MarketerHire Review (May 2024) – Pros, Cons, Features, & Pricing

A vital component of any successful business is its marketing team, which is what this MarketerHire review is all about. But finding the right digital marketing expert can be a challenge.

MarketerHire is not your typical freelancing marketplace, where clients browse a comprehensive list of marketers with varying degrees of experience. MarketerHire pairs companies with professional freelance marketers while also allowing marketers to work remotely. They save companies the time and effort of finding the right marketer. And they assist top-shelf marketers in helping them work with vetted companies.

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Last Updated: May 15, 2024


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In this MarketerHire review, we explore the pros and cons of using MarketerHire. Beyond that, we also dive into the platform’s features, how to get started, and alternative options available.

Why Choose MarketerHire?

Hiring expert marketers has never been easy. Larger platforms like Upwork and Fiverr can make finding, evaluating, and choosing the best marketers time-consuming. That is why, in this MarketerHire review section, we’ll look at why using their platform might be a good option if you need to hire a marketer.

As you may detect from the name, MarketerHire focuses solely on the hiring of freelance marketers. They specialize in connecting companies of all sizes with skilled, vetted marketers.

In addition, they are ideal for small businesses that might not have a marketing department but need a marketing professional. MarketerHire is also a good option for large companies looking to add top-notch freelance marketing professionals to their team.

These marketers specialize in content, email, SEO, growth marketing and more. To ensure that the selected marketers are qualified, they go through a series of tests and screenings. Instead of going through a middleman, MarketerHire matches the best marketer to the client’s exact requirements.

MarketerHire is also an excellent option for full-time marketing experts who wish to leave their 9-5 jobs and pursue a freelancing career.

Overall, MarketerHire makes it simple for marketers to get started and companies to hire top freelance marketers.

Pros and Cons of Using MarketerHire

In this section of our MarketerHire review, we will explore the upsides and downsides of using their platform.

Marketerhire ProsMarketerhire Cons
+ Highly vetted professionals
+ Easy to use
+ High-efficiency matching
+ Low risk
+ Hiring support
+ Dedicated marketing manager
– Expensive screening
– Hourly rates
– Increased competition

Pros of Marketerhire

Here’s what really takes our breath away about Marketerhire.

Highly Vetted Professionals

MarketerHire ensures they accept only the most qualified marketers onto their site through a rigorous vetting process.

While the entire process is lengthy and may take some time to complete, their support team makes it easy for marketers. MarketerHire’s rigorous screening process also shows its commitment to providing the highest experienced freelance marketers for companies.  

Easy to Use

MarketerHire provides an automated and user-friendly interface. They are dedicated to ensuring a smooth hiring and working process. This way, businesses can hire a marketer quickly, and marketers get the best experience.

High-Efficiency Matching

MarketerHire matches clients with a qualified marketer within 48 hours that suit their business or project criteria.

So if a client needs a marketer quickly, MarketerHire offers superior client support and responsiveness compared to traditional hiring methods.

Marketers get a steady flow of income and projects, which will help them enhance their skills and expand their portfolios.

Minimal Risk

MarketerHire provides a free trial to guarantee that all clients try out the platform with no risk. A variety of safeguards are also placed to protect clients and marketers.

Hiring Support

As a client, you get to focus on selecting your ideal marketer, while MarketerHire handles most of the hiring process. This includes screening, onboarding, and billing.

No Hidden Costs

There are no additional charges. They do not require clients and marketers to pay a monthly or annual subscription.

Dedicated Marketing Manager

For each client, MarketerHire assigns a marketing manager to oversee the entire hiring and onboarding process. In addition, they do weekly check-ins to ensure the client is happy with the service.

Cons of Marketerhire

Marketerhire is great, but might not be perfect for everyone. Here’s what customers think they could improve on.

Extensive Screening Process

As previously mentioned, MarketerHire has an extensive multi-step vetting process. For marketers who want to join the platform, this might be a pretty grueling process.

Limited Options

Unfortunately, MarketerHire only specializes in marketing services. Thus marketers with other skills will have to find an alternative freelance platform. That being said, clients can only hire from a few marketing categories, notably marketing professionals such as content, email, and social media marketers.

High Hourly Rates

MarketerHire’s high hourly rate will turn some businesses off. The cost of hiring marketers can range from $80-160 per hour. When compared to other freelance sites, this is substantially higher.

Furthermore, because marketers establish their hourly rate, the cost could be higher.

No On-Board Messaging system

One major drawback is the lack of a direct messaging system on their platform. Marketers and clients can’t communicate directly on the site.

Increased Competition

Since MarketerHire focuses on one industry, Marketer marketers may find the marketplace to be highly competitive.

marketerhire review 3 - comparewise

MarketerHire Features

To give you an honest overview of the platform, in this MarketerHire review, we’ve listed the major features offered.

Fast, Expert Matching

Within 48 hours, an assigned marketing manager and support team will sift through potential marketers to identify the best fit for a client’s requirements.

Vetting and Screening of Professionals

The vetting process is to ensure that only the most qualified marketers are selected. 

They run a thorough background check, which includes social media and professional experience reviews. They also conduct video interviews and test projects to ensure that each marketer’s skills match their expertise.

As you would expect, a Marketer must pass each phase of the screening process to be considered qualified.

Personal Support

Another great feature is their client support.

Each client has a marketing manager that helps them through the entire hiring and onboarding process. This increases the chances of clients finding marketers that perfectly match their needs.

Transparent Pricing

The client or marketer will not be charged any extra fees.

MarketerHire Pricing

As our MarketerHire review previously highlighted in the pros and cons section, MarketerHire has no hidden costs. Unlike most freelancing platforms, they do not charge any hiring, subscription or termination fees.

Marketers usually set hourly rates in advance. Depending on the project size or description, their experience, and other factors, they can charge anywhere from $80-$160 per hour. As a result, the rate could be higher.

However, clients can receive a 20% discount for part-time and full-time marketers if they work for at least 20 hours each week.

Aside from the standard rate, part-time marketers’ rates range from $1200 to $2400 each week. Full-time marketers might earn anywhere from $2400 and $4800 each week. Besides these fees, MarketerHire requires a monthly commitment fee of at least $1,500 from its clients.

Unfortunately, the amount of commission MarketerHire deducts from final prices is unknown. It all depends on the project size.

marketerhire review 2 - comparewise

Is MarketerHire Safe to Use?

There are often payment and legitimacy concerns when using freelancing platforms. We address these concerns in this section of the MarketerHire review.

Yes, MarketerHire is legitimate and secure. It has a lot of security and payment protection measures. This is done to protect both clients and marketers. As for other threats like scams, MarketerHire has detailed guidelines on how to prevent this.

Clients can also contact MarketerHire’s support staff to report any security issues.

MarketerHire Customer Support

Next, we’ll look at customer service in this section of our MarketerHire review.

As part of their outstanding customer service, MarketerHire combines automation with a marketing manager to support clients.

They also have an IT support team that helps clients and marketers with any issues they may have in record time.

If a client and freelance marketers need additional help, they can reach out to them by email.

In addition, clients also receive bi-weekly check-ins to ensure everything is going well.

Their blog and FAQ page also provide additional information.

How to Get Started?

Here, our MarketerHire review will include information on how to get started on their platform. And we must praise them for the simplicity and seamlessness of the application process.

Should you need a marketer, you would begin by going to the “agencies” section of their website. Here you’ll fill in a form describing your project and marketer needs.

After signing up, MarketerHire will schedule a call with you to discuss your requirements in more detail. Based on this information, MarketerHire will match you with the perfect marketer for your project needs.

However, if you’re a competent marketer looking for work, you should go to the “marketers” section of their website. There’ll be a form to complete where you should detail your skills and experience.

After you’ve submitted the form, MarketerHire will review your information and be in touch to initiate the screening process. Once approved, you’ll be ready to start freelancing.

Alternatives to MarketerHire

Before wrapping up this MarketerHire review, here are some of the alternative platforms to consider.


MarketerHire believes in providing the highest quality marketers for clients. While Upwork aims to provide various freelance opportunities to individuals all over the world. Apart from that, Upwork offers a broader range of freelance categories that are not available on MarketerHire.

On Upwork, clients upload their projects directly to the site, rather than having a marketing manager connect them with a qualified marketer. If interested, a freelancer will submit a proposal.

Like MarketerHire, Upwork also has two pricing plans. The free basic plan and the premium plan for $49.99 per month. This is more cost-effective than MarketerHire. However, Upwork clients must pay a 3% fee when paying their freelancers.

As it is a more advanced platform, it includes features such as an onboard messaging system. But due to its less rigorous screening process and various categories, it’s easy for beginners to sign-up and apply for work.

MarketerHire, on the other hand, is intended for the top 5% of marketing experts. is another good option you can use to freelance or hire freelancers.

As is the case with Upwork, clients post a job, and freelancers submit bids.  Alternatively, a freelancer has a support team to find a suitable client and manage their onboarding process.

Signing up and posting a project are both free. But keep in mind that charges more in fees than MarketerHire. Anytime payments are made to the freelancers for hourly projects, a 3% fee is deducted. And for fixed-priced projects, they charge clients 10% or $5 and 10% for hourly projects. also has far more freelancing categories and membership plans compared to MarketerHire. Freelancers and clients also have more features for collaboration and managing their profiles.

When compared to MarketerHire, it is suitable for both beginners and experts.

Conclusion of Our MarketerHire Review

MarketerHire is a fantastic platform. It’s a step forward from traditional hiring and working options. It has one goal in mind: To help make hiring freelance marketers easier. And it does that successfully by providing clients with features that make hiring freelancers easier.

If it remains a freelance marketer platform, MarketerHire could provide outstanding customer support to be one of the best in the business. The platform also undertakes a rigorous process to ensure they hire the best marketing marketers.

At the same time, MarketerHire is not for everyone. While the platform might not suit small businesses, it’s a good option for larger companies looking to outsource their marketing.

In our MarketerHire review we examine what the expert marketer hiring platform offers skilled marketers & those seeking marketing services.

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