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February 19, 2023

I drive for instacart. I maintain a five-star rating. I sorry for the bad experiences that people have had but there are still good drivers out there. I am retired and the extra money helps me maintain my life. I like the fact I choose when I’m able to work. I read the complaints but there are customers who say they never receive items but they are delivered. Smothered are good an bad on both sides. I take picture label with date an times for my own safety of keep my job. The other thing is I only take order of 2 or less customers. If you have 3 orders in one cart it’s easy to mix up. One customer might get order 1 item making customer 2 order short an even if you are super careful the person bagging or cashier might make a mistake. So plz understand most of us are good people an do are best. There are also customers who really need this service. I have one customer who calls me when she putting her order in. I make sure I’m close to her store and do my best to grab her order. She has brain cancer and needs help putting things away. She leave door open I put her items up while she stays in the other room. This allows her to maintain her distance and stay safe. So when you complain on here you don’t remember the ones who are doing the right thing. Also remember the shopper is human if a cashier grabs items that goes to a different order the shopper might have not realized it. 3 customers , one buggy, 40 to 70 items plus a cashier an bagger. We do are best most of us but in the end you change rolls an you might understand short of checking every item in every bag again and again when you have already done this so careful before checking out mistakes can be made. We’re all human. God Bless You.

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