Consolidated Credit Review (June 2023) – Pros, Cons, Features, & Pricing

Consolidated Credit is an agency that provides counseling, education, and debt relief options to Canadians intending to achieve financial stability. It’s not uncommon to struggle with debt, whether it’s due to temporary circumstances or long-term facts. Consolidated Credit offers various services to Canadians, including services and products that support individuals who can’t afford their current financial situation or cannot obtain loans, mortgages, and other credit products from banks and credit unions.

This Consolidated Credit review features the company’s qualifications, requirements, courses, and services. It’s relatively easy to apply, as the criteria are more straightforward than most financial or credit companies. Keep reading this Consolidated Credit review and learn more about their services.

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Last Updated: May 26, 2023

Consolidated Credit

  • More than 500,000 Canadians helped in 10 years
  • Almost $500 million in debt eliminated
  • 300+ hrs. of education offered each year

Find debt relief and make your monthly payments affordable - Claim this offer

Products, Services, and Education Available

Consolidated Credit is a non-profit agency that aims to help Canadians manage finances in a realistic way that sets a new standard for success at handling bills, loans, and future expenses. The most important service offered by the company is counseling, which is essential for understanding the impact of your current financial situation, and how to improve it. It’s a great program that is available for a fee, based on your situation and provides all the support you need to make solid decisions for your future.

Consolidated Credit Canada Review Counselling-Comparewise

Proposals for Consumers and Bankruptcies

While bankruptcy is typically avoided as much as possible, there are situations where severe debt and difficulty managing living expenses may be too challenging to achieve. If your situation involves a significant amount of debt, you’ll have one of two main options, which include a consumer proposal or bankruptcy.

Consumer proposals are ideal if you’re looking to consolidate all your debt without surrendering assets so that you can pay the total amount of your debt in monthly installment payments for up to five years. This option may be available to individuals with up to $250,000 in unsecured debt or $500,000 maximum if you’re married.

Bankruptcy may be an option to consider if you’re unable to fulfill the requirements of a consumer proposal and have at least $1,000 in unsecured debt. There is no maximum limit, and you will be required to surrender any assets towards the consolidated debt payment. It’s a practical solution if other options are not feasible or affordable, and if you make timely payments, you may have the bankruptcy discharged in just under a year.

Suppose you’re considering a significant overhaul of your financial situation. In that case, a Licensed Insolvency Trustee can provide you with all the information and details you’ll need to make an informed decision about your future. These experts will outline the impact of this significant decision, including how it will affect your credit rating and budget.

Strategies for Basic Debt Reduction

Suppose your debt is significant enough to become unmanageable and considered a small or moderate amount. In that case, there are some helpful programs to help you pay off your debts in manageable monthly payments. One of the most common solutions you may consider is a debt consolidation loan, which acquires all your outstanding debt from multiple lenders, including high-interest credit cards and loans, and combines them into a single loan with a manageable payment plan.

Consolidated Credit facilitates this process through a third-party lender or bank. The idea of this plan is to reduce the overall interest rate of all debt together while making it more affordable for individuals to pay off what they owe.

The debt management program works similarly, with the licensed debt counselor negotiating and handling the transactions with lenders, so you don’t have to deal with this stage. It’s an ideal situation if you want to make affordable payments without making an effort to work with individual lenders, banks, and other creditors.

Another solution to consider is debt settlement, which allows you to make a lump-sum payment to cover all the debt you owe at once. This option may work best if you have the funds or access to money through a friend or relative to fulfill the requirements.

You’ll need to negotiate the terms of the lump-sum payment with lenders and with your debt consultant. If there is a mutual agreement to proceed, you may pay an amount lower than the total amount owed and at a lower interest rate.

Consolidated Credit Canada Review Debt Free Family-Comparewise

How to Apply for Consolidated Credit’s Services

If you’re looking to sign up with Consolidated Credit, it’s initially free of charge, and you won’t be required to pay any fees until you decide to register for a course, service, or product. You’ll need to provide a few simple information items so that you can access a free initial consultation session, including your full name, date of birth, employment details, your income, citizenship, address, and how much debt you currently have.

When you register for your first consultation, a licensed credit counselor may review your current credit score, spending habits, debt amount, income, and other factors that may impact your ability to manage your loans and find a solution. It’s also important to consider the possibility of errors, theft, or other issues with your accounts or debt that may require a correction to improve your rating.

Pros of Consolidated CreditCons of Consolidated Credit
+ First consultation is free
+ Highly skilled counsellors
+ Improve your ability to make payments
– Fees for service
– No guarantee of improvement

The Advantages of Consolidated Credit

There are significant benefits to considering Consolidated Credit for handling your debt. At the very least, you’ll want to consider the non-profit’s credit counseling services, which can help you change the way you handle credit, debt, and finances. It’s a great way to restructure your budget, and you’ll learn how to negotiate lower interest rates for some of your debt and loans, which can drastically improve your ability to make payments.

Courses are a great way to get the most out of Consolidated Credit, and you’ll have convenient access to these from all territories and provinces throughout Canada. There are multiple solutions to consider, too, so that if you’re considering bankruptcy as your only choice, you may be surprised to learn there are alternatives to your situation. The non-profit’s credit counselors are highly skilled and experienced in handling all your concerns and unique situations that may impact managing debt. They work with all types of financial situations to find the best solution and options.

Your first consultation is always free, so you can decide first if this service is best for your situation, with no obligation to continue. Ideally, it’s a great way to consider all your options and review which route to financial stability works best. Once you have all the tools you need to decide if credit counseling is best for you, not only is there no obligation to proceed with a service or product, you’ll have all the time you need.

Consolidated Credit doesn’t give you a time limit to sign up for their services, though you may want to consider if a solution for your debt is better sooner rather than later. In some cases, individuals may need to review other options, whether a personal loan from a friend or relative, to determine if credit counseling is best for their situation.

Consolidated Credit Canada Review Debt Free-Comparewise

The Drawbacks of Consolidated Credit

While Consolidated Credit is an excellent resource for anyone looking for solutions in handling debt, there are some noteworthy drawbacks. All services are offered for a fee, which may be less affordable for some individuals, resulting in a delay in getting the professional support needed to resolve mounting loans and debt. Some products may negatively impact your credit score and rating, especially bankruptcy, which may prevent you from accessing certain financial services and credit products for a specified period.

Consolidated Credit is highly successful in resolving many individual financial situations, though there is no guarantee that your financial problems will be ideal in the long term. It’s also important to stick with any payment plans to avoid further negative impacts on your credit rating. Ideally, Consolidated Credit is meant to guide and offer realistic options for people who need assistance in improving their financial position.

Once you agree to a specific payment play through Consolidated Credit, it’s essential never to skip an installment or make a late payment, as this can negatively impact your credit rating and an existing agreement. For this reason, it’s always important to consider your financial situation realistically to ensure monthly payments are affordable.

While it’s reasonable to expect good results from Consolidated Credit, you’ll also need to put in the effort to improve your credit rating, spending habits, and budget. One of the most critical aspects of this non-profit company is the ability to help individuals take greater control of their finances and take charge of their future. Debt can severely impact a person’s goals in life, whether it’s obtaining a mortgage, obtaining employment in specific sectors, or enjoying a balanced living without the constant worry of affording bills, loans, and other payments.

Consolidated Credit Review Summary

Consolidated Credit is an excellent option for individuals serious about making significant changes in their spending and saving strategies, whether you’re looking for education to manage a small to moderate debt or an effective plan to restructure your finances through a longer-term solution. While some of the fees associated with this firm’s services may be a bit more expensive for some people, the overall benefit is worthwhile, as long as you work with the licensed credit counselor to make progress towards the goal of financial stability. Thanks for checking out our Consolidated Credit review.

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FAQ's about Consolidated Credit

How much does Consolidated Credit cost?

You’ll find the services and fees are overall reasonable, and while some programs cost more, it’s a worthwhile investment to improve your finances. The exact price is dependent on what services you choose.

Who is Consolidated Credit for?

Consolidated Credit offers excellent solutions for many people who struggle with debt and need a realistic solution to improve their financial prospects and management skills. Whether you’re looking for a course to improve how you manage debt and finances or require a more comprehensive program to handle serious debt, this non-profit company is an ideal option to consider.

How does Consolidated Credit work?

When you’re ready to start Consolidated Credit, you won’t have to provide as much information as you would with a credit card company or bank. You can also sign up for free and access educational tools, debt consolidation options, and debt management programs.

What services does Consolidated Credit offer?

Consolidated Credit offers services and assistance for individuals looking to get out of debt and manage their finances more effectively in the future.

What is Consolidated Credit?

Consolidated Credit is a non-profit agency specializing in helping Canadians find the best solution for small, moderate, and large-scale debt.


Consolidated Credit

October 6, 2022
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