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Outgrow Review 2022

  • Intelligent analytics and data integration
  • 1000+ beautiful pre-optimized templates
  • Improve your conversion rates to over 40%

Boost your marketing with interactive content - Claim this offer

If you’re searching for a way to improve your conversion rate, this Outgrow review might be helpful.

Marketing practices are ever-evolving. As a marketer, you have to think out of the box to capture your audience’s attention. While publishing ads and static blog posts can get the job done, the conversion rate may not be as high as you expect.

The solution to your conversion problems is interactive content. Outgrow is a cloud-based SaaS solution that gives marketers the upper hand in converting their audience into customers.

They help brands generate new traffic through custom-built BuzzFeed-style quizzes, surveys, assessments, and calculators. Their product integrates with several CRM and marketing tools and supports embedding anywhere on your website.

In this review of Outgrow, I’ll take a closer look at the product’s features, pricing plans, and content builder. I’ll also go over the benefits and the drawbacks of Outgrow.

Let’s dive right in.

Why Choose Outgrow?

This section of my Outgrow review explores the aspects that make interactive content a good option for businesses.

It used to be that the best way to engage an audience was through blog posts, eBooks, and white papers. But times have changed.

EBooks and white papers tend to overwhelm people with data. And most users don’t have the time to consume pages upon pages of information.

These forms of marketing can be less meaningful than something users can actively take part in.

Also, if you create a landing page filled with marketing jargon, it may not convert as well as you expect.

Interactive content improves conversions because it turns a passive audience into active participants. Users are entertained and made to feel part of a narrative.

Quizzes and surveys, for instance, require active participation, which delivers improved customer engagement. This should be one of your goals for all of your marketing efforts. Otherwise, if customers aren’t engaging with what you put out, they won’t return to your business.

The great thing about using Outgrow is that you don’t need in-depth design or programming knowledge. The Outgrow online builder is user-friendly and straightforward, allowing you to create interactive content without hassle.

With Outgrow, you get an intuitive content builder and benefit from several valuable features. This includes analytics that shows the performance of the content you publish.

You can create reports with just one click from the data you gather. And you can find ways to make low-performing content engaging and shareable.

You can also collect information about your leads when they engage with your content. You can then segment your audience and create targeted marketing campaigns to convert them into customers.

Outgrow has several native and Zapier-powered integrations as well.

The Pros and Cons of Outgrow

Understanding the pros and cons of a product or service offering is essential to helping you make an informed decision. And it forms an essential part of any comprehensive review.

Therefore, this section of my Outgrow review will discuss the product’s benefits and drawbacks.

Pros of OutgrowCons of Outgrow
+ interactive content
+ idea generator tool
+ browser-optimized templates
– more expensive plans compared to competitors

The Pros of Outgrow

The first portion of the pros and cons section of my Outgrow review deals with the pros.

One of Outgrow’s benefits is its comprehensive suite of interactive content. You aren’t limited to creating forms or surveys. Instead, you can design and publish an assessment one week and then organize a contest the next. Outgrow is also a feature-rich product that can be pretty handy for marketers.

You can segment audiences, generate leads, and collect information about your audience all in one place.

Another advantage of Outgrow is the idea generator tool, which you can filter by industry and your goals. It’s helpful if you don’t know where to start. There are several mobile and browser-optimized templates you can choose from to create the interactive content of your choice. And if you don’t have time to create content, someone from the Outgrow team can help.

You won’t need coding or design expertise to use Outgrow. Their builder is set up so that experts and novices alike can use it.

A benefit of Outgrow that makes the product stronger is the extensive support resources. They have webinars, eBooks, courses, and video tutorials to help you make the best use of their content builder. There are over 1000 CRM and marketing tools you can integrate with Outgrow. And the content you create can be embedded on your website as a pop-up or on a page.

Outgrow offers several packages you can choose from based on your business and requirements. They also have a no-obligation 7-day free trial.

The Cons of Outgrow

Now that we’ve covered the advantages in this Outgrow review, let’s look at the product’s drawbacks.

The content builder has a learning curve. Although the UI has a simple design, it may be challenging to grasp the tool the first time you use it. Another disadvantage of Outgrow is the large pricing gap between the freelancer and the business plan.

The monthly subscription on the entry-level package starts at $22 per month, while the business plan is $720 per month. That’s an increase of $698, which may be hampered if you’re looking to upgrade your plan. Their plans are also more expensive compared to their closest competitors.

Outgrow Review: Product Features

Outgrow’s platform is jam-packed with features, including a quiz creator and dozens of integrations. I’ll go through them in depth in this section of my Outgrow review.

Interactive Content Builder

Outgrow has several types of interactive content you can build. This includes BuzzFeed-style quizzes, questionnaires to test your audience’s knowledge, and employee satisfaction surveys.

Outgrow Review - Content Type_Comparewise


Create fun and interactive calculators depending on the customers you want to attract. Outgrow allows you to design calculators for any industry, including auto, education, health and fitness, and manufacturing.

You can create a calories calculator if you have a health and fitness business. Or, if you are in the education sector, a student budget calculator.


Companies like BuzzFeed have derived outstanding success from interactive quizzes because they’re an excellent way to engage customers while entertaining them.

Quizzes allow you to ask users specific questions that give them more value.

It’s also a great way to boost traffic and visibility for your business.

All businesses can create a quiz, regardless of whether you’re in the HR sector or the healthcare industry. And you can do this on Outgrow’s builder without needing coding or design expertise.

The data you receive can be used to segment your audience, which helps you create targeted content.


Gather valuable information from your target audience by creating a survey.

You can use the information you receive to help your business in several areas, including customer satisfaction and customer engagement.

Outgrow gives you access to fully customizable forms, allowing you to get the maximum response from surveys.

You can create a survey for whichever industry your business is in with Outgrow.


Create a chatbot for your website that’ll be available 24/7 to your users and visitors.

Chatbots can be more than a 24/7 response system for your website’s visitors. You can use chatbots to drive users to take a specific action. Or to get a sense of what interests your target audience.

The data you receive can be used to analyze and segment your audience by demographics and other aspects.

Outgrow’s chatbots can be integrated with over 1000 service, sales, and marketing tools.


Test your audience’s knowledge while educating them in the process by creating an assessment.

You can include over 10 different question formats, such as text input, drop-down, and date/time selector.

To every assessment, you can add videos, countdown timers, recordings, captions, and GIFs. And you can view users’ results and analyze them to help your business.

Other Interactive Content

Besides the other interactive content I mentioned so far in my review of Outgrow, they offer a few more. This includes recommendations, giveaways/contests, and polls.

Pre-Optimized Templates

Outgrow provides several templates to choose from if you don’t want to build a quiz or a calculator from scratch.

The templates are customizable and specific to the industry. For example, if your business is in the auto industry, you can find particular templates.

You can also add your company’s branding to remain consistent across all marketing channels.

Outgrow’s templates are also optimized for all devices.


Embedding interactive content allows you to broaden your reach and attract more qualified leads for your business.

Outgrow gives you many options to embed the content you create. You can have your quiz or assessment embedded as a pop-up on your website or sub-domain, in-page, or in chat.

You can configure this setting in the content builder. Once you’ve done so, you get an embed code that you can use with WordPress, InstaPage, etc.


Gather complete information about your website’s visitors while giving them value through the interactive content you publish.

The data you gather can help you create targeted ads and improve the efforts of your sales and marketing teams.

Audience Segmentation

Split your audience by demographics and behaviour to create campaigns and content specific to them.


Outgrow has several native integrations, including Facebook Messenger, Mailchimp, MailerLite, and Convert Kit.

The standard plans come with one integration, while their agency, business, and custom plans allow you more than one.

Through Zapier, Outgrow also integrates with over 500 applications.

Optimized Layouts

Outgrow claims that all its layouts have been optimized to boost conversion rates, audience engagement, and share rates. Also, to fit different screen sizes and to work on different browsers.

Funnel Analytics

Monitor at which point you lose customers in your sales funnel and identify patterns.

Outgrow provides insights into the conversion rate at each stage and detailed analytics for each user. You will also have access to section and question-level funnel charts.

 You can use the results to find new ways to increase your conversion rates.

Branching Logic

Direct users down different paths using their responses.

Through Outgrow, create unlimited branches for each question, set and/or logic, and send respondents to a specific question or result.

Conditional Messaging

Show users a specific message based on their results.

This makes using calculators and taking part in quizzes a more personalized experience for your audience.

Real-Time Results

Show results for assessments and quizzes in real-time, making your content more interactive.

Social Footprint

Get more exposure on social media platforms by allowing users to share on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

You can also add share Call-To-Actions and embed like and follow buttons.


This part of my Outgrow review will go over the cost of using Outgrow.

One aspect of Outgrow that didn’t sit right with me is the pricing plans. They are expensive when compared to their closest competitors.

And as I mentioned earlier in this Outgrow review, there is a price gap of over $600 per month between their entry-level plan and the most comprehensive package.

Upon closer inspection of the plans, I found you may not get much use from Outgrow if you purchase the freelancer packages.

Access to certain features is limited, including the number of leads you can generate per year and the type of content you can create.

The upside to all of this is the 7-day trial Outgrow offers. It’ll allow you to explore the online builder for some time and decide if it’s worth the expense.

Standard Plans

The following are their standard plans as of writing this review:

Freelancer (limited) – Allows you to create three types of content for $22 per month on a monthly subscription and $14 per month when billed annually.

Freelancer – Create 7 types of content for $45 per month, when billed monthly, and $25 per month on an annual subscription.

Essential – Design and publish 8 types of content for $115 per month, when billed monthly, and $95 per month on an annual subscription. This plan gives you advanced access to integrations and allows 90,000 leads per year.

Business – Create all types of content Outgrow provides for $720 per month on a monthly subscription and $600 per month when billed annually. You receive full access to logic jump and charts and graphs, and you can embed content in a custom domain.

Outgrow Standard PlansFeatures
Freelancer Limited Plan– $22/month on a monthly subscription
– $14/month on an annual subscription
-3 types of content
Freelancer Plan– $45/month on a monthly subscription
– $25/month on an annual subscription
-7 types of content
Essential Plan– $115/month on a monthly subscription
– $95/month on an annual subscription
– 8 types of content
– 90,000 leads per year
Business Plan– $720/month on a monthly subscription
– $600/month on an annual subscription
– Unlimited content
– Full access to logic jump

Custom Plans

Outgrow provides the following custom plans:

  • Basic – This plan allows you to create forms and surveys for free. However, there are several limitations.
  • Startup Special – Specifically made for start-ups and small businesses to allow you to make 8 types of content. It costs $85 per month when billed monthly and $55 per month when billed annually.
  • Enterprise – Made for mid-market, enterprise companies, and agencies that need a custom plan. There’s no specific price as this will depend on the features you need, such as extra users and API access. To get a quote, contact the Outgrow sales team.
Outgrow Custom PlansFeatures
Basic Plan– Create forms and surveys for free
Startup Special Plan– $85/month on a monthly subscription
– $55/month on an annual subscription
– 8 types of content
Enterprise Plan– API access
– Price depends on quote you receive

Is Outgrow Safe and Reliable?

An Outgrow review wouldn’t be complete without discussing the safety and security associated with using their services.

Outgrow uses top-range hosting provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS). It also has a General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) certification.

All sensitive data is protected by industry benchmarked encryption in transit and at rest. And all interactive content is guarded with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology to ensure client data is safe.

Outgrow regularly performs internal and external security screenings and tests.

Outgrow Discounts

I thought I should mention any potential savings in this Outgrow review. And, while Outgrow isn’t currently running a promotion, they do offer a discount on certain plans.

You save up to 44% when purchasing an annual subscription for any standard and custom plan.

Customer Service and Support

Outgrow provides comprehensive customer support. That’s one aspect I was glad to see.

Whether you need guidance or have an issue you need an immediate solution for, you can consult their thorough guides. They cover everything from creating an outcome quiz to sharing and embedding content.

There are other resources, including a blog, newsletter, eBooks, webinars, and 15-minute courses.

On their blog, you can read posts on topics such as e-commerce and general marketing. And their webinars are on-demand. Therefore, you can watch something like how to create BuzzFeed-style quizzes for lead generation at your convenience.

If none of these resources are helpful and you need additional guidance, you can reach Outgrow through the chatbot on their website. They claim their response time is less than 5 minutes.

How is Their Online Platform?

In this section of the Outgrow review, I’ll discuss my experience of the platform and user interface.

The online platform has a modern yet straightforward user interface. It’s divided into three sections. Your dashboard, analytics, and performance.

The dashboard is straightforward, segmented into the type of content you can create and what you’ve already published.

Outgrow Review - Dashboard_Comparewise

The counter for the total leads and views gathered for content is an aspect I found helpful. You’ll know how your content is performing at all times without needing to check the analytics page.

The analytics page is more detailed than expected. There’s an overview that tells you how many visitors you got, the conversions and conversion rate, and the number of engagements.

Outgrow Review - Analytics_Comparewise

You’ll also find data about your leads and visitors under the analytics tabs, including their full name, email address, and location.

Outgrow Review - Lead Details_Comparewise

You can assess user funnels, compare your content with other live content pieces, create reports and find relationships between data.

The performance tab summarizes your progress in terms of ideas, launch, and promotion.

There are several templates you can start with. However, you also have the option of building from scratch.

I liked that the templates are organized by industry, making it easier to have a piece of content that’s specific to your business.

In all honesty, it can take a minute to get the hang of the content builder. But once you do, you can swiftly move from one tab to the next to customize the content entirely.

Outgrow Review - Content Builder_Comparewise

Overall, it may take some time to get used to designing content on the Outgrow builder. But they make it as simple as possible, so you don’t waste precious time trying to figure it out.

And if you need help, you can simply contact support or watch a tutorial video.

How to Get Started with Outgrow

You can either purchase one of Outgrow’s packages or start a free trial to create interactive content.

I recommend starting with their free trial, so you can determine whether their product will work for your business. And which package you will need as well.

However, if you’re only interested in creating a form or survey, you can use that service for free.

To sign up for a free trial, you can use your Google, LinkedIn, Facebook account, or work email address.

You’ll then have to complete a brief questionnaire. The first question assesses whether you know what to create.

Outgrow Review - Idea Questionnaire_Comparewise

The second is about your goals. Here you select what you want to achieve with Outgrow, and you’ll be directed to the type of interactive content you should create.

Outgrow Review - Goals Questionnaire_Comparewise

The last stop is your dashboard, where you can begin creating the interactive content of your choice.

Alternatives to Outgrow

There are plenty of valuable perks that come with Outgrow, but they may not be suitable for every business.

Whether it’s the features or the pricing that isn’t working for you, below are some alternatives you might want to consider.


Riddle allows you to create interactive content such as personality tests, opinion polls, and surveys.

Their interactive content options are much more limited than Outgrow. For instance, you can’t create an assessment or a contest and giveaway.

All of Riddle’s plans come with unlimited quiz creation and lead collection despite these missing features. This is a perk compared to Outgrow’s basic plan that only allows you 12,000 leads per year.

They also have support for 67 languages.


Considering Riddle’s plans have unlimited lead capturing and a host of other valuable features, they’re slightly more expensive than Outgrow. These are their plans:

  • Basic – this package comes with unlimited quiz creation, customization, and lead and email collection. It costs $39 per month when billed monthly and $29 per month when billed annually.
  • Pro – has all the basic plan features, including emailing personalized quiz results to participants and creating custom quiz result landing pages. It’s priced at $69 per month when billed monthly and $49 per month when billed annually.
  • Team – this plan has everything in pro and basic, including a CSS editor and custom fonts. It costs $299 per month when billed monthly and $199 per month when billed annually.

They have a 14-day trial as well.


Create entertaining quizzes, surveys, and forms with Typeform.

Surveys have conditional logic, and you can publish the content you create in an email.

Compared to Outgrow, Typeform is more limited in terms of the content you can create.

Also, Typeform’s data analysis features, such as running comparisons and tests, are limited to specific paid plans. Unlike Outgrow, where you have analytics and tracking on the basic plan.

Typeform integrates with similar software as Outgrow, including Klaviyo and HubSpot.


Typeform has a free version and three paid plans. These are their packages and pricing:

  • Basic: limited to 100 responses per month, this plan allows you to create unlimited forms and questions. It’s priced at $29 per month when billed monthly and $25 per month when billed yearly.
  • Plus: it has everything in the basic plan, including redirecting customers to a different page when they complete a form. You are limited to 1000 responses per month. It costs $59 per month when billed monthly and $50 per month when billed annually.
  • Business: get all the features of the basic and plus plans and the ability to add Facebook pixel and Google Tag Manager (GTM) to your forms. This plan allows you 10,000 responses per month. It’s priced at $99 per month when billed monthly and $83 per month when billed annually.

You can save 16% on all of Typeform’s annual plans.

Outgrow Review Conclusion

Finding new ways to engage your audience is vital to your business’s growth.

Although blog posts and ads remain a beneficial way of marketing, they don’t always hit the mark with entertaining people. It may also be a challenge to create a personalized experience through a blog post.

With the amount of information your audience comes across every day, it’s essential to know how to capture their attention.

This can be achieved by creating interactive content through Outgrow.

Interactive content not only entertains users but can also be helpful. For example, a mortgage calculator can help users figure out how much their monthly payment for their home loan might be.

This can result in a higher conversion rate, a decrease in bounce rate, and an increase in social shares of your content.

Outgrow is best for anyone who wants to create quizzes without coding. You don’t need to be tech-savvy to use Outgrow’s content builder. However, there is a slight learning curve with creating interactive content.

The product is also great for businesses looking to boost their conversion rates, qualify their leads, and segment their audience.

Overall, Outgrow is a powerful marketing solution. Their performance features are super helpful to ensure you put out the best content right off the bat and maximize your ROI.

Our Outgrow review covers the pros, cons, pricing, & more of the marketing solution that can boost your conversion rate & social shares.

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FAQs about Outgrow

How long can I try Outgrow for free?

You can try Outgrow’s free trial, which lasts 7 days.

What tools does Outgrow use to create interactive content?

Outgrow uses conversion rate, bounce rate, and social share data to create interactive content.

Why should I use interactive content?

Interactive content, which is used by Outgrow, brings in new traffic.

What features does Outgrow have?

The features that Outgrow has include quizzes, calculators, chatbots, forms, surveys, and much more.

What rating does Outgrow have?

Outgrow’s average rating is 4.9/5 which was concluded from over 1000 reviews.

outgrow review brand logo - comparewise

Outgrow Review 2022

January 13, 2022
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