Onlia Insurance Review (May, 2024) – Services, Pricing, Pros & Cons

Onlia is a Canadian direct insurance company that only provides house and car insurance in Ontario. Their staff in Toronto reflects the different populations they serve.

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Last Updated: May 11, 2024

Onlia Insurance

  • Get a quote online in just a few minutes
  • Customize your coverage & see your discounts
  • Manage your insurance online, anytime

Choose Onlia to start saving on auto & home insurance - Claim this offer

Customers may quickly acquire insurance online without brokers, sales teams, or paperwork by selecting Onlia, a Canadian startup. With fewer overhead costs, Onlia is able to provide insurance at a cheaper rate.

Beyond convenience, Onlia offers great coverage, seeking to safeguard consumers and their assets with powerful and cheap insurance products that go above and beyond provincial minimums.

Furthermore, Onlia places a premium on prevention, rewarding consumers for safe driving practices and outfitting their homes with monitored alarm systems with discounts, gift cards, and rebates.

In the sad case of a claim, Onlia recognizes the value of prompt and sympathetic assistance.

Onlia is completely backed by licensed agents and claims adjusters accessible 24/7 as part of the Fairfax Financial group of insurance businesses.

What is Onlia car insurance?

Onlia is a Canadian financial services firm that provides auto insurance and other insurance products to Ontario consumers.

 Onlia is a completely online vehicle insurance business that provides consumers with the convenience of online quotations and fast application processing timeframes.

A brief overview of Onlia car insurance

Onlia is a wholly digital insurance firm established in Toronto, Ontario, that is transforming the market with flexible coverage and quick, all-online quotations. Customers in Ontario may get house and car insurance through Onlia.

Despite its youth, the firm is the brainchild of industry veterans. Onlia is a partnership between Fairfax Financial Holdings Limited and Achmea Canada Holding Inc., a subsidiary of the Netherlands’ biggest insurance business.

When purchasing insurance via Onlia Insurance, customers may anticipate the following benefits:

  • A variety of savings make Onlia’s home and vehicle insurance more inexpensive.
  • There are no additional costs for cancellations, insufficient money, or other reasons.
  • Broad coverage covers the majority or all of the perils that a policyholder may face at home or on the road.

Onlia, being a digital insurer, does not utilize brokers. Instead, the firm enables users to manage their own insurance and alter their coverage as required.

Onlia car insurance protection and coverage

Onlia includes four mandatory coverages (Direct Compensation, Accident Benefits, Third-Party Liability and Uninsured Driver) in a standard car insurance policy. Coverages such as Collision, Comprehensive and Rental Car are additional coverages that customers must opt into.

Accident Forgiveness and Ticket Forgiveness are additional coverages that are free for eligible drivers. Here’s some details about different coverage options available through Onlia vehicle insurance:

High exposure

Third-party liability coverage is set at $1,000,000, with a $2,000,000 upgrade option.

75% settlement option

If your car is damaged beyond 75% of its value, you have the option of repairing or replacing it.

Automobile rentals

After an accident, Onlia will supply you with a rental automobile while your vehicle is being fixed or replaced.

Forgiveness of mistakes

With Onlia, your first collision will not affect your monthly insurance costs.

Forgiveness of tickets

With Onlia, your first small traffic penalty will not affect your monthly insurance rate.

Collision and comprehensive coverage

Physical damage insurance is optional and covers almost any kind of harm.

The ability to cancel at any time

You may terminate Onlia’s services whenever you wish, with no penalties.

Price guarantee for purchase or lease

When a car is declared a write-off, it will be replaced with a comparable make and model.

Allowance to transport paying passengers

Onlia allows for payment for providing transportation to and from work for friends, colleagues, or others. It should be noted that ridesharing and taxi services are not covered by personal auto insurance.

Accident benefit coverage is optional.

A basic amount is given, however, you may increase your coverage if you like.

Products offered by Onlia Insurance

Customers may obtain a price for their house, automobile, or both from Onlia Insurance by completing a 10-minute survey on the company’s website.

According to Onlia, the survey gathers extensive data to guarantee that the quoted insurance represents the particular risk areas of the prospective policyholder.

Onlia Insurance ServicesClaim Offer
Onlia Home InsuranceGet Started >>
Onlia Car InsuranceGet Started >>

 Onlia Insurance’s coverage categories are as follows:

1. Automobile Insurance

Onlia provides premium automobile insurance coverage across Ontario and offers savings when home and auto policies are combined.

Customers may get a car insurance quotation in a matter of minutes. Onlia also rewards safe driving with money and gift cards through the Onlia Insurance app.

Onlia’s vehicle insurance packages cover the following:

  • Enhanced liability
  • Option for a 75% settlement
  • Rentals are free.
  • Forgiveness of mistakes
  • Ticket cancellation
  • Collision and comprehensive insurance

2. Homeowners insurance

Onlia’s digital insurance makes protecting your house easy and inexpensive. Homeowners in Ontario may get homeowner insurance online in a matter of minutes.

Onlia provides premium coverage, savings, and outstanding customer service. Home insurance coverage regions offered by Onlia include:

  • Residences and detached buildings
  • Personal belongings Additional living expenses
  • Personal responsibility
  • Flooding and sewage backup
  • Home enhancements
  • Household sharing
  • Theft of one’s identity
  • Condo owners and tenants are also covered by Onlia.

3. Home Discounts

Onlia Insurance provides discounts to customers who acquire house insurance from them. Discounts are automatically applied if the policyholder qualifies.

The following discounts are available:

  • When combined with Onlia car coverage, you may save 20% on house insurance.
  • Depending on your credit score, you might save up to 50%.
  • 15% off for houses that have a monitored alarm system
  • Customers who do not have a mortgage on their property may save 20%.

4. Condo Insurance

Onlia provides low-cost condo insurance in Toronto and around Ontario. Customers may cover their most valuable asset with Onlia and save 20% when they bundle it with automobile insurance.

At any moment, policies may be priced, bought, and maintained online.

5. Insurance for Tenants

To assist consumers in protecting their valuables, Onlia provides inexpensive renter’s insurance.

Customers may get premium coverage for their most prized things and use Onlia’s 24/7 claims support when necessary.

6. Landlord insurance

If you own a property as an investment to rent out to tenants, then landlord insurance is a good idea. If your property becomes damaged or there is an issue with an unexpected incident, this policy will have you covered. Landlord insurance isn’t required in Ontario, but it’s recommended to make sure your investment is secure.

7. Seasonal home insurance

If you own a property that you only stat at for part of the year, for example a summer home, then this policy may be for you. Instead of covering the cost of full home insurance, seasonal insurance takes into account your partial residence.

Seasonal insurance even covers the combination of you staying at the property sometimes and renting it out to others on a short-term basis. This is important insurance for you to have if you’re in the business of making a little cash on the side through Airbnb.


While telematics for safe driving is not a novel idea, Onlia’s safe driving app attempts to interest drivers more than comparable programs.

The app is open to all users, not only Onlia subscribers, and offers engaging tasks such as merit badges and safe driving milestones, as well as the chance to win rewards such as gift cards and policy reductions.

Onlia Insurance also provides drivers with a “coach” for safe driving, updating their performance in areas such as acceleration, braking, and cornering in real time, adding to an overall “trip score.”

Individuals may learn where they need to improve on the road, and parents can watch their children’s driving behaviours.

Onlia on-demand roadside assistance

Onlia provides fixed-fee roadside assistance. Except for towing, which is billed at a fixed fee per mile beyond a specified journey distance, all charges are open and upfront:

  • $79 for a tire change
  • $79 for lockout assistance
  • $79 for a jump start
  • $79 for fuel delivery (including 10L of gas).
  • Towing services start at $99 per hour.

Onlia auto insurance savings

Similarly to their home insurance, Onlia offers car policyholders savings that are immediately applied to their estimate if they match the conditions.

The following discounts are available on vehicle insurance policies:

  • Home and auto package
  • Licensing progression
  • Winter Tires
  •  Loyalty
  • Claims-Free
  • Multi-Vehicle
  • Retirees

Exclusions to consider when purchasing Onlia car insurance

1. Taxi or ride-sharing options

These services are considered business operations and need commercial automobile insurance, which Onlia does not supply.

2. Other commercial services.

If you use your automobile for any other form of commercial activity, Onlia’s insurance coverage will not cover it.

3. Failure to maintain your automobile.

It is your job as a car owner to properly maintain your vehicle. Failure to do so may render your insurance coverage null and invalid.

4. Illegal Activities.

If you commit a felony while driving and get into an accident, your insurance coverage may be canceled.

Driving while intoxicated, filing a fraudulent claim, or driving with a suspended license are all criminal behaviors.

5. Accident report.

Car insurance claims must be filed within a certain time frame. You may not be compensated if you miss the deadline.

Onlia Insurance pricing

Onlia offers superior auto insurance at an affordable price. You may save up to 15% and 20% on your vehicle and house insurance by combining them.

By driving safely with the Onlia Insurance app, you may also earn up to $40 in rewards each month.

However, the final cost of your insurance coverage is determined by a variety of criteria, such as location, car or home worth, and so on.

Benefits of Onlia Insurance

Onlia Insurance focuses on protecting houses and autos, but it also provides a variety of coverage alternatives in these two product categories.

According to the firm, it has a “prevention first” concept that incentivizes safe behaviour rather than responding to accidents and injuries.

Giving it a more current approach to the sector. Onlia policyholders often get the following benefits:

Budget-friendly adaptability

Instead of monthly or yearly contracts, Onlia Insurance gives policyholders total control over insurance coverage, allowing them to start and discontinue coverage whenever they choose.

They may even put their vehicle insurance on hold while on vacation to avoid paying for a period in which they are not driving.

A method to encourage safe driving

The Onlia Insurance app, created in collaboration with telematics provider Insurance & Mobility Solutions, gamifies safe driving in order to attract both customers and non-customers.

The software gives performance benchmarks and safety challenges, with the opportunity to earn rewards such as Starbucks gift cards.

Additional benefits, such as insurance cashback rewards, are available to Onlia policyholders.

Every client receives roadside assistance.

Policyholders may instantly access roadside assistance services through the Onlia Insurance app without the need for an extra subscription.

Flat-rate services are provided, including $79 for a tire replacement, jump start, and gasoline delivery, among others.

Disadvantages of Onlia car insurance

The following are the disadvantages of online car insurance:

Computer based

Onlia is an insurance company that solely operates online. You must be able to communicate online and complete an online application on your own.

Limited support

If you have a problem filling out the application form, there is no live chat agent or phone number to contact, so help is restricted.

How to apply for Onlia car insurance

Here’s how to apply for Onia Car Insurance online.

Navigate securely to Onlia’s website, click the green ‘Get a quotation’ button situated above.
Select “Car Insurance” from the Insurance menu.
Select “Get a quotation.”
Complete the simple application form.

Onlia Insurance review: discounts and bundles

Onlia provides several options to save money on your insurance.

  • If you combine your auto and home insurance, you may save 20% on home insurance and 15% on car insurance.
  • You may get a 10% discount after completing the graded licensing procedure.
  • To save 20% per car, insure two or more vehicles on the same Onlia account.
  • Retired people are eligible for a 5% discount.
  • Get a 2% discount when you install winter tires on your automobile.
  • Loyal clients may save up to 2.5%, while claim-free people can save up to 30%.

Onlia also offers software called Onlia Insurance app to its covered drivers. Using sensors on your phone, the program, together with an associated app, encourages safe driving behaviors and reduces distractions.

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FAQs about our Onlia Insurance review

What is Onlia?

In 2017, Onlia Insurance entered the Canadian market, providing consumers with customizable coverage for their automobiles and houses (including condo and renter insurance).

Is Onlia reliable?

Onlia employs qualified agents and claims adjusters that give comprehensive assistance. Their policies are underwritten by Verassure Insurance Company, which is part of the Fairfax Financial group of insurance firms. Fairfax Financial, Onlia's creators, has decades of expertise in insurance and investment management. Since its debut in 2017, they have assisted over 20,000 consumers.

Does Onlia only have home and car insurance?

Yes, Onlia Insurance only covers houses and automobiles, but it gives a wide choice of coverage alternatives within these two product categories.

What distinguishes Onlia from other insurance?

With its "prevention first" methodology, Onlia promises to use a new approach that stresses and incentivizes safe behavior rather than just responding to accidents and injuries.

What is the cost of Onlia?

To get a quotation, you must first provide Onlia with some essential information. The final cost varies based on location, value, and other factors.

Why is Onlia so cheap?

There are reduced overheads since you may buy insurance straight from Onlia online, without brokers, sales staff, or paperwork. As a consequence, they may provide you with insurance at a lower rate.

Is it true that Onlia rewards cautious drivers?

Yes, every month, Onlia creates the Onlia Insurance app to reward safe, distraction-free driving. Everyone in Canada, whether or not they have Onlia insurance, may utilize Onlia Insurance.

Can I modify my Onia policy?

Yes, you may simply alter your coverage online at any time to reflect your driving habits, whether you need more or less protection.

How long does it take to get Onlia insurance?

You may get a quotation in minutes, buy insurance right now, and be covered as soon as the next day. There is no need for brokers or documentation.

How is Onlia's customer service?

Although the insurance is provided online, Onlia has a caring staff that is ready 24/7 to handle claims.


Onlia Insurance

April 30, 2023
Fact Checked

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