Kubera Review (June, 2024) – Pros, Cons, Features, Pricing

This Kubera review is necessary to introduce you to one of the top financial platforms for wealth management. You need the Kubera tracker to keep you updated to avoid inaccuracies in your finances and net worth.

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Last Updated: Jun 19, 2024


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Kubera is more than a finance tracker; it helps you understand your finances and what the future holds. For people who have experience with net worth tracking devices before, you will realize that they aren’t always accurate.

Kubera is a portfolio tracker that helps sync over 25,000 banks and brokerages. Although Kubera isn’t free, it’s an ideal choice for business owners.

This Kubera review guide will talk about what this website can offer, essential features, pros and cons, services offered, and alternative apps you could consider. Read on if you want a website that can help track your wealth.

What makes Kubera a good option?

Kubera is an excellent choice when it comes to tracking net worth around the world. The Kubera net worth tracker ranks among the top 3 finance trackers used by entrepreneurs and small business owners. This Kubera review section will discuss some reasons why this platform is a great choice:

Broad and Easy Integration

The Kubera website’s seamless integration will appeal to brokers and bankers. Services such as Yoldee and Plaid synchronize easily with the top banking institutions in the world. Kubera is the way to go if you want hassle-free integration between finance apps.

Supports Cryptocurrency

A tracker that works with crypto is the best option now that there is a growing demand for alternative fiat currencies. Kubera provides state-of-the-art crypto tracking for coins such as Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and ETH, amongst others. This is unlike other trackers who don’t support crypto tracking.

Estate Management

This finance website has a feature known as the dead man’s switch. It was introduced after the owner of Kubera had a terrible experience. This feature allows for the easy transfer of assets and capital in the event of an accident. It’s a unique feature that allows you to manage your estate from anywhere without problems.

White Label Service

Kubera is an excellent platform because it has a service that helps companies fuse their branding with Kubera architecture. This helps provide customers with ultra-modern tracking features, which help in-service operations.

Easy Sharing Option

You can allow your partner or financial advisor easy access to your Kubera account. There is a System where control and access can be shared with two or three people.


Kubera covers over 80 currencies worldwide, making it available to many people. Even if you have dual citizenship or work worldwide, tracking your finances in different currencies is easy with Kubera.

kubera wealth management - comparewise

Pros and cons of Kubera

In this section, we will be looking at the benefits of using the Kubera site. We will also talk about some of the problems associated with this site.

The pros of Kubera

Tracks Crypto, Insurance and other Assets

The Kubera website is the ideal financial solution for managing your finances and assets. You can monitor your debts, stock liabilities, and other critical monetary details.

Easy Syncing with Many Finance Accounts

Another pro of this finance app is its smooth integration with many Canadian finance accounts. The country’s best banks and top financial institutions allow this app to sync with their accounts. You don’t even need to be a tech expert to connect your account with this net-worth tracker.

Manual Information Entry

While it has various automated features, you can enter your data manually and make necessary edits. This flexibility accommodates complex financial scenarios that automated systems may not be able to fully capture, giving you a more personalized and thorough financial overview.

Cloud Document Storage

All your information is stored in the cloud, which makes for easy transfer when you want to change devices. Also, this cloud storage allows for unlimited storage, which is ideal for small and large businesses in Canada.

Shareable Portfolios

You can easily share your portfolios with others via this app. The UI/UX feature is simple to navigate, and there are no downtimes. All sections have proper labels, which allow for easy transfer.

Fair Plans

When compared with other net worth tracking sites, Kubera has better fees. All plans depend on which features you want to be added and for how long.

The cons of Kubera

Finance Planning Tools are Unavailable

The Kubera Investment Tracker doesn’t have finance tools, which many investors and businesses need. It is mainly a tracker that helps monitor trends and assets.

Paid Subscription

Another problem associated with this app is that there is no free option. You will have to pay for any plan you want to sign up for. While it has a 14-day free trial, this can only be enjoyed when you pay.

No Mobile App

The unavailability of a mobile app is another downside to this platform. When we conducted detailed research for this Kubera review, we noticed that apps weren’t available. This isn’t great for a platform with so much promise.

kubera review - comparewise

Kubera product and services

Let’s talk about this brand’s various products and services in this Kubera review. This brand has an array of services that its clients seek, which include:

Get Stocks in Order

This net worth tracker helps online brokers, and bankers connect their accounts with it. Kubera supports all major stocks in Canada, the USA, and top European countries. You could also add your stock tickets so you can easily monitor the latest value of your stock.

Track Crypto Asset (Including DeFi)

Crypto and Forex traders can use this tracker to monitor all their wallets. You can quickly check the balances of all major wallets and exchanges. The Kubera wealth management tool supports DeFi on several chains, such as:

  • Ethereum
  • Polygon
  • Terra
  • Avalanche
  • Cosmos
  • Solaba
  • Arbitrum

Track NFTs

NFT collectors or people interested in these assets can follow the latest NFT trends on this platform. With Kubera, you can get the latest rate for your NFT Asset and make quick money.

Show Beneficiary the Summary of Account and Asset

In the event of an unforeseen event, your beneficiary will get access to all your accounts, properties, and assets based on your settings. You will have the chance to add two or more beneficiaries to your estate when necessary.

Easy Transfer of Important Documents

This finance tracker allows for the easy transfer of all your documents when needed. You can easily store all estate and financial documents on the tracker. This platform will then send them to the mailbox of your beneficiary when you want.

Provision of a Fall-back Plan

Kubera portfolio tracker also provides for a contingent beneficiary known as a ‘Trusted Angel’ that will receive access if your primary beneficiary isn’t available. This ensures that your finances don’t die with you and are passed on to your trusted beneficiary.

Kubera product and service quality

Let’s look at this brand’s privacy information in this section.

Different Data Collected by Kubera

You might be asked to provide certain information if you use the Kubera tracker. This information might include:

  • Email Address
  • Display Picture
  • Personal Names
  • Phone Number
  • Vehicle VIN Number
  • Internet Domain names
  • Mailing address
  • Insurance details
  • Credit Card details

Therefore, if you aren’t comfortable revealing some of the information above, you might have to reconsider your stance.

Tracking Technology and Cookies

Based on our Kubera review, we noticed that the brand uses cookies and other tracking technology. These are meant to track services and store some unique information in their database. The Kubera tracking technology uses features such as tags, beacons, and scripts that help collect information about the firm.

You can set your browser to refuse such cookies or to inform you when such information has been gathered. But note that if you block some of these cookies, some Kubera services might not be available. Kubera uses both persistent and session cookies for various purposes.

How Kubera Shares Customer’s Personal Information

Information gathered from you might be shared with the following:

Service Providers

Kubera may share your data with various service providers for connecting accounts, processing payments, and reporting bugs. Also, they are shared for customer support, email marketing, and different digital service purposes.

Business Transfers

Your Personal information can also be shared when there is a merger, the sale of the firm’s assets, or any other acquisition reason.


Kubera may also share customers’ information with their affiliates in accordance with their privacy policy. These affiliates include the Kubera parent company and other companies controlled by them.

Kubera Data Processing

Kubera uses reliable third-party partners like Mastercard, which are data processors, to provide customers with the best service. Other Kubera third-party vendors include:

  • Plaid
  • Help Scout
  • Google Analytics
  • Salt Edge
  • Snap Trade
  • Akahu
  • Sentry
  • AWS

Kubera ensures that all third parties process data securely and without bias. There are processing agreements with these third parties that must be adhered to.

How to get started with Kubera

Based on our Kubera review, we will also explain how you can register with this brand. The registration process doesn’t take more than 2 minutes.

The first step in registering with Kubera is to visit their site and click on Sign Up. You could either use your Google information to sign in or register afresh.

If you don’t have an account with Google, enter your email, and a code will be sent immediately. Next, you’ll enter the code sent to your email to start the registration process.

You will be asked for your name, email address, phone number, and personal address. And you’ll need to enter your payment type and billing information when this is completed correctly.

Then you will pick your plan and proceed to pay securely. After the payment has been processed, you can continue to use the platform.

Alternatives to Kubera

In our Kubera review, we will also discuss the top alternatives to this brand.

Nexo vs Kubera

Nexo is a top financial service offering entrepreneurs access to crypto opportunities. They are one of the most reliable when we are talking about finance platforms that manage assets. The Nexo brand has more than 5 million users in 150 jurisdictions.

Nexo and Kubera are both financing platforms that deal in assets and cryptocurrencies. However, Kubera doesn’t deal in loans like Nexo; it just offers insights into wealth management and financial services.

CoinSmart vs Kubera

CoinSmart is a website that allows Canadians to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. This crypto trading platform offers excellent trading interaction, easy learning resources, and simple Crypto transactions.

With CoinSmart, you can easily trade your crypto with a single click. However, for Kubera, you get information and monitor the current rates of cryptos and NFTs. CoinSmart doesn’t have the beneficiary feature, which allows the transfer of assets, unlike Kubera.

kubera net worth - comparewise

Kubera review conclusion

This Kubera review has been able to elaborate on this net worth tracker. Having a reliable financial tracker such as this brand is ideal for everybody.

As mentioned in this review, this platform offers the best tracking features for people who want to manage their assets. While still growing, it is expected that Kubera will become one of the top finance websites in the world.

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FAQs about our Kubera review

Is Kubera any good?

Yes. Kubera is a solid finance platform that does a good job. While the price might be high, it provides value for all the services offered.

How much is Kubera per month?

Kubera is C$15 per month and C$150 for the yearly plan. After subscribing, you will be given 14 days of free access.

Does Kubera track transactions?

Yes. Kubera tracks transactions such as metals, NFT sales, stocks, and accounts connected. This platform will easily track changes in all digital and traditional assets.

What are the benefits of Kubera?

Kubera offers users a user-friendly platform that helps connect assets, accounts, and other net worth. It works on mobile phones, PCs, and other Internet-enabled devices.

Does Kubera work in Canada?

Yes. Kubera works in Canada and supports all major stock exchanges in the world. It can be accessed from all Canadian provinces without problems.

July 23, 2023
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