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  • $84 Annual fee
  • $20 Welcome bonus
  • 2% Rewards Rate
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April 10, 2022

I’ve been using Koho for almost 2 years and I’m very satisfied with it. I use it as my personal wallet (i.e. “personal expenses” account), considering that my main bank account is the one I use for family & life expenses. It’s easy to setup, easy to use; the Savings Goals feature works like a charm to save money in the background. I always use the digital card for online purchases and I’ve never had any security or fraud related problems. I won’t use it as my main account, but for personal stuff it’s a great fit.

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Card Details
  • Min.Credit :
    Poor (300 - 559)
  • Card Type : Rewards, Secured
  • Reward Type : Cashback
  • Providers : KOHO
  • Network Provider : Visa
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