Family Tax Recovery Review (May 2024) – Pros, Cons, Features, & Pricing

Tax refund is a process of reimbursing individuals for excess tax paid on the previous year. The money can be used to pay off debt, make investments or simply save it to use later.

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Last Updated: May 24, 2024

Family Tax Recovery

  • Free, no-risk in-depth 10-year tax review.
  • Photocopies of your tax returns are not required.
  • Get the refund you deserve, don't pay until you get paid.

Receive unclaimed refunds due to you. Refunds range from several hundreds to many thousands of dollars - Claim this offer

Family Tax Recovery is a company that helps individuals get the most out of their tax refunds. Read further to get the most out of this Family Tax Recovery review.

What is Family Tax Recovery?

Family Tax Recovery is a Canada-based company that specializes in tax recovery. They are highly skilled professionals who have advanced software to discover every unclaimed credit for families across the country.

They work with families to help them recover funds they may have lost by not filing their taxes or claiming credits, and also helps people find ways to reduce their tax burden.

The Family Tax Recovery team has been reviewed as the best organization in Canada, so if you need help finding your missing money, contact them today!

Where is Family Tax Recovery located?

Family Tax Recovery is located in Canada in the provinces of Newfoundland, Labrador, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick.

Is Family Tax Recovery only online?

Family Tax Recovery is an online tax recovery company. However, it also provides services in person. The reviewed services that Family Tax Recovery provides in-person include tax preparation, tax relief, and tax resolution.

You might not need to prepare for a visit from Family Tax Recovery because they provide many services that can be done online. However, if you do have to prepare for a visit, you can contact them by phone or email.

How do I apply for Family Tax Recovery?

If you need help with Family Tax Recovery, the only thing that is required to apply for assistance is filling out a form. If you’re in financial distress and require help in order to pay back tax debt, then applying for relief from the IRS will be your best option.

Family Tax Recovery review: 10-year tax review

The Family Tax Recovery review is a free in-depth 10-year tax review that provides 33% on the first $25,000 of your refund. The software incorporates advanced technology to uncover unclaimed benefits and unclaimed grants. It also includes positive changes in law and errors found within your returns.

Only a photocopy of your last 3 years’ income taxes is required for this service, there is no need to send original documents or pay fees.

For example, one of these great offers includes getting an estimate from us on what you can expect in terms of refunds. If it turns out that you’ll only owe less than $2,000 then we will offer up to 100% cashback or even better – free tax filing with no risk!

Today is the day to take a look at their deals and get your refund! Family Tax Recovery has many discounts available for this review.

Family Tax Recovery review specialists

Family Tax Recovery review specialists are trained to use special software and advanced training to uncover all the benefits, grants, positive tax law changes, errors, and unclaimed credits that apply to you. The specialists will also review your past taxes so you don’t have any surprises in the future!

Pros and Cons of Family Tax Recovery

There are pros and cons to making every decision, especially when you are putting trust in a company to help you with your tax recovery.

Pros of Family Tax RecoveryCons of Family Tax Recovery
+ Helps you get back on your feet
+ Lowers your tax bill in the long run
– Non-refundable fee
– Fee for early termination

Pros and Cons of Family Tax Recovery:


  • Family Tax Recovery Review provides a service to help people get back on their feet
  • Lower your tax bill in the long run


  • In order for them to do this they must charge a fee that is not refundable
  • Higher fees for early termination

Family Tax Recovery Reviews:

  • “There is advanced software that can help people find every unclaimed credit such as grants, benefits, positive tax law changes, and so on. With this software, they provide satisfactory results for a lot of families over time.”
  • Family Tax Recovery Reviews will help you make a better decision about whether this service is worth the investment.”
  • “My refund was quick and painless.”

Family Tax Recovery Review Summary

Family Tax Recovery is a free service that helps people by reducing the amount of taxes owed. It can be used to file for an extension or to amend tax returns, and it’s available online through its website.

They are a service that helps people who have tax problems with the IRS, state agencies, and local municipalities. Family Tax Recovery can help relieve some of your stress because we have a lot of experience.

Family Tax Recovery is a company that helps with taxes and disputes. They are good and they can help you out. If you are struggling, this could be right for you.

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FAQs about Family Tax Recovery

Are my tax files safe with Family Tax Recovery?

Yes, your files are safe with Family Tax Recovery because the tax specialist assigned to your file, by Canadian Law, is bound to be the only individual with access to your information and to keep it confidential.

Do I have to send Family Tax Recovery my old tax returns paperwork?

Generally, you do not have to because the CRA can provide most of your paperwork to Family Tax Recovery online.

When can I receive my tax refund?

Mainly, Family Tax Recovery will review your case within a week or two. You can then receive your money from the CRA within a time period of 4-8 weeks.

How much of a refund can I expect from Family Tax Recovery?

From a few hundred to many thousands of dollars is what you can expect to receive as a refund from Family Tax Recovery.

Is Family Tax Recovery in competition with my accountant?

No, Family Tax Recovery does not need to contact your accountant since they only handle the personal tax refunds. However, if you want approval from your accountant, that can be obtained.


Family Tax Recovery

September 28, 2022
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