How To Pay Off Debt

How To Pay Off Debt

Figuring out how to pay off debt can be daunting. It takes effort and commitment, as well as a few tips and tricks! Read further for quick advice on how to pay off debt as quickly and efficiently as possible.

There is no quick fix when it comes to debt. There is no “one fits all” solution. However, there are a few solutions one can try to get out of debt faster.

How to Pay off Debt: 11 Proven Methods

Here follows a list of eleven effective methods anyone can use to pay off their debt faster.

1. Plan ahead

Planning and organizing are important steps to take if you want to figure out how to pay off debt. Make a detailed list of all the companies you owe money to, or pay a minimum amount towards, for example, your credit card installments. Include the principal debt amount and the due date for the full amount. After gathering all the details, you can figure out how to pay off debt.

2. Increase your payments

This is a proven and obvious option to consider when thinking of ways on how to pay off debt. Paying more than the minimum monthly premiums that are due to credit card companies, overdrafts, etc. will ensure that you (the debtor) pay both the interest fees and the principal amount. Interest fees are quite high nowadays, so paying an extra amount will definitely help.

So how to pay off your debt? In short, pay as much as you can! A little extra money added to your minimum amount can go a long way.

If you don’t know which debt amount to add extra cash to first, start by adding extra money to the smallest debt amount. When that is paid off, go to the next one! This method is extremely motivating.

Another strategy is to start with the debt amount that has the highest interest rate. Start by paying an extra amount on the principal debt amount with the highest interest rate. Once that is paid up, proceed with the next highest amount. This strategy allows you to save money on interest costs.

3. Spend less money

It is easier said than done. But spending less money is a good method, when considering ways on how to pay off debt. Cut back on unnecessary expenses. This can be difficult. Many of us have unforeseen expenses during the month, so not making room for unforeseen financial expenses, might prove difficult and is impractical.

When considering ways on how to pay off debt, start by paying with cash rather than purchasing products with a credit card. This way, there are no interest fees that you are responsible for when purchasing an item. In fact, leave the credit card at home. Plan your expenses before going shipping.

If by any chance the debtor needs a new vehicle, one way to save more money is by buying a quality used car, instead of a new one. You can save thousands of dollars when purchasing a used car and that money saved can be used to pay off any other debt. Another way to save money is to cut back on unnecessary driving and try to use only one car per household.

4. Debt consolidation loan

If you do not know how to pay off debt efficiently, consider a debt consolidation loan. With a debt consolidation loan, you can pay off your debt with a single amount. How this works is, the debtor pays a single fixed amount of money per month over a set term, for all his or her debt. This type of loan usually offers lower interest rates than normal ones.

A debt consolidation loan can help if the person creates a budget while paying off his or her debt to prevent debt accumulation.

5. Stick to your monthly budget

Comparewise - Family-Budget-Planner
Free Budget Worksheet by A Mom’s Take

It is so important to create a budget and stick to it if you want to pay off your debt as efficiently as possible. This is probably one of the most important factors to take into account when considering how to pay off debt. Make a list of all income streams and monthly necessary expenses. Add this to your budget and use the rest of the income towards paying off your debt. Download this family budget planner.

Always track your spending and be willing to cut back on mindless spending. The goal is to spend less than you earn, but be realistic about it. It won’t help to create a strict budget, just for you to throw in the towel halfway through the month.

6. Stop using credit cards (or at least limit your use)

If you want to stop accumulating debt, try making an effort to not rely on credit cards as much. Either stop entirely, or at least, use it less. If you want to know how to pay off debt, this is a good rule of thumb: It is best for debtors to stop using credit cards until their finances are under control.

7. Transfer balances

Another option is to apply for a low-interest credit card that offers a promotional balance transfer. This involves transferring the balance of a credit card from one card to another. This way you save money on interest.

8. Change your behavior

To prevent getting into too much debt in the future, the behavior that got you in debt in the first place needs to change.

Be realistic and do not live a life you cannot afford. Make small changes, starting with budgeting and planning.

9. Make more money

13 Real Ways To Make Money In Canada

If you have the time and the means to get a second part-time job, go for it. This second stream of income can be used to help pay off your debt. Consider freelance writing if you are a good writer, or sell crafty items online if you’re creative.

Another way to make money is to sell things you no longer need. However, this is a quick fix and not sustainable. But it might help if you need a small amount of cash real quick.

There is also the option of applying for a higher-paying job or asking for a raise at your current job.

10. Credit counseling

If you want advice on how to manage your debt, consider going to a credit counselor. However, there are many scammers promising a quick fix. There is no quick cure-all for debt. It is important to find reputable companies that will have your best interests at heart. While you may have to pay a fee for their time, it is worth it to figure out a plan on how to approach settling your debt.

11. Negotiate

Either you or a third-party company can negotiate on the debt amount. Debtors usually approach a third-party company to negotiate on their behalf. This can take a few years, because the debtor will pay a certain amount of money while the company negotiates for a better deal.

It works like this: the debtor pays a fixed amount of money to a third-party company, who then pays all the debtor’s creditors. It is important to remember that these companies also have their own fees the debtor has to pay.

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There are many people who are knee-deep in debt, for various reasons. Some simply spend more than they earn, others are pushed to make loans to pay off bills. It is important to acknowledge the fact that you need to make a change in how you handle your finances before it becomes too difficult to handle. Make a plan, set a budget, get a second job, apply for a higher paying job, get a consolidated loan, try to spend less money or increase your payments. Trying at least one of these methods on our list will make your life easier. And that is it! You just learned how to pay off debt.

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FAQs about How To Pay Off Debt

Whats a debt?

A debt is an amount of money that you owe from another party. Examples of debt include amounts accrued on credit cards, car finance/loans and mortgages.

How can I pay debt faster?

You can pay debt faster by planning ahead, increase your payments and setting savings aside. You can plan ahead by making a detailed list of companies you owe money to so that you can pay a minimum for each one. Increasing your payments are the best way to pay debt faster as interest rates will continue to overwhelm you. Setting savings aside is easier with apps you can download for free, these kind of apps can track your savings and help you put money aside.

Should I stop using credit cards to pay my debt?

Yes, credit cars can accumulate debt. It’s better to stop using credit cards until your finances become stable. If you need to have credit cards, try to not to rely on it as much or try to use it less.

Should I get credit counselling?

Yes. Credit counselling is helpful as you can get advice on how to manage your debt. Credit counselling can help you simplify your payment process and make it easier for you to pay your debt.

Can I negotiate my debt?

It’s possible to negotiate the debt amount, for example third-party companies to negotiate for you. How it works is that the debtor will pay a certain amount of money to a third-party company, who will then pay all the debtor’s creditors.


July 17, 2021
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