Review (May 2024) – Pros, Cons, Features, & Pricing

This is a question that many people ask themselves when they are looking for writing tools to help them with their content marketing efforts.

There are a lot of different tools out there, and it can be hard to know which ones work the best. In this review, we will go over some of the things that has to offer and let you decide if it’s worth giving a try or not!

Should you use

The company is a content marketing tool that can help you create better-written content for your blog posts, social media, and other types of digital platforms. It has been designed to be easy enough to use so even if you are not a professional writer or have little experience with writing tools, it will still work just fine for what you need.

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Last Updated: May 24, 2024

  • Write articles in multiple formats from long to short
  • 26 languages available
  • Saves time with easy content creation

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How to use

The company is a lot simpler to use than you may think! All you need to do in order for it to work properly is write your content with the text editor that comes included and then click on “generate”.

Once this has been done, the tool will automatically format everything for you so all of your important information stays intact and your writing is perfect! In this review we’ll show you how to use their tool. The content that you have to write in order for to give you content back include:

  • a title for you blog, article, etc.
  • a list of keywords to include in the content (this will help search for the right words to use)
  • an introduction sentence or paragraph for your content (this will help know what information should be included)
  • a list of paragraphs that you want the tool to generate for you (these are sentences with numbers, bullet points, and other items separating them so they can be formatted properly)
  • a list of the types of content you want to generate for you (in this case, it would be social media posts or blog post titles)

The more detailed description of what you want included in your content produced by depends on how detailed you are in your instructions.

But, even so, after giving a description of what you want your content to be based on, it will help you from the beginning. can help you generate ideas not only for the content itself, but also for the title!

Who can use

In this review we found that there are lots of folks who can benefit from the tool. The company can be used by any blogger or content creator who is looking for a way to write better-quality posts that are targeted specifically at their audience in order to help them convert more customers into leads, sales, and other types of conversions. is mainly aimed for:

  • Marketers who are looking for ways to write better-quality content that will be more engaging and interesting:
  • social media marketers
  • affiliate marketers
  • email marketers
  • Bloggers who want a tool that can help them create higher-quality blog posts that have a large reach
  • Entrepreneurs who want a tool that will help them create content in order to get more followers
  • Agencies who have tight deadlines and are looking for a way to create content quickly:
  • real estate agents
  • Writers who need assistance in creating ideas, writing more in-depth, and breaking writers-block:
  • copywriters
  • Quora writers
  • SEO writers
  • Google Ad writers
  • Facebook Ad writers
  • Reddit writers
  • LinedIn writers
  • Medium writers
  • Vocal writers
  • freelance writers
  • Content creators who need help coming up with more content and coming up with it at a faster pace:
  • YouTubers

Although can be used by anyone since it is so user-friendly, the list of recommended users for is still very broad.

Pros & Cons of

Here’s some pros and cons of that users have expressed in our review.

Pros of Conversion.aiCons of
+ Can write articles in multiple formats from long to short
+ Access a library of text snippets
+ 26 languages available
+ Allows you to write anywhere, anytime
+ 7-day money-back guarantee
– Keywords should be defined in advance
– It is a paid service

Pros of

  • It can write articles in multiple formats from long to short depending on what type of post you need.
  • You have access to a library of text snippets from other writers on your team in order to help with content creation
  • 26 languages are available for you to use including a number of different European languages
  • It allows you to write anywhere, anytime that is convenient from your phone or laptop.
  • 7-day money-back guarantee if need be
  • It can create titles and subtitles for you as well so that it is easier to write the post
  • Saves time and makes content creation a lot easier
  • The AI will format all your text for you so that it looks great no matter where it is placed
  • Improves ROI (return on investment) on your blog posts
  • Writing algorithms are updated regularly, so the AI will get better and better as time goes on
  • It is a great way to break writer’s block
  • It is user-friendly and easy to use even if you have no experience at all review-comparewise-1

Cons of

  • Keywords should be defined in advance
  • It is a paid service

The company has some pros and cons just like any software, but overall we think that it is a good tool to use and will help you with your content marketing efforts. If you are looking for an easier way to write your posts, then may be the right choice!

Let’s start off with the features that provides:

  1. The first feature that offers are a content-writing AI system that can help you write better, more engaging content for your blog posts and other types of digital platforms without having to do the work yourself. The writing will be kept up-to-date with new writing algorithms, creating factual and interesting content, meaning that the readers of your articles are more likely to stay on and read what you have written rather than clicking back for a different article.
  2. The second thing provides is an internal link builder which will automatically build links between different pieces of information in your content for you. Having links imbedded in your content is good because it will be easier for the reader to navigate through your post and find a piece of information if they want it.
  3. The third feature provides is an internal image search engine which can help you find images that are relevant to what you are writing about so that you don’t have to go looking all over the internet for them on your own. Imagery allows your audience to see what you are talking about and can often be a great way to convey your message.
  4. The fourth thing that offers are a complete content audit which will show you what needs to be updated and where improvements need to be made in your digital marketing strategies, such as on social media or blog posts.
  5. Finally, the last feature offers is an SEO optimization tool that can help make sure that your content ranks higher in search engines for the keywords you are targeting. If this is something that would be helpful to your digital marketing efforts, can help make sure it happens with just a few clicks of a button!

How do these features work?

How does’s internal link builder work?

For to build a link between two pieces of information in your content, you will need to place an anchor text (a word that links the reader from one part of the article to another) at both ends of the intended connection.

Let’s say we are writing about how electric cars can be more cost-effective than gas vehicles for a person living in a city.

We would want to place anchor texts such as “how-to,” “learn more about” and so on at the beginning of one paragraph that talks about gas vehicles, and then we would also need to put an anchor text at the end of a paragraph which discusses electric cars for’s internal link builder to work.

How does’s internal image search engine work?

The first thing you will need to do is upload a document that contains all of the images for your article, converting them into an editable format or providing links where they are hosted on other sites.

The next step would be to type in the name of your document in order to find all of the images that are contained within. The last step is to select those you want to use and insert them into your content with a simple click!

How does’s complete content audit work?

The audit will give you a full report of what needs to be updated and where improvements need to be made in your digital marketing strategies. This is especially helpful for those who are starting out with, as it can show them the areas they might want to improve on or get help with from more experienced marketers.

How does’s SEO optimization tool work?

The SEO optimization tool will help your content rank higher in search engines for the keywords you are targeting, such as if those words occur two or more times throughout the article and have a total word count of at least 500 words or higher.

All that is need from you to make this happen is to input your keyword in the SEO optimization tool and select “Yes” to confirm that you want it enabled for this review, then press save! review review - comparewise Pricing has a free trial period for its customers, and you can also get a discounted rate by paying monthly or yearly.

The pricing varies depending on how many projects your business requires per month and what type of content needs to be generated with – so if you need more than one post per day or more than one article written, this may be a good option for you! Pricing does range from $29-$119 per month depending on your needs.

Here is a breakdown of the different pricing tiers:

  • Basic ($29/month)  – includes one article per day, as well as daily email reports on your content’s performance and feedback from
  • Standard ($49/month)  – includes two articles per day, plus monthly webinars to help with content creation
  • Professional ($79/month)  – includes three articles per day, plus monthly webinars and a account rep dedicated to your business’s needs
  • Premium/$119/month)  – includes five articles per day, as well as everything from the previous tiers including more features such as advanced SEO optimization or a personalized content strategy

If you would like to try out for yourself, we highly recommend signing up for a free trial to test it out!

How long is the free trial period with

The free trial lasts for seven days, and this way you can see all the features has to offer without any risk! This gives you a chance to test out and decide whether itis what works best for you and your business in the long-run.

Signing up for a free trial

When you sign up for a free trial with, all you need to do is provide some basic information about your business and the type of content that you would like generated – and then will start generating blog posts and digital marketing materials for your company!

What next?

Once your free trial period is up, you either need to sign up for a monthly or yearly subscription, depending on your needs, or if the trial was unsatisfactory to your standards, you can discontinue the service with

The free trial can be canceled at any time without having to pay anything, but if you do not cancel the service before the end of the seven-day period they will charge you for an additional month.

Times is money

One of the conveniences of having is the time you save when you don’t have to do the work yourself! The only part you need to play in this process is to come up with the topics on what you want your content to be based on.

This saved time gives you the opportunity to focus on other aspects of your business, or to generate more content for and get it done even faster!

Since you are saving so much time, and getting more and more tasks accomplished in a short period of time with the help of, you are also abling yourself to make more income.

The work you need to accomplish does take time, and you offer your time in return for money – but when you can get it done in a short time period, then you’re saving more money.

Framework Templates

AIDA Framework

The AIDA framework stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action.

This template will guide you through the four steps of the process: First, attention must be gained by writing an eye-catching headline or opening sentence; then, interest must be captured by providing a detailed and specific description of your offer which will entice the reader to continue reading.

Next, desire for the product is fostered when you provide an attractive guarantee that makes it seem like they can’t go wrong with this purchase. Finally, action should be triggered through a call-to-action (CTA) that leads the reader to make a purchase.

This template is great for beginners and will help you understand how to start every blog post by getting your readers’ attention, no matter what they are reading about. It provides tips on opening sentences or headlines as well as some general guidelines for your blog post content.

PAS Framework

The PAS framework stands for Problem, Agitate, and Solution. This template is a little more advanced compared to the AIDA template but it will help you create content that addresses your audience’s problems.

The first step in this process is to identify the problem or need of your target audience; then agitate their pain points by pointing out all of the problems they are currently dealing with; finally, offer a solution to their problem by providing your product or service as the answer.

This template is great for those who want to specifically target a need that people have and provide them with what they really need.

Before-After-Bridge Framework

This framework is a little more progressive in the sense that it requires you to write two blog posts, one before and one after. It will guide you through steps for writing a persuasive call-to-action (CTA), which should be written like a story with the reader as your main character, making it seem like they are experiencing what life would be like if they take your offer.

The before blog post should be written to provide a solution for their problem, and the after article will cover what life is like with that solution in place. Basically, it is showing the before and after of benefiting from a product.

Feature to Benefit Framework

This framework will guide you through how to use features and benefits to your advantage.

The first step is to identify a feature of your product or service, like “Built-in conversion tracking”, for example. Once you decide what main feature(s) of your product will be the focus, then it’s time to consider who that feature would benefit most.

Your answer should lead into describing how it makes the audience’s life easier or better in some way. Then, explain why the product/service itself and the possible benefits coming from it are important to your audience. Finally, provide a benefit that the customer can expect in order to convince them it’s worth their time.

The main goal of this framework is to highlight the features of your product and then show the benefits they will receive from that feature.

Favoriting and Flagging Templates

  • Favoriting: This template is for you to use if you want to bookmark a blog post that deserves recognition or attention. It can be used in conjunction with the other templates mentioned here and it will help readers know what your favorite articles are and why they should read them.
  • Flagging: This template is perfect for those who would like to flag a blog post that needs your attention, but it is not urgent. It can be used in conjunction with the other templates mentioned here and will help readers know what articles you want them to read and why they should take action on those posts as well.

Marketing Angles used by

Social Media Marketing

One of the best ways to get your content out there is through social media. It’s a great way to stay connected with customers, potential leads, and people in your industry as well!

Make sure you are posting at least once per day on all of your profiles so that you can show up for business searches; post-high-quality content that is relevant to your profile and useful for others; and be consistent in branding so people know what they can expect from you on a regular basis.

Email Marketing

Email marketing has been around since the early days of the internet, but it’s still one of the most effective ways to get an audience or a customer base!

Make sure you’re creating a marketing list for your business that includes people who have submitted information about themselves, been to your website or blog previously, and those you’ve met at events.

You can also create an email campaign that will help introduce them to the content they’ll find on your site, because it’s unlikely that a customer would take a chance on something if they don’t even know what it is.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a very important part of digital marketing that assists you in making sure that your blog posts are properly optimized before publishing them. This assistance will ensure that the content on your site ranks higher in search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and many more sites.

The key to SEO is making sure that your blog post has a focus keyword or phrase; this allows your chances of getting found in online searches to increase. Posting your content on social media profiles that links back to the content on your site for increased exposure is also a great way to increase your SEO.

Video Marketing

Video marketing is a great way of providing information about products in a visual format! You can use videos in a couple of ways: upload them to your site or blog, post them on social media platforms like YouTube and Facebook, or embed videos in a blog post about the product.

This is a great way especially for people who are visual learners to be able to access information without having to read it first! As well as this being a great way for your audience to view your content rather than just read it, if it is a personal video, it also gives you the chance to allow your customers to get to know you. review review 1 - comparewise


Blogging is an excellent way to not only grow your business by reaching out and attracting new leads but also a great tool for learning about the industry you’re in.

Your blog posts should be relevant to both of these goals: they should provide helpful information that will help people learn more about what you do, while at the same time providing potential customers with a good reason to contact you. Blogging is also a great opportunity for link building, which helps your site rank higher on search engines!


A simple way of breaking down complicated information into something more easily digestible is with an infographic. Infographics include things such as charts, imagery, graphs, and other visuals to create a more user-friendly way of presenting information.

Infographics are also an excellent opportunity for link building because people love sharing them on social media sites like Facebook! It can be used in blog posts as well; the idea is that by using visuals, it’s easier to understand complex topics.

Online Courses

If you want to reach a much larger audience, try adding an online course! Not only is this a great way of sharing your knowledge with others, but it also helps promote the product or service that you are offering through videos and content throughout the lesson modules.

You can charge a one-time fee to take the course, or you can use a monthly subscription model. This way, you are teaching your audience how to use your product or service and making extra money on top of that from the subscription model you create on your online course.

Is the best tool for copywriting?

The company has been designed to be a tool that is easy enough for anyone, no matter their experience or expertise, with content writing tools to use in order to help generate better-written blog posts and other types of digital marketing content.

With it’s provided main features: an AI system that will write the blog post for you; a link builder that will build links between different pieces of information in your content; and an audit to show you what needs to be updated, copywriting is very much a piece of cake.

The company also has a discounted rate for paying monthly or yearly, which is great if you need more than one post per day or article was written! It’s worth trying out this tool – but if you are not satisfied with the results, then there is a 60-day money-back guarantee that will let you cancel your membership at any time.

The company can be an excellent tool for creating better content in order to help with digital marketing efforts, such as on social media or blog posts – but it may not work well for everyone.

It is a good idea to try out the company’s free trial offer and see if it works for you before deciding on whether or not to purchase any of their other packages!

What conversion rate can I expect from

Getting a conversion rate is one of the best things that you can do for your marketing efforts as it will show just how successful your content really was!

Conversion rates are measured by dividing the number of visitors who completed your call to action (usually subscribing or making a purchase) by all unique visitors on the page, and multiplying by 100.

In order to get a conversion rate, you’ll need to install the Conversion AI software on your website and check out what rates it provides – then compare them against other tools like Google Analytics!

Conversion rates are something to take into consideration when trying different digital marketing strategies such as with blog posts or social media campaigns.

Does plagiarise?

The company does not plagiarise and is developed by a writing algorithm that will produce high-quality content for you that continues to update as time goes by. It’s all done by AI, so the algorithm generates content that is original and on-topic.

The company also has a plagiarism checker to ensure that none of their content contains any copied words or phrases from other sources! If you are adding something to your content be cautious because will not plagiarise check it for you.

Are’s articles ghostwritten?

No, is not a service that will provide you with articles written by someone else – every article created on the site is done by its AI system! However, if you want to commission another writer for a piece of content or blog post and have it published under your name, will be happy to help you do that!

How helps with content marketing

The great thing about the company of is that it can help you write content in a way that will attract more customers to what you are offering. It’s been designed so that people who read your posts or other types of digital content will be able to notice what you are trying to get across.

If is a tool that would be helpful in your digital marketing efforts, then it’s worth checking out! It may not work for everyone – but by using this company’s free trial offer and seeing if the content writing AI system works well for you before purchasing any type of package, there should be a way that will help you with your content marketing efforts!

What online platforms does work with? can work with:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Google
  • Amazon
  • Product Hunt
  • Hacker News
  • Reddit

How does work with amazon?

When creating new products on Amazon, can help with keywords and descriptions to make sure that your products are found by buyers on the platform.

-If you are a seller with more than 20 reviews on Amazon, can identify which products are getting the most conversions and then recommend other similar items to sell since people who buy one thing often want others that they may not know about yet. This is just another way of how aims to help businesses succeed, by providing them tools to find more customers.

-As a seller with less than 20 reviews, will help you list your items on Amazon and create listings that are optimized for the most conversions possible. The software provides all of the necessary details to fill in about your product so it’s as easy as clicking a button!

Do I need to use a third-party service or tool for Amazon marketing? will actually recommend other similar products that people have purchased that are related to the one they’re viewing – and all of this is done automatically!

Whereas third-party software would typically cost around $400 a month, is an all-inclusive monthly subscription package for just $49!

How does help you rank in Google?

The company offers a service that is designed to help improve your SEO efforts in order to rank higher on Google for the keywords you are targeting – this makes it easier to get more traffic and have better exposure!

Forget about wasting time trying out dozens of tools or hiring expensive copywriters when has everything you need in one place!

Templates uses for Google

  • Google Ads Headline: This template is a good way to capture someone’s attention with a compelling headline that will make them want to find out more about your content that you have created.
  • Google Ads Description: This template is perfect for providing the reader with detailed information about what your product or service does, as well as how it can provide an advantage over other alternatives in the market.
  • Google My Business-What’s New Post: This template provides updates for your business so your customers/followers are kept up with what is currently happening.
  • Google My Business-Event Post: This template tells your customers what events are coming up regarding your business.
  • Google My Business-Product Description: This template gives an in-depth description of either new products your business has produced or products your business is recommending.
  • Google My Business-Offer Post: This template provides an overview of your business; basically giving newcomers a summary of what you produce for content, what your business stands for, and how you can help them.

How does help with social media blogs/posts? can help you to find the most popular and engaging content within your industry, which will make it easier for you to provide social media followers with fresh posts that they’ll enjoy reading/viewing.

The platform provides a simple way to create and schedule posts on various platforms (such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram). All you need to do is input the content into the program then it will take care of posting them at the correct time.

There is also a way that schedules when to post on social media based on when your followers are most active.

How to set up scheduled social media posts with

  1. Go to
  2. Scroll down and click on “Build a post”
  3. Click the social media you want to target (i.e., Facebook)
  4. Input your content, then schedule when it’s going live by selecting the appropriate time period from the dropdown list or enter in a date/time range
  5. Click “Create post”

Templates uses for social media

  • Creative Story: This template is a great way to start conversations and share your personality with customers.
  • Photo Post Captions: This template is great for sharing a photo and a few sentences about the event that it was taken at, whether its giving your viewers a taste of your daily routine or sharing an exciting event that is happening.
  •  Personal Bio: This template is a great way to tell people more about yourself and your story. It is always good for your customers to see some of your personal side in order to for you to gain their trust and to establish a relationship.
  • Pinterest Pin Title & Description: This template is great for making Pinterest titles or descriptions that are engaging to the reader in order to gain traffic.
  • Engaging Questions & Quora Answers: This is a good template for starting conversations on social media and getting feedback from followers, which gives you an opportunity to learn more about your customer base and the problems that they need to have solved.
comparewise unbounce review and Videos doesn’t only help out with writing blog posts or articles, it also provides guidance when creating videos. You can use the video content creator within’s platform and it will provide a list of templates that you can choose from to create your own videos!’s goal is to convert visitors into leads by providing them with engaging information about our company, products, services, or industry in a relevant way.

How many photos/videos does recommend a day? recommends:

  • At least one image or video a day – this is a great way to share your products with followers, and it also helps boost engagement
  • At least one photo or video of you. Not only does this make you more relatable as a person but it can help promote the brand that you’re representing (forming trust)

Does have a blog post creator?

Yes, has an inbuilt content generator that will help you create great blogs to upload onto your site or share on social media platforms! You can use the tool for headlines and subheadings as well as images/videos and calls to action (CTAs).

What does content improver do on

The content improver tool will help to find the areas of your blog or article that could be improved in order to increase conversions on a site, including:

  • Titles
  • Headings and subheadings
  • Images/videos
  • Calls to action (CTAs) – an example is “shop now”
  • Design
  • Content

“Recipes” that provides:

The Idea Factory

This is a tool that helps generate insights on how to improve your conversion rates. It works like your own personal consultant that works towards identifying the challenges that your visitors are facing. It then provides a list of recommendations on how you can solve them.

Blog Posts

This tool helps you to create a quick 5-minute blog post.

technology - comparewise

Rewrite/Expand Blog Posts (or other content)

This is a tool that helps you to rewrite or expand on previous blog posts or different content that you wish to alter.

Product Review Posts

This is a tool that helps you to create blog posts about products quickly, while creating more output. This assists in the increase of sales for your website.

Press Releases

This is a tool that helps you to create captivating press releases.

Cold Emails

This is a tool that helps you to write cold emails using the AIDA framework.

Facebook Ads

This is a tool that helps you to create Facebook Ads using the PAS framework.

Video Script Blueprint with Show Notes

This is a tool that helps you to create video scripts with show notes. These video blueprints and show notes are enabled to use as a blog post, which will, in turn, drive traffic back to the video.

The Perfect Non-Fiction Book Introduction & Outline

This is a tool that helps you to create the perfect non-fiction book introduction and outline. used data from the 7 Day Book Challenge to help create an effective template.

All these unique recipes created by provide pointers throughout, allowing you to have as much help as you need, and if you simply don’t need some pointers you can delete them and insert your own input.

After using these recipes, it strengthens your ability to create more pieces on your own, since it is giving you experience. Of course, you do not have to ever progress into making more of the content on your own. You can use as little or as much as you want, it is all up to your needs.

Organization of

The Dashboard on allows you to access all your content from one place. You can also create a new template in the dashboard, and then you’ll be able to use it as a recipe for other future posts or articles!

Your profile page will have information about your conversion rates and how often you are using’s tools – this is for your own knowledge and to help you get a sense of what works well for you.

You’ll also be able to see the tools that are available, how many days they’ve been used since their last click (so as not to “double-dip” on the usage), and all posts generated with them so far.

The templates that you favorited will be on the homepage, so you can quickly access them and use the tools.

A graph of the words generated daily will be shown on the dashboard as well, and a list of all posts created by you will be shown on your profile page. The dashboard also provides a clear way to see your progress and use’s tools in order to increase conversions on your site! Customer Support

The company offers a number of different ways to get in touch with customer service, including live chat and email.

Live Chat

The live chat is available 24/7, and you’ll be able to get help with any tools on that page


You can email customer service at if you have questions about anything – they will reply within the hour

They also have an online form that you can fill out; this should be completed when submitting any requests for help from the support team! Customer support on aims to provide a good experience for users, and will help anyway needed. vs is better than because it’s more affordable, has a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the service, and offers many features that can help generate better content for your digital marketing efforts! is also more suited for longer content writing compared to has a lot of partnerships with different companies, which is one advantage that it has compared to

For example, integrates with SurferSEO, which is a powerful relationship management platform that will help you manage your digital marketing campaigns, while does not seem to have any integrations with SurferSEo or any other programs currently.

online brand ares - comparewise

What partnerships can do?

Companies that have partnerships with include:

  • SEO Quake
  • Hubspot
  • Wordstream
  • Marketo
  • Flowtown
  • Wistia

There are a number of different partnerships that has, and they’ll be listed on their website!

These partnerships allow for to create content that will not only help you improve your conversions online but it will also generate leads on its own – this service offers a more holistic approach to increasing traffic and conversion rates on your site!

They also have testimonials from companies who use as well – this will help you see what kind of results their services can offer your company! and SurferSEO partnership

As stated before, and surfer integrated together. This integration will allow you to better manage your campaigns and sync with social media content, which may be helpful in getting more traffic from social networks like Facebook!

This helps you to manage your digital marketing campaigns. Surfer will allow you to create a custom link that will take the user directly from’s content, which is what makes it so powerful!

SurferSEO also provides you with the correct data within your writing so you can get more traffic and have better visibility. Having these two tools together allows you to more efficiently manage your SEO campaign and have better exposure! and Hubspot partnership

Hubspot is a powerful tool that allows you to create landing pages, build email campaigns, and more! integrates with Hubspot and will help generate better content for your site while also letting manage the traffic on social media sites like Facebook as well – this integration makes it easier for’s users to get their conversions on their site up! and Wordstream partnership

If you’re a wordstream user, integrates with this software as well and will help manage your digital marketing campaigns to generate better results for your business! Wordstream is the company that offers keyword research tools – so if you use them they’ll be able to create content using those keywords! and Marketo partnership

If you use Marketo, will be able to manage and optimize your site’s traffic numbers and conversions with this integration, which is a great bonus if you are using Marketo for other things! and Flowtown partnership

Flowtown is a company that focuses on the data side of digital marketing – so if you are using them in order to get more qualified leads for your business then will be able to integrate with them and sync your sites! and Wistia partnership

Wistia is a company that provides video hosting services, so integrates with this service as well for generating better content on the web – if you use then it can provide you videos or images of your own!

The integration with and Wistia is a good example of how companies are able to generate better content for their website by using’s services – this allows them to have more exposure on the web, which in turn will help with generating leads or conversions from that site!

How to be succesful with

For many people, it can be difficult to find time in their busy schedule to do things like writing blog posts. has been designed for those who want to spend less time on the technical end and more time on what actually matters – getting results from your marketing efforts!

To help you get started with, we’ve put together a content writing checklist below to help guide you through your blog posts.

Keyword Research

If SEO is important for your business – and it should be if you want to rank higher on search engines like Google! – then start by doing some keyword research. This will show you which keywords are the highest priority for your blog posts, and will have a big impact on how many people see your content.

Start by using Google’s Keyword Tool to input keywords that are relevant for the topic you’re writing about in order to get more accurate results!

Calls To Action

One of the most important things when it comes to conversion rates is including calls to action in your post. Make sure you include a call to action at the end of every blog post that tells readers what they should do next!

Content Length

How long should your content be? It really depends on who you’re writing it for, but as a general rule of thumb we suggest keeping posts between 500 and 1000 words – this keeps it short and sweet so your readers don’t lose interest, but also long enough so that it has the needed information included.

The 500-1000 word rule-of-thumb also allows for more content and better search engine visibility!

Target Audience

Make sure your blog posts are targeting a specific and clear audience. This will help you to create content that is more relevant, which in turn leads to better conversion rates!

Diversify Your Content

Sometimes people might find that their writing sounds the same, which can lead to a lack of engagement from readers. The company is great for providing content that has been written by an AI system, but it’s also important to do your part in coming up with different, unique topics for your content.

Relevant Topics

Content should be centered around the needs of your target audiences – not general information about everything in sight. Keeping topics you use focused on you audience’s interests will lead them to stay engaged with the content you’re writing, and then they are more likely to convert!

Dates And Times

It’s important that your readers know when something happened or will happen in order for them to fully understand what is going on. This includes events like a new product release date, for example. If dates and times were not included, it would be difficult for your readers to fully understand what all of the information they are reading about means.


The headline is the most important part of your post, so be sure to spend some time on it. It should contain a keyword or two, relevant to what you’re going to talk about in the article.

Make sure the headline will capture the readers’ attention right away! They should be interesting enough that it compels people to read the rest of the blog post, but not so over the top or exaggerated that they sound like spam.

Entertainment services - comparewise

Additional benefits of

Additional benefits of are access to a library of more than 100,000 templates for your content marketing needs. We just listed a few of many within this review.

These templates are customizable, so they will also be able to fit whatever needs you may have with your digital marketing efforts and current company goals. In addition, offers free training for all of its users, to help them get started with the system as well as provide a better understanding of how it works!

Bottom Line is a great tool to use if you want to have better-written content that ranks higher in search engines and gets more engagement from your audience! Thanks for reading our review. Review Key Takeaways

  • company can help create better-written content for blog posts, social media, and other types of digital platforms with a content-writing AI system
  • company can also help build internal links between different pieces of information in your content with an inner-link builder
  • company has a complete audit feature that will show you what needs to be updated and where improvements need to be made on social media or blog posts
  • company has an SEO optimization tool that can help make sure your content ranks higher in search engines for the keywords you are targeting
  • is a great tool to use if you want better-engaged blog posts and web pages that rank higher in search results Features

How To - Comparewise

Rated 5/5 stars in 1,000+ reviews.5 minutes

How To - Comparewise
Quick Content Writing

Artificial intelligence makes it fast & easy to create content for your blog, social media, website, and more!

How To - Comparewise
Expert Social Media Posts

Speed up your content pipeline by writing 80% by Jarvis and 20% edited by humans.

How To - Comparewise
Long & Short Blog Posts

Stuck staring at a blank page? Relax and let Jarvis write creative copy for you.

How To - Comparewise
Next-Level Ad Copies

Easily write and test more copy variations to increase sales and improve ROAS.

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FAQs about

What does do? (or is a copywriting tool that uses machine learning to write blog posts, social media content, ad copies and more. It can act as a marketing tool for businesses wanting to write content for social media and other digital platforms. 

How much does cost?

Right now, there are three plans to choose from: Starter: $29 per month or $24 per month if you buy for a year Pro: $109 per month or $90 per month if you buy for a year Boss Mode: $119 per month or $99 per month if you buy for a year All plans get you access to Jarvis, the copyrighting AI tool and have a 7-day money-back guarantee.

Is content original? does not plagiarise as it acts from a writing algorithm that can produce high-quality content. will almost always generate unique content, particularly for longer content.

Which template should I start with as a beginner? recommends: AIDA framework, Content Improver, Blog Post Intro - which are all customer favorites. Other templates include Google Ads Headline, Google Ads Description and Google My Business (What's New, Event, Product Description and Offer Posts).

Where are all my contents saved?

You can find all the contents you've worked on by going on 'AI outputs' tab and 'Document' tab for your long content. It's easy to navigate through your posts and find a piece of document that you want.


September 17, 2022
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