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September 10, 2022

I have had poor to terrible experiences with Neo and have closed my account because of them
1, I get the card and soon discover that somethings I can do with other cards I can not do with a Neo card…..irritating and inconvenient…..but not the end of the world
2, After using the card arond my home city for groceries and the like. I then had 2 spurious charges charged to my account (4 am if memory serves) and one attempted spurious charge (at 5 am) that I caught and cancelled. These charges were A, all charged within an hour or so and B, from a car rental in Abu Dubai. I called ,when the office opened up, and was told that an investigation was started and the card frozen. 2-3 weeks later I get my statement…..400$ to Abu Dubai car rental still on account. Long story short I phone again….investigation time frame “allows for 45 days for the vendor to respond”. I have read other reviews of Neo financials card…..One suggested that I closely read the contract. Clever Neo very clever you allude to but do not commit to acting on my behalf for fraudulent charges. I am 100% responsible…..Neo has 100% no fault clause in contract. I will be on the hook for the car rentals in Abu Dubai
Not sure how to score this but the rewards/interest rates are very tempting…..all else is bunk and not worth the risk of what seems to be poor security of my information with me on the hook for the bill….I got away with only 400$…..it could have been 4,000 or more

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