LastPass Review (May 2024) – Pros, Cons, Features, & Pricing

The biggest benefit of using a password manager is the ability to generate unique, secure passwords that you won’t have to remember for each website and app you use. It’s also crucial that you can easily access your passwords on all of your devices, though. Check out our LastPass review to learn more.

Lastpass was launched in 2008 by a company named Marvasol Inc. but was later acquired in 2015 by LogMeIn. One of the widely used password managers is Lastpass. Even though the free edition of LastPass has lost a lot of its competitive edge, it is still a great password manager.

Nevertheless, LastPass includes several features that help protect your passwords and login information, and the Premium and Families subscriptions won’t break the bank. These features will be discussed later in this article, but before then, you should get to know the origin and the overview of the password manager.

However, LastPass offers a truly zero-knowledge service.  So in principle, it shouldn’t ever have any client information to share with the authorities – even if it is requested to do so using a warrant. LastPass is a closed source, though, so there are some security and privacy issues to take into account before using it as your password manager.

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Last Updated: May 21, 2024

LastPass Review

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  • Generate strong passwords
  • Store online login info securely

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LastPass Overview

Let’s start out our LastPass review with some general information about the brand. There is truly no better method to use than a password manager when it comes to remembering your passwords. All of your passwords need to be complicated and one-of-a-kind to keep your accounts secure. Using the same password repeatedly exposes you to the risk of hacking; this is why services like LastPass exist.

You can save all of your passwords behind a single master password that you create with LastPass. Additionally, LastPass is made to simplify your life by instantly auto-filling your passwords into internet forms.

Since LastPass is a freemium software, all of its key settings and features are available for free use. It does, however, provide some in-app purchases to augment those features, which may be required based on your specific demands.

Free features include a password generator, unlimited password storage, password access across all devices, password security checker, dual-factor authentication, secure notes, and safe one-to-one sharing.

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LastPass Features

Up next in our LastPass review, here are some great features. Among password managers, LastPass has some of the most amazing features. LastPass surpasses rival password managers with features like autofill for desktop and browser. Not only that, but it also has security challenges, as well as a two-factor authentication app. It enables you to keep important information, such as usernames and passwords, well-protected.

Similar to the majority of high-quality password managers, LastPass has a reliable password generator that enables you to create a secure password with just one click. With the specialized LastPass password generator, you can specify the length and character kinds of the secure password you want to create. The following are the features available on the LastPass password manager:

Two-factor authentication, Multi-authentication, and LastPass authenticator

The best 2FA app is provided by LastPass, even though it isn’t a function of the password manager. Using the “LastPass authenticator,” you can quickly activate two-factor authentication on popular websites including Facebook, Dropbox, Google, and so on.

LastPass authenticator allows SMS codes in addition to time-based codes, and push notifications are the feature. Because all you need to do to confirm is press a button on your mobile device, enabling 2FA on frequently visited websites is simple.

You may combine even more authentication elements with MFA, which secures your logins to websites other than LastPass. You can select which services, devices, and other factors to use MFA for.

The LastPass MFA feature is a B2B-focused option accessible with the MFA, Enterprise, Teams, and Identity plans due to its usefulness for controlling permissions, security levels, and high level of customizability. However, individual Premium customers also have access to sophisticated multi-factor authentication solutions.

One-time password

If you use a device that doesn’t belong to you to access your web vault, you could be setting yourself up for a trap. You can’t tell if the gadget is running keylogging software or another program that might be recording your keystrokes. With its one-time passcodes feature, LastPass may have a solution for this. You can log in that manner without sharing your master password.

You can make LastPass one-time passcodes once you’ve logged into your account. Then, for a little period only, you can use each passcode again. It indicates that using the same passcode to get into an account twice is not possible. Additionally, you can use them later or for emergency recovery by printing them or storing them in various ways.

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Password vault

LastPass keeps users’ passwords in an online vault. It is accessible from a desktop computer, a mobile device, or online. Your usernames and passwords are well shielded from prying eyes because the vault is encrypted.

The ability to access LastPass’s online storage (or vault) offline is one of its benefits. Just make sure you’ve logged into your vault at least once when connected to the Internet if you wish to access it while offline. In this manner, your device creates a local cache of your encrypted data.

LastPass credit monitoring

Another great feature offered by LastPass is the monitoring of users’ credit. Notifying you if your credit report changes unexpectedly provides real-time protection. Users who use the credit monitoring function can keep a closer eye on their credit reports and guard against identity theft. This free credit monitoring alert feature is available to LastPass users in the US.

To start using the credit monitoring service on an existing account, all you need to do is to go to locate where your profile is. Once you are done locating your profile, click on Enable Credit Monitoring. If necessary, you can modify the form-fill process and then activate the credit monitoring feature.  

User-friendly interface

LastPass is aware of the components that go into a strong user experience across all platforms, including browsers, desktop computers, and mobile devices. LastPass is easy to use on all of your devices, equipped with several organizational features, and set up is fast.

The fact that LastPass can be used in a browser is advantageous because it allows for easy access to your LastPass vault regardless of the computer’s operating system. The desktop application is helpful for offline password access, though.

Autofill functionality

Through its browser extensions, LastPass offers autofill functionality that works effectively. The autofill function helps to fill out the login details to websites. Note that it does not provide login details to any website but only the details you saved on LastPass. Autofill for desktops is also available to Premium customers.

According to tests, the autofill works correctly whether you use a browser or a desktop computer. Even if LastPass doesn’t recognize the appropriate field, this is valid for passwords as well as forms and credit cards.

You can identify and fill out items using the LastPass browser extension. So this means you can continue using autofill even if LastPass doesn’t recognize that there is, for example, a credit card form. It will attempt to fill in all necessary fields, and most of the time it is accurate. The security code, for instance, might occasionally be overlooked by LastPass if you’re entering your credit card information through this process.

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LastPass Pricing

Up next in our LastPass review is how much it costs to use this great service. One of the most affordable password managers available is LastPass, which was formerly regarded as one of the top free password managers. Unfortunately, a recent change to LastPass’ free version has decreased its usefulness, but upgrading to a Premium subscription won’t cost a fortune.

Let’s discuss LastPass Premium first before moving on to LastPass Free. You can get all the features of a typical password manager for $3 per month. This comprises syncing, the security test, possibilities for multi-factor authentication, and limitless storage.

However, compared to the free plan, the Premium one includes a few extra features. Most significantly, you may sync passwords between mobile devices and PCs and share stuff with numerous people (known as “one-to-many” sharing) through the sharing center. Additionally, extra multi-factor choices and emergency access are available to premium users.

“Dark web tracking” is another fantastic aspect of the Premium package. This increases the security of your passwords by alerting you if any of your accounts or email addresses turn up on well-known dark web markets where fraudsters buy and sell such information.

LastPass free and family pricing

Even as a free user, you will still be assessable to some features. Some of these features include a password generator, syncing multiple devices, sharing passwords, and also create a safe password fault. But the big flaw is that, although you can sync passwords between devices, you can only use the password manager on either a laptop or mobile device.

You will need to pay the price for either the Premium or Families plan or search elsewhere if this functionality is essential to you. You will have a ton of choices from the list of LastPass alternatives which will be discussed later.

The cost of the Family plan is also quite reasonable. You can obtain six user accounts and a family dashboard for $4 per month when paid annually, which is more affordable. However, you are only permitted to use those six users. With the Families plan, you also get full access to shared folders, which can be useful.

With regard to either plan, there is nothing like a refund policy. If you bug LastPass enough, according to user reports, you might be eligible for a partial refund, but there is no official policy in place. The free version appears to serve the function of a money-back guarantee and includes a 30-day trial of Premium.

LastPass business pricing

For businesses, LastPass provides several plans. The options available include:

  • Range from $3 to $8 per user
  • Depending on the number of users
  • The kind of multi-factor options required
  • Reporting features you want.

Despite lacking the features and connections of services like Zoho Vault, the business cost for LastPass isn’t too bad. The LastPass authenticator’s multi-factor options, SSO options, and reports are all things Users appreciate.

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LastPass Setup

Even while LastPass provides fantastic applications for macOS, iOS, Linux, Windows, and Android, a web browser extension is the most effective way to use it. Almost all browsers support this extension. That means you can access LastPass on all browsers.

Users can benefit from the password management experience thanks to browser extensions for all popular platforms. With single sign-on technology, after a user enters their master password, the extension will automatically fill in their passwords and other login information when they visit well-known websites.

Downloading the LastPass app is still essential because it will serve as the hub for managing users’ details and account preferences. The app is simple to download and simply needs your master password or biometric data to log in on all devices.

Advantages Of LastPass

Using a password generator to save or store the login details for your favorite website is one of the crucial things to generate the details for you. With great features, LastPass has been able to help its users with so many things. The following are the benefits you will get for using LastPass:

It requires simple steps to add credit cards, secure notes, and password

However, when it comes to adding passwords and secure data, LastPass keeps things straightforward. Although navigating through it may be a little bit confusing and strange when you log in to new software.  All the various secure data types that you can store can be explored using the left navigation panel. Passwords, addresses, notes, credit card numbers, and bank account details are all included.

Sharing functionality

This can’t always be true about other password managers’ sharing features, but LastPass’ sharing option is simple to use and straightforward.

Shared folders can be accepted and seen by free users; however, premium users can create folders and modify access.

When working in groups or with clients who must supply sensitive account information, shared folders might be helpful. Users have the option to access that data securely and effectively thanks to the simple sharing feature.

LastPass Security Challenge

Password audits assist users in coming up with stronger, more secure passwords. A password audit called the LastPass Security Challenge determines the reliability of your current passwords. This feature helps prevent your accounts from being held together by shaky bonds.

It helps to generate a strong password

As was previously discussed, LastPass can be assessed on browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and so on. This is because LastPass provides a browser add-on. Along with the Mac app and Windows app, these browser extensions are available.

You may add fresh online account information to your secured vault and access previously saved passwords with the help of a browser extension. One of the main advantages of LastPass is how convenient it is to have this right in your browser extension.

For the purpose of preventing hackers to gain access to your account, you can create a complex password. You can create one using LastPass and then forget it because the password will be saved in your password vault.

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Disadvantages Of LastPass

Despite having many advantages, LastPass has a few significant drawbacks, like delayed customer service, an out-of-date design, and no VPN option.

Customer service is too slow

Businesses cannot afford to take chances when it comes to customer service. LastPass has a wide range of online resources available on its website, just like the majority of password managers do.

Users can browse a vast online knowledgebase and post questions there while researching problems with password generators and browser extensions, among other things.

The fact that they don’t have a “Contact Us” option prominently displayed on that page, though, is unusual. So this means locating the “Contact Us” may be so hard to locate in case you have a pressing issue.

Even after which you locate the ‘Contact Us” button, you may be discouraged when you get to chat with the customer service agent. They are too slow in such a way that a pressing issue may be delayed for more than 36 hours to get a reply from them. This is one of the drawbacks of choosing this password manager.

Old Design

Customers should think about the app’s appearance and feel when choosing a password manager because they’ll be using it frequently.

Although the features of LastPass are excellent, its design is old-fashioned.  The design of the LastPass password manager might be improved overall.

When you initially log in, the colors aren’t really appealing, and there are too many buttons, text, and different messages, which adds to the confusion.  The password vault would be vastly improved with a clean, modern style that would also match the improved functionality that the password manager now provides.

No VPN Provider

Customers require more than just secure passwords. They also must access websites safely. Customers can use a private VPN provided by some password managers, such as Dashlane, to safeguard their online activity when utilizing public WiFi or servers.

Although it’s a rare service, users will be surprised that LastPass doesn’t also supply it given the breadth of functions they offer. Every function given by the majority of competing password managers appears to have been created and supplied by the password app, but not this one.

Adding And Importing Passwords To LastPass

Getting started with LastPass is simple if you’ve already used another password manager. There was no issue with our import procedure, unlike many other password organizers. Nearly all password managers available as well as standard CSV files are supported by LastPass. 

Manually adding entries is also not difficult. The big “+” button at the down part of the screen will expand to reveal a list of categories. Credit cards, Passwords, addresses, secure notes, and bank accounts are among the categories that correlate to the left-side menu. You may add a ton of other categories, though.

These include things like WiFi passwords and software licenses. You can also develop your own categories. You can add as many fields as you like, each with its own name, to the template. However, you cannot change already-written entries. You must start from scratch if you want anything unique.

New categories will appear in the left-side menu whether you use one of the available templates or make your own. The fact that custom templates are grouped together under the label “custom items” should not be overlooked.

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Using LastPass with iOS and Android

Using autofill in mobile apps is really easy, whether you’re using iOS or Android. LastPass has a biometric authentication setting that makes it simple to log in and fill out passwords. On mobile devices, LastPass automatically logs you out of your account. It swiftly authenticates, though, and returns you to the app you were trying to access.

Using LastPass with Browser extension

It’s a good thing because the Browser extension may be where you spend most of your time using LastPass. The fact that LastPass has created one of the best password manager extensions shows how crucial the browser experience is. The extension is made to be unique rather than trying to be a browser UI that fills the entire screen.

You may use the extension to swiftly search your LastPass vault, browse recently added items, create secure passwords, and more. Autofill operates wonderfully as well, as was mentioned in the “features” section.


LastPass uses AES-256 encryption to safeguard users’ data on both its servers and locally on your device. Your master password and vault contents are not accessible to LastPass.

The Association of International Certified Professional Accountants (AICPA) has certified LastPass as SOC 2 Type 2 compliant. This means it can be trusted to handle users’ data securely and that it regularly conducts security assessments.

Two-factor methods for vault access are available on all LastPass plans. With free users, 2FA can be enabled with apps like Google Authenticator,  LastPass Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, and so on. Security functions such as fingerprint scanners, YubiKey hardware keys, and smart card readers are all available to premium subscribers.

Finally, in case you forget your master password, LastPass supports account recovery. Using a one-time password on a device you’ve already used with LastPass is the best choice. These are required in order to regain your account during the email verification process. They are produced automatically and are locally kept on the device which you have logged into the extension or web vault.

As an alternative, you can restore your account using an SMS or a previously specified password suggestion, but neither of these procedures is very safe. You can choose to employ biometrics for account recovery on mobile, but anyone who has access to your device’s biometric profile will be able to gain access to your vault.

LastPass Hack record

LastPass experienced a cyberattack in 2015. Thankfully, LastPass was quite forthcoming about the incident, informing its users immediately.

Although the hackers were able to access and steal data from the LastPass cloud, they were unable to obtain any sensitive data. No vaults were hacked thanks to the zero-knowledge model.

The LastPass browser extension vulnerability, which may be used to steal user data, was discovered in 2019 by Travis Ormandy, who is a Google Project Zero researcher. The security of the vaults was maintained. But using the exploit, it was feasible to obtain hashed user email addresses, password reminder questions, and master passwords. This implied that a hacker may hijack a user’s LastPass account by misusing the recovery features.

The general belief is that up to 16 million people may have had their login information revealed. The programmers responded quickly and as soon as they were able, they released the updates. The harm has lasted, though, and LastPass continues to wear the stain on its reputation.

LastPass revealed that its developer systems had been compromised on August 25, 2022, and that they had been made aware of the security breach two weeks before. Although the tool continued to operate normally and the company claims no client passwords or data were exposed, the hacker stole some source code and some confidential information.


The LastPass forums are available to both people and corporations. We were able to obtain solutions for a wide range of specialized issues on the forums website, which has posted on a variety of business-related subjects. Online articles are also available on well-known subjects like “Verify your trusted device” and “Recover your lost master password.”

Free online training and how-to manuals are also available for problems that can’t be resolved by reading the forum and web articles. Unfortunately, LastPass makes it challenging to contact them by phone or email. Additionally, paid individual plans are only able to communicate directly via email; however, the website claims that this method is available around-the-clock.

 Plans for businesses include access to email and phone support for direct communication. There is a chat option as well, but it connects to an automated chatbot rather than a real person.

LastPass Alternatives & LastPass Review Conclusion

In general, LastPass is the go-to password manager when you require premium, cost-free software. But in case your LastPass does not meet all your needs, you can make a choice from these alternatives.


NordPass checks all the boxes for a service to safely sync or store your credentials between devices. Military-grade encryption is used to safeguard your vault, making it impossible for anyone to just browse through your passwords. However, because of the tool’s versatility, you can use any device of your choice to access the same vault. 

You won’t need to type that information into your browser because there are other convenient extras like OCR scanning for IDs. Then there is a scanner for data breaches that notifies you if your password is exposed. This comprehensive package aims to safeguard your credentials and everything in between.


Keeper is the solution for you if you wish to safeguard all of your credentials at all times. It employs layered encryption, which means that rather than encrypting the entire vault with a single encryption key, each password receives a different encryption key.

Additionally, Keeper has zero-knowledge architecture and is independently audited. As a result, you can be confident that it will handle your sensitive data with the utmost security. This password manager may be installed using its specific browser extensions on all popular operating systems. There is also top-notch customer service available around-the-clock in case you have any problems.

Thanks for checking out our LastPass review!

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