Alpine Credits Review (May 2024) – Pros, Cons, Features, & Pricing

This Alpine Credits review will examine Alpine Credits, a company that has existed for over 50 years. In Canada, they has helped the people in Alberta and Ontario in getting all kinds of loans.

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Last Updated: May 23, 2024

Alpine Credits

  • Business funding $10,000 to $500,000
  • Homeowners guaranteed approval
  • 24 hour approval

Alpine Credits is an alternative to the bank for loans $10,000 to $500,000 - Claim this offer

Alpine Credits is a business loan company that provides various loans and financing options. They offer quick deposits and have funded over 1 billion dollars in loans.

It is easy to use and grants fast approvals. The Alpine credit business loan is the fastest and simplest way to borrow money regardless of income.

This is not all about this loan company. This Alpine Credits small business loans review will give you an in-depth view of what Alpine Credits are about, the pros and cons, and other vital information.

What Makes Alpine Credits Business Loan a Good Option?

In this section of our Alpine Credits business loan review, we examine why the company’s offering is an excellent option to consider.

Since its foundation in 1969, Alpine Credits has been easy to apply for loans. This makes it a good option among others. You will apply for a loan in minutes with a quick online application. If all of your documents are intact, you can receive funding approval in less than 24 hours. When approved, your money will be sent to you in less than a week.

Also, for people with no qualifications for loans, Alpine Credits business funding provides home equity loans, giving them access to loans against the worth of their house.

They focus on your home equity value other than your age or income when qualifying you for a loan. You will also access funds based on the current market value of your home if the price increases after you purchase it.

alpine credits loans - comparewise

Unlike most banks, Alpine Credits do not give strict requirements. They provide a range of financing alternatives for homeowners, including first and second mortgages. You will secure more credit than the unsecured loan and the freedom to use it on any payment of your choice. The Alpine Credit interest rates are also flexible.

Loan TypeGet Started
Alpine Credits debt consolidation loanGet started >>
Alpine Credits home renovation loanGet started >>
Alpine Credits home equity line of creditGet started >>
Alpine Credits business loanGet started >>
Alpine Credits emergency loanGet started >>
Alpine Credits education loanGet started >>
Alpine Credits investment loanGet started >>
Alpine Credits tax debt loanGet started >>
Alpine Credits vacation loanGet started >>
Alpine Credits car loanGet started >>
Alpine Credits retired loanGet started >>
Alpine Credits pensioner loanGet started >>
Alpine Credits self-employed loanGet started >>
Alpine Credits newcomer to Canada loanGet started >>

Pros and Cons of Alpine Credits Business Loan

This part of our Alpine Credits small business loans review explores the pros and cons of this loan company platform.

The Pros of Alpine Credits Business Loans

  • Flexible interest rates and repayment plans are available
  • It can cover any expense with a crucial loan amount
  • Acceptance of loans doesn’t depend on credit
  • The funding and approval timelines are fast.

The Cons of Alpine Credits Business Loans

  • High-interest rates and loan costs
  • You may struggle with finances if you make a mortgage payment twice.

Alpine Credits Business Loan Products and Services

Let’s take a quick view into the product and services Alpine Credits business loan offers. This section of the Alpine Credits business loan review will assist you in finding the right service offering.

Home Equity Loans

Home equity loans are more straightforward to qualify for than other types of loans. It gives you access to a large amount of money using your house as collateral. You can use these loans for various purposes, such as debt consolidation, holidays, etc.

Also, Alpine Credits home equity loan allows you to borrow using the market value of your house. You can receive an approval within 24 hours after submitting all necessary documents and applications.

alpine credits business loan review online - comparewise

Second Mortgage

A second mortgage gives you access to the equity that has grown in your home without selling it. It is a loan obtained by your property and is simple to approve.

For most homeowners, it is the easiest way to pay essential bills. If you have a second mortgage, you will need to make a payment each month for the first and second loans.

The cost might also be higher than the first loan because giving a second loan, Alpine Credits, is incurring a massive risk. Alpine Credits business funding may get you approved if you’ve been turned down for a loan. You can start a quote to see Alpine Credits mortgage rates.

Alpine Credits Business Loan Product and Service Quality

Do you want to know about this company’s service quality? This Alpine Credits business loan review section covers all you need to know.

Alpine Credits have a business standard security measure to help secure your information against unauthorized access.

Firewalls, prevention controls, and other intrusion detection are set up to help stop unauthorized persons from gaining access to your information. The transmission of information from your device to Alpine Credits is encrypted.

Also, Alpine Credit’s goal is to give Canadian homeowners an alternative to banks and other financial unions. They are more effective at getting loans approved than banks, even though they are more costly.

They consider the value of your home concerning the amount you owe on it instead of your income, age, or credit. Employees of Alpine credit business loans are certified mortgage experts that treat you with the highest respect and confidentiality.

How to Get Started with Alpine Credits

Our Alpine Credits review won’t be complete without giving you the basics on how to get started. Check out how Alpine Credits works.

The quality of your loan will depend on your ability to make payments. With a solid income, it will be easier for you to get approved for a loan with a low-interest rate. The approval process may also be complex if your equity amount and the money you need to borrow are high.

Before getting approval for a loan on Alpine Credits, there are specific requirements to meet. These are:

  • Become a citizen or permanent resident of Canada
  • Be a citizen of Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia, or Quebec
  • Own a house
  • Be of legal age

After you have met all requirements, the application process is simple and precise with three easy steps:

  1. Personal information (full name, email address, phone number )
  2. Loans information (purpose of the loan, loan amount)
  3. Household information

Alternatives to Alpine Credits

To decide on using this service, you first need to see how they compare against competitors. This part of our Alpine Credits business loan review highlights several alternatives you might consider.


Mogo is a rare alternative to Alpine Credits since it gives many loan choices, including mortgages, cryptocurrency, and other financial services.

Applying for a loan is simple, as you only need to be a resident of one province. This business loan company provides monitoring services, credit cards, and free credit score reports.

Pros of Mogo

  • Loans vary from six months to five years.
  • Gives loans despite low income
  • Quick application process

Cons of Mogo

  • There are no secured personal loans available
  • $50,000 is the maximum loan limit

Loans Canada

Loans Canada is also an excellent alternative if you’re looking for a loan option. They provide people with low income a choice in terms of credit scores.

If you are in debt, you might opt to get a consolidation loan since it can help you. They are an adaptable and multipurpose service.

Loans Canada can also connect you to a different lender. They provide beneficial organizing means to assist you in choosing the ideal lender.

Pros of Loans Canada

  • Get loans while having a fair or poor income rating
  • Loan interest rates begin at 4.7%.

Cons of Loans Canada

  • Indirect money lending
  • high-interest rates for loans

Smarter Loans

Smarter Loans’ primary purpose is to enlighten Canadians about the country’s financial product and connect them with the country’s most prominent financial institutions securely and straightforwardly.

You may locate the most reliable lenders across diverse sectors with the help of Smarter loans.

Smarter Loans offers various loan options, such as personal loans, mortgages, business loans, etc.

Pros of Smarter Loans

  • access to your preferred lender’s corporate profile
  • get the best interest rate
  • Online expert opinions are available.

Cons of Smarter Loans

  • strict approval procedure
  • Indirect money lending
alpine credits debt consolidation loans - comparewise

Alpine Credits Trustpilot

Alpine Credits currently has only a few reviews on Trustpilot and their average rating is 3.6.

Capital Direct vs Alpine Credits

Capitla Direct and Alpine Credits provide similar loan solutions for small businesses and individuals in Canada.

Alpine Credits locations

Alpine Credits TorontoAlpine Credits Edmonton
Alpine Credits OntarioAlpine Credits BC

Alpine Credits review conclusion

As seen in this Alpine Credits review, Alpine Credits Canada provides quick and simple access to secured loans. However, Alpine Credit rates can be high.

It is best suited for people with a low income who have difficulty qualifying in other places. You can get a low rate on loan from a bank if you have a steady income.

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FAQs about our Alpine Credits Business Loan Review

What is home equity?

Home equity is the amount of property you own. When you deduct the amount of your debt from the price of your house, it gives you your home equity. If you have no debt to pay, your home equity is the exact price of your home.

What is a second mortgage?

A second mortgage is any equity line you have added to your initial mortgage. Home equity is necessary to get a second mortgage. Most homeowners use a second mortgage to rebuild their homes for an added price.

Is it safe to take loans from Alpine Credits?

Yes, it is safe. Alpine Credits lead the market in private financing and have existed for over 50 years. Many homeowners receive home equity loans because of their service.

How long is Alpine Borrower approval?

Alpine can approve you for a loan within 24 hours of application. They will transfer money into your account less than a week after approval.

How do Alpine Credits' payments work?

Alpine Credits handles payment by using direct debit. Depending on your terms, they will debit your loan payments from your bank account.

How do I become eligible for an Alpine Credits loan?

You must be a Canadian citizen over the age of 18, a homeowner, provide an identification card, give a mortgage statement, and produce a property assessment to be eligible for an Alpine Credits loan.

What type of support does Alpine Credits give customers?

If you have questions or are applying for a loan, you can reach Alpine customer service through their web chat, call centre and email address. They also have a blog that helps with issues.

Is Alpine Credits legit?

Yes, Alpine Credits is totally legit. Many Canadian individuals and small businesses have received loans from them over the past 50 years.


Alpine Credits

September 1, 2022
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