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Best Pet Insurance in Canada

Pet insurance in Canada saves not only money but also emotional stress when caring for an ailing pet. It is important to have insurance coverage for your pets, just as you would for yourself, your spouse and your kids. As pet owners, we care for our pets and pet insurance is a sign of that care.

Pet insurance in Canada helps cover unexpected veterinary expenses and emergencies for pets. It can provide reimbursement for treatments and surgeries, and some Canadian companies include Fetch, Costco, Best, Embrace, Pumpkin, Lemonade, etc.

When getting pet insurance, focus on coverage, cost, reimbursement, inclusion, and exclusion, and consider additional benefits such as advertising and rewards for lost pets.

Wouldn’t it be a breath of fresh air to know your furry companion’s health and safety are covered? So, as a Canadian pet owner looking to get pet insurance for your dog, cat or even that special bunny, this article is for you.

What is pet insurance?

Pet insurance is similar to traditional insurance, where you pay a monthly insurance fee to your insurer in exchange for premium health coverage.

This coverage covers general routine checks, preventive treatment, shots, vaccines and even surgeries. Most pet insurance in Canada also covers illnesses that pets may incur as they age, such as cancer and glaucoma.

There are approximately 1.2% of cats and 4.35% of dogs in Canada have Canadian pet insurance. In fact, Canada has the highest pet ownership in the world, with 73% of households owning a pet. One would assume a higher percentage of pets should be insured, but unfortunately, that’s not the case.

This figure is low compared to the number of pets in Canada, estimated to be 8.5 million cats and 7.9 million dogs as of 2022.

best pet insurance - comparewise

Things to consider when getting pet insurance in Canada

It is always safe to insure your pet early. Although, most pet insurance in Canada is inclusive of age and breed. However, your pet may not be covered if they already suffer from pre-existing conditions. This means all that vet bill falls on you, as you wouldn’t want to see your pet in pain.

Getting pet insurance is important to the lives of our furry friends. The choice may be difficult with several pet insurance companies with promising prospects. However, this article is here to break it down for you.

Here are factors you need to consider before choosing a pet insurance company:


The idea is to save money while caring for your pet. So, it is important to compare costs to know which policy won’t make you break the bank. However, this shouldn’t be the only factor. If your furry friend is worth it, then go all out. That being said, there are costs to inquire about; these include:

  • Type of coverage and amount
  • Deductible time frame
  • If there are discounts involved when insuring additional pet
  • How do claims come: annually or by incidents?
  • If claims are by incidents, what is the time limit?

Getting answers to the above will give you a scope of how much you will spend when you buy certain pet insurance.


Each pet insurance provider comes with its reimbursement rate, which is paid for an eligible claim. However, you can only get reimbursed only when you complete your deductibles and processes have been approved. Most pet insurance providers pay a reimbursement rate between 80% to 90%. The question of when, what, and how comes to mind:

  • When should you apply for claims?
  • How long will reimbursement take?
  • What’s the reimbursement rate?

Generally, the higher the reimbursement rate, the higher your monthly deductibles too. Therefore, getting an insurance provider with flexible rates allows you to work according to your budget.

Pre-existing condition coverage

Some pet insurance providers cover pre-existing conditions your pet may suffer before being insured. But however, only a few providers cover this, as pet insurance generally does not cover pre-existing conditions. If you have an already ailing pet, it will benefit you to opt for an insurance provider with your pet’s coverage in mind.

A pre-existing condition in your pet is an illness or injury that happened prior to the inception of the coverage. For example, your pet insurance plan would not cover this treatment if your cat had a fractured hip before your coverage.

Pet Insurance providers generalize pre-existing conditions into two to determine coverage; these are:

  • Curable pre-existing conditions
  • Incurable pre-existing conditions

Curable pre-existing conditions include ear infections, bladder infections, vomiting, diarrhea and even urinary tract infections. In contrast, some pet insurance may cover if the reoccurrence is at least 12 months. Some may not cover them at all.

Incurable pre-existing conditions include cancer, allergies, diabetes, epilepsy, heart disease and so on. As long as it’s pre-existing, these conditions will not be covered.


There are some conditions and elective surgeries that are not covered by pet insurance; these are the exclusions. Some of them are

  • Dental care not associated with injuries or accidents
  • Treatment of behavioural disorders
  • Elective procedures
  • Breed-specific hereditary conditions

Renewable benefits

When your insurance is renewed, certain insurers may consider a condition that was treated for when the previous plan was in effect to be pre-existing and will not cover it.

Veterinary networks

Some pet insurance in Canada may require you to use a specific network of veterinarians. However, the ultimate choice of network is yours. Whichever best suits your pet’s health should be your pick.

pet insurance in canada - comparewise

Why do you need pet insurance in Canada?

There is currently a large gap between the number of pets with Canadian pet insurance and those without. For a country with one of the largest pet populations in the world with approximately 16 million pets, the percentage of insured (approx 5.6%) pets is low. Perhaps there is a need for sensitization on the benefits of pet insurance in Canada.

Here are some of the reasons getting pet insurance in Canada is a smart move for you and your four-legged best friend.

  • It saves you money
  • Helps you focus on your pet’s health
  • Increases your options for treatment
  • Expensive treatments are covered
  • You can visit any vet of your choice
  • No discrimination
  • Gives you peace of mind

It saves you money

Your pet may fall ill or get injured due to a minor domestic accident or a fatal one. However, pet insurance will save you money on veterinary bills. This is one of the obvious benefits of buying pet insurance in Canada.

Just as your insurance works, so is the same for pet insurance. You have a monthly deductible fee that should be met. So, when your pet gets sick, your pet insurance provider pays the majority of the bills (80% to 90%) for treatments covered while you pay the rest.

Helps you focus on your pet’s health

Having pet insurance allows you to focus on caring for your pet rather than worrying about cost implications. With pet insurance, you will be able to afford major surgeries for your pet, provided the treatment plan is covered. This alone brings peace of mind. You only need to focus on helping your furry companion heal. 

Increases your options for treatment

Pet insurance gives you the opportunity to choose from different life-saving treatment options that ordinarily will cost you a fortune. Ranging from chemotherapies to major life-saving surgeries.

You never know what the future holds. It’s possible for your healthy dog to suffer an injury or receive an unexpected medical diagnosis; pet insurance helps to lessen the financial burden of such a surprise.

Expensive treatments are covered

Availability of funds is the push factor for getting effective treatments, especially for your pets. It is emotionally exhausting enough to watch your furry family member being hospitalized. However, not worrying over the cost of stay and veterinary treatments will be a relief. This is what pet insurance offers.

You can visit any vet of your choice

Unlike human insurance, where you have a specific health institution as a beneficiary. For pet insurance, you can choose whichever veterinarian your pet is comfortable with. Freedom of choice is one of the several benefits a pet insurance offers.

Pet insurance allows you to be picky about who is treating your furry family member. There is also no need for referrals before you see a specialist.

Your pet can find a veterinarian that they enjoy, just like you can. Visits to the vet might be significantly less stressful if you choose a vet that your pet enjoys.

Gives peace of mind

An insurance plan for your pet can help you feel more at ease about your pet’s overall health. As long as you meet up with deductibles, many pet insurance policies will reimburse you for 80% of the cost. Knowing your furry companion’s health is covered will put your mind at rest.

best pet insurance in canada - comparewise

Pet insurance providers in Canada

Several options come to mind when looking for an insurance policy for your pet. However, you wonder which is better and more accessible in all of Canada. Here are some of the top listed pet insurance in Canada.

Fetch pet insurance

Fetch, also known as Fetch by The Dodo, is a pet insurance company that was ranked as one of the best pet insurance providers in 2023. They, of course, come with pros and cons, which will be talked about shortly. However, Fetch provides pet insurance services that can be customized to fit your budget.


Unlike some pet insurance companies, Fetch includes some coverage which will ordinarily not be covered. Some of its coverage includes

  • Behavioural therapy
  • Accident and illness
  • Holistic and alternative therapy
  • Boarding fees for hospitalizations
  • Exam fees
  • Sick visits
  • Advertising and reward for lost pets
  • Vet recommended supplements
  • Virtual vet visits of up to $1000 a year without a copay.


Some of the conditions excluded from coverage include:

  • Spaying
  • Vaccination
  • Dental care
  • No pre-existing condition coverage

Fetch by The Dodo insurance monthly plan

Fetch has a deductible amount of $300 to $700. Your deductible is the sum you must pay before your insurance begins to pay for your veterinary expenditures. These deductibles can be paid monthly by

  • Sample premium for dogs: $35.25
  • Sample premium for cats$20.16

Pros of Fetch by The Dodo

  • 30% discount off premiums with healthy pet credit
  • Covers exam fees
  • Behaviour, complementary therapies, boarding costs, and veterinarian-recommended nutrients are covered.
  • Reimbursement rate of 70%, 80%, and 90%

Cons of Fetch by The Dodo

  • Only covers cats and dogs
  • Doesn’t cover wellness plans
  • Pets must have a veterinary screening within 30 days of the registration date if they are six years old or older.

Costco pet insurance

Costco is one of the top best pet insurance providers that offer a competitive market price for pet insurance.


Costco Pet Insurance covers both injuries and illness. Here is a list of some other conditions under coverage:

  • Emergency and Hospitalizations
  • Imaging
  • Surgeries
  • Prescription medication
  • Veterinary specialist
  • Prosthetics and orthopedics
  • Dental injuries and illnesses

Then, for an extra fee, Costco can cover pre-existing conditions your pet may suffer prior to coverage.


  • Experimental procedures
  • Spaying
  • Cosmetics surgeries
  • Breeding, pregnancy and delivery
  • Pre-existing conditions
  • Cloning procedures

Costco pet insurance deductibles

Costco pet insurance offers deductible out-of-pocket payments ranging from $100 to $700.

Pros of Costco pet insurance

  • Reimbursement rate of 70% to 100%
  • 15% discount
  • 24/7 access to expert vet advice
  • VIP customer service support and Pet Cloud access.
  • $15 waiver for enrollment
  • Annual limit options of $5,000, $10,000 to unlimited
  • Comes with extra benefits like advertising and reward for lost pets, burial and cremation expenses of up to $250, boarding expenses and many more.

Cons of Costco pet insurance

  • Low-value wellness plan
  • Only available in Canada

Pets Best pet insurance

Pets Best offers fair pricing and excellent coverage. You can budget for potential claims thanks to the variety of deductible options available.


  • Exam fees
  • Physical rehabilitation
  • Acupuncture in and chiropractic treatments
  • Chronic conditions
  • Prescription medication
  • MRI, CAT scan
  • Accidents and illnesses
  • Hospitalizations and surgeries
  • Emergency care
  • Routine pet care and wellness plan


  • Pre-existing conditions
  • Vitamins or supplements
  • Elective and preventative procedures like tail docking or claw removal
  • Bilateral conditions like
  • Cosmetics surgeries
  • Breeding and Boarding cost
  • Intentional injuries


Prior to receiving reimbursement for any healthcare bills, you must first pay the policy’s deductible for veterinary costs. Good thing Pets Best provides several deductible options, which include:

  • $50
  • $100
  • $200
  • $250
  • $500
  • $1,000

Pros of Pets Best pet insurance

  • 5% Multipet discount
  • Up to 90% reimbursement rate
  • 24/7 vet health line
  • Unlimited annual coverage options
  • Multipet discount available
  • No upper age limit

Cons of Pets Best pet insurance

  • Holistic treatments aren’t covered.
  • A $2 transaction fee applies every time you pay.
  • Few annual benefit options.
pet insurance in ontario - comparewise

Best pet insurance in Canada conclusion

Having pet insurance coverage for your feathery or furry companion is cost-effective and brings you peace of mind. It’s important to carefully consider your options and read the fine print before purchasing a pet insurance policy in Canada.

It’s also a good idea to shop around and compare different policies to find the one that best meets your needs.

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FAQs about
pet insurance

Have a different question? Contact us today.

What is pet insurance?

Pet insurance is a health care policy for your pet that reimburses you for certain medical expenses. In the event of a surprise accident or illness, having a pet insurance plan can protect your finances. However, pet health insurance has its limitations, so you should read the fine print on your policy before you buy.

Who should get pet insurance?

You should get pet insurance if you feel you'd have trouble paying for expensive medical care if your pet were in an accident.

How does pet insurance work?

Pet insurance helps reduce the financial risk of unexpected veterinary costs. The right coverage plan can buy you priceless peace of mind, and empower you to do the right thing for your dog or cat. On a month-to-month basis, pet insurance works most like renter's insurance. You pay a monthly premium to your insurer for coverage. Your policy will outline which conditions/expenses are covered, your reimbursement rate, your deductible, and the maximum payout (or annual limit).

Is pet insurance worth it in Canada?

No matter their breed, age and size, pets need protection, especially for their health and wellness. Canada is known to have a high pet population of approximately 16 million. Insuring your furry family member's health and safety will save you money and emotional stress. You feel at ease as your pet gets effective treatments for illness and injuries. You get to watch them play and heal without breaking your wallet. Yes, it is safe to say pet insurance is worth it for both the pet and its owner.

How much is pet insurance in Canada?

There are affordable basic pet insurance coverages. For a dog and a cat, respectively, the average monthly insurance price in Canada is $39 and $29. Although the cost of this monthly premium may appear reasonable, it can quickly increase depending on your Pet's age, breed and coverage.

What conditions does pet insurance in Canada cover?

Pet Insurance in Canada covers several health and wellness-related conditions. Generally, pet insurance coverage is divided into three: Accident and illness policies which include broken bones, bite wounds, skin infections, cancer etc. Accident-only coverage is associated with sudden injuries. And wellness coverage which is optional insurance paid for wellness expenses.

What are the conditions pet insurance doesn't cover in Canada?

What's not covered in any pet insurance policy is called exclusion. Although, Canadian pet insurance exclusions differ depending on the insurance policy. However, with extra cost, some policies may cover it. These are some common exclusions:

  • Pre-existing condition
  • Pregnancy or birth
  • Death or theft
  • Bilateral conditions
  • Preventable diseases

Are there breed exclusions or ages not eligible for pet insurance?

Yes, there are breed and age exclusions when it comes to some pet insurance policies. Some breeds of cats and dogs are excluded because they are predisposed to certain medical conditions like diabetes and ligament issues. These pets are usually insured at a high cost. Also, some policies don't cover pets less than 8 weeks old.

What is the best pet insurance Ontario?

Every pet insurance policy comes with its own list of benefits. However, there are some policies that don't only accommodate your budget but are relatively easy to access. If you are in Ontario, Canada, you can consider buying Fetch by The Dodo pet insurance policy. They are famous for their customizable options.

How much is pet insurance Ontario?

Basic pet insurance in Ontario typically costs between $39 and $29 per month for a dog and a cat. It could cost as much as $150 per month to purchase more comprehensive insurance, which has greater reimbursement rates and coverage levels.

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