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June 25, 2023

I received my new pre paid credit card and activated it then I added it to online banking

I then transferred $50 to it to pay an online bill and later realized I shorted myself for another minor payment.

I tried to transfer $10 back to my checking account and the app glitched and not enough funds so I tried it again a couple times and the same glitch so I waited a day for BMO to fix it and tried it again same issue

Called BMO waited for 40 minutes and had to give up to check on my dad

Then I got to bank and they said I had to call in to support to resolve the issue, but they gave me a faster number.

So I called them and they straightened out the issue with the cards, but now I’m being investigated for their online banking glitch and that will take until the end of next week.

Not impressed at all

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