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Running a business in this technological age has never been harder. These days you’re expected to run your entire business online. But setting up a website just isn’t enough because that won’t generate leads or convert leads to sales. Luckily, Keap is an innovative business solution. As people who review lots of different business software, we can tell you that there aren’t many business growth tools on the market that are actually good.

But is it worth investing in? Is keep the right choice for your business? We’ll tell you everything you need to know about Keap in our Keap review, including what Keap is, all of its features, pricing, and the drawbacks of Keap so that you can determine whether it’s a good choice for you.

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Last Updated: May 24, 2024


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What is Keap?

It’s important that if you’re reading this Keap review you know what Keap is, so we’ll provide you with an explanation.

Keap is a cloud-based business growth platform. It started as a lead management tool. Because they’ve been in business for nearly a decade, it makes sense that they’re one of the industry leaders in CRM.

Aside from CRM some of Keap’s other well-known features include email marketing, lead generation and automation.

What is a CRM?

In order to understand Keap, you need to understand it’s most well-known feature. So we’ll take a moment to provide you with an explanation of CRM.

CRM stands for “Customer Relationship Management”. It’s a type of technology designed to help you keep good relationships with your customers and manage your company’s interactions with both customers and potential customers.

By maintaining a connection with customers and interacting with potential customers, CRM increases your company’s profits, which is why it’s an important part of our Keap review.

Some CRM tools allow you to manage your marketing and ad campaigns, customer service and e-commerce. Although most people think of the sales and marketing aspects when they think of CRM, it can also be very beneficial for customer service.

Many customers will use one platform, such as Twitter, to voice their initial complaint before they reach out to you via email or a phone call to quietly resolve the issue in private, and your CRM tool can help you keep track of the issue across all these platforms.

CRM is the fastest-growing software category, so it’s important to learn about it if you own a business.

So, now when we mention Keap’s CRM features in our Keap review, you’ll have a better understanding of what we’re talking about and be able to better decide if this is something that you want to use for your company.

Keap’s History and Reputation

Sure, it’s important to learn about Keap’s features, but it’s also important to learn about where the company came from and what people think of the service.

To give you a better overview of Keap, in this section of our Keap review we’ll discuss it’s history and the reputation it’s gained.

Keap was first founded in 2001 by Clate Mask, as well as Eric and Scott Martineau. Keap has humble origins, having been started in a spare bedroom.

The company was first called eNovasys, which then changed to Infusionsoft in 2003. It wasn’t called Keap until 2019.

Because of it’s longstanding experience in the sales and marketing field (over 20 years!), it’s regarded as a leader in the CRM and sales automation, even among the list of alternative companies listed at the end of this Keap review.

Here are Infusionsoft’s core values:

We genuinely care

We own it

We learn always

We build trust

We check ego

We dream big

We win together

Lead from the front, not from the top.

Their purpose is stated to be to help small businesses succeed. So between that and their core values, you can tell that they really focus their business on small businesses, rather than seeking to service large businesses.

If you check out their Glassdoor review page, you can see that there have been several employees that have felt that their supervisors didn’t live up to the core values, but of course not everyone in a big company is going to live and breathe the values of the company, so we’re personally not going to hold that against them in our Keap review.

It currently staffs more than 360 employees and services more than 125,000 users. And it services these customers well because it has a rating on Capterra of 4.1/5 stars.

When small businesses started feeling the brunt of the Covid-19 pandemic, Keap stepped up and created the Keep Going Fund. They’ve provided $200,000 to help out small businesses during their time of need, which was something we found to be quite reputable so we knew we had to include it in our Keap review.

Some of the businesses who use Keap are:

  • Rock and Rapid Adventures
  • Clean Corp
  • Milkhouse Candles
  • Presidential Pools
  • DC Mosquito Squad
  • LKR Social Media
  • Math Plus Academy
  • Burleson Orthodontics
  • Hear and Play, and
  • Les Molyneaux Bed and Breakfast

Who is Keap For?

If you’re reading this Keap review and wondering if it’s the right tool for you, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are some of the people that could benefit from Keap:

  • Businesses with a minimum of 100 engaged contacts,
  • Client-focused service businesses,
  • Entrepreneurs who would like more automated marketing, as well as new customers and leads,
  • Entrepreneurs who have a basic idea of what digital marketing requires and how to do it,
  • Entrepreneurs that sell one-on-one services that are looking for ways to automate their marketing and fulfillment duties,
  • Business owners who have already adopted a good lead generation strategy,
  • E-commerce businesses,
  • Companies that either run multiple campaigns or want to, and
  • Companies that are seeking a way to build customer relationships easily.

How Easy is Keap to Use?

Some people reading this Keap review aren’t as technologically- savvy as others, and some have never worked with CRM or other marketing software. So telling you about Keap’s ease of use is important to this Keap review.

The good news is that Keap is quite easy to use. You’ll likely find that you have little trouble navigating the app, even on the first day you use it. Its user-friendly layout means that you can see all of your information in one place without having to search for it.

We checked out Keap’s UI for this Keap review, and found that there are lots of in-app tutorials and chatbox tips that is helpful when you first use Keap, but it’s possible for even an inexperienced user to figure it out without the additional help.

There are several aspects of the UI that make it easy to navigate, including the large font size, ample white space, and easy-to-find action buttons.

We found while we were checking out Keap for this Keap review that upon first use of Keap, it prompts you to add your contacts, and you can either manually add them up upload them from spreadsheets or contact lists on Google, Quickbooks or Mailchimp.

This is a simple process, and the only thing that will slow you down is a somewhat-annoying question that pops up about whether your contacts are expecting emails from your business. (If you click the “No” option, you won’t be allowed to email the contacts through Keap.)

While checking Keap out for this Keap review, we found that the only thing that requires a bit of skill and expertise are the more advanced automation features. You’ll need a bit of domain knowledge and a bit of skill to get the most out of these features.

Keap Features

Now we get to the main part of the Keap review, the features. You want to know what it does and what you can expect from its services, right? Here are some of the features that Keap provides:

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Because CRM is Keap’s bread-and-butter service, it’s the one that they’ve focused on the most and it really shows. Keap’s CRM is the focus of any Keap review.

With Keap’s CRM you can maintain relationships with your customers, keep records for your and manage your payment methods.

You can integrate data from other applications to your CRM, such as Gmail, Zapier, AppointmentCare and Outlook. After it’s uploaded the contact lists from these integrated services, it will send out messages that are highly personalized and tailored to each customer, which will result in more sales and more actions.

Some of the other CRM features we want to point out in this Keap review are pre-written emails, customer details, the ability to look at any information that has been shared between you and your custom, customize your own email templates and messages, and use automated forms to gather information.

Keap’s CRM also helps you onboard and keep in contact with new leads by sending out welcoming emails which can help you get more website traffic, and introduce people to your brand.

Email Marketing

We’re all pretty aware that there are a lot of standalone email marketing tools such as MailChimp, ActiveCampaign and ConvertKit.

But interestingly enough, Keap’s email marketing features are good enough to compete with these services even though it’s not what Keap specializes in, which is why we want to take time to cover them in our Keap review.

Keap provides you with a lot of really nice templates, which you can then customize. The templates are really high quality and visually stunning, and it’s nice that they went the extra mile to make quality templates rather than providing you with generic options.

Keap also lets you create audience segments. Our Keap review wouldn’t be complete without an explanation of this service, either.

Email segmentation allows you to divide up your contacts and subscribers into groups based on factors such as their activities, interests and more.

Doing this allows you to send more customized emails. While one customer may be interested in a particular product, another may be interested in upgrading to a new product or service, and by customizing emails to meet their needs you have a better chance at receiving sales from both customers.

While we were checking the platform out for this Keap review, we found that the UI for Keap’s email marketing tool is similar to MailChimp’s.

It’s also very nice that you’re able to use and create an unlimited number of email templates and send and you’re not limited on how many emails you can send at one time, sending bulk messages. And you can do all of this without any extra charges, which isn’t the norm for most services of this type.

Some of the automation features Keap provides are great, as well. You can customize triggers and what happens as a result of these triggers.

This means that you can customize the tool to send out a lead magnet whenever a lead fills out a form, send an email with an enticing offer when a new lead interacts with your website, or invite customers to upgrade their services or contact a sales representative when they look at your pricing page.

We’ll get into Keap’s marketing automation features later on in our Keap review.

And, one of the best email marketing features we can list in our Keap review is their email reporting. This allows you to see various analytics to understand how successful your emails are (or aren’t).


Landing Pages

On top of great CRM and email marketing tools, we need to tell you about this feature as well in our Keap review. Keap also allows you to create landing pages.

Landing pages are a tool often used in marketing. They’re a standalone webpage that is separate from your company’s homepage, as well as any other page and is built with one specific purpose in mind.

There’s often a CTA or Call To Action, such as making a purchase or providing an email address.

Just as we mentioned in the previous section of our Keap review about email marketing, there are loads of services out there specifically for landing page creation, and Keap does a good enough job at providing this service to compete with them.

Keap provides you with an entire gallery full of landing page templates to choose from. You can then customize your chosen template to meet your needs.

Some of the elements you can add to templates to get conversions include: Call To Action (CTA) buttons, testimonials and lead generation forms.

You don’t have to write any code to create a landing page with Keap, which is why we felt that it was a good idea to mention their landing page features in our Keap review.

Some of the factors that Keap allows you to customize landing pages around include: products and services, events, special offers and traffic sources. And after you create your landing page, you can add the page to your customized automation settings.

Marketing Automation

We’ve mentioned Keap’s marketing automation settings in other sections of our Keap review, but we feel that a more in-depth look at this feature is warranted.

Keap’s marketing automation system is linked to both their email marketing and CRM features. This means that you can create your own triggers and customize what happens upon being triggered. So let’s say that someone goes to your services page.

You can set the automation settings to automatically email this customer and give them a message that prompts them to either upgrade their services or contact a sales representative to learn more about your service packages and pricing.

This is a handy feature that we wanted to discuss in our Keap review because automation means less work on your part.

By sending out personalized emails and customizing triggers in your automation settings, you can send more targeted messages to your customers, which will result in more leads than just sending the same generic email to every customer regardless of their actions will.

But Keap goes one step further to give you information about your customers, like their likeliness to buy your products and services, their behavior on your site, and their preferences, all of which you can use in your marketing tactics to gain sales.

Maintain Communication with Contacts

This is a feature that is unique to Keap, so we felt it was necessary to talk about it in our Keap review. If you’re a US resident, Keap allows you to send SMS marketing messages to your contacts.

This is great because almost everyone reads their text, which means that 99% of text messages are opened and 97% of them are read within 15 minutes of being sent.

This means that you can keep in touch with everyone on your contact list both by email and texts, as well as calls. This adds diversity to the contact methods that you use and will help increase sales.

Sales Pipeline

Of course this feature is useful for sales teams, but the unique part about Keap’s sales pipeline is that you can fun the whole thing yourself as well, so you don’t need an entire sales team if you don’t have one.

That’s why we chose to explain this unique feature in our Keap review. Imagine having all the benefits of a sales team without having to hire one!

The pipeline gives you a visual to show where each customer and lead is in the pipeline. This will let you know which actions you need to take.

It will give you suggestions such as sending customers offers, and let you know if they’re ready to convert or if you should send out an email to coax them first.


Keap’s appointment feature is such a nice “extra” that we couldn’t leave it out of our Keap review. There are other services that allow your customers to book appointments with you, but Keap allows you to use this service from their tool, which is more convenient.

Your customers can book appointments with you by checking their schedules against yours to find the best time to schedule meetings and appointments.

You have the ability to create recurring appointments, automate reminders for meetings, and accept bookings through links. We found in our investigation of the platform for this Keap review that this isn’t a feature that is typically provided by most CRM products.

Payments and Invoices

Another great feature that we found while doing research for this Keap review is Keap’s payment and invoice features. This allows you to take credit card payments, send customers invoices and track all of your payments.

Keap is also integrated with Stripe, WePay and PayPal. You can even pay your clients from the invoices thanks to a handy built-in button that reads “Pay Now”.

You can customize the frequency of payments or invoices, setting them for daily, weekly or monthly occurrence, and you’ll be sent reminders so that you don’t forget.

You can also set reminders to help you create or find late invoices. Another really interesting feature is the ability to send customers a quotes.

And, with the Pro or Max plans you have the ability to create various checkout forms on e-commerce websites.

While we were writing this Keap review, we found that other CRM tools don’t typically have this native payment functionality, so if you use Zoho CRM or HubSpot CRM you won’t find this particular feature.


We felt like the reports that Keap offers are too nice to leave them out of our Keap review. There are several different report categories, which include: sales reports, marketing analytics and reporting, payment and revenue analytics and contact growth and engagement statistics.

It’s worth mentioning that all of Keap’s reports are fairly comprehensive and they go into a lot of detail.

You’ll get information about what stage of the sales process conversions were made, your click-through rates, lead sources, the rate at which your emails are opened, how well your campaigns are performing, how many people completed forms, and the actions of your contacts.

Other things you can track are which customers visited a specified page, the number of customers that a new sales tactic or campaign attracted, the average time that each customer spent on a page, and the entire journey of each customer that visits your page, from their initial visit to their last purchase.

You can track your sales numbers by the day, week or month, as well. You can use the information in the reports to improve various marketing aspects of your business, such as streamlining the sales process or creating targeted marketing campaigns.

Campaign Builder

One of the best features we found in our research for our Keap review is the campaign builder. It’s so easy to use that even those who aren’t technologically- savvy can understand how to use and navigate it. It’s got a drag-and-drop design that takes the guesswork out of using the builder.

You can re-use campaigns that you build with the campaign builder without having to start from scratch each time you want to use it, which is convenient. From the campaign builder you can create and customize emails and landing pages, as well as make changes to campaigns you’ve previously built.

The best part is that you can do all of this without needing to change tools or use a different platform.


We found during our research for this Keap review that Keap actually has an impressive list of app integrations.

Because of Keap’s cloud-based nature, integration is quick and easy. Keap has both desktop and mobile versions, which makes it easy to use the tool on any device you want.

There are several well-known apps featured in their native integrations. And they feature well-known payment processing companies like PayPal, WePay and Stripe. Some other integrations on Keap’s marketplace include: Privy, WordPress, QuickBooks, Zapier, Thrive Cart, Xero, and Instapage.

One of the best aspects for many people is the fact that Keap offers open API, so you can connect third-party apps to your Keap account.

Mobile App

One of the most exciting features we learned about while writing our Keap review is Keap’s mobile app. Not only can you use it when you’re away from your desktop computer, it has useful marketing features, like SMS and email features and a dedicated business phone line.

The Pipeline

There’s no way we can publish this Keap review without talking about this feature! Keap has a visual project pipeline system that provides you with extensive information about your customers all in one place.

You can find the lead stage of your customer, information about your communications with customers, deals that you’ve offered each customer, as well as other information about your customers all through the pipeline.

Contacts and Users in Keap

One of the most important things we can discuss in our Keap review is how contacts and users are handled and stored in Keap. Keap allows you to not only edit a customer’s or company’s information, but create new contacts.

There are a number of ways you can add contacts to Keap, whether it be manual entry, a CSV file, scanned business cards (with the mobile app) or using webforms to capture leads. Keap comes with several tags that you can use to segment your contacts, but you can also create your own.

You’re also able to set up automatic follow-ups and payments. Because of Keap’s pipeline system, you can see lots of information about your customers, such as their lead stage, notes about your communication with them, information about deals you’ve sent them, and client information.

You can also use the pipeline to determine what happens when you move a customer to a different position in the pipeline. For instance, if you move a client to a particular stage you can customize the settings to automatically send the customer a coupon in their email, or send an invoice.

Or, you could configure the settings to send a review email to the customer once the invoice has been paid.

How Does Keap Fit into Your Overall Marketing Strategy?

If you’re reading this Keap review and wondering how to best use Keap, then it’s best to know that it’s not going to help you with top funnel marketing.

If you have a problem spreading awareness and buzz about your website, then Keap really isn’t going to help with that. However it will help with lead nurturing, which is another important marketing aspect.

Keap Pricing

Another thing that many people reading this Keap review will want to know is how much does Keap cost? We’ll tell you everything you need to know about Keep’s subscription plans in this section of our Keap review.

Keap offers different plans and a sliding scale to discover how much they cost based on how many contacts you have. Here are the various contact options that determine the prices of Keap’s services:

  • Under 500 contacts
  • 500-5,500 contacts
  • 5,500- 10,500 contacts
  • 10,500- 250,000 contacts
  • Over 250,000 contacts

Another important pricing aspect that we want to point out in our Keap review is the fact that you can add additional users to your plan for an additional $30 for each additional user.

You also get a 50% discount for the first two months, which applies to all of their plans. We’ll list prices in our Keap review based on the least expensive option, which is “under 500 contacts”, which means that if you have more contacts your plan could cost more.

Lite: $40/month the first two months, $79 after

Of course being the least expensive plan, it’s geared towards small business and single entrepreneurs.

The features included with the Lite plan include: SMS and email marketing tools, CRM, B2B capabilities, appointment scheduling tools, automation, an invoice and quote generator, internal forms, and reminders and reports.

While Lite is an inexpensive option, it’s not for everyone because you don’t get the marketing automation tools or the landing page builder with it.

Pro: $80/month the first two months, $159 after

This is a good plan for medium or small businesses that are looking to quickly grow their businesses. You get all the features included with the Lite plan, along with sales pipelines, landing pages, recurring payments, marketing automation tools, and A/B testing.

Max: $100/month the first two months, $199 after

This plan is best suited to medium to large businesses that are already well-established, but are in need of growth. You get all of the features of both Lite and Pro, along with checkout forms, lead scoring, subscription management and analytics.

Max Classic:

We can’t tell you how much the Max Classic plan costs in our Keap review because its price is based on the services you need. It’s a customizable plan that allows you to purchase the services you need.

This package gives you more sales management and e-commerce options. This plan is best for advanced businesses with experience in e-commerce and a seasoned sales team.

How Long Does it Take to Get Set Up with Keap?

After you sign up with Keap and make an account, you’re required to complete a questionnaire, which helps determine your CRM priorities. It uses really straightforward statements, like “I want to quickly follow up with new leads”, so it’s easy to complete.

After the questionnaire is completed, yor email and calendar services are integrated (like Microsoft or Google). It’s helpful to get these integrations out of the way earlier so you don’t waste time with them later.

Once you reach your dashboard, you see information such as sales figures, email campaign stats and upcoming meetings. From here, you can create new contacts, tasks, emails or appointments with a simple process that only requires two clicks.

You should organize your tags upon your first use. You can use Keap’s tags, as well as create your own and organize them all.

You can then use the tags to identify your customers, which helps your team to determine which part of the buying process your customers are currently in.

Then you’ll set up your pipeline. You have the option to use Keap’s pipeline template, or customize your pipeline. The pipeline has a drag-and-drop functionality, so it’s easy to set it up and use it.

Keap Coaching

While writing this Keap review, we found that they offer coaching. No matter which subscription plan you choose, you can make a one-time payment of $499 and receive expert coaching.

This service includes one-on-one coaching, personalized support and a new training webinar each day.

This is great if you’d like to learn how to fully utilize Keap, or if you just want to ensure that you know everything about their services.

Keap also holds a lot of large-scale events to help inform small business owners about new features or about different aspects of their services.

Keap Customer Support

It doesn’t matter how good the business tools you’re using are, eventually you will need to contact customer support for something. So, in this section of our Keap review, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about Keap’s customer support.

First of all, you need to know that their customer support team is very knowledgeable and helpful. And they will get back to you in under 24 hours, regardless of the method you use to contact them.

They offer the following customer support services:

  • 27/7 support no matter which plan you use
  • Phone support in the US, UK and AU
  • Live online chat support both on their website and through their app,
  • Video tutorials on their YouTube channel
  • An FAQ section
  • A community forum that delivers helpful answers quickly
  • And a blog that offers tips on sales, marketing, business growth, business management and customer service.

It’s worth noting in our Keap review that you’re more likely to get quicker response if you contact them during the business hours in US time zones when someone is likely to be in the building to help you.

They’ve outsourced their support to third parties whenever call volumes are high, and while the third parties do their best with the knowledge they’ve been provided with, sometimes they’re not as knowledgeable as they could be.

Since they started implementing 24/7 chat as a support medium, this aspect has only gotten worse. And the support times are somewhat long, with times of over 20 minutes.

How to Buy Keap’s Services

Of course, if you’re watching this Keap review and are interested in purchasing their services then you’re probably curious about how to do that. Here’s the method we suggest you use:

  1. Check out the website. Go to the pricing page and use the slider to choose the amount of contacts you have and get a price quote. Read about the features of each plan because they all differ.
  2. Talk to a Keap representative. Write a list of specific questions and then contact a Keap representative. This will help you determine whether Keap will meet your needs, and the needs of your company.
  3. Choose a plan. No matter which plan you choose, you should sign up for a free trial. Luckily, Keap doesn’t even require that you use a credit or debit card to get started, so you can sign up and start using the platform right away. You don’t get access to all of Keap’s services during the trial, but it’s a good way to gauge whether Keap is right for you before blowing a lot of money. After the trial, if you decide you like Keap’s services then you can enter your payment information and continue using them.

The Drawbacks of Keap

In an effort to provide you with an unbiased Keap review, we’ll tell you about the drawbacks of their services, and not just give you generalized statements about how great a tool it is. Here are Keaps’s drawbacks:

New businesses won’t benefit much from it.

Of course new businesses can choose the Lite plan and become familiar with Keap’s features and services, but the fact that you can’t use the marketing automation or the landing page builder is quite a drawback, and choosing the more expensive plans just to get those services doesn’t make a lot of sense for new business owners, either.

We found while researching Keap for this Keap review that the CRM features of Keap are great, but it’s not as sales-oriented as some other tools are, which makes it a poor choice for businesses that are just starting out.

The landing page builder is pretty bare bones.

It’s great that Keap offers a landing page builder along with its CRM and email automation features, which is one of the reasons we were so interested in writing this Keap review.

But the fact that Keap’s landing page builder doesn’t offer you the option to add more conversion-based elements to your landing pages or provide you with advanced sales funnels is disappointing, and it’s probably a good idea to use another service to create your landing pages because of it.

It’s quite expensive.

We’re not going to knock the slider feature to let you choose how much you pay for Keap’s subscription plans based on how many contacts you have. When we found out about that feature during our research for this Keap review, we thought it was pretty innovative.

But it can also cause problems. When it comes to marketing, limiting businesses by their number of contacts probably isn’t the best tactic.

Furthermore, while reading about the pricing while we were writing this Keap review, we thought that if people are going to be forced to pay $79/month for Keap’s most inexpensive subscription plan they should really get more features.

It’s an all-in-one solution, so Keap doesn’t choose a specification.

If you were to choose another business marketing tool that specializes in one feature, it would likely be more optimized and have more bells and whistles for that one feature than Keap does for each of its features.

Because there are so many features, Keap feels like it set its sites too broad. And because of this, we noticed while writing this Keap review that many other companies who are choosing a specialty are poaching customers from Keap.

It’s working because if a company specializes in landing page creation but then offers robust integrations, then customers can integrate other services (like a CRM tool). And because each individual companies are able to focus on their one service, they provide a lot of specialized features.

If you don’t live in the United States, you won’t get the full benefit of Keap.

Keap supports use in the UK and Canada. However, during our investigation for this Keap review, we found that the app doesn’t work for some users outside of the United States. There are also lots of features that UK and Canadian users can’t access.

Some people point out the name change of the company as a shady business tactic.

While we were doing research for our Keap review, we found that lots of online reviews from customers voiced concern (or all out discontent) about the fact that the company changed its name from Infusionsoft to Keap.

The software is basically the same and very little changed, other than the name. People are concerned that this is an effort to re-brand and make people think that Keap is something completely different from Infusionsoft.

This wouldn’t be an unbiased Keap review if we only gave you blanket statements about how the software is great for everyone.

Even if it is marketed as an all-in-one marketing solution, there’s no “one size fits all” option for businesses because every business is unique, and so is the way they’re ran.

Here’s a list of people who may want to find an alternative to Keap:

  • Any new small business or entrepreneurs with a small budget to work with,
  • Any company that requires loads of integrations (Keap has a decent list, but there are many services that aren’t on Keap’s list, which is disappointing to many people.)
  • Large businesses that require more services than Keap has to offer
  • Businesses that don’t accept online payments
  • Anyone who doesn’t require advanced CRM features.

Keap Alternatives

We understand that Keap may not be everyone’s cup of tea, and it may not suit the needs of your business. That’s why we’ll provide you with some alternatives to Keap’s services in this section of our Keap review. is a marketing tool that rivals Keap. Some of the features it includes are: a sales funnel builder, workflow automation, membership sites, courses and webinars, a webpage and site builder, complete with templates and a visual drag-and-drop style, email marketing automation, affiliate marketing, blogging and dropshipping, and more.

Their pricing is a bit cheaper than Keap’s, so if you’re looking for a less expensive alternative, then may be a good solution for you. They’re most expensive plan is only $97/month, and they even have a free plan.


ActiveDEMAND is another cloud-based marketing automation tool designed to make campaigns and other marketing tactics easier to create and manage.

There are two separate categories of features and pricing, Small Business Marketing Automation Solution, and Corporate Marketing Automation Solution.

The small business automation plans cost between $69-$149 per month, while the corporate plans range from $199-$549 per month.

Features you can get with the small business automation package include: call tracking (which includes all phone numbers, robo calling, click to call, geo IP-based call routing and call recording), email marketing, landing page creation, campaign management, web forms (these include surveys, spam filtering, form captcha, and hosted landing pages), reporting and analytics, appointment scheduling, and URL whitelabeling.

The corporate plans provide the same features as the small business plans, with the addition of these features: event marketing, multi-step campaign functionality, custom email reporting, the ability to make offers to visitors through a paywall, multiple campaign variables, a content approval process, customized lead-processing workflows, lead management tools, and multiple user accounts.

We learned while checking out ActiveDEMAND as an alternative for out Keap review that many users think it’s too complicated, and they don’t offer any training options, other than video tutorials, so it’s worth remembering that it has a learning curve.


HubSpot is another type of marketing software to help businesses create marketing campaigns. Some of its features include: marketing automation, social media marketing (you get social media tracking and contact tools) lead management tools, landing page creation, and marketing analytics.

There are three different pricing tiers: Starter for $45/month, Professional for $800/month, and Enterprise for $3,200/month.

HubSpot does educate and train users on how to use its software and all of the features. There are also lots of integrations, like Salesforce, Zapier, GoToWebinar, UberConference, WordPress, SurveyMonkey and Eventbrite.

There’s email, phone and live chat support 24/7, but users are encouraged to check out the HubSpot Community, user guides and training programs for answers first.


SharpSpring is yet another marketing automation tool, but the fact that it has so many different features for both businesses and agencies is why we want to mention it as an alternative to Keap in our Keap review.

Some of the features that SharpSpring boast include: a visual workflow builder complete with filters and triggers to show you the path that customers take before conversion, lead scoring and nurturing, a tool that allows you to create both static and dynamic lead lists, an abandoned shopping cart feature that follows up with leads automatically, a drag-and-drop form builder, the ability to add a “How Did You Hear About Us” question which allows you to find out about the origins of your leads, add bot GoToWebinar and Webex apps to your landing pages to advertise your webinars, create landing pages, build landing page funnels, and email tools.

There are three pricing tiers from $550 to $1,250 per month. Users have reported some occasional glitches when it comes to landing page creation, but many people consider that to be a small price to pay to get all of these features.


Act-On is another marketing automation tool, and it has features that are similar to Keap, which is why we’re mentioning it in our Keap review.

One of the most intriguing features is a type of artificial intelligence that they call Adaptive Journeys, which predicts buying behaviors of your customers so that you can deliver more targeted messages to them. This feature includes adaptive segmentation, channels, forms, sending and scoring.

Of course it’s still new, but they’re introducing new Adaptive Journeys features in quarterly upgrades. Act-On’s automation features provide you with things like lead nurturing, management and scoring, as well as trigger emails and A/B testing.

Their inbound marketing tools consist of the ability to create and test landing pages and online forms, use the Website Prospector tool to track visitors and their characteristics, social media marketing tools like social listening and social publishing, and an SEO audit tool.

The outbound marketing tool provides you with email marketing, webinars and events, and account-based marketing.

With the reports and analytics tool you can keep track of your campaigns, content downloads, social media, marketing funnels, revenue attribution, website traffic and landing page conversions, and email performance.

There are two separate pricing packages: the Professional plan is $900/month, and the Enterprise plan, which is customizable.

We found out while writing this Keap review that if you choose Act-On’s Enterprise plan, you get a business intelligent feature that gives you data visualizations, templates for reporting, data exports, and it integrates with BI software, such as Tableau and Power BI.

Furthermore, each person that signs up for service with Act-On is assigned an onboarding manager that asks about the goals of the client and creates an action plan for them. There’s a whole onboarding process with several steps.

There’s a knowledge base and community forums, as well as phone and live chat support. Interestingly they offer customer service packages that include quicker response times, escalation management, a quarterly success overview and monthly check-ins.

But it doesn’t seem like good business to sell customer support packages, especially when your services already cost so much.


There are a few reasons that readers of this Keap review may choose ActiveCampaign rather than Keap. If you have a small budget, don’t currently accept online payments, or don’t require advanced CRM. They have a CRM and a visual campaign builder (so you don’t have to write code), and competitive pricing.

Unfortunately, ActiveCampaign doesn’t have e-commerce features, but if you don’t accept payments online that isn’t a big deal (and even if you do, it’s easy enough to use a third party like Zapier). Sometimes their campaign builder is tricky.


Ontraport is the most similar to Keap, which is why we’re mentioning it as an alternative in our Keap review. It also markets itself as an “all in one” marketing solution, just like Keap.

They’ve been developing their software more the past few years, and they recently added a feature that allows you to create landing pages, and began to utilize a visual campaign builder that’s on par with Keap’s.

Their CRM has a lot of features, almost too many. The difference between Keap and Ontraport is their online communities.

Keap has several integrations that let you explore more marketing options. Readers of this Keap review who prefer an all-in-one marketing solution, don’t require advanced marketing automation, and run online businesses may prefer Ontraport over Keap.

Zoho CRM

Zoho is a cloud-based CRM, as well. One of the things that is the most attractive about Zoho is the fact that it has a free plan, unlike Keap, which is why we listed it as an alternative in our Keap review.

It also has a more robust list of integrations with collaborations with services like Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Intuit Quickbooks, WhatsApp, Slack and RingCentral.

It has a mobile app and you can find it in both the Apple AppStore and on Google Play. There are 6 different payment plans, and one free plan.

Their most expensive plan is only $65/month, which is great for anyone looking for a less expensive alternative to Keap. It’s not a good idea for businesses with little to no technological experience, or anyone who wants 24/7 customer service, however.

Keap review conclusion

Keap is an all-in-one CRM marketing solution for most businesses, and the slew of features we discussed in this Keap review make them stand out from other CRM tools on the market.

Although Keap is expensive enough that it can be a turn-off for many business owners, and there are so many features that it can feel a bit overwhelming at times, Keap is a great business marketing solution which is why we were so excited to extensively cover it in this Keap review.

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FAQs about Keap

Does Keap have a free trial?

The Keap Lite and Keap Pro plans include a 14 day free trial, allowing you to determine if Keap is right for your business before making a decision. Unfortunately the Keap Max plan does not include a free trial.

What do you need to use Keap?

All of Keap’s osftware is browser based, meaning you only need a supported browser to use Keap. Supported browers include: Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari, and Mozilla Firefox.

Can you set up reoccurring payments with Keap?

Yes. If your business offers subscription-based services or otherwise allows for recurring payments from clients, Keap’s invoice tools allow you to set those up.

What's the difference between Keap plans?

Keap Lite includes features like CRM, email marketing, automated text messaging, lead capture, and more. The Pro and Max plans include many addition features. For a detailed comparison, check out Keap’s plan page.

How much does Keap cost?

Keap’s plans currently range from $79 per month for the Lite Plan, deisgned for new businesses, to $199 per month for the Max Plan, which is made for established businesses and their teams.

September 17, 2022
Co-authored by

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