Review (June 2024) – Pros, Cons, Features, & Pricing

If you’re looking for an effective way to improve your team’s efficiency and productivity, this review might be helpful. is a multi-faceted software built to promote efficient project management and team collaboration. Since its creation, has expanded into a tool that goes beyond helping teams collaborate. It has a well-balanced suite of features that allows you to streamline your workflows. This includes milestone management, time tracking, integrations, and automation. And, despite the wealth of features, it’s still easy to use.

With, you can say goodbye to projects not being completed on time. Collaborate with your team in a way that works best for your business.

In this review, I’ll go over the software’s essential features and pros and cons. I’ll also provide a detailed walkthrough of the pricing plans and’s software. The safety and security associated with this software will also be covered. And I’ll delve into the quality and professionalism of their customer service team.

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Last Updated: Jun 05, 2024

  • Plan, execute, and track projects of any size
  • 100% customizable and flexible to fit any workflow
  • 288% ROI

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But first, let’s touch on why might be a good option for you.

What Makes a Good Option? is an all-around exceptional work management tool. It has an extensive set of features with easy-to-use functionality. The software is suitable for various individuals, teams, and businesses of all sizes.

But what sets it apart from the competition? That’s what this section of my review aims to answer.

Perhaps you’re a freelancer who needs to keep track of tasks. Or maybe you’re the head of a marketing department who wants to improve your team’s effectiveness. Either way, has a solution for you.

Besides managing your workload, you can use for task management, milestone tracking, project planning, team collaboration, and dependency tracking.

Its user-friendly interface and customization capabilities will help you manage your workflow efficiently. Unlike other software, it has a simple learning curve, covering most project needs.

The software can be integrated with several CRM, marketing, and software development apps, enabling you to streamline your workflows.

You can also set up automation, which will save your team time and help everyone stay on top of all their work-related duties.

It has 4 tier pricing plans suitable for any business type and team when it comes to pricing. There’s also a 14-day trial and a free plan.

The Pros and Cons of

Before diving into the software’s features, this part of my review will cover the upsides and downsides.

Pros of Monday.comCons of
+ pre-made automations
+ built-in time tracking
+ robust integrations
+ customizable templates
– limited task dependencies
– limited features on certain plans

The Pros of

Tackling a breakdown of the benefits and pitfalls of a product or service is a crucial element in any thorough review.

For this reason, I’ve included the following comprehensive pros and cons list in this review, providing further information with each point.

The hope is that this will assist you in making an informed decision as you seek out the best project management tool for your team.

Dashboard Reporting and Workload Management comes with a dozen features designed to help you balance your workload and project reporting. It offers customizable dashboards that allow you to see the status of your project at a glance. Its built-in widgets can assist you in customizing your dashboard to meet all of your project requirements and workload.

The capacity planning widget, for example, allows you to keep track of all of your project’s resources in real-time. On top of that, you can create a dashboard for streamlining team collaborations across different departments.

Pre-made Automations

One of the significant benefits of using is its custom automation functionality. allows you to automate your workflow with just a single click. If you aren’t up for writing out commands, you can use the pre-made automation in’s library.

Automation saves time and ensures that every task is performed on schedule, making it incredibly beneficial for project management.

Built-in Time Tracking

Unlike most project management software that only offers a time tracking integration, has a built-in time tracking feature. Using its time tracking tool, you can see how long your tasks take and keep track of your projects. This way, you can identify the most time-consuming tasks and projects, all with a single click. Thanks to the mobile app, you can also track time conveniently.

Robust Integrations allows you to integrate a comprehensive set of tools and apps to help you optimize your productivity and project management. With its integrations, you won’t have to switch back and forth between apps.

Customizable Templates

Creating a project and work management systems from scratch is time-consuming.’s customizable templates save you time and make it easy for you to set up your workflows. It offers free templates for project tracking, team collaborations, and more. Whether you’re managing a small team or large projects, has a template for every need.

Easy to Use’s software is easy to use. It includes a user-friendly interface and functionality and a comprehensive library of tutorials to get you started. Everything is organized, so you never spend hours trying to find your way around. If you encounter issues, you can contact the support team at any time.

The Cons of

As with the pros, the cons are just as essential to any comprehensive review. Let’s take a look at some of the pitfalls associated with the software.

Limited Task Dependencies has limited task dependencies. The only way to link your tasks is by their dates. Therefore, because offers this basic functionality, it’s only suitable for small to medium-sized projects.

Limited Features on Certain Plans

While has a slew of features, you’ll need to upgrade your plan to take advantage of most of them. For example, automation and integrations aren’t available on the individual or basic plans. To get access to the different views and invite guests, you’ll need to upgrade to the standard plan. Review: Software Features

In this section of my review, I’ll go over the features it boasts. When it comes to functionality, has robust offerings. They are discussed in detail below.

Visual Planning and Tracking has several options for planning projects and tracking tasks. You can create boards with different views to condense information into colour-coded snippets. You can group tasks according to status, so you’ll know when a team member has completed an assignment or needs help. There are a couple of views on, including Gantt, Kanban, and timeline. 


Gantt charts allow you to visualize your entire project throughout its lifecycle. View projects at different stages while planning, tracking, and managing your progress. With Gantt charts, you can change and control your baseline, dependencies, and milestones during every project’s phase.

Turn Excel spreadsheets into smart boards with Gantt chart views. This will allow you to put your work into context and seamlessly collaborate with your entire team.


The Kanban view allows you to group tasks by status in vertical, colour-coded columns. For example, all tasks waiting for approval appear as cards under one heading. In contrast, those that are done appear under another title. You can see who’s assigned to which task and the progress of your team members.


With the timeline view, you can clearly visualize tasks by their deadline. That way, your team will know when work is due, and they won’t miss deadlines. The great thing about this view is that each team member can be assigned their own colour. This not only makes for a visually appealing presentation but also a more organized layout.


Dashboards summarize data like your business’s key performance indicators (KPIs), making it easier to digest and assess information. The insights you receive can lead to faster actions and better decision-making based on real-time data.


Your team members won’t be available at all times. They may be occupied with one task and be unavailable for additional work. With, you can assess the availability of team members and know when to assign tasks for effective collaboration.


Automations make things simpler. If you’ve used Zapier or even your windows computer, then you must have created automation at some point. For example, you can trigger the night light mode to switch on at a specific hour on windows. That’s considered automation because you don’t have to turn on your computer’s night light yourself.

With, automation is more like ‘if x person marks a task as ‘needs a signature’ notify x person’. They make collaboration easier and keep every team member up to date. The great thing about is that it has pre-made commands you can integrate into your workflows. And you don’t need code to make them work.

You can set up automation for email notifications, progress updates, or due date alerts. Review - Pre-made Automation_Comparewise


This is one of’s top-rated features. Integrations in a work management app are essential because they make a simple product more comprehensive and valuable. The tools and apps you can integrate with include Outlook turning emails into actionable tasks, and Dropbox for attaching and sharing files.

The integrations for CRM include Salesforce, Stripe, and Pipedrive. Mailchimp, Facebook Ads, HubSpot, and Typeform are some of the marketing integrations included. And for software development, you can integrate GitHub, PagerDuty, and more.


Like Google Docs,’s docs feature allows you to create documents within the software. Your team can collaborate on one page by leaving real-time comments and making their own inputs.

The great thing about Docs is that you can pull data from boards in your account. For example, you can add a monthly revenue chart from the dashboard when discussing it with your team. The text in the documents you create can be converted into action items your team can work on.


If you’re not up for building and designing your own boards, you can choose one of the templates offers. There are templates for a social media planner, an IT service desk, a marketing plan, and much more.

Project Management’s project management feature is built for collaboration on small and complex projects. While the software is mainly used for work management, you may find its functionality to manage your business’s projects.

Inventory Management

Manage and track your inventory through You can tag inventory items with a QR code to make tracking easier. Also, set up automation to receive notifications when items are out of stock.

Real-time Communication

Have real-time chats with your team to collaborate effectively on projects. Users can @ one another to receive notifications when another user mentions them aboard.

The Cost of Using

This section of my review covers the pricing plans they currently offer.

Compared to most project management software, is affordable and is priced based on the number of seats.

There are five plans you can choose from. This makes it easier to find a package that works for you. Each one has its own set of features to support your different needs. also has a 14-day free trial that allows you to add unlimited users and make the most of its comprehensive features.

The free trial doesn’t require you to submit your credit card information. The plans are discussed below. Take note the prices listed are for one seat. PlansFeatures
Individual Plan– Free
– Up to 2 team members
Basic Plan– $10/month on a monthly subscription
– $8/month on an annual subscription
– Unlimited projects, sub-items, & shareable forms
– Full API access
– File management
Standard Plan– $12/month on a monthly subscription
– $10/month on an annual subscription
– Guest access
– Calendar syncing
-Basic analytics
– Automation & integrations for 250 actions/month.
Pro Plan– $20/month on a monthly subscription
– $16/month on an annual subscription
– Analytic tools
– Automations
– Time tracking
– Milestone management
Enterprise Plan– Enterprise-scale automation and integrations
– Price depends upon quote you receive


This package is free forever. It permits up to 2 team members and allows you to create unlimited boards and docs. Considering it’s free, the individual plan has several limitations. For example, you can’t set up automation or integrate any tools or apps. It’s suitable for solopreneurs and freelancers.


This is’s first paid plan. It has everything in the individual plan, including unlimited projects, sub-items, and shareable forms. You’ll have full API access and file management, all for $10 per month on a monthly subscription or $8 per month on an annual membership. It is a fair price for unlimited items and free viewers. However, this paid plan only lets you create a dashboard with a single board. While it’s an excellent entry-level plan, the Basic plan is not suitable for medium to large-sized businesses.


This plan has more visualization and automation tools for project management. Features include guest access, calendar syncing for Google and Outlook, and basic analytics and reporting dashboards. You can also invite and onboard four guests to manage and collaborate on your projects. The standard plan allows you to create a dashboard that combines up to 5 boards in terms of dashboard customization.

You also get automation and integrations for 250 actions per month. Choosing a monthly membership costs $12 per month, while an annual subscription is $10 per month. This plan suits medium-sized projects and teams needing more integrations and automation.


Comes with all the standard plan features, including powerful analytics tools and automation. Other features include milestones management, time tracking, and Slack and Microsoft Teams integrations.

This plan is priced at $20 per month when billed monthly and $16 per month when billed annually.’s pro plan is well suited for large teams who need to manage complex projects. It has far more integrations and automation.


As the name suggests, the enterprise plan is designed for large businesses with a wide range of requirements. It includes enterprise-scale automation and integrations. Large businesses can benefit from a tailored onboarding experience and premium dedicated support.

This plan also supports advanced reporting and analytics with multi-level access and restrictions. The vast majority of these features aren’t necessary for small or medium-sized businesses. But it’s nice to know that these functionalities are available for any business or project need. You’ll need to contact’s customer support team for a quote tailored to your business requirements.

Safety and Security 

If you’re wondering if the software is safe to use, this section of my review will go through the safety measures they have in place. They comply with HIPAA and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

They also have several certifications, including SOC-2 Type II and ISO/IEC 27017:2015. Data in transit is encrypted using TLS technology and, at rest, using AES-256. performs weekly and annual audits to ensure security and privacy protocols are adhered to.

Unlike most work management software, hosts its data with Amazon Web Services (AWS). Although the company is one of the best hosting providers, their level of security is OK but not excellent. To go further with protecting your account, you can enable two-factor authentication. This will require a code sent by text message or generated on the authenticator app whenever you sign on. Discounts

I thought I would include a discounts and promotion section on this review. And do currently offer a discount on their plans. You’ll save 18% opt for an annual subscription, instead of a monthly subscription, for all plans.

Customer Service and Support

This section of the review deals with the level of customer service provided by the company. provides excellent customer service and support. However, this is limited to tickets, the knowledge base with introductory articles, video tutorials, and a community forum. They don’t offer support via phone or live chat. However, the support methods they have in place are effective.

Besides the abovementioned, hosts daily live webinars. The webinars explore the complex features of, which may help your team make the best of the software. Although the webinars are live, recordings are available for viewing later. The few times I hit a roadblock, I relied on the knowledge base.

It’s pretty vast and easy to search through, so you can find an answer to almost any question you have. Most topics are jargon-free and feature images.

How Is the Software?’s online platform boasts a modern and straightforward user interface. The navigation panel on the left is simple enough to navigate from one section of the platform to another without being overwhelmed. One thing I enjoyed about from the start is the brief tutorial when you first sign up. You’ll be walked through the basics and feel more confident using the platform. Review - Live Tutorial_Comparewise

You’re given a personal dashboard with an inbox that stores all of your team’s messages. If a team member @’s you, the message will appear in your inbox. Also, you can find a summary of your recent boards and workspaces on your personal dashboard. Creating a board is relatively simple. You can start from scratch or use one of the templates.

The great thing about a template is that it saves you time and is also fully customizable. When creating aboard, you can set privacy from the onset. There are options to have the board visible to everyone who shares the account, yourself, or guests. Review - Boards_Comparewise

It may take a while to get the hang of the platform. Much like with Trello and Airtable, has a learning curve that could be days or weeks. It may take some time to streamline your workflows and determine what works best for your team.

Despite the period of trial and error you may encounter, the platform is intuitive. Work management software’s loading and updating speed is as efficient as one would expect. And the responsiveness is excellent, meaning you won’t have to tap an item more than once to perform an action.

You can drag-and-drop fields without a hitch and have conversations and discussions effortlessly. Another aspect of the online platform I enjoyed was the ‘my work’ section. This is where the tasks that have been assigned to you are kept. You can view what’s pending for the week and what’s overdue. Review - My Work_Comparewise

How to Get Started with

Signing up for is simple. The entire process may take less than 10 minutes. Click the ‘get started’ button on the website in the upper right corner. You’ll be redirected to a page that requires you to create an account using your work email or Google, Slack, or LinkedIn account. The steps to complete your account are detailed below.

Step 1: Set an Account Name

Enter an account name that you’ll use when logging in. This will be the name of your business, if applicable. Also, confirm the correctness of your name, as this will be your primary identity on

Step 2: Define Your Needs

Select the purpose of your account. This can either be for work, personal, school, or a non-profit. Review - Account Set Up- Use_Comparewise

Each option will lead to a different prompt to complete. For example, if you select non-profit, define your role as a board member, volunteer, or employee. And if you choose work, set your role as a business owner, team leader, or freelancer. Review - Account Set Up - Role_Comparewise

From there on, you’ll need to choose the department you’ll be using for. Over a dozen options, including marketing, finance, construction, and IT, exist.

Afterward, you’ll need to provide a more specific use for the software, so you’re set up with the right resources. Review - Account Set Up - Department_Comparewise

Step 3: Team Size

You’ll then be required to provide the size of your team, depending on what you select in step two. You’ll also have to choose the number of people your company employs. Once you’ve completed these steps, you can start using the platform.

Alternative to

This section of my review of will explore a notable alternative. The great thing about work management software is that there are a couple of players in the field. While they may have distinct features, they still get the job done by helping you manage day-to-day work tasks and complex projects.’s closest competitor is Asana. Below I’ll provide a brief comparison of the two software.

Asana Vs and Asana are two of the most widely used project management software. is a work management software, while Asana specializes in improving team collaborations. Compared to, Asana has more work management features and tools. However, small to medium-sized businesses will need to switch to paid plans to access most of the features. Each software has free plans and four different pricing options, ranging from basic to enterprise.

One difference you’ll notice is that Asana offers a free basic subscription, whereas charges $8 per month for a basic plan.

In contrast, Asana’s basic plan has more functionality, such as a list, board, calendar, and Kanban view. Also, the Kanban and timeline views have more functionality. Asana also goes above and beyond by offering a time-tracking feature that includes milestones and goals.

With integrations and dashboard customization, Asana is more versatile. However,’s user-friendly interface and low cost make it a better fit for most people.

Regardless of whether you have an annual or monthly subscription, Asana is more expensive per seat (user). As for customer support, both companies have excellent knowledge bases and tutorials to help new users get acquainted with the software.

If you are not tech-savvy, I recommend Asana because of its simple user interface. Its basic plan is also suitable for small businesses just getting started. However, if you are a medium to large-sized business, you may need to upgrade to for its standout features. At the end of the day, it boils down to personal or business requirements.

Conclusion fares well in the work management software arena despite its flaws. It not only has a robust set of features, but it’s also one of the most versatile work organizing tools on the market. It’s an excellent option for any business because of its affordable, diverse plans, and extensive features.

I recommend signing up for the free plan or the 14-day trial to determine if the software will work for you. While the trial isn’t as long as one would need to learn the entire software, it’s a sufficient amount of time to make a brief assessment. Our review covers all you need to know about this project management suite. Discover the pros, cons, and cost of using

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Does have an app?

Yes, has launched an app in 2016.

Does have any awards?

Yes, was named "Globes Most Promising Startup of the Year" and "Top 15 of the 500 Fastest Growing Companies" in 2017 and "Webby Award for Productivity", "BuiltInNYC's best places to work", and Calacaist's most promising startups" in 2019.

Does have a office location?

Yes, opened an office in New York in 2018.

Are there different languages available with

Yes, is multi-lingual in 11 different languages.

Is compatible with other platforms?

Yes, is compatible with Adobe, Uber, Hulu, Abbott, and so many more.

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