LegalWills Review (May, 2024) – Pros, Cons, Features, & Pricing

For Canadians, having a will in place is crucial to your estate planning. In Canada, if a person does not make a will to distribute assets, the government will step in and divide the person’s assets after death.

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Last Updated: May 22, 2024

Legal Wills

  • Lawyer-approved online service
  • Help is available every step of the way
  • 30-day money back guarantee

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This could affect your family in ways you didn’t expect. This is why it’s important to have a will. It lets you decide how your assets will be split up and gives your loved ones peace of mind.

Usually, the first thing that comes to mind when talking about making a will is going to a lawyer’s office. Most of the time, this process is inconvenient, hard, and expensive. has an easy way to solve this problem. It is a service for making a legal will online. People can use LegalWill to make an online will that can be printed and signed by themselves.

This LegalWills review will look at the prices, services, benefits, and drawbacks of the platform. This LegalWills ca review will help you get to know more about it.

After that, you can make an informed decision and see if it’s the right platform for your needs.

What is LegalWills?

PartingWishes Inc. has been running LegalWills since 2000. It is a separate group with its headquarters in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

LegalWills has been in the online wills legal business in Canada for more than 23 years. LegalWills leverages its expertise to assist individuals in crafting standard legal documents in an easy, convenient, private, secure, and affordable way. It helps eliminate the need to pay exorbitant legal fees.

LegalWills claims that they are a lawyer-approved online service. They work with Canadian lawyers. It ensures the service complies with the laws of most of Canada’s regions.

LegalWills has been trying to offer the most complete and affordable services on the market up until now. They always make sure they are the best they can be so they can meet Canadians’ needs.

What service does LegalWills offer?

LegalWills has a number of will services. LegalWills also has a number of other services for Canadians, such as Funeral Wishes, Digital Vaults, and Final Messages.

LegalWills also has four different packages of wills to suit different needs. All will services, extra services, and will packages can be different for a single person or a couple (for two people).

In the following LegalWills review, each legal product will be explained. The prices and key features will be discussed in this Canadian legal will kit review.

Will services that LegalWills offer

Last Will and Testaments

$31.96 CAD (Individual)Create a perfect, lawyer-approved legal Will
$47.96 CAD (Couple)Create a perfect, lawyer-approved legal Will

LegalWills provide adaptable Legal Last Will and Testament. With this service, individuals can:

  • Choose how they want the money to be divided,
  • Choose caretakers for their kids,
  • Appoint an executor (including options for joint executors and multiple alternates)
  • You can choose gifts for specific people, groups of people, or even organisations.
  • Make plans for gifts to charities.
  • Setup trusts
  • Make decision about pet care

People can be sure that, if they die, their wishes will be legally binding and carried out. LegalWills also helps mixed-gender families, same-sex couples, and people who don’t identify with either gender.

Power of Attorney

$23.96 CAD (Individual)Name someone to handle individual finances before incapacitated
$39.96 CAD (Couple)Name someone to handle individual finances before incapacitated

LegalWills offers a comprehensive Power of Attorney service. It is easy for Canadian citizens to ensure their affairs are handled in the event of disablement.

With their service, people are able to:

  • Make a durable or continuing Power of Attorney that will work even if the person can’t handle their own business.
  • A person can choose up to three people to act on their behalf. They can also pick more than one alternate or replacement.
  • Choose if the people nominated can work alone or if they have to work together.

People can choose whether the Power of Attorney goes into effect right away or only after they are disabled.

Living Will

$15.96 CAD (Individual)Specify health care wishes
$23.96 CAD (Couple)Specify health care wishes

LegalWills ‘s Living Will service provides Canadian citizens with peace of mind. It lets them know that their end-of-life decisions will be honored.

With their service, it includes a power of:

  • Choose a Health Care Representative and back-ups who can make decisions about health care if individuals become disabled.
  • Set their wishes for organ donation and decide how they want to be cared for at the end of their lives.
  • Control over what they do for their health care.
  • Write down specific instructions and/or limits for their Health Care Representative.

Life Locker

$23.96 CAD (Individual)Store personal information critical to be passed on to your family and executor
$39.96 CAD (Couple)Store personal information critical to be passed on to your family and executor

Life Locker is a unique service by LegalWills. This innovative product is a secure and convenient way to keep track of individual belongings, digital assets, and important contacts.

It is widely known that including a list of assets in a will is a mistake, as assets can change frequently. The process of updating a will each time an asset is added to the estate can be laborious and complex. This is where Life Locker comes in.

It is organized into four life lockers:

  • Me & My Family (information about your loved ones, your health, and your pet)
  • My Important Things ( information about your home(s), car(s), and all those tangible items in your life.)
  • My Valuable Money (information about all your money stuff)
  • My Everything Else (information about other parts of your life)

Expatriate Wills (for Canada, Québec, United States, United Kingdom)

$31.96 CAD (Individual)Create a legal Expatriate Last Will and Testament
$47.96 CAD (Individual)Create a legal Expatriate Last Will and Testament

LegalWills offers Expatriate Wills. This type of will is suitable for:

  • Individuals who own assets in Canada, Quebec, the USA, or the UK but live in a different country
  • Individuals now live in Canada, Quebec, USA, or the UK but already have a will include their assets in home country

The Expatriate Will works in conjunction with the existing will and covers any assets the individual owns in Canada, Quebec, USA, or the UK.

The existing will remains in effect and protects the assets in their home country.

The Expatriate Will allow individuals to:

  • Decide how to distribute their assets in Canada, Quebec, the USA, or the UK.
  • Appoint an executor for their assets in those countries, including options for joint executors, multiple alternates, and replacements.

Additional services that LegalWills offer

Funeral Wishes

$19.95 CAD (Individual)Document funeral wishes and organ donation preferences
$29.95 CAD (Individual)Document funeral wishes and organ donation preferences

LegalWills also offers funeral wishes as one of their additional services. This service allows clients to

  • Express their wishes regarding their burial method, funeral arrangements, and organ donation.
  • Designate friends and family members as “Keyholders®”, who can access the funeral wishes at the appropriate time.

Digital Vault

$19.95 CAD (Individual)Upload important files and documents to an individual secure vault
$29.95 CAD (Individual)Upload important files and documents to an individual secure vault

A digital vault service as an additional benefit to LegalWills’s clients.

With the digital vault, individuals can:

  • Upload any digital assets, including documents, files, scans, photographs, audio, and video.
  • Make friends and family members as “Keyholders®”. They can access the items in the vault at the appropriate time.

LegalWills takes responsibility for safeguarding the vault until after the individual has passed away.

Final Messages

$19.95 CAD (Individual)Write final messages for your loved ones
$29.95 CAD (Individual)Write final messages for your loved ones

LegalWills, offers a unique final messages service. This service allows clients to:

  • Leave behind messages for their loved ones, which can be in the form of a document, voice message, pictures, or video.
  • Clients can make friends and family members as “Keyholders®”. They will send the messages at the appropriate time without ever seeing the contents.

The messages remain completely encrypted and private. The only people who will ever see the messages are the client and their specified message recipients.

LegalWills delivers the messages to their intended recipients after the client has passed away.

Popular packages from LegalWills

LegalWills also offers its customers four different packages at different price points to meet people’s needs.

PackagesPriceProducts included
Last Will and Testament$39.95 CAD (Individual)   $59.95 CAD (Couple)Last Will and Testament
Premium Last Will and Testament$69.95 CAD (Individual)   $99.95 CAD (Couple)Last Will and Testament, Funeral Wishes, Final Messages, Keyholders
Complete Estate Plan$99.95 CAD (Individual)   $149.95 CAD (Couple)Last Will and Testament, Funeral Wishes, Final Messages, Keyholders, Power of Attorney, Living Will
Premium Estate Plan$129.95 CAD (Individual)   $199.95 CAD (Couple)Last Will and Testament, Funeral Wishes, Final Messages, Keyholders, Power of Attorney, Living Will, Life Locker, Digital Valut

LegalWills review: pros and cons

legalwills review - comparewise

LegalWills pros

30 day money back guarantee

LegalWills guarantees a refund at any time if the individual is not satisfied with their services within 30 days.

Easy, streamlined process

LegalWills makes it easy to create a will. Complicated legal jargon is omitted and replaced with a more easy set of questions.

Clients can follow simple step-by-step instructions to create a will. They can get help every step of the way, and all information is presented in easy language. Everything will be done within 15 to 20 minutes.

One year of free updates

Within one year of creating a Will, individuals can update their Wills as LegalWills members for an unlimited period of time. After the first year, there is an option to pay for lifetime storage and unlimited updates.


LegalWills offers flexible services. For example, allowing for joint executor appointments, unrestricted estate distribution plans, and the unique The Keyholder Advantage, among others.

Attorney review services

LegalWills works with professional attorneys. They offer a “Legal Document Review” option for an additional $69.

This service allows individuals to have LegalWills review completed wills for “consistency and completeness”.

Affordable pricing

LegalWills offers a more affordable price compared to offline attorney fees. It is one of the most affordable will services in Canada. It offering comprehensive, one-stop Will planning services at a relatively low cost.


LegalWills has helped people tremendously. People don’t have to go to a lawyer’s office to make a will. They can do everything from the comfort of their home.

LegalWills cons

Not suitable for complex assets or special situations

LegalWills may not be suitable for those with complex assets and need more estate planning documents. This is because the platform is limited in catering to specific needs and exceptions.

For example, if custom clauses need to be written to cover certain assets or situations, LegalWills cannot provide that service.

LegalWills review: Is LegalWills safe?

Yes, LegalWills is safe.

To ensure that personal information is not compromised, LegalWills uses 256-bit SSL encryption technology for verification and encryption. This is the most advanced encryption technology available.

In case of accidents, LegalWills also has a series of physical protections for the servers where the data is stored.

LegalWills processes all credit card purchases made through a secure gateway and never stores or records personal information.

LegalWills review: Is LegalWills legit?

Yes, LegalWills are legit.

When a person in Canada uses LegalWills to make a Will, the Will meets all of the legal requirements in Canada

Once the Will has been made in LegalWills, printed out, and signed, it is fully legal in Canada. But, to be noted, LegalWills does not provide any legal advice.

In addition, LegalWills is also an accredited business with the Better Business Bureau and has received an A+ rating. Therefore, it is very reliable.

How do I use LegalWills to create an online will?

  • Go to to become a member.
  • Fill out all of the required sections. All questions are written in plain language.
  • Once completed, for the will to be legally binding, print the document and sign it in the presence of two witnesses.
  • This is how the will takes effect.

Final thoughts on LegalWills

We examined everything in the above Canadian Legal Wills review. LegalWills designs its services to be simple, convenient, private, secure, and affordable.

For the average Canadian with a relatively simple and modest estate, LegalWills offers an excellent experience. However, LegalWills may not be a good option for people with complex assets.

In Conclusion, LegalWills is a trusted online platform for creating online will kits. After this LegalWills Canada review, we can confirm that: LegalWills is one of the best online will service in Canada.

Thanks for checking out our LegalWills review.

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FAQs about our LegalWills review

What is LegalWills?

LegalWills is a service for making a legal will online run by PartingWishes Inc. based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. LegalWills has been in the business of offering online wills services for over 23 years and aims to provide a convenient, private, secure, and affordable way for individuals to craft standard legal documents.

What services does LegalWills offer?

LegalWills offers a range of services including Last Will and Testament, Power of Attorney, Living Will, and Life Locker.

Is LegalWills a lawyer-approved service?

LegalWills claims to be a lawyer-approved online service and works with Canadian lawyers to ensure compliance with the laws of most regions in Canada.

Is LegalWills safe and legit?

Yes, LegalWills is safe and legit.


Legal Wills

April 1, 2023
Fact Checked

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