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October 20, 2022

If I could give no stars I would – 1 is more than this company deserves. I signed up for secured card back in May of this year and sent in my $500 security deposit. After weeks of waiting for a card, I emailed to ask about an ETA. Every time it was "sorry, there's an issue with card makers" and "we will expedite this and have it to you by next week". After almost 2 months of waiting, I decided to cancel the card, as I was sure it would never arrive. I was told that the process to cancel takes about 30 days and then the refund of $495 ($5 administration fee, whatever) would be processed. Nope. All of a sudden it turned into "No, it's actually 60 days to process". End of September rolls around and what do I get? A notification from Equifax that an account has been opened in my name and it's from Plastk. WITH A CHARGE!!! I had never even been issued a card!! How could there be a charge?? Well, they had decided to forget my cancellation and go ahead and continue with the card issuing without my knowledge. I email relentlessly to try and get this solved and every time I got the same answer "we are expediting this request, don't pay attention to the Equifax account. Just request it to be removed" What the actual F**K kind of answer is that?? Now today: Still no refund, The account is still on my Equifax report, AND they have reported a late payment on the phantom amount that is "owed" on this card I have never used or physically even seen as it was never sent!! Avoid at all costs. Please. This company is a scam. Absolutely disgusting

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