest, afterall.

Not only can you walk into your banking branch to request your routing number, you can also call 604-877-7000, or the toll-free number: 1-888-826-2489.

If all else fails…

You should know that your transit and routing number are the only numbers that ensure that your money safely makes it into your account or goes to someone else’s account when you want it to.

If you get just ONE of the numbers in your routing number wrong, the transaction could be delayed, held up indefinitely, or you may lose your money because you’ve sent it to another account (the wrong one!).

So, to make absolutely sure that you’re using the right routing number, then call your local branch and ask them to provide you with the correct number. This should prevent a lot of financial calamities.

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