GoGetFunding Review (June, 2024) – Pros, Cons, Features & Pricing

Crowdfunding has gained popularity as a way to seek financial support from the public. This scheme is aided by crowdfunding websites like GoGetFunding, which connect people and make fundraising efficient regardless of geographic location.

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Last Updated: Jun 06, 2024


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This GoGetFunding review aims to provide an in-depth analysis of what to expect when using this platform.

GoGetFunding is a trusted platform for personal fundraising, offering unique tools and features to supercharge your efforts. Since 2011, it has helped thousands raise millions online.

Setting up a campaign is easy, and you can start accepting donations immediately.

The platform is available globally and supports every major currency. However, it does charge a 4% platform fee, which could be a dealbreaker for some, especially those with a tight budget.

In this GoGetFunding review, we will provide information you should know about GoGetFunding. Find out whether the platform is a good option as you explore its pros and cons. This review will also show you how to get started with the platform and explore some alternative fundraising websites.

What makes GoGetFunding a good option?

GoGetFunding can cater to many fundraising purposes, making it a good option. For one, the platform is easy to navigate, which helps new users create the campaign they need. These are some benefits to starting fundraising on the GoGetFunding platform.

Create a Campaign for any Purpose.

This crowdfunding site lets you create a campaign for different purposes. You can start a campaign to generate pre-sales for your project or raise funds for business expenses. Many new businesses use GoGetFunding to seek backers for their projects.

Personal fundraising for school expenses or medical bills can also be achieved with this platform. Therefore, GoGetFunding is a good option for anyone looking to run a fundraising campaign.

Reach a Wide Audience.

The platform also helps you reach a broad audience by showing your campaign to thousands of people. GoGetFunding enables you to seek fundraisers interested in seeing your campaign, making it ideal for creatives or businesses looking for public attention.

The comprehensive outreach also makes it possible to raise funds quickly to reach your goals on time.

Pros and cons of GoGetFunding

Like many crowdfunding platforms, GoGetFunding has its benefits and disadvantages. It’s essential to consider these factors before you think about using this website to raise funds, and this GoGetFunding review section will cover them:

The pros of GoGetFunding

Crowdfunding with GoGetFunding has many advantages, including the following:

Easy to Use

This website is easy to navigate, making it convenient for users to create and manage campaigns. The GoGetFunding app also makes it easy to receive funds by integrating the platform with PayPal or your bank account. These features make the website appealing to people trying out crowdfunding for the first time.

Suitable for Any Purpose

GoGetFunding allows users to create campaigns for different purposes and is not limited to personal fundraising. You can start fundraising for your project or a business you want to launch. Entrepreneurs and creatives can leverage this platform to raise funds for their ventures.

Reach a Wide Audience

This crowdfunding website allows for targeting a specific audience and reaching thousands of people. Users can create campaigns that meet the eyes of many interested people, making raising funds easy.

gogetfunding review - comparewise

The cons of GoGetFunding

Starting a crowdfunding campaign with GoGetFunding has its fair share of drawbacks. This GoGetFunding review section will cover what users have stated in the past:

Unavailable in some countries

Some people cannot use this service because the platform is unavailable in their country. This is a limitation for those looking to raise funds in those affected countries. 

Poor Customer Service

According to some users’ GoGetFunding reviews, the customer service on this platform could be better and needs improvement. Some users complain of being unable to reach a representative to express their complaints.

Delay in Payment

With crowdfunding, funds must be quickly disbursed for public transparency. Users have complained of payment delays, which cause a lot of inconvenience.

GoGetFunding products and services

You can do several things on this crowdfunding platform to help you raise money for your personal or business projects. This GoGetFunding review section covers the services offered by this crowdfunding platform:

Fundraising Campaigns

GoGetFunding provides you with tools to create campaigns to raise funds. Creating a campaign is straightforward with this platform. To begin a campaign, you must provide basic information about the project, such as the goal amount, the deadline, and a project description.

Furthermore, you can also add photos and videos to their campaign and share them with friends and family.

Collecting and Disbursing Funds

GoGetFunding makes it easy to collect funds from people interested in your campaign. Once a campaign has been created, donors can contribute to it using a credit card or PayPal. GoGetFunding collects the donations and holds them in escrow until the campaign reaches its goal.

Once the goal is reached, the funds are disbursed to your account as the campaign creator. GoGetFunding also lets campaign creators set up recurring donations and make personalized thank-you gifts.

Provide a Resource Blog

The GoGetFunding blog provides tips and advice on crowdfunding and case studies of successful campaigns. The blog covers topics like how to create a successful crowdfunding campaign and how to market your crowdfunding campaign. The blog is a valuable resource for anyone considering crowdfunding a project.

GoGetFunding product and service quality

GoGetFunding is a legitimate crowdfunding website that takes pride in its work. The website has many testimonials from people who have successfully used their service to raise funds. The website has a 4.5-star rating on Trust Pilot, indicating more positive GoGetFunding reviews than negatives.

Furthermore, the platform has been featured in Forbes and NBS stories. GoGetFunding provides unparalleled customer service to ensure every user has the best fundraising experience.

With this crowdfunding platform, anyone can quickly and easily run a fundraising campaign from start to finish with minimal effort.

gofundme vs gogetfunding - comparewise

How to get started with GoGetFunding

To get started with GoGetFunding, you must visit their website and click Start Fundraising. Once done, you must provide information about the fundraising campaign. You’d pick a title, category, and colour theme.

Furthermore, you would specify the country and city you’re operating from and provide more information about the donation.

Next, you’d select the currency you want people to pay in and the fundraising you’re carrying out. Finally, you would provide some basic information about yourself, like your name, email, and photo, before creating a password for your account.

The Next thing is to write a fundraising story for the project that’s compelling enough to get funds coming in. You’re also required to add a photo describing the basis for your fundraising. You’d add some final details and activate your preferred payment method from here. 

Alternatives to GoGetFunding

GoFundMe vs. GoGetFunding

GoFundMe is an online platform where people can donate to various charitable organizations. Like GoGetFunding, you can create a campaign for free on GoFundMe, and the platform does not charge any fees until the campaign reaches its goal.

However, GoFundMe does charge a 2.9% + $0.30 processing fee on all donations, which is cheaper when compared with GoGetFunding’s 4% commission.

Krowdster vs GoGetFunding

The Krowdster platform is explicitly designed for agencies and entrepreneurs. The platform helps your business find and connect with credible backers. Unlike GoGetFunding, Krowdster users pay $49 every month.

Fundrazr vs GoGetFunding

Fundrazr is another crowdfunding platform that makes raising funds for a cause easy. Like GoGetFunding, it is free without any membership payment. However, Fundrazr charges a 5% platform fee, which is higher than GoGetFunding fees.

Furthermore, you’d also be charged standard payment processing fees when moving funds out of the platform.

GoGetFunding review conclusion

GoGetFunding is a great platform to start fundraising, as it provides the basic features required to run any crowdfunding campaign.

After reading this GoGetFunding review, conducting further research and seeing feedback from previous users is essential. With the correct information, raising money through crowdfunding would be easy.

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FAQs about our GoGetFunding review

What is GoGetFunding?

Crowdfunding sites like GoGetFunding make it easy to get money for a wide range of charitable causes and personal projects.

Who can start a fundraiser with GoGetFunding?

Anyone can start a fundraiser with GoGetFunding if they are at least 13 years old.

What currency can I raise funds in?

You can raise funds in any currency that GoGetFunding supports, which includes USD, AUD, CAD, EUR, GBP, and NZD.

What kind of fundraiser can you start with GoGetFunding?

You can start a fundraiser for any cause if it is legal and ethical. Some popular types of fundraisers include those for medical expenses, travel, education, and business expenses.

What information should I include on my fundraiser page?

Your fundraiser page should include a clear and concise description of your cause and any relevant information, such as your goal amount, deadline, and how the funds will be used. You should also include photos and videos to help tell your story.

What if I need to reach my fundraising target?

You must reach your fundraising target to receive any funds that have been donated to you. However, you cannot keep any of the processing fees that GoGetFunding charges.

How much fees does GoGetFunding charge?

GoGetFunding charges a 4% processing fee for each donation.

When do I receive the funds raised?

You will receive the funds raised after the campaign ends and the payment processor has processed all the donations.

How do I promote my fundraiser?

You can promote your fundraiser on social media, email, and other online and offline channels. You can also ask your friends, family, and community to donate and share your fundraiser.

How do I receive funds raised?

You can receive funds from your fundraiser via bank transfer or PayPal.



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